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IS'. SnSo to her.treBses Wght IwVoM the breew a»t bow, 
^•a Suilo to btr dtoi^liid obeek. ind on ber modest bnw. 

|ti-'»i]niIotoberire»twJilinbto»ndeoUg^^^^ . 
S^'a modo to bet wilst bo ml*!!, wbaro enues lU unite; 
n^VmnBb to ber lltUel band. ib*t wanders to snd ft«, 
moBlo to bar aylpb-Uke iann, wbareyoi abe mi^ go. 

fSM'imTUlo to bw Je3t, so apilgbtljr and amtTt> .' . . 
fSn'imiBlo to boriUent mood, beyond the retob of art; . 
naa'i fflOBio to bar tear, that oft la abed for otbw'a^o, 
jSnt't muslo to ber tender algh, that Iotb alone oan know. 

ast'B mnalo to ber bhub, that eonntleaa obarma bedeA, ', 
•hn'i mnalo round ber loTely anna, and on her beantloo^ neck, 
am') mualo to the air Bbe breathes, that J07 will e'er Impart, 
Qua' jstuto on ber honey'd tongne, and moelo In her bean. 




^length ibe nigbt came, and an Naplea crowded to the opera 
dhwrQambrloa, the moat powerfol, the most gifted, the moat 
Mgnod and dazzltogfanlolrioe^ that had ever ravished heart, 
f)a», and breath, Cram the flery-aonled InbaUtants of that oel'. 
Anted city. The entboslaam of the BeapoUUna tor moBlo, tm; 
fit mr olnmmBtances, Is toconcelvable to the people of a ooUer 
duiet bnt Oambrlca bad excited It beyond ItsSif. Her flgnre— ■ 
M, ermmetrlcal, and conunandlng— recalled Oleopaira or 
lee. Her featnrea were sweet and noble. On ber queenly 
Hof dlKnltjsatentbroned; and all the lofty and tender passlona 
nrtrtflocted to tnm firom ber olasalo and .erer^lpqaent face. 
Itreyes, endowed with the power of maglo, carried with OTery 
|!iBMk ttie highest emotions of poetry and mnslo. The pnblio 
mdupped her. Bbe was an empress— a goddess. Her emlle 
aalBianshtoe through the mnlUtnde. Her step across the 
ittfi caused a stir ot delight Her Restores, like those of a 
mhetcBs toterpretlng to mortals the ungoage of Heaven, made 
bpolus leap and the heart heave In the bosom; and wbon, all 
oi^tBtlo, her snperb and awfOl form, foil of Inspiration— astatne 
tijond the chisel of Angelo or Pmlteles— her ooonteDance a 
ouUbitaUon ot all that Itoaslnl ever Imsgtoed or Baphael drew 
i-«tien thos revealed, a magnt^oent vielon, before tne nnnnn^ 
tmd and expectant faces, her wondertnl yolae . ponred forth Its 
nhme— a stream gentle as the mnrmiuing. zephyr. and 
detr as the voice of the Umpld biook, nowatoriUng as the heave 
iltke ocean or the fall of the cataract, and at length' terrlblo as 
tendden thunder and rapid as the Ughtntog when It darts 
hs heaven to earth, from earth to heaven— it was cn^ons to 
lUaiait' the tempest of deUght, tho horrlcano, the earthquake; 
lUeh Involved the aoBombly and overwhelmed the. perftitm> 
Boes in s obaos of frantic acoUunatlons. 
Ousbrlca was on Italian. . 'With her llrst breath sfte had in^ 
|bU Are from the sun. Had she boon bom in Nova -Zemblal 
bosom bad held a lioait ot passl(in.. EnthutUam, for ^ood 

1; 'Xaucation might have jnodl&M. her Impetnims dlspo^ 
II ccufd net have chilled It utterly. Bnt A«r education I 
air ottheyofth bad hevqr cooled her blood; sbeknew not 
ftl^vful solemnity ot BoVtnde. She had lived always to the 
ttne of public obsorvAllon, and gtiaffod the totozlcatliig dranght 
iDoibllc applause. It badbocome toher a necessarruijaent. a 
lutii demand of ber naturo. Without It she would have have 
Ued like a rose without light. It was ber air, ber snnsbtoo, 
FtrnaiBBbe had been the meet potent atlrattlon to her fairy 
IkiaBlcil world, In Infancy sho had danced as a fay or floated 
Minaniol amid murmurs of deUght As time ripened her 
tarn, and touched it with tho sedadng grace of gIrlh6od, sbe 
kldiziled mortal oyos as sylph, naiad, or prtocess; and when 
Blangth, years, rolltog like summer hours:over the rose, had 
CDly expanded her Into mere bewildering loveliness— hod only 
tnkined new hnd more dangorouBpower-^e bad queened it 
a It indeed, a veritable enchuitroes. 

: Aided by all the maglo of poetry, patottog, music, and xo> 
jluiM, now amid the gorgeous story of oriental lands, now lend* 
Eg on the warm dreams of the bnrntog sonlh— now spell-bound 
nUu <kr-gone days of Arabian fable— to tho sober Inhabitants 
im outward earth sho was only known as the h'erotoe ot these 
JWlBcent pbantasmagorla. Adoring fUne, and dwelling amid 
abeans as the eagle near tho sun, she bad little sympathy 
w, or knowledge of, the common earth. Wealth was gath> 
*M by her as if it floated to the streams, and fell, like manna 
nsttitplato. Bbescarce knewambltlon; for she was on the 
■toimoitronnd." The world was below her— mankind at her 
M-and, at the sound of her voioe, they bent or rose like the 
MMneathtb'o trident of Its monarch, She was the embodied 
jeunotthepost— sbe became, In tnm, each passion— she was 
WRlestess of Natnre-a creatnn haU>()ailh]y, halftdlvlne; Ha 
nohad not seen dambrloa, had seen nothing. . He who had 
Mlitard her bad not lived. It was a bright lite that she led— 
wilnible appearance forever greeted bylhonsandi and thqns- 
BUWtlh tumnltnouB rapture— her rising upon nations, like 
wof Aurora, whose approach chases the shodaws, and over> 
9n«di tho sky vrith rcay light. 

^Vpooibla night, after a long absenoe/ehe was to appear In her 
The Neapollbtna atteilded for athonaandlhtlmefo 
^ the wonders and witness the trlnmph of their qaeon of 

vOeieoond Character of thepleoowas enlisted to* young 
i^uswho had trembltogly. ventured to mate her debut on this 
^Jgng. Her Wmple and sweet taste, the quality, extent, and 
Jjjwoihor voice, had ipore than once igatoed a word, of con. 
gwijung encouragement frum the despotio mistress of song. 
!{*dU not come on till after the entrance of Oambrlca, by 
'TJwB, at Well as by the audlonoe, her nnpietendtog efforts, hw 
nnnoUoed, But soarcalyhad 
; nf^'S'ptca taonolf, when a murmnr of anrprlse ran ibrough 
h^-i^^'^' ^"thtog mbre.uollko Oambrlca oouldba lmag> 
ibViiIS '°'*''''J'8enuou8, modest, and ipirilvdbweTa her 
|d, ~Ve, and countenance, and so wonderf&l was the ImpreS' 
-^oTMiea by hrr appearance, oonflrmed and deepened by her 
^ •M grace, that, as If by preconcert, an audible snd unl- 
tSiiT. was heard, and a general stir 

«^"'t'£rta<>ftholinio. As If afraid to glvo uttentaoo to 
iJSi'iSJJJP"'* 'n the usual monnBr, the audlonoe remotoed for 
loofaixiA to behold a heay> 
this oeleetlal visitant utter 
relink her to their mtods 

^^^cgiiiea witb a taete, esse, elmplloUyi and power, tot ox- 
iJJJjMiot equalled by Oambrlca hotiBelf— a elartlod "Bravo I 
. uttered to the tone of one thrown off his guard by rap. 
^i Dioke the spoil of silence, and such petls bunt forth 'as 
I troinblo to Its fonndatlons. nie pertonnances 
tri— ^''0 audlenco rose in a body. 'Bandkeroulelis, 
01 tS' r""' Waved In tbo air ftrom tho nigh dome to the fbel 
^ue lovely being, herself aslonlahod at the lamnltshe had 

cuMi^l'*' SToen toom, heard these omtoons aonndi, 

^ nil tho boards tremble under her feet. Bho hestened forth,- 
J^noiB an unobserved retreat beheld the slgbt-blaaUntf^ew 
M^nTU, potent with oU tho spells of grace, youtb, beatify, g*. 
W. !*?.'!• conjured up from no one know, where— jalsett l&e 
4J?JMulMormod from tbo deep-mounted upon her' pbdestol' 
rrjniig her snored wnnd-and wielding vrilh a bond, yesterday 
J^jynd unknown; '• all her thunders. »rom tho lips of the 
r^wtfla, too, she heard - nndlsgnlsed raptures, sancttonlng, 
T^B on the triumph cf this new and aU-resplefadent Anemy.. 
CtI'* '"h the oontlnual and slmitltaneoas pcals— each 
gjietoedabclldlreotarherownboad. Her breslh foiled— 

•™>(lth forsook her limbs— rags snd despair lllled her 
H£.P»»l»eod her efforts, and painted themselves on ber 
St BMil"*!; " happened that the opera shadowsd forth a Ulo 
L^unUko tho Midf^ of tboao toleresia and emotions which 
tbns brought toto action, and that the two eom- 
bore rote ^oh gavs a fittal Uloitiatton ot the downfkll 

of long nooMktnt aaUtlmi ttton lh< tuiiig-«{|,|''litHif ^ 

lOTCUflritar,'*! '*' ; . ' r'ti^'<-i^ , ■ \ 

J"*^ ^ ^ e«t««a .of;tS» ai«lt<!n. 

The very dusinillltude between her and OkmbHo; ffimTllsl^ 
itopetnstohersnoasss. Vor'tbeflntHmsiaeWdlldaiMerelMd 
that nature had other gems than tiut' Whloklllley- lutd'WOTn to 
theecclnslonof all others; and, with the oaprloe lor which they 
are celebrated, they were prepared in an tostent'to throw aalde 
that of which tney betiamb weary. After Oatbrioa, Uarlna 
pleased by tnoe of novelty and oontrasL Her very faults were a 
rellet She was like the sighing of a flute, after the blast of the 
trumpet, Bbe resembled silence and odor-brsathtog jnoonllght, 
sfter (be brightness of the "gaudy and remoneless day." . 

Oambrlca fUt that the sceptre was sUpplig iton her hands. 
The applansos. which she subsequently recemd were not wbat 
they had been. Bbe wont from tho stage, after bavto'g lost all 
Inspiration, trembltog, desperate, as If an evil spirit had- taken' 
possesalonof ber... A large mirror bung in the grsenrooqi. She 
gaeed at henelf to it. Her ooontenanco was haggard— her 
features dark and heavy irith jusslon— and to throw the last 
shadow over hergloom, st this inopporfnne and miserable cio>i 
ment,sheQeteoted a wrinkle on her brow, and upon the sable 
and glossy hair parted over her forbead, two or three Unes of 
White. ' It Is thus - that mortality breito upon the aapiratlonB 
of earthly dreamers. .* . . 

The onrlaln fell, bnt the audience remalnsd, and with vehement 
glamors, demanded the manager. On bis appearance, a general 
ory ex^^reased the wish that uurlna should receive an immediate 
.engagement as priaad«nM.' de ready caterer for thelr.pIeaiK 
nre asqnlesoed, of .oouney dsllf bled to find a new treasure. 
Heavy rounds of applause olTered a parting tribute to the newly 
risen star, and then nigbt, calm and quiet, 8ettled*over Uieglit': 
terlnabay ^d half •rlalmcnntiins, the sllant ahore, and the- 
sleeping cliff ' 

For some day* nothing was talked of but Uarlna, Howoapri- 
olous la the popular Jiidgment I how utterly It wlB Iw ravished with thatwhioh to-morrow will b; flung by and fbigottani 
Oambrloa's . name was now scarcely heud, ' bnt as the preoanor 
of an tovtdlouf comparison. Uarlna filled every hiaart Uarlna 
'was uttered by every Ilp. Uarlna ms the the theme of evaiy 
o<jfc.ovory atreet, every square. ■ ,• 

"How unlike Oambricar" was the nngrstefbl exolamatlon. 

"Ahljviierina, •Vhashadharday,"criedona. - 
. "She was good, but she is terribly poMtt,*' said another. - 

"For me,''^orled a third, "I always knew aha was over^rated." 

"A sunflower by the roae,'^ said a fourth. . j' . 

"loo large— too round— too tall— too heavy; hw hair too Uaok 
—her eyes no softness," added a fifth. 

"Then," said the first, "bow over dramatic I Weare-ploysd 
with a style too studied and v^uptuotu. Mature is too elirixh 
rately improved npon. Hothto^IafttoiiseU Bhemaybeihe 
first of her school, but the sohool of Uarlna Is the first - Did yon 
observe ber attitude lasttilgbt when she drew the dagger?" 

"Tes, a flahwoman going to fight" 

"Sbelaagreat stoger, though," ventoradaUttladandy, who 
had not heard Uarlna. 
"Certainly, very great: bnt, then, she Is always the saine." 
"And what horrid (aces I" 

These strictures were general. They were the first that 0am* 
brlca had ever enconntered. They feu on ber heart like Uva. . 

Agato the night oame, and the theatre was besieged by sin en* 
tbuslasUo throng. Equipage after equipage dashed no, Forty 
after party of bewildertog Hem and ■'"^""g shoulders hastened 
in, Eaoh seat was filled, the alslas.wers crowded, the lobbies 
overflowed; all the nobill^, fkataion,soiance and loveltoeas, for- 
tunate enough to socnre places, were «aiijimiiif<l, Bounds of ito- 
patlenoe arose. Never had there been a more'brllllani audience. 

In a small private box, over the stage, to fnll view, sat Oam- 
brica alone, a spectotor.of this, eventful hour, dressed to a style 
atemly Blmple--a robe. of vrhlte. On her 'uncovered head no 
ornament out ibe raven hair parted over her brow. It was ob- 
served Jhat once or twice her dark eyes flashed, and that her 
ohook was pale and grave. 

I'.'f oor Oambrica 1'^ whispered many, "h$r day la over." 

Uarlna appeared. Notherfohdest'frlendshad dared to pre* 
dloteo dazutog a triumph; ShewoS trebly successfOl— as the 
loveliest creature that ever wis seen ; as the moattouchUg, noble, 
and pure octrees; and as a atoger, transcendent over all her pre- 
decessors. Hervoicawasajphenomenon...Sufihaonehadnever 
before been beard by mortal eon, Bbe haiself had not known 
all its deep poweiB— Ite dlvtoe reve^tlcns, . As she proceeded 
in her role, at each instant subduing, eleotrlfytog her.bearers, 
their enthusiastic applause arose to an exaltetion Indeacribablet 
and when she had thrice song the finale, and each time more 
xavIsbl|^^Qi*^mud8oflig^iue w'eie blended into ^fns'ooi^^ 

r^Sfseen onl^ sS'^ufSS^^^^^'^^SitS^^SI^ii&Sr ^ 
wreaths, flowers, laurels and roses, wexe ahowsred down afrher 
fSet. ' ■ •.if-^.'^ , ■', . . ; 

Bho stood sUont trembltog, ovtrwiulined, to the presonbe of 
theee thundering tbousapds, her bona on her heavtog bosom, 
her eyes bent modestly and gracefully to the ground. 

Few slgbto are more Btrihtog than tho totoriorof a spacious 
theatre, completely crowded, around, above, row bebtod row, 
clrole after circle, tier over tier, an amphitheatre of heads, the 
floor, the amplo walls, swoytog with a sea of (hoes, alive' -with, 
human totellect todd with burning eyes, from the stage lights 
back to the recedtog oolumns, melttog into vague masses up to 
the golden roof, and these thousands of awakened mtods con 
oentratod upon one oieatore, worshipped like a deity I Next to 
e Boman oration came the half unearthly triumphs of the opera. 

Oambrica arose, attracting attention, and for a moment the 
stormy roar abated. The dethroned queen lifted her :tall fignre 
and turned her eyes npon the agltoted multitude. In her hand,' 
and resting npon the bolustrsae, sbs grasped a massive 'wreath 
of eve^UvIng green. 

"Oenerous Oambrloal" oried a voice, "she wlH award the 
wreathl" . 

The most lively applause followed this suggestion, proolaiminj 
at once that it ires magnanimous and just and the Ups of tbou' 
sandseohoed— "The wreathl" "The wreath I"' There was titan 
a moment's aUence. 
° "Let her advance!" w*a heard distlnotly to . ovary part of the 
house, to the silver tones of that wUl'kttown 'voloe. 

Uaiina, her<lashes glittortogwith tears, her oheA fluahed, her 
bosom heavtog with delight advanced a »w steps and bent -her 
beautlfnl head to . an atlunde sweet aa Psyche beftns the mother 
of Love. 

That Inn majestloirasralsedalofb llie wreath was oast;. A 
chaos of applause greeted ' ite fkll; bnt high, shrill, and audlbli 
above the roaring thunder, pierced the shriek of that lovely 
vlotlm. ■ . - > ; r -■ • . 

Uarlna fell dead upon the .boards oilnsaned with h«r blood. 

The fatal wreath was poiMiedited. . 

She ballavad Ihai^ notwjtbtteniHng her bMotr. har iA. 

I tJuSilbr hupSo^^aS; 

A raCAVno AtfTBVTUBB. llnValB, _ 

BTCLiBENOB ATlBBBr. I^r«« sighed morefor i«t biam' , mam 

vWfhewlatefof M«,li»lliedotit one evmlng. to *rt«<m IS?wiS S 


Itojeourse?^ ' * ^ ^ ?^'?!??^'i.^?n4Jn«<!ri»><Hl to the books ot cat. &>tmilnSS. 

' Italy is the land of poetry, even In lis crimes, 
•literal' (Mt, ot recent occurrence. - . 



How beantUtal— how holy— are the fie'sh, pure emotions of 
childhood; the light-hearted laugh— \)ie bnrntog tear— will follow 
each other as sinfUyasttaeolcuds and'snnshlneof .a summer 
day.. I oan remember that when a child, my heaM would sadden 
and my eyes fill with tears at the moaning of the autnhln wtod, 
or the rustltog of the fUltog leaves; then agiU 'the ssme eyes 
would smile, and the same neatt would leap at the whisper of a 
kind voice, or at the glad song of a bird. It was during my bkth 
py ohildlsh yean; that an tooident occniired whloh I am about to 
relate. '^. •". 

' A stranger came toto our little village— sickened, and died; 
none knew him, nor whence he oame, and none oared; And thus, 
in the prime of msnbocd, to the veiy hey day of bis youth, he 
went dovm to the tomb; his cone, unknorvn, nnfoUowed, snd 
unmoumod, was laid by stranger hands to Ite last narrow rest- 
ing place, to a^quiet cornir of ohr old church yurd. '• Iwas very 

Sonng, but the Impression It .made on me can never be erased; 
le subject haunted me; I could not sleep for thtoktog of It; 
the moment my head pressed the pillow, tn6 form of tho dood 
stranger would rise before me, and I thought I could sSe his 
home, and the many young and happy faces that had often greet- 
ed him there I then tho Joyotts features would change, and grow 
wan and pale, and the: bright eyas would- sadden, and I could 
poroelvothatthey were dlmmod with tears; and there wu one 
among them paler tlAn all the rest— sue never spoke, and I oculd 
not see ber weep, but ber meek eyes seemed forever pleadtog 
•for the lost 

I longed to visit the stranger's grave, and on the next Babbatb, 
when I wont to church, I stole toto the yard alone, I knew the 
narrow mound— it was unlike, all the rest, for not a alngle blade 
of the soft grass which covered the others,- rested upon It ^ 

It vres a glorious day to mldsnmmor; tbe blue sky was nnsnad- 
owed by a stogie olond,- save hero and there a soft, feathery 
streak, which seemed llko tbe smoko Of -tooense offered by tho 
toemtog earth to the smiling heavens. I gaied around mej' at 
the foot ot tho grave was a hedge of briars, ahd the berries, rich 
and ripe, werehongtog to graceful elueteis fMm thedeap nreen 
stems, and tbe velvet grass orodnd and beneath Uy feet was 
thlOkly dotted irith irild flowers. I gathered tho young buds, 
4na scattered them over tbe dork earth which formed tbe home 
of.thestrangor^Iwept} there w«re both tears ond flowers, a. 
ohlld'e Blmplo offering to tbe unknbwn dead. I bad soareely 
dried my eyes bofbto I hoard tho voico of my mother at toy elde ; 
service had oonuntaoed, and slio catai'e to Boek me. - Bho ashed 
me lid queitlonsi bnt it was erident the had witnessed my orleT 

Bome fewyearS had pussd, and Imaby, many changes, sad and 
sotoowfol, have taken plaoe, ahdmany bitter, burning tears have 
I shed, to isu sorrow, atoo* first I wept to sadness o'er the 
i^gw'sgtav*. . 

. Fir and bemlookof a centnry's growth met ovarbesd, md 
formed an archway radiant vrtlh frostwork. Allwaadarkwithto; 
bntl was young and fearless, and, as I peered toto an unbroken 
(mK,thatrearedltsalf on the hordei»ef the stceam, I laughed 
'With very Jcycusness; ntywUd burrabrang through the ment 
woods, and I stood listening to the echo thai reverberated agato 
and agato, until all vrw hushed. • * Suddenly a sound uose 
—It seemed to mo to come (Tom beneath the lee; It sounded low 
and tremulous as first; untU it ended to one wild yell I was 
Mpallsd. Never before had snob a noise met my ears. 1 
thought It more than mortal; so fierce, and amidst such an un^ 
broken scUtads, it seemed as though a fiend bad blownablaat 
from an infernal trumpet Presently I heard the twigs on shore 
^raok s* though from the tread of soose brute animal, and the 
blood nshed back to my forehead with a bound that made my 
sun bum, and I felt relieved that I had to contend with things, 
earthly, and not of sspiritdal nature— my eneiglea returned, 
and I looked aboift me for some means of escape. • • * • As 
Itpmed my head tothe shore, I could Bee two dark ohJeote 
dasfatog through the undarbuah st a.pace nearb' double to speed 
Ha my own. By their rapidity, and the short yellrthat Ihey 
g^jlknew at once that these were the much dreaded grey 

I had never met irith these »nim.i,f^ but fMm-the dssariptton 
given of them, I bad.veiy little pleasure to maklhg their ao- 
qualntanoe. Their nntemeaUe-fieroensss, and the. untiring: 
strengtbiwhlch seemapart of their natare,rendar«dthenioh]eete 
of dread to (very benighted traveler. • I 

There was no time for thought; so I bent my head, and dashed 
madly forward; Nature tnmsd me towarda home. The light 
fiaksaof snow spun from the Iron of my skates, .and I was some 
distance from my pnrssers, whan their fierce howl told me I was 
stfll their fogittve, I did not look back; I did not feel afraid, or 
sorry, or glad; one thought of home— of the bright faces SwalUng 
my return— of their tears if they eihculd never see me sgato, and 
then every energy of body and mtod were exerted for escape. I 
was petfecUyathomeonthetoe, Uaay-were the days that I 
had spent on my good skates, never thinMnj that,- at one time/ 
they wonld be my only means ot Bttt^. Every half-mtonte, an 
.alttmate yelp from my ferocious followers, made me only too 
oartata that they wen to close pursuit. Nearer and naarar they 
oame;I heard their l^tpattenng on the ice nearer still, until 
1 conid feel their breath, and hear their snufldtog soent 
Every nerve and muscle to my frame was stretched to the at^ 
mcst'-teaslon. The trees along the shore seemed to danoe in 
the Dhcsrtato light, and my brato tamed 'with my breathless 
speed.'yststUl they seemed to hiss forth their breath 'with a 
aotmd tnHy herribte, when an tovoldntary motion on my part 
turned ideont of my course. The wolves olosa behtod, unable 
to ttopv and u unable to tnm onthesmoothice, slipped and f eU, 
still going on frr ahead; their tongues lolling o'nt their white 
tnaka during from' their bloody months, their dark, ahsggy 
breasto fleBoed with foam, and as they passed me, their eyes 
glared, and they howled with (toy. 

. .The thoightflasbed onmymtod tliatt>ytbls-means I ocnld 
avoid them, viz: by turning aside wheneverthey oame too near; 
for they, by the formation of their feet are unable to run on the 
ice exceptto a etralght Une. 

' At one time, by duaytog my. turning too long; my sanguinary 
antagonists came so near uat they threw the white foam over my 
dothea as they sprang to seize me,- and their teeth plaabed. to- 
gether like tbe spring ot a fox trap. Had my skates failed for 
one instant, had I tripped on a sUdk, or caught my foot to a 
fissure to the ice, the story I am now telltog would never have 

I thought all the chances Over; I knew where they wonid first 
take bold ot me if I f^; I thought-how long it would be iMtbre 
I died; aiid then there would be a search for the body thst would 
already have ite tomb; for oh I how ftot mania mtod traces out 
allthe dread colors of death's jilctnre, only those who have been 
near .the grim original oan telL a * a 

' But soon I cams near the house, and I my bounds— I knew 
thsto deep vOdces-^rouBed by the noise, bayed furionaly from 
their kennels. I heard their ohatoa rattle;, how I 'wished they 
would break them I and then I should have protectors that would 
be peeiB to the flerceet denizens of the forest The wolveSL. 
t^tog the htot conveyed by thS- dogs,, stopped to their mad 
ooreasv ud, after a momenvs < oonslderatlon, tamed and fled. 
<..vntehc4.ibeiu nnia their dusky forms disappeared over ^ 
nelshlMrlng hill. Then, . taUng off my akatos, I wended, my way 
ftA^ hoas»wlth fe eUnga which. gy j»^tor /hna^ed - than 

f^axflil'i;reatiiras thU foUvwe^kme-so.dlosi 
Eennebao, ■ '.- ■. - -■• f 

As an appropriate appendix to the -above, we win quote thi 
snbjotoed pgruous tocldento to the IJfe of Bishop Bsscom, 
whliAi cocorred when, to early lifts, bis "olreult''- embraoed the 
vrild and uniettled (Mstlers of 'Virginia, Eentuoky, and Ohio:— 
"He was once followed siveral miles by a large panther, which 
tbreatened at every bound tosprtognpon bin, and item whloh be 
w^ rescued by rosohtog tbe cabto of a settler. At another time, 
he had gone some distance (Tom the house of a friend, where he 
vras stopptog, toto tbo forest where to was lytog quletlyperustog 
a book, and nnconsclous of all danger, under the broad-sprea4f 
ing branches of a tree, when he heard the voice of a man crying 
toUm to lie still tUl he fired, on the peril of his life. Qnioklv 

glanctog hlB eyes to the direction whence the voice proceeded, 
« saw his trisnd, with .his rifle elevated, and pototing towards 
the branches of the -tree tmder which he 'was lytog. Perfectly 
fkmUiar' vrith bachwocde life. Dr. Baseom knew that soma 
dreadfnldangerwasbovortogoverhtoi, and with tbe least per- 
ceptible motion of his body, he Instantly toned his gaze np- 
wwd, when he sawabovo him, a maJestto panther, whlsitog his 
toil, and Just ready to leap upon him, This was a feorfld mo- 
ment I What nerve he rbqnired to retain his self-possession, 
and thus nfie his life I for the Isfst motion on the part of Dr. 
Bascom woidd have hastened the rortog of the panther, and 
sealed his fate forever 1 And to that leartul moment, when death 
soemed'toevitoble, with a self-control and oonrage truly wondor- 
(nl, to lay perfSotly quiet till the keen crack of tto rifle wsa, 
heard, andthe ferocTcus beast pierced by the unerring ballot 
the backwoodsman, fell lifeless by his side." 

monlsl agent Her name stood high upli) the list of the fii£ 
ostegory— one of the rarest flowen ot.the tnatrlmonJsl bonqiisL 
At that period our agent protected a handsome yo«ng fdW. 
who desired nothing better than snob s msteh' as this. -nS 
agent pointed Us finger to the yoonjg Llllolsel'<MIe((iiTi4ni: 
Be wrote at the same moment to his oorrespoadaot, put blm 
toto the secretor-the affair, sent him three tbonaaDdfrsics to 
mable him togive a baD, towhiohwaa tobe tovltedallthafiowtB 
of tho town. . . ■ , 

at the correspondent's honae, like afrlend who makoMvliSlm? 

j",™ld<>d, amearod at tto baU and danced vrith r 

letting off to her honor a whole artillery of comp 

tog espedallv npon hte qnall^ as a stranger, 
to «ie city; he was completely Ignorant of th 

,e knttft , 

with whoio to had tod &e hnplneato diuMi'tot 
iSSji'^'??*'^'?"^ *'*8** eyes, he had neter seen oMM* 
nured snob hair, he had never seen such pstridan bands, ncft. 
a fleriblowalrt, such prottyfeet snob perW grace, Ao^ .. . 

After the flrrt contra dance, he sollcfied the fkvor of a wa|l& ' 
ttea a pOlk^ then a zaazourka. then a schcttlshe. He shdiral 
Umsalf during the whole eventog so comptetely devoted toite 
ytong girl, tfiat the latter, re£cttog tLt^e goodSoSS 
!!SS^'i5!5-°lS^«***^**.i? thempmtog.and wnaequiSiSr 

at lost fHiB had found the Ideal of her dreams, the enthnslssito 
Werther; the 81 Prenx of Platonic love. . ' 

^-^/ev days afterward; the young man obtatoed, thnmoh tb» 
ktod Offices of his friend, the correspondent, an toviteUimto tto 
ulrees of the parante of the young glil, and tte Paris agent haa 
Jnn received a letter from his oonaspondant at LlUs. whlA 
reads as follows: ' 

"Ui Deob Bra:— Tho gome is bagged. leslerday I condaots^ 
the shepherdess tq the altar, and to-day I pocketed my six 
Bandfi«nes." • " . . ^ ~7r 

And ttotis one way to which young girls are booAhtand-aU 
to France, withiutthelr knowing it— Arti /ater. 


'ybu know how airibtly yotmg glr)s- are guarded to France 
under the eyes, of .their parenn, and how cbmpletely their 
personal todeptfidence is. poorlflced to "propriety'- and tholr 
parent's will. A jgentleman who lately visited a matrimonial 
offloe to tids olty, with a view of obtalntog sh toslght into the 
openUens of the system, gives some toteresttog deialls to 
regard to It The world, it appears, has to general t false Idea 
ot these esteblishmente, st least of this one. It Is generally 
believed that tbecbietof the estebUsbment keeps niiderkeya 
tottailon of ladles ttot sre made to trot aionnd . under the eyes 
of tbe vleltor, who stands to tbe position of the sultan ready to 
throw the bandkorchlet Bome supposo that they arc permitted 
to see the ladles who wish to many, through a key-hole, or some, 
other form ot unsuspected bull's eye. On the contrary, nothing 
la more simple than this estebllshment nnd at ttie aame time 
nothtog le more complicated than lis wheelwcrk. 

Tbe women have lltUe to do to these operations, nearly edl the 
bustoess betog accomplished between men. In the conjugal, 
comedy, of which tbe chief ot the estebllBbment to the manager, 
the women play their part without knowing it Thus, be has 
oorrespondcnte In oil the large towns, fie Is to rolatldh wlth 
all, or nearly all the notaries In Franco, who keep him adrised 
of the difforcnt heiresses whose affairs they manage. The chief, 
orraDgos theee holrceses by dlvlsionB, according to tbnlrdto- 
porttoco, nnd ho protends that he la tho Suly man In'Ftan'ce who. 
can say, approximately, eaoh year, tbo totel ot the suited wealth 
otthe lielTOBsesot the empire. . ' . •..> '.■ 

A geatleman wishes to get married. He is a lawyer, an agent 
era merchant He presente himself tothe ohie't ot tbe matri- 
monial estebllsbmoni, who demands first to know wtot are bis 
preteniloiis, After bis visit' tho flrat duty ot the agent Istf 
sodk tofomiatlon on tho character and position of the candidate, 
and If tbese nro satlBfactory, ho appotote a now'rendet^ous, and 
propoBts to his client different ladles. (The ladles, yon 'will ro- 
colleot, ate all tho time Ignorant that they are tho object ot a 
speonlatlon.) 'When tho parllea come to terms, tho matrimonial 
agent puts a plan In operatldn to bring the lady and gentleman 
together, and hearrives at thte resultnatnrally, without the lady 
evaranBpMitlngttotsbe 'lsa puppet moved by a tbread- to the 
tonds of a matrimonial agent .u ' 

If thob'olress lives to tbo prorince, the sgeht addrvSsos a letter 
to his -corrcepondcnt who oan always flna a means of -bMngliu 
these two noknoim todlvldnals Into each others presence. A 
soiree, a boll,, an aeoldentol meelbig at the house ot a third 

fiarty— there aro many occnsloiA of nnlitog these two stars, dos- 
toed te Bhtoe to tbo same flrmsnent Once In 4he prosonco of 
the object, tbe rest Is the. gentleman's own bustoess; bo must 
put his tuont to play. If the fish bllos, it to a goto of time for 
the SEpnt to elopln, and through the agency of the notary, make 
for' the pretendsnt Ibe cffldal demand, as is the ouslom m 
Franoo; tor the hand of the lady. And thus the agent acoom- 
plisbos without the knowledge of the world or ot one holt of Ins 
partloiconcomod, a high eoolal mUeloni eiflce It to tjiatof ren- 
lerin* ndoBle happy and propagating tbe speUee. ' 

Hu^lfl u example ot the m^mor In which those matriages 
are bwugbt about The aflWr occurred to, tho Department of 
theNbrd. At UUo there lived, three montto ago, a handiome 
wnngSl, whobad a fortune of sto hundred tbousindfttuies 
to bttlow on a huBban4 of her obclcb. All the yonng meii of 
tut Mutay todsuStet^ to reach tto heart of the heiress 


There Is no end to the false impressions and delusions 1 

which, tto mtod. may -to affected. . A physician was onoe c^Ilsd 
to see a man laboring under the fkncy ttot he wsis conveitsA 
toto a tea-pot: and when the pbyslolui endeavored teridicula 
him cut of the idea; hit todignanUy replied, <t ank a 'tea-pot^ 
and forming a semlchrde with one arm, plaotog - his hand -npoa 
lUship, beBaid,:"there ls the handle;" and thrusttog'out th« 
other arm. ••there to the spout" Uentove believed tbensetvss 
converted toto barrels rolled along the street One case -to r^ 
corded Of a man who believed himself a dock, and irould' staaS 
for hours at the head of the stairs, oltcktog with hla fongiia. 
A respectable tradesman to England, even fended himself met^ 
morphosed toto a seven shllUng piece, and took the preeantlte 
ot reqnsBttog as a ptrttcnlar ISvor ot bis friends, ttot if .hlS'wilh 
should present him to payment ttot they would not glvediaa|B 
'for him. Soma tove supposed ttot many armed knlghte wo* 
totottlewlthto them. Aseacaptoto to Fhi&del;^ilSk 
le "ed for many years ttot be hod a wolf to hlB liver.. Aaad>, 
man to the Pennsylvonte Hospital believed ttot hewaaonoaa 
calf, and mentioned the name of the buteher who killed ■iaa, 
and the stall to a Philadelphia market on which his fleah'waa 
sold preriouBly to his animating hte present body. Onemante* 
lleves his legs, made of butler, and 'with the greatest canttoa 
avoids firs; another Imagtoes them to to made ot gins, and 
with extreme core wraps them to wooden boxes when going out 
to ride, A prince of Bourbon often supposed blmseU tone ■ 
nlant and taktog Us stand In the garden, would Insist upon 
betog watered to common with the plante around him.- A 
French gentleman imagtoed bimselt to be dead, and refBsed to 
eat To prevent bis dying of starvation, two peisons were Intro* 
duced to him to tto obaracter of lllnstrions dead lib tiinimw; 
and they tovlted blm, after some conversation respeotlngr tb«. 
world of shades, to dine with another dlstlngnlshed but d» 
ceased' person, Uarshall Turnme. The lunatla accepted 'tUa 
polite toviteUon, and made a very hearty dtoner, ■Eveiy idqr 
while thte fancy prevailed, It was necessary to tovlte him to thai 
teble of seme ghost ot rank and reputetlon. 7et to tto'cbmmoB 
aflairs c( life, Uie gentleman' was not tocapadteted from attend- 

tog to hte own toterests. 

-■ ' .' '. ' . ' ' — . 

'-■'-,;.. iyflgjiljUf.-.-i^inr,' . 

dlsboslUon of tbe nstlvss.of the forest ai>d)Ilve&>., 

In much tormony, freqhehlly employtug^thsm toiroir i 
and down thilato, 'aa-he had occasion;- One stonr taqotr^'t 
the name of Blobear, tod hls.wigwam at no great dlstanoaioem'' 
the Oolonel'a. dwelling, and was often lher& .Tto OoIondL 
tovtog occasion to visit some distant shore of tho lake, emmnM 
BIgbear to row him to hte canoe. On .their return; they PSSsiMI 
near a high, yet sloptog ledge ot rods, on which tey an lat> 
mense number ot rattlesnakes asleep and basking to tto p "f», 
The Indian gave a penetrattog look at the CoL, and thus en> 

a aired: •■Baymun lovefnn?" ••Tes," was the reply. ••WeO, 
len, Baymun, have fun; mtod Indian, and bole a glum." So 
he rowed along silent and , slow, andcutacxotcbed bUoK ficom ■ 
bnuch of hazels upon the bank. •'Bteady, now, hole a glan^ 
Baymun," said he, os he olspped the orotoh astride the neck ief 
a serpent ttot was asleep dose to the edge ot tbe water. "Tak* 
um now, Baymun; hole fass." Tbe .CoL then took hold of 
the sttok, keeptog the serpent 'down, while BIgbear tied up • 
little sack of powder, pntttog one end -of a slow match therem. 
He thon mode It fast to the snake's tall, and touchtog fire to tlia 
match, gave orders to "let nm go," at the same Hme pn^btof 
the canoe off flcom the shore; tto snake tolng liberated, m^wlsS 
away to hte den. The Indian immedtetely theh stood up and 
clapped Us hands, maktog aa loud ataolse as posribls, and tbna 
roused the serpents, who to a moment dtesppeued. "Nov 
look, Baymtm, new Ipok— see fun," said be; and to about ■ 
mtoute the powder exploded, when thero was; to be sure; fttn 
slive. Thesnakes to thousands covered the ro(to, all Usstaig^ 
rattling, twlntog, tvrirltog, and Jnmptog to eveir way .Imag^ 
toable. OoL Boymond burst toto a loud laugn ttot echpied 
across the lake, pleased alike with tbe snooess'ot the' trick, sAA 
the Ingenuity ot the aavage's toventlon. Bnt BIgbear, from tha 
beglnntog to the end, 'was grave as a judge, not moving, k 
musde,and tovtog net the least show of rIslbUty'ln hte coii^ 
tenanoe, TUa te truly obaractertetlo of tbe Amerfban- AboHg^ 
toes; wtot causes the greatest ezdtebUlty ot langhter to othoL 
has no effect upon tlum; they remoto sober, sedate, and fixsd 
as a bronze stetne. They may love fun, but never in the ^msIW 
cat degree exUblt ttot ounoter to their looks. ' ' 


Julius Oosar'wss called selzer from Us toring levied dlsttaw ' ' 
cn the whole world, took possession and seized all the land;. - 
houses, furniture, and people, and so became sole piopristor . - 
and manager of the universe; to potot of faot'heflogged41cn> '- 
allcn^udholdtherodreadyforgeneratlonstocome. TUsstatB ' 
ot things is not approved of by two gentlemen to long dothes-^ 
most curious dreis; they are rolled up in several yarda of whUar 
osllco, and walk abont the strsCte, vrithout tot or cap, Uto Bln^ 
coat boys; tho dresss of the whole Is llko Byron's poem, longaiUI 
loose, In order' to show tbe dasslo fold; which all enlightehtA/ 
people admire eo much. One ot these todlvldnstets nalned Biii* 
ms, and the other Casslus. Tboy ore colled Praters, and Itoy 
merit tho tltlo, for two more telkatlvo people never lived: they 
telk about the Impropriety ot totrusUng the management of tw 
lane an estebllsbmont as tbe globe to ope person, and after ooo* - 
BuUing a few moro people to long olotli. It Is determtoed tosaaA. 
Umluto the next world by cutttog him up as a dish fCir tbe goda 
on tho recommondatlon of Oriitus, tbe i)retonded friend of .Ote> - 
ear, and ot thU wrotebed murderer we aro told that Natursmt^t 
stand up and say to all tbe world, ■•Tbls was a naa.". I.lhtoK * 
monster would have been much nearer the mark, andsothepai»> . 
do think, for tbey ore all driven out of Bome, and Mrs. Bmtoa 
sleft behind. Bbo,.of course, Isln ttot state ot mind 'as' ladlsa 
do not wish to to who love their lords. . Jolloi bar Isdy^s ;knald« 
Is ber constant attendant and one day Julia Bees. hen.«)flM '-. . - 
atont tiie room, tooonea alarmed, and runs for asslsisnce, alia v 
during her absonce, PortU swallows tho lire -And dies: 'Isnt'lt ...'; 
horrid t It is a tragody, and of course tboy all die, and the enr- 
tato falls on nothtog but dead bodies. One of ' themost stiftinf 
teeldente to tbe piece tea dock, although ite lnl«>dnctIanlB.>r -' 
no means well timed, because docks weM not toown tluj"; ' . • 
thirteenth eeniurr A. D.i and tho period of the nuyteflfVT**'* . . 
before the Christian era, and oonsequentiT It takes pUMtetiaas - 
Uitnii. All this you see, Busan, I know, from havlM'hwJ» JJf 

oral cdtaoaUon. Wbatis a liberal education f WbyTMUfsW: 
to a Free Bcbool, and gotttog Isnmlng tor nothtog; aridu uaiia 

not a llDcial education rdon't know wtot te. >,„ ..,-.. -: . .' 

THBUo»tt»TSAO»;atWestB«ld,Milsa,,whliihJ»^'^^ , 
to tbepublto on Ootebar 6, 186J, te to be snsteUedttoi ysaj)«i« j. . 
soma first otess irote are Riposted to takepl»«*"«"fl»r '') <'■<> i^^m 

up for sale, we perceive. 
Uou at •TatleteaU's," N. 

MKSiifrarinDframaisvmlllass^tol SOflr «OCTSr»0 la .W. 

been suffering tnm a severe iOfh^ 
to able to attend to his regnlsr douss- 



I ttmristt F. n. oHfumiHW 

irids BSiiixLai) lor^ioB'FBjT'.— 

BlnM iinttliiB tmi tot "f4m" to pmi, we. »» 5» teodpt of 
I fMt)iliit'4hC.bHk«B^ ot Ibe CnknotA 

ifiifViiArriBiiliea: welfllit, ItT Iba. He la 83 1 
in Uonaar OTenlnj, Boptember 11, tor aximstlol 

titoiiBte.Md.-l. HoltheroneiBmaarertfrfi.-r-, . , ^ m 

iC^l Id Trice's Height la 6 feet Inchta; he l^^y, migd to tuke t&e neoesuir peooaUiy deposit on tbe df^ 

ipoitltig'pipea;--^ Mdaz Oat -our nadmuarmU-M PWMlTM< 
nuT arrive at.<i»l!iWll«»t:W4enf«4lw.9^,%»fl"»' 
Ly« of Maioli U, aajrafr i it i ' i . ".' 

•<Thla a&lr, tft nsnt toMr; begtnato look etttealelr 4^ 
ItlojLybe ieooiioote&tbaVvhantlieDiatohwta. tot nude, !wb 
(Uted tbet romore .mie onmnt that the noknown wu a^ mjth, 
put forward by Mace, In order to gain time tovarda .hla holding 
(bobili 'These'nimcnwethenaaldmbelleTed'weMimroimd- 
ed, sa we oonldniot see wherein the adrttlago would lie, a» no 
tMe'-woaldoount.nnlia Jem won a battle. ■ Motwit nn t anrtln g 
tble, the nunon etlU pnvaUtd, fnd we were aunred that Uace 
waa getting moneyinererr direction £(oai Us Mendsi bnt that 
evenuidto^ere would be'a forfeit. lOlhlaweropUedeuitoioP 
If'the^Unlmoimfbtfelta, UaoewUl oloailx gain nothing, as he 
mnat, in that nasei return the moae; he conowed Oram his 
friends Awhile, on the other band, it femforfellL everyone wlD 
Know itla not tcom want ot money, bnt aheerly for .'the purpose 
of fleeolng'-aU those whom he basfoondto baok him, and this 
was a pSoV he was not likely to adopt. BttUwu thesame thing 

, , ^ „ dlonsd into oni. ears, ^ and we were positively assnred that the 

pnlalijttonV JaAm^ famlav doA TT.Vnimn MA not mist, aa we should see. : 'We legrst extremely 
WAlOW.' ■", "' , ;|]igw to say that the progress of events has taken an awkward 
turn. In OUT last we annoonced that Uace was at Jaok Hioki's 

#«U*'(» Thursday' inomlng;'Dso«fflbjt'«VlMlr'^-8. 
y MiiifHrriM. TblladelphlB, -was -ibmnM -down oothe 
rffednesday, July 7. 18M. , . ,.. 
MW' LJi.' xhe conMilption %gt,W(mld ilot loaoh a person 
lUed a: "With the exceptlob'Of here and there anomber, 
'hive the dhjsma ^ik. wish at ournstlal price, six 
•Our Iheatrtoa^Bummaiy.wJllBlveyoiihla wheieabouto 
Jin ai^oUlot rat/l^itt j6r,^Mlasi we know of. 
^hMagcM>-Wiu)t ilbeit'wi* iciriiioe '<)onsort Immediately' 
uSu^weddlns the Queens OSie :tenn.<'a«lwort':^ineasa, in one 
. .J!% jMdulngB.. married. -and I* appended :(o, the^tls to 

They are belnrXohnd out 
' They ^bjive no ' Otedlthere, 
dapeailt oUier oltler.tpdla- 
FtlikitoTlBihariMter.'' ,'■ ■•! I; • ' ■•; '■■I-'.;' j- ■ 
' j^iio.VrHavlii||| jbnirned up Jio>, lhi);^^delde^ Mra^ oqe. 

bjdeed.' - ^ ' 

_iiSi^^^Sl^^vUiiX'^eiM'Vi iUaL '^<i oaonot under.' 

6. T., Mymouth, H.jd;-T*ttpBOfiiw«aeh-;pI»jBr' needs tw^ 
qMA'to 0o,nt; theone havincilow,' JMki'goM ontbatorethe, 

^^'W'Bi BJi lliWTott.— Th» ~lady11M' Meh maitled, bot Is now 
' d.'> Bhetrtwenty.lhMeyeaMbf' iiSe,'and madeher tot 
meeln.Soetos. ... 

IiMP, I'hliadelphla.— 1.. Act. Of faith.- .a -The. old style. Of 

rteUng, in what is called Oerman text 8. The nbnoat limit 
The highest narM 'toJfbliSg. 
' A.Iiaaas,'uaiid(M{.— ]>tter're<ildved''anil^^'a^ He 
■ d Wlte Xtt ahortiir. .-, ■ •■; .''n. : j 
^^^^iK^V.'i£.''Bdtimore.— Ihepom noiArtemoce Hzlngtiian'wB 
'■I'llffBSIme* glvoif '■'./•:' ." 

' <i'fi^p]i4<?i(u BzBin; Bittt]0.-rIt .ii'twy: jiret^, a]id:Wlll.'.BPr 
• '-^j^m^'l^i^'asriy day. -i'.? .^-r ■ 

^'■■^ti itrat,- Fort Baron,'Uldi.-.We do not hnowhis mienl where^ 
zaUiite, ;\AddHts h Une' to Kr. Stoepel, .Vallaal^s Thsatte. 

Allrljpit. iDon'tlalltoglyens.theoaewbenconvenlanL 
o'!Z«V>'b./<BnMnnati, O,— The oards should have been "bunohed . 
".'■'qgaAjaaUagatn,'-; -i 

^'tk^'tFlrVat'BIohardion. Ta.'~Eara, bjiadidy^ <o t£e 
' ' ^fiH^I-whewfflno 

, . ' J, 'l^^'K^i^Vllle.— Tours 9f > the iith^ ,dj|d not . teaoh in -season for 

' ■■..'iiiwT*'^. '■ .' j 

:^i^^koa. F., iin> Fbbsd, Boebester, K.' Ti^Bolh' oTlglntny oame 
;«AaBLlie]and,'bQt'liavebcenhereBlnce'OhIldltOad;'' - ' ■'< ' | 
^''tMtoT.'iSttB.-^TIui dealer Is ratltledib' tie' one toi Jaidcai 
. j!4Biy,as turned np.:. : . ; _ ' . ^V'l "..'^ :J^' '.v ' ■ 
},^',JPi(jnbD, lOTIh, N.' T. Tf is,— ^ 

i(ni2MiiiEa/—WlU probably oommenoe themwlth our new volumei 
jA{.9; T;iSeen<,K. H.-r-TIie money; aiiilTM |dl !4ijgWtimb 
,'I'^Baii(n)diBoir.>-We have two letter^iwyoi^ 

■ i-'-iiJitlN.'/Sew'Xork.-^AppIy to Mr. Boganinb.ISCinrst-iLvenne. 
..T;'>':>xii}inaxB,B.'T.-.Wehavenotheard'ofthemlnsonietlme. ' 
5: v t>.W.' il„ \fruhlngton, 9. Pt-AU rlght Half tip, Quarter $«■ 
F. a1, 01eveland.-4ee answer toi J. H. B. 

Tiixnia Bxuuaina.— In oui;bst waeVs lasne we gave the 
.$)^4 ofiqile jif ntUlf 8*nff ptfbtniMila, in which Ueaar& 

naid on his behalf had atued the money with our cashier, and it 
\n8 not nnbl too late to do anything last week, that -we made tbe 
discovery that he had not done so. Under the olroumstances, of 
ooniee.Uaoe Is entitled to a forfeit, ehtmld he see dttodaim It 
On Friday we received a letter from Ur. Behurd. the nominal 
baokerot the Unknown, saying he bad not heard from New Xork 
by the laat mail^ and did not like to put down any more money, 
and would forfeit unless we would- give him till the I8th, when 
there Would be another mail in. < To this letter there was no ad- 
dress, and ss we knewnothlng more of . Ur.Batnard than hie 
name, it Was of course unlikely we should accede to- his reqiieat, 
moreespeolally asltwasto Uaoe he. should have applied for 
tlms issTeid of to ni, asthe forfeit was then in accomplished 
tMii - It now remalna; therefore, to be seen whether, In the face 
of the rumors so prevalent. Uace will dalm tbe forfeit, and so 
throw himself open to the locusattons that are certain to be 
made, or whether he will give the desired time for Ur. Bemaid 
to go on. It Would ' be vary hard upon Mace to pronounce tho 
whole thing a scheme oq Us part, as he baa all along denied all 
knowledge of the American party, nor has anything reaohed our 
ears beyond rumors to Indicate oompIIcltjr,on his pert We cer- 
tainly have initUnted ihqtairles- in every direction, in the hopo 
of disoovsring some news of the Unknown, but with the excep- 
tion of a tip from ShefBeld that It was one Ned Price; who once 
fongbt Austrsllan Kelly, we could hear ot nobody, at all probable 
asaoustomer. -It;la awkward, to say the least of it, that the 
ImslnesB- should wear such a suspicious aspeot, andwa trust 
that' another week will Uearitup. We offer no opinio e what- 
~ " ' 1 wUoh the affair la handled 

do with the treatment of the 

. That Uace Is entitled to forfeit 

we again say Is quite olear. Hla own feelings on the subject 
mnat be bis guide In the matter. If innocent, whlohwe.have no 
reason to doubt, it would be hard that he should forego the for- 
feit; if the contrary. It is a dangerous gamei and one wUoh will 
tnOlllbly loae him,all hlswall-eamed laurels," 

'Hit^fdrtin^'W o' Varoh 14th says.--T- 
" '■ 'fihe state of aflUrs ieq)eotln^ the battle supposed to be pesd- 
ing between Jem Uace and the Unknown, has assumed a very 
nmiealthy aspect- The :Unlmown last week did not table his mo* 
ney. iSB, ooooidlng to the artloles, and no notloe was tdien of the 
matter by- those who bad prevlonsly staked up for the Unknown 
imtU yeetsrdoy, when the stakeboldeF received a note from Ur. 
Bernard, in wnioh be states that In conaeqnence of his having 
been'dlsappolnted In recelriog remittances from America, he de- 
clines gomg on any farther with the match for the Obamplon- 
sUp, unless the nakeholder would ellow the deposit to sload 
over until tbe 18th Inst, when another mallwoald be due Item 
America. ToallintenisandpuipoBestho Unknown hasforfeited 
the money down, and Uace la dearly estiaed to receive the 
same, should he claim IL The decision is out of the stake- 
holder's power, and It only, roits with Jem Usee himself to 
decide the affair. The sooner this misty boilneas Is cleared 
up, the better, and we hope that another week will SMihe 
aequel either one way or the other. Tom Xing is once more his friends, to find money to fljiht auybod]^ and as 
Heenan. ft Is supposed, will once again perform, no gnalsr treat 
could tie afforded the Ring followers ot England than a meeting 
between two endh fine specimens of muscoltr Ohiistlanlty aa 
Heahan and Tom King. TomKlnglsabouthavlng.a'teslUaOnlal 

or startllDg.^liak tSen >dWeIo^;ooiicemli)y 'th< i 
match beti^ Uaoe and tUi UUnoim, for the q^iamplqBship 
'o|>'EBglsA>many Intimating 'thai the Unknownls a mythflmi' 
npknown in reality, jFlthout'form or substance. Be this as It 
vAy/ihete sM o^rtab tpidlMfliiiBs that 1pm King may eatei fhe 
SLg^igain, iUd ihkt,W, a^littteWitet.than had beenantiolpar 
ted. Rom these tndloaUons, we alio Infer that Hoenan and 
mBTviUMnlrantMMh othei ln the flatle uesa befonjteenan 
ntuma hjope,. . Heenu, himself, has said as muoh, and now we 
iHi ttki'Eing U'befalnnlng to speak out a llttte, and give bints 
tbathewlll'Bgala'entertheBlng.' 13i*i;iianel between Heesan 
and Vng wtfl either j^(nn|n«t^;in f tjuntuntany moment,- or 
in a regular pitched 'batUe. itla most Ukdiy that the latter will 
be iei'eoted ' the" m'ost propW wtyto.setOe their .differences, 
and a match' of Ols kind win oreate iriill sf much Interest as that 
created by IhogtAt International Hatch between Heenao and 
Bayers.' Such a matoh would be f n Bioie equal terms than* th^t 
oonteated at Pamborongh, for both ate yoosg, both strong, and 
of equal dlmensioDS In height, etc " ' ' 

The coining match between UoOooIeandCobum mayflmilsh 
a candidate for the honors of the .OhamplpnaUp of the EnglUh 
Blng. ' It Is already tbe topic of oou'versatlon and specnlatlon in 
Bportln^\oIrdea he^way, eaoh man having bis respeotlvead. 
mliMsi. Oobum and UcOoole are working hard to get them- 
lebes lb fix, and a rattling mill Is anttdpated. ' ' 

d^r— — 

aroond. „ 
■treet enl 

. ^ . _sr,o>~.;2;^<? 

— TTTTn lumu oaiung in attessDtlnff to^Ann^^^^* ^ 
and oonsequWnyoneir"pntffi6lr !?• ,ftS?'*i>f —„ 
taken to enllghton their understandlnmr We "wpS 
juises, anyhow, and make no bones about telUno i??* "aSS 

one refneed to have anylhint to do with It We rf;LK'i'*i nhl 
on& of these flue uontfigsOie whole tran8aoiior!- -'iwfl 
mated, with the name of everybody.oonol^^\gjj' V-^ 

After considerable demonstration by the iudlmM « " - ^S*" 
the U. 0., bounced on the pUtfonh (died uo fo?fhl^ W 
'the extceme end of the hall, and a very miserable rm.77°^ 
a"porfooton^«,',' hl8 face boiunlogwith good tiahivl. 
eyes aU sglow wlUk enthusiasm. He lntr(Sucedl^i£> xkI 


OHinLn -'W'ttnB aiiD. Toxma Baaur, tWoivnirfJ- 
geUlnganlte ambitions of late. ' Walker Is theuiL^^ 
Harry Abrahima, aiaob simmered down or Bonah^S? 
Hasley comes from- Washington Uarket. and t»; a 
. atlohi.lf we mUtako not, "Shorty" (DIU>ool«?lS?'l« 
Ite) brought young Bonley tot into notice, and ha i,?" 
to be ashamed of Us 'pupil, we assure blm. TheTaS.'" 
oouldn'tbeoaUedspaiTlng— half a dozen rounda. LS!"'^ 
unsatlatkctorlly by Hanley aoddentally bnttlns vi^"^ ^ 
Sam Saris apologised for Oharlsy, end they nu^'' ' 


The English sportln'g.papers up to Uan^ U'glye no due si to 
the Identity of the Unknown, but they'sUll .penlat in assaxtBig 
that he Is an 'American, and pnbilo opinion there' has sljniled 
out Heid Price as the man. Befft, if^c "makes believe It knows,' 
but won't- tall. '.What a Joke. It does say, however, positively, 
that it is not Heeoan, Uorrisaejr, dr Ooburn,' 'There's news for 
'you. But read what they say for yourself i—^ 

There was a large jnnBter.Bt Jaok Bloks's, Elng'jrilrtii, Whlte.^ 
obapel, on Ibunday, Uerch 5, to vritness the stSng of X18 a 
side between Jem Uaoe and the Unknown'. ' - Jem wal In attend- 
ance, but the Unknown still keeps datk, so that the- pubUo have 
to cool their paUance until March 27, when the hero 'will have to< 
solve the mystery. We believe we axe not wrong In assuring our 
leaders that the aspirant Is a real- tens jCdi claimant of the title, 
and that ho haUs from the other side of the Atlautlo. Bis name 
has boon whispered to us, but he does not wish It made public; 
yet-wh^. we know not We are iMtiaylng no confidence, how- 
ever. In saying he IS neither Heenan, nor tforrlssey, nor Cobim.* 
lie place fOr the next deposit la to he named by the baokan of 
Unknown.— Bdl'tXi^e, Aforch 8. 

There Is nothing neeh respectlog the match for the Obamptos- 
sUp, beyond the tact that the public opiUon Is In favor of Ned 
Price being the Unknown. Uace Is still in London, but taking 
very great care of himselt He 'was at Hackney Wick on Uon- 
day,' at the race between Deeilpot and Ullls, when he expressed 
a wish to make a matoh with (berfoot to ran for one hour, if the 
Indlanwouldallowamlleand a half start; thematoh tobefor 
£100 a^de, and to take pbue - a mohth before Uaoe fights the 
Unknown. The next deposit for the OhamplonaUp has to be 
staked next week, at a honse .to be named by the baokeia of the 
Unknown,— i^wrtinf £<fis Jtardk 11. '. i 

na^iiOrttei Sporting NimUt tioirmtbhte on the sutilecti 
and wisely refrains from indulging In wild speciilatlons. 

Tbb lUQBiBaiXD Hiiii>.BboK or BnjiUBDB If much In it-, 
mai, and tbe various editions ptlhUid have goiie off "like hot 
eakes.'^! And no.wpnder^ 'When so mildli' desirable . Information 
on tbis -beantual game on which It beats, -Is given at so low 
t\Sti<»r<)l^'yf <>m to'get it, etc.,' see Ueisis. 

Phelan and Ocmendeir.'B a^ye);iiMan.eDt elsewhere. 

wr)n!i'bnnght .about to 
li^nal.who.hadjttatenten sporkng-rankaasibtniard 
er^fbz'%.«ltyTaper." Hdwas so dexboua of- wriUng'np 
, peexy, ihiki ^ he forgot to look out' (oi', sinaanf of letriai 
j'tii^'aonseqLnenee waf, Ijhat when ypmig Goldthwalte offend 
-;i6 in( to.the test ths supposed abllltlea of Deery, the latter was 
' '^^wi)i] aeoept an olfer to pUy, or ifillsl^ 

'gmniliies of hla ^portorlal "frjond;" so two matches were 
' ,1 Hgfriijil iiDdii. Slii jiiiiim Qoldthwattevaniiulahed hlsadvenary 
: ' '_v|jftth'jqti^UMt eqae, and scattered to the winds th; goealp of the 
''' .'j'i^appolnted 'bOiiard doctor. We, felt conrinoed that Oold- 
; .ntttrallawas mere than a match for Deery, bntasthelatter'eBf- 
. ' ^'''^^eMs.Mein^ determine^ on a match between the up.|own and 
- '.t^fi^iiown. rep;(eseDiatives, we gavjg.the young stager from 
, .rViBMteniii^too the back, and told- him to goln. Hewentin. 

r'^ljiiliiilfii^o'ba^ by his 

«jb4cksia,iii' thevain endeavor: to bolster 'upt' tbe bombastof a 
. - r^^lniutt^g winter"' '^Bo'me geotlemen imaglife It 'to.' be e very 
.'. ','.^^jll47.'qy4^;j^|;^eiold of a pein^ eibeiyBoiatoft^oir'.ariloles' m 
iaftmUnH -'snhJeetsi : ) They soon discover : their error, however. 
" ' hUc ihilo^^ m exploded' by pr^ 

id to Um, notonlf Is a^aik of respect for his. njpdoot 
^' ' ^va],i^ni his prf'nte.fnQndiiC 

;Xnr|)n«.ibyiIeglafflA<e .'q|ortlng..^w^ -by-man -who haye 

- . n^pmniiQp wlth'Oiir sports, and understand -ivery movo and turn 
:;v'' :fj^)|ii^']^ii^'(«|^ aro BOinryfi* young tl.ejiitr. '.The reteit 
' ,' ^' '^)patq^'<it'jiil?e|4^ him a dOol of liijuryi and It will tshe .some time 
•' iriWiitB' to veconrer himself; and when he does so come Into pr^, 
-^. Aj gi^ fe fe igaln,^ lot blm take onr'advi'pe', and tot'.attempt .to talm' 
>i '^'^/n^u^ on^gel In.defenM of the opinions advanoai. by every Tom, 
'-V'Slok^ and Harry , who .may. fancy, himself. .a sporting writer. 
'',:^: i%A/'T(nmg ac]dlhwalt«.^;whp beaa . Us.-.lionffn: -modjatly. Is now a 
' V '/gnsier.Cavorite than, . ever Trltb-thpi.AoMuet oftor billiard' 


'';^^^:.:-;':Tr-;'I>VnroorO>naiEn— Aateoot^ elsewhere, Seexfoot has 
' ';° ' /9t<)il^\Aii4f 1^ bis brilliant career, ln Iong.^listanceza> 

!f'l^0^ij^^ii]M^:OrTCp^^ Oiey please to paijlliliii 

>«^t'oiiiaraldeef tiie.A'^Uo,.belng. his .oonqneror; itisbnt 
' .t:jj^(M$'{otto Ipdlan,hoW^ that he was'somewhat 

-.'' j{a^'(^ir Vq<)n we. might express th)> 

-•■4>4^f''that -this ;li^ oit condition is not permanently brought 

^jAMt'byftstUfe' ln London, as has been rnin^ 
. jyJ(M|i!^LIai^glo,uidLondco fliaoinatisg' females, will surely defeat 
'.' ^:^lBr.iaan, let him be evfr ao tougb,,or ever so goiod a ped. or pug. 
'.''^ 'Shgla, ahnii flrewater. or It will bring on the "ughs.;' ime, 

y . . ^/;',l6nj!AidBl(Ui^^ BHiaraooiiBi;,— Ur, Daniel Wood, of Roohes- 
^iir.'ir.X.,' has prepared and . ptibllshed a work on the subject of 
..^l ,^'.'3jd^60Hsg^eii«raUy. aoatopport^ above, 
>7 ; ',v|tbli(kAlatns.ii ftsatl^ on gunnery; iLustrjitlng the praol^oal nse' 
' '^, J'<!(tt*.telaBcope sight as appUoablo to the rifle, rifle battery^ ar- 
'^UVl^itte.i'beaides much other matter that it'lsdeslrabltialkoj 
^li(^ a sportsman Should know, ^eeadvari^^ -i 

^j^i^.^i'-'-: — — — " • ' 

'7!^^*^'*** Aaii— Nothing new front t^e army, and "sH is 

'. 'aifm^veB^^^W for,. ThOiti^^W^ cutoff ..nmalnsOT^^ 

~ ■ ij!tM/,i'*i«edy.. operations. are- pioiiiS;" ^f-FIg^ 

* *^ '*^<°' flghtUig-;HM^ 'jpaper.^' Iha);i'ro«-' 
'p,«|&Mring., , 



''^■r "iil^ ■ ^ — T ■ ' i>v.i ...f; 

-v.: .a^ ''4MUMni>K^ this sccenbld-^ 

; r;<ajffly.*h^''!9lab,^ 

' fr.|n{|)inants;itboli, iilaM at Jpsea' Asaemi)ly Bdoins, isM Brosdwa^.' 
..55:'>»*h*%'«nlngV4»^ |^ iTlb, atd'.tns waH aitendia by the^ 

P^pjllfl^^ ,-:.;,.,..,:.:-. .';,.;,-•• 
'>t-fl^i'2-y!^-^i^);_' ' — ' " ' 

gaOB Bioa— A' Moe oamt off reesnfly on the Blii. Blh 

Jbrin a1ilstne8*i^V^>n private life. Thetwoganlle- 
meu, 0. B.. Esq., and W. w., Esq., will shortly make all the nao- 
essiirypreparatIons,.and the time and locality will be duly an- 
nounced.- This movement la a right one, and we give cor hearty 
Wlshea for.the sdcoeas of the nttdertaUsg, 

' Quolation jSo, 1 -gives palpable . evidenca that 3<a has got 
itself into B fix, ss it had prerionsly announced that the deposit 
due had been posted, wh^,bi fact, it had not It hadalsb,by 
stiatlng who the Unknown wis iu)(,. tried to make! its readers 
believe that it knew poalUvdy who be not, but that the time had 
not arrived for his name' to. b'e revealed, but they believed they 
won not wrong In assnring their readera that hailed ftom the 
other side of the Atlantic. Here is an erident departure from 
trath, In explknatlon of wbbib. It goea Into a vast .amount of 
special pleading, bat falls to tiake a'clear caae tor itseii;even' 
with the aid of an Innendo referring to the "Amerioan party. 
Had it taken Its cue from the Oiinm, U' -wbnld have dlscoverd 
long since, that,b^ .Heei^,'Ui;erewaa:^o.Ainerle(in likely {o 
step Into the shoescf the qnknoini, and it Would have.aav«d 
llaclf iMm the iBx'lt Uia got' itself; into by maUng Uttle shbrt of 
a p'oiltlye statimebt that he was' an Ame^lcani' and with an air of. 
immaculate wisdom, giving out .that "we know, but won't tell," 
and now 'saying.'^t after lnstltutUg lh'qnIrieai'<iwllh' the ex- 
ception of a tip from tt'etoeld " that it TO Red Pricel 'we could, 
hear of nobody Bt,ail,pipbabiei os a,/ijvtomer." ,yrhat ansb- 
knowledgemmli.aitter- sooha'statfinehti'fgr a ike'eVelaiming pi' 
be -CAt.autborl^ as. * •porting. paper' of Qiwat-Britalpl The 
/^porting L^e has not eommltted- Itsialf ao tar, as, not being the 
stakeholder, it was not' so llkelyto'knowibkt the deposit due had 
not bea^i made; yet Iti .zealin;trylng toglvethe earliest news has 
'oairied'lt. beyond Itself.' The /iluifrateii apartSng JTaot iu m- 
oiiped' the. troiible that Its aontismpbnries have got tbetDselves 
is(ti>, by.wlsely taUng^ieed of ^ibestatements mado i^m time to 
^tjme in the Ouitsb in reference to thill Unknown tmalness. At 
•this 'prese'nt writing, It appears to us 'as thotgh Uislor Uaie 
Jmows quite as muoh about, the mythical Individual as tny one 
iebe, 'lf not a little more, and we shoU 'not be aarprlsed to dla- 
oovir'ttal he has taken a leaf ' out of Tom' B'ayers' book, to gain 
time to rocoyer from the effects of the jummelUDg t)e got ftbm 
Tom King. For Ihe^preient, v^e have said as mnoh as our time 
ina-spaee <rill permlt;:ln our next, pibKablv, we shall hays' 
more to say on this .second pugiUstlo.^lide unong' the "true 
British boxers;". In'olosln^/however, we daU attention to the 
ninarks of the /3)or«n; Z(^(i Ip reference to Heenan an4 Tom 
filing tiaving a meet in the P. B. It accords, in substance, with, 
remarks, p'n<(>u% wrtUm, in an editorial article, in thMeooik 
umns, bid oonflrma the riew takin' by ns, that ihe two big guus 
wlll.ahorfly measnre their sto^ilglh in il)eifistI6 arena.' Bo mote' 
itbe. . ' ■ -'. ' ■' ...,.; ';.-,.■' 

DjUTB, pir Ub.' Oullt.-^ WhexsTet s^ort Is knowta, there, too,' 
haa theiiaffle of John anUy beeft known as a hbuaetiold word for 
manyytars;-. Onthe'tthof Uiroh.the bearer of that name ex- 
pired at bis .ootutry rUdenoe. 'OooUn Htll, 'nekr Durham, 
Eng^ In the eightieth year. ^ot. Us'iige, the-lmmedlate oan|e of 
his departare being a tomplaint lirtlie bladder. The deceased 
ori(j)pany a poor bojr, was the aroblteol of Us forlano, and tot 
,<iani» iln, for any degree 'o* pnbUo atlehtlon, from the clronm.' 
Bt(in<*of his being • pugllut Boon after, he Intereiled himself 
In' howe .riwo^^nin'l^WBes 'of his' own, and was fortunate ttf a 
blih ' degree, > He ..ihu) put up fora'se^t ln theOritlsb Parita- 
iient/ahd wis returned for thp town of Pontefraot, iuTorksUre, 
The : fortune amsfssed- by Ur. flnlly was- eloeedlngly large, and 
he leaves it to his aged widow end ten children. Of such a map, 
there Is neoessarlly a great deal to' be said and writtea, and It is 
posslW'tVtl^binoh more extended nfcniolr thanvre how pub- 
lish, will' yet appear In our cblnmns.. , lA, (ttillylwaaa manof 
gtekt htndaeta of heart and enlarged ohttltles. . He wu buried 
a tow.di)/iil AiUf his d«ath..Ui t)ie OiiUioUa OaiailfDiy at Aokwortb. 

THE RiNe. 

THB abubbicAr OiaAJtIPIOirSHU>.« 


BOTB lin EoaD 'ix. woBK IN sBx oomraBlv 
The third deposit of tIBO a aide between UoCoole and Cobora 
was duly handed overtoour.depntyat Bobert Smith & Burlln- 
son's Bouse of Oommons, 16 West Houston street, on Uondav 
the asd of April, In the presence of a great mnater df the tosov 
InthellteraryUncvrereTomQalck, Baie, Olover, (the oracle 
and speolal oorrespondont for hsif a dozen pspers, acoordlni to 
his own story) not he otboilnii glove fame, and some two-or 
three "lespeotable'.? oussaa.. The ceremony was manased aa 
orderly and serene that the 1^ and easy wasn't disturbed apor- 

nole. Then were some little, donbts about UoOoole's urtr 
Being tame, bdtjujt ten mioales before thetoeeip™ 
Herry EUl etepped inside the door Just In the "nick of ilxne'' 
After caDIngup the house they "proce«df\l to blx." Thecal*, 
brated ten-pin pUyer, aa^uofl at every deposit so far. was thml 
with Us ptfe for OoburOiVod the two jwated themsdvMdom It 
one of the Ubles. Peter was solUoofiBlng In hla usqS dr?Lid 
domical manner, when Harry, aa if he tbouabt ten.pln Petai^ 
mUee away. Jumped up and wanted to knowlf anybody was 
to put up for OobuiD. whUo there sat OaUaghor. dose Jonmia? 
wl& the greenbadra In his fist Hill's rsufirk o«Xi a Slah 
at Us expense, fof heknew, or should have known that theonSZ 
Uon was unnecessary. After Ed Jihes had given reoelnta^ t*B 
amount of tlOO each, Harry Hill said he wSs onttoriMd to St 
$S0 or tlOO even on UcOoole. directing bis wmarks at Pet^o^? 
lagher, who had Just pnt.up hla hist dollar. "Uy dear frlena " 
eaisPete, "I haven't the money now, bnt I'Umake It aoai i, 
iei o'clock . to-motrow," which HIU wouldn't anee lo anii 
dropped. No other betting waa offered. To-nlghl ra^h Sof 
WflO . a Bide IS to bedded to the sw^^^^^ 

tending bar. 'TUs premlaas to be tVeV^'telit nliht%^ miVe 
expottto see allttle real betting, and less talk ' 

We have here to mention the propriety of the lost demalt 
tag «iO a ride, instead of h the origtoalirtldS^ o, the" 

last deposit wUl come on the night before t&e flghtTTb"; woSd 
he vray inconvenient We hope the frletde ot both men vS See 
the advantage of this suggested olleratlon. "••uon wuiseo 
' UcCooIe Is now under the supervision of thatexceUrnt ami^ 
ral,Ur. James Kelly, and Is domiciled at his ruSfrotref I. in 
Uount Pleasant, near Ulddletown Point, V.T awetlv sMtVn 
tod for lU rolling Unds, lofiT mountain soptoav&'ewdi^ 
roads, and all those essentials for healthy wort ■ -Riiff''. .71 
tollsUnentis easy of access from this olt^^ Vnd wTSS tike sS 
ear y opportunity of paying tho.Westom Champion ariBltrVw 
assistants, UcOoole bos the valuable eerriceiSf Bm Emti™ 
and- Bam' Davis, and the way Samuel hw to- ^itMdfn w^iS 
with the St Loula heiS; Is e'eld to .affort M^ble ^'n?£ 
ment UcOoole to toproylngwonderibUy since Sgto?rMk 
|n earnest, end is looking ss hard as nails; •■•"•^B w worx 
The Northern Obampton, Joe Oobam. ratilni «i« »nri.I. .« 
Hon Wlnkto, and by dtat of cheer JS«n"o%.VXtaLdf Sf 
Bome twenty pounds already. With Toppy uignlro's exB?ri»M 
and adrioe. and Hon to do tho praotleal pit, Joe will eo irSi fhJ 
ring one o/ the bIggMt meno't llswefght^lit em' sWpM^^ 
Wesawhlm a few-nTghto ago, and werl quite pleased wlSi hi 
bright, youthful appearanoo. and elastlo n»?vemcutor hTi? r^ 
portod now is not much bv^r. 160 lbs., eo that ta tha^niSn^j 
time be ought to be as flne L a race horse. The 0a7nirf nSl.. 
UcOombs Dam,.wlll be Joe's headqnah^ii foj » feVd,™ SSSSJ 
and -thenhemsymovo further ;^om^TO, Bo hSfclmaS^S; 
vrtsb^to see Um "at Us.wotk" ought not to; letX {bI>p^:^ 

AayUitagappertalntogtoOobnn)'emovemontsoanalwav« lu 
l-^'t «J»P' 5[o.rton, of tbe "toimorai™SrdSoT KovS 

get Information about UcOoole, we shau'be ioet happy to dospl 

BikBfM.isriMnjaox or oirtrijtksH '«d oi* spobm. 
; The greatest exUblUo's we',ve had for years wu /». I'v 
Obamplon, Joe Ooburn, for. ll.oOO i riSrand ffie oh.nSyii^M' 
of IheUnlledStotos. On WrfilSd^ eveX. M^Sr^t^^^^ 
sart HaU was packed so thick, that hnudiide oSSaiT't .5'.??: 
all. They nutnbend llttte iSs than aTonettd pe^lt ^fmSsh 
cnetomere at that-nearly equal to belf the atake-mraey. 

Wo arrived qulle oarlj, found Ur. Booho and an us ,Unl at 
thel»i.pflloe dealtog out the d|ff,,ei,t ool"^ UokSS with th. 
regularity of a moohlne. At the dooretoodthenb3toii7n?ii™ 
ist Fourth Ward atUleto, and Uvlng photomlh or thn iimSlS?: 
or tho Krthoh, Kit Dujmi, In a ooii56?oia^w''ooC ,hU^^^^^^^^^ 
the talma, ono of Xacob Dennclt'e LllXor some olhJr rSS 
American's., A short Hay be^e satliflid m ttat MmL™^^' 
iit had no Umo ilme to talk about Dublta Ba7. '^r thruS-T 

he noltHed us that . 

■Tom Q.ulok''wasjiOTnd:i^.b?the.f^ 

llghto, .and Inoulring after "Uis . boy tbTetraok jem mZS? 

among the "respeotabje" reporters. 

• i^aak, Opion Talis*, PWaias Oonntx. Oal, between 'Wm. Ueto2fe, • fi>w dW AftW his d«ath..Ui t)ie OiiUioUa Calniltory at Aokworth. S*'"! »"»'1<5! V °f*VSi 

,.' R«m bur "poalsh':..we:oou)dn't begin to tell one h.if«#ii,. 
notables pres.ent and - tha -only.'aen^ matt wh? oiml 2f 
ftontpr,vU«.tpop«nlng,tbo «M>oof llauSSS were^M^'ifc! 


eye. Sam Davis apologtted for Oharlsy, end thev nlu^'" 
mediately afterwards a fight was got up by some ' 
(Ul.tsnmered people, we mean,) and though «>^,$*'^ 
them pasting each o^er. we heard the smacl»^i^?^1iu. 
ander the olronmstahces. After they had been sMt ..!?''''*! 
weUexhaustsd, the'rigUsnt police, or Bnap-Dniion v^l^ 
Bull's Eye Brl^e; Interfered and ended the mtui^ 
some Ugh old U. P.'s sround the Fourteenth watd 

Blgbc after this muss, we discovered the' fkmilji^ nvi . 
Oolorado Obamplon, all out In Us best Then came uf ° 
ciat of boxing, ullage Oomell (whose -fiame was on th.^n? 
going to spar in lookers .for OldaHolywood and M(w 
driaaod wRun an inch of bis life. UoJor Jim TuSf, SS* 
Boatman, CcUlns, end others, one by one. got up our i>u 

Ulke UcCoolehere quleUy entered tho hjl. looklnrj',j 
the save style as poor dead.tnd-gone Oountiy UcOlfe^ 
as Bojuoaly a soul taew him, no cheering oconnod, nn^' 
got right up to the dressing room; here a parUouUt Mm*. 
the cue, and quito a little dilst was klok^^ by tti7&l 
Michael was solemn and sedato. His fkce Is not tSaThjj 
Harry Oribbto's-thet's the nearest person wo can ffliorJ 

6 ft with his boots on. Tho Western Oiamplon retiiiltoiJ 
eluded spot to see how other people do these thioii. - ' - 

CoK Oaru iBD UiuaB Oobhsil wen the next whe nvlh ., 
appearance. Con sported the c^Uvattng John 0. He*wi?« 
Ion nnnd his loins, and bad on a bran sow pair offtKu 
pumps. Oremfeltgocd— Jolly, in fiot Hehadthe elartdh 
a bounoing ball, pawad and pranced, laughed and danced!4 
tomake allttlefunfor theboys." Asfor Ullaga— weUUncn 
a good pali^well matched everyway. OorueUladaMradltm 
one who knew "where the laugh came In"— Just auoh aaolloS 
the big fat man that 'used to frequent Btyant's-a vtnhulif 
laugher Indefd. TUe friend, whenever the Colondeualn 
Us pranks, would giro one of .those ba-ha'e that aata eTa 
else giggling, and such an upnort It almost made "in, 
roll over agata (we ehould only like to know hli ntmio 
Con also enjoyed it too. but not to tbe sane extent that I 
did. They bad aeveral good-natured rallies. In a otvle n 
original with the Obamplon of Pike's Peak, As Con InteSi ii 
to have a benefit, he didn't core to show ell he knew, )nii 
Wednesday "weshaUseewhatweeball see." How'sthtl.Mal 

Uore novelties and more attraotlons kept poniisgU- 
Centre Street Heavy Tragedian, Izzy Lazarus; the Fotulh 1 
Uandarln, Flory UoOarty; Phil Clan, from Colnmblidi, 
Bfooklyn. with bis promising youngnophew, JlmPimLB 
matobed with Jimmy Elliott; Fetor Gallsgher, tram Ik 
Nicholas Bowling Saloon, with one of Btorm's best clin 
Ulke Henry, of Oold and Plymouth streets saloon; Hike Tn. 
and a bodyguard; UcCoflrey. of Cincinnati; Ur. CUrb, l 
clever andaportloringBritcnflrom the Faclflo Hotel, on at' 
hen to see the great battle for tbe Amerioan CbamploDiliIp, e 
eto.— to tact everybody worth naming, and some not worth It 

'When snob "solid men" as the wealthy Trojao, Ur. Johil 
rissey ; the ouce fkmons gladiatorial Cblef, Tom Hyerr tbeg 
admlnr'of game cUckens, Tom VcOoy; Captain UlohaelNiii 
U. S. A., of the Oremome Free Unslo HaU and Panorama o 
War, one door above Laura Eeene's; Jim Ouslck, who b 
and seconded Hoenan; Sam UcLangUls, the driver; Aidi,, 
Stark, of billiard fame in days gono by; when enoh genlleiMi J 
theee go to a sparring exUbltlon, depend upon It, tbeie'iioi 
thing to happen. What a pity John 0. Heenan Isn't ben lo i 
the excitement thia affair Is creating. > Ob, yes— and Cobtun i. 
then, too, bnt only for a few seconds, and then ho ccoUs't s 
anyttiing for the crowd. 

But we might extend this slrcady too long notice for cch 
if it were not for tack of where to.pnt It when ready, so wet 
it advisable to drop further rambling, snd come right di 
the point Owing to the dense crowd, the boxers beiif i 
to get through Jo the stage, with everybody anilcns I 
UoCoole, "and UcCoole only," Sam Davis explained the 
satisfactorily to the audience. He then announced that Job 
Aai^nwonld give an ezUbltlon at the same place on Tbu 
evening, April ad: and that Con Oram would. pnhaUr li 
supe thing on Wednesday, the 1st of April. QnTtiaadiyi i 
^njaowirt Is to wresUe Lieut AlncsworthTlbr I 
This win keep Hozart Hall pretty weU oconplcfl.and *e I 
tteyOl make money-at the same time, It's very bad polU 
bunch them all up together lii such a manner. At nlse o'clet 
the Wlae Man ot the East (without the usual white coat tad t 
buttons) announced thai Ur. UcCoole end Jem KoUy wooU t 
minate the exUbltlon. He gave ns a Ilttlo DomogtheDti 
exactly a to Tovee, for he didn't dare any old man that k 
like Um to a glove encounter— thanked uoee present on b. 
of UcOoole, apologised for the sooiclty of sdarrlng, ud I 
came the wlnil-up between 

UiEE UoCoole am Jstt Kbllt.- Various wero the 
about who the professional boxer was, Intended to wtod up i 
the Obamplon. Wages were bet In several quartets that mill 
BasUsgs would torn out to be the man. Bome sail EDlol 
othen, Phil Clare; othen, "Colorado;" and almost erei 
nan's name vras osUed over, but we believe It was an 
work, and are pretty euro that Ur. EoUy was not aware ot I 
awarded this privilege m until the very night of the 1 
That makes but little difference, however, and we mail a 
Eellv showed off finely. They cut away very Ilttlo time'r. 
Tin, but the accomplished Jem bnsUed right to In-figUtlig, a 
the fint lead; and they Indulged In tbkt kind of mutual Ibm 
Ing-eoeh holding the other's head with his left, and tim 
away on the body— wUoh is so good to look at, but awAulati 
At out-flghUng, tbe Wostom Obamplon seamed very, awkr 
Thls^as no doubt owing to his being a perfect etrtngtib 
and the shouting confused Um— ta fact, a variety ot cite 
stftaceo tended to prevent UoCoolo from cxUblUng tolbits 
vantogehehas done In private. We hollove he can domu 
better than he did with Jem Kelly. Again, asasparreririlhuj 
gloves, for half a dozen roouda', Australian Kol& Is a periM 
wondei^then's no rubblog that out He also left off Jin *) 
the Western man was warming to Us work, and, as hegi 
natnredly remarked after It was over, "If I only had yoi'O 
or four more rounds, the tale might be dlflorent," we bellsTe V 
tablos would have been turned completely. At any n(e, we Ir ' 
the Cobnm party should not be led away almplv because McC 
hasn't the former's science, It doesn't follow uat a poor tpi 
must bo a bad fighter— UcOoole'a previous career lulfy 
that Idea. ' He Is a rough, gome, and powerful fellow, osA I 
a better Idea of tbe business than some tUnk for. Wboa I 
Coole did Ut Kelly, the latter hardly knew whether he j 
on his hood or Us feat, and "good-byo Jom," If Mao.l 
ever got In "that left" when he had Um backed np agalnu t 
wall. UcCqoIo evinced his gluttonous propoosllica to tbo-iw 
Indifferent spectator, and ho will turn out a game young few*] 
on the day of battle. When ho goto "a hot 'un," he's bcnnd v 

go after his man, and the more ho gots, tho more doloraUiM K 
Is actions. That was Us manner of sparring, and ho loom IV 
one of those sort "yon couldn't llok with a club," as a ficetio 
County Ohro man remarked. "Oh; Uosos; bnt Isn't ho ai'h'^ 
feller, though I" shouted one of Us admirers when the iH 
oraokod, OS he oamo -In collision with them. Bo hoi), » 
they'd only bod ono more round, we fancy the Big 'Un nonj 
have ujlaet the calculations of more than one "good J°°(* 
flghUng men. Thus terminated the great Western Obamplon • 
benefit ' ' 

. ' After 'losvlDg the 'hall, UoCoole was followed by hundiedij 
people alonft Broadway, and that thorougUare was sll agog^" 
exoltement Every bouse bad Ite oroirfi ot sports, card-gayu 
afid betting men, assembled to dlsoffl the event of tn* 

spbrttng houses/did a thriving business on the strength oi > 
newsebsotioD. • ■ 

A. OostoHU roB Draun Um, onxn us Own f'^-'Zr, 
Beatdn's bold thrown out lost week, has ellolted thof"" 
lug r^olndet from the Xniaht of tlie oloaver. Tommy w 
Beadi " 
EsirOa, OLtrpsa:— In your last 
Igntd Dublin Ulke, oballengtbg ony uvhud, u.".- — -./-r , 
■i"a oertaln nan from Brooklyn preferred," From that inru 
peep he moans mo. If so, I wotfld say that I had aim;" P' f 
bp the Idea of appearing in the ring, but aeoldg thot Mike u « 
anxious to meet mo, f propose to Uy down theoleaTcr«| 
whUs te glvo Um a show. I will fight Um at oalob wo gnt-Wjj 
would belmptSBlble for toe to come down Quito so low M 
bs.-for $100 or 'IMOIn ftrom four, tosUwooks. A depwj^ 
tort at Ulke Tralnor's, South and Itosevolt etroots, or at we i*" 
FBB office, will be Immediately Oovarad. '^"^J^^^^' jifuH' 

ThR (JOLOBIDO OBAllPtOH'S tl»V«B.— Ur. J, 0- PW""/-!!!" Mol I 

Oram," wlU give a grand sparring exhibition at "S* Ike 
MB nroadway, on Wodneaday evening, AprU let whon a" . 
Vialent" willbe on hand to assist Twonty-four "good meny,, 
IruB" an on the bills. Con -wlU .vrihd up with "The 'Jn*??^- 
As^air, Onm loaves ibis week for Pittsburgh, we trust ui'f'^ , 
-wlllglvshlipagoodset-off— spoh an one as bo may >>""i|h(l 
iabamedtotefertointatore. XlolMts,BOoanta,tobehad«» | 

.). '-.ii a-. I ; >••'•'•.' <-5'i-'- 

issue; a paragraph apPj 
y novloe, froin U* " 

il»'.'^^SrRlTiS;oii»rIes A. fltaw, B. Dliiop. J. K. (top- 



rH« PBoraasioy. 

, M.. firnnn U tbt nut orsui of the diatnaUo ud iliew 

i"J2!*'^iM¥Mil?MafBl to the profMBlon, bnl lnt«r»8ttiig to tha 
»'*''i^iSm'niionBhtii8m»Slum of onr little llioet,ther«fore, 

'?^ ' S a pUyblll, a noTrspspor, b Una or Uo of the move. 
iC^'T • .^CSindTM and tboia MsooUtod with yon, so thot thoj 
.Siontfl of;'"'!," aTlai^ or Monday, it the Utest, and the Itama 
""^.'^iu /uBwr to that wjiek'B luene of the Ouppbb. whloh 
f"^?"t5.v!iIS to wenti thronghont the conntry early on Tueaday 
''^'"SfofeMhwoefc We oharge- nothing for recording the 
*"„/nu«fotirfrtendfl. neither dowewkbr aaek favora of 
"l^vSd for ao doing. Wewlah to oonHnue the Oictpkb as a 
!ST.h£ orean for the benefit of -the proftoalOD, and thereby ex- 
jSdX^hore of Iti uaefotaeaa. 

UomiT, Varoh 80, 'tS.' 
It la not many yean aloe* onr principal theatrea and other 
«.t>u8 of pnbllo reaortwere locatod In the lower part of the ally, 
Indaere were bot few attraotlona above Oanal atroet worthy of 
A* name. Then, boarding honaea of all gradeg awarmed In the 
Tm*|5 mnnlng toward the North river, below Chambers street, 
!^wbtt hotda we had were altoated wlthto the eame olreult; 
tat gndaally the marob of Improvement made Inioada upon the 
wMUnd-marka, and oheap hotels and cheaper boardlfag-honnos 
reiegitdnally given np to the neoeaaltlea of the tlmee. Tip- 
1 «id, tlieatar of Kmplre wended Its way then, as atlll farther 
.gMntdltwandallawsy now. Wlththedepartnreof onrbosfd- 
honae KoMim), ^o departed many cf the patrons of onr tbe> 
I eto.. and It beoamo a question whether the hatitua ahonld 
1 totbe followed bymansgera, whohadsolongostered forthslr 
iDOMment It -did not long remain aqneatlon, bowevelr,for 
I iho donn-town houses became deaerted, and aelf.preservatlon 
lopelled an upward movement. When Bond atroet was aelsotsd 
I igaaltefortho Wtoter Gardon, and above Honston for Laura 
! Keeie'a, It was Imagined that those localities were aoffldently 
<.|ilgb up town, and many feared that a few years would oUpae 
' («fore the upward tide would reach them. Wallack'a little ee- 
tobUshment, below Broome street, was considered in the m6at 
' ftTorsble altuatlon forcatohlng the transient wsyfturer, as well 
. aatbe regular theatre goer. But we llv^ln a fast age, and there 
I so teDlDg what the morrow may bring forth. The elder Wsl- 
.Iick,wlth an obaorvlng eye, saw with what rapid atrldea 'the 
fltat metropoICa woa progreaalng, and he hod the temerity to 
nore on a little, sven m advanoe of time. With that keen per- 
.oapUon of comtog ovonts for whloh he la noted, be saw Uut 
Ptoome atroet would aoon be'"away down town," aa Ohambera 
: atrtetwaaafewyoaiaprevlonaly, and he determined to setup 
-town, If there over was to be any op town to NewTork. At 
lenrth Avenue and . IStb atreet, "he Dullt blm a tbeatre." Ee 
wia looked upon as a man In his dotage. Old stagers predllctcd 
tlsntter ruin In building a theatre at auoh a ^'remote pUoe." 
. 'But the veteran went on bis way njololng, and has carried 
- ''ilooughdmoattwoof the most snooessftil seasons ever known 
Id NewTork. What next? After the nnlooked-f or saooess at- 
tending Ur: Wallaok's enterprise, we shall not be astonished if 
, .«osie go-ahead Mow Torker abonld even Improve on Wallick's 
lies, asd give ns a theatre on the Fifth Avenne, beyond Uadl- 
' son Square. As the Fifth Avenue EM has net with great euo- 
' -eai, why ehould not a Viealre on the great ailitooratioIhoroujBh- 
: . tue also find patrons to give U a hearty sapport T Hon room 
:' for our commerolal pursulU is demanded In tae heart of the city, - 
'. anf even now the busy marts of trade are beglnntog to enoroaoh 
upon the palatial abodes of onr retired men of wealth, oiowdtog 
. ihem upward, still npward, on the beantUol avenBe stretohlng 
. 4owuds the Oentral Park, drawing in their wake restaurants, 
' hotels, theatres, eto., ete. Mo, we shall not be surprised to see 
: J theatre on Fifth Avenue before long. Who knowa T Perhaps 
. 'I«oia Eeene may even now have an eye on the chances, for the 
/ giving up of herleaaeeablp on Broadway looks as though the 
. ' JadT baa eome great object In view. 

There seems to be quite aTsge for dramas of the "OamlOe"' 
'/ school of late, so we should Judge from the eagemeas with whloh 
, managers take hold of any drama that oomes before them, re- 
lating to the commission of sdulleiy or seduction. Within the 
.' 'past few monthe we have had Oamllle, East Lynne, Edith, Luoy 
.'. fi'ArviUe and other productions of a like ohaiacter onthedra- 
-• Ditto stage, and the "Travlata" on that of the operatlo world, 
.\ In whloh Ulsa UatUda Heron. lUss Western, Mlea Frov(*t, 
: .\and two or three prima donnas have figured, and now we have a 
; .yoaw drama to odd to the llatln the form of "Jessie UoLine," a 
I ij Piece in which Miss I^nra Eeene has thought proper to enter 
['L'ths lists :ss » repiMsntstlva of Ae InluMd cues of ladles In 
{"^[aestlon. We have seen thorn all, plays and artists, admired a 

%w, but seen only. In this last prodnoUon, uiythlnc - worthy of 
jearly commendation. •■JeasIe HoLane," by annnnamedran- 
'.tbor^wasproduoed, fortheflrsttlmeln this country, at Laura 
: ' Xeone's on Uonday night, Haroh ISd. . On Taesdsy we called in 
'to toe It,, and found the honae abdentaly foil only. Twenty 
. ffilnntoa after the hoar appointed, the aartaln went up, dtqilay- 
•::^inga very pretty rural scene, auppoead to represont the snr- 
'. . ronndlngs of one of tho coal mines near Plttsborgh. It was all 

i : Terr charming of oonxie, but very far out of the way of the 
' isallty, as any Pennsylvanlan could toll, who saw It. The 
' play opens Well, wlth^ome lively converse between two 
. i miners, :after whloh John UoLuie— Oharlea Wheatlelgh— 

enteis, and shortly afterwords his young vrifs "Jessie"— 
.'bnra Eeene— who is dresaed rather gay and fksUonably for 
« miner's wife, John then retires fbr a whllo, and In i the 
■ Interim Arthur Uaraden— 0. Walcot, Jr.— enters, and briefly 
«)nvetse8 with Jessie on his former love tor her, alluding 
' .10 the unuingenlality naturally existing' between her and John, 
hia coarssnese and her refinement, Ac, oontraatlnBhe^ position 
' with that aha would occupy as bla partner In life. Thusu^hBlng 
' the poleon, he leaves it to work, and retiree, promlalDg to see 
! her Boain. John then reappears, and daring the morning meal 
hordleaatlafaotlan with her life Is developed, and besides this, 
. evldenoes of msutal dlstorbanceo are plainly manlfbated by 
> Jeulo, tho result of the terrible death her father met with at the 
imlnea, the blow when given having affeoted her mind, a feature 
«f it being her Inability to shed tsars. Before John's departure 
. to the mines, one "Betsey Blown"- Hrs, Bobertaon— a humble 
V -mendof John'Si-appevson thesceneon her way to Mew York 
to seek a place. WhUe bidding good bye, Harsden'a Imported 
: ^Engllshllvery servant— "Marker"— the inlmltoble Fetors— makea 
; Ua entree, and manages to deliver a letter from Uarsdon to 
Resale, anseoo, the contonte of whloh relate to a etolan totervlew 
"Ee dealroa. After the whole party leave, Marsden appears, and 
;., . nlthnately carries Jessie off perforce, The next Important scene 
' Is the intotlor of ,a coal mine, and WbUe the miners are bavlng a 
'Mnfib tegethor.'Bolsy la soon coming down the abaft, her mla- 
non belngito toil John of Jossle'a flight. Some capital acting 
•followB, In whloh Wheatlelghnow dlaplavs his ability as one of 
... Ibe leading aotora of fbt day, tho acene cloalng with an "Impres- 
wvetobloau." 'The second sot opens with Jesale'a boudoir in 

ii vVmden'a honae. It Is in this scene that Ulsa Eeene manlfoals 
uit oommondable odherance to nature to her Impenonatton of 

i .^-eboniater that has given her the reputotlon she pcsaesies. Her 
. . -remorse for hor truthful and powerfully depicted, 
:>.'«id is entirely devoid of that ranting and powerfully melo- 
' <|ramatlo style of tho East Lynne achoof of aotresaea. The and- 
I . den appeorando of Beteey, and Jeaals's fear to eeo her husband, 
..' .ffflotmltog almost to frensy, la finely rendered. tThe next'scene, 
.. , tapcrtent to the plot, la the to Uarsdon's house, 
1.' . la which a fosblonablo party ore to the midst of their enjoy- 
: I'.'.nent, when John McLano auddenly appoara, and again do we 

have a fine dlaplay of Wheatlelgh's dramatic power. Indeed, hia 
' '«>Ung to this aoene is beyond all pralee. The flnalo of tho scene 
.. ana the second act maikos up an undonbtedly "startling" and 
., iplendld tableau. We now come to the last act, to which Miss 
' Sepno, as the tosane wife, acts with such truthfotoeaa to nAture 
' ;.'Ss to make the eoeno aa fearful as it la dooply Impresilvo. The 
' . :llnale of the act Is rather molo-dramatto, but nevertheless it has 

.many meritorious features/ To oonolado oar aketoh of the play, 

We have to say th^durtog the whole season, Ulsa Eeene,has not 
'! -plaood upon heifllge a drama more roplote with excellent potou 
<:,'CrattTaouvofeaWei "JcseleUoLano," and' oertei eho 
.,-'1 baa appeared to no ploy l^ whloh her dramatic power has come 

toto play with gretter ^vantage than in this. Whoatlelgb, too, 
'"'"^ UcL&no a oharacter that none who once sees 

um, will ever forgot. Ohas..W^cot enaotod his port admirably, 
> :. aia dlephy of mvaioal ability being a featum of his performance. 
''' Itoberison, .too, was capital as Belsey, and PoCus's Marker 

wisDurtonlan in comic exoellenoe. The scenery was effective, 
>v.' and, as usual, friend Bakerlent his valuable aid In the orchestral 
.(^-.aepatlmont, with some of hie moat oholoo libangementa. 
I.'.'. On Monday, Marob Wi, Norma was produced at. the Academy 

or Uualo by the Harotzek tronco fbr the first time, and truly 
'i !^^_lt a grand performanca tbroughonl. The house was woll 

auod, not orawded by any moons; butliiosmuOh aa the usual 

crowd of dead heads did not oochpy their icoustomed seato to 
KvUie auditorium, it was fttUr os paying a house as the moat 
'-. crowded aaacmblogca under toe provloas managements that have 
Ov.controllod'opera matters at the lith street estebllshment. Beolly 
.': Hax deserves credit for ao boldly ridding the Opeia of snob a 
' nuisance as. tho ollquo of dead heads alluded to had become, 
.1 xhoaa follows It was, who on all occasions made themselves so con- 
(. aplcudusln promonadtog.th6 alaleaand loudly oonvorstog during 
' the portormanoo of someof the gems of the opera, and impndent- 
:'V.eyolngthe fair box through tholr glaaees at probably but a 
I fiew yards distance, Theyocied asif monarohs of all theyaur. 

,veyed. and to fact, to a variety of wave, wore a terrible inonbua 
' ' Ppon the energies of every impreaaario. Max haa been the first 
' to make them walk chaus) and though, in conaequence, the 
'■' hcuaea have not bean so crowded as before— for weie dead 
. heads were numbered by hundred!— they have been paytog 

SptOM, and that U what has not always been the oase.on pr». 

'S??? oooMlons, wnen appearances led to the contrary opinion, 
W ^t.(o the opera. ^ When Ume. Hedorl first made her appaa> 
''''SS'^^WaaueivM of Norms, we prepared onrtelvea for* 

vtt'Mt feaifof opsrotti noito, likd m bad It Biioli kvoloe. 

Wby we'doinot btigln tohive tahni it cotnmond to' desertbe its- 
IpsotonsmelodK dramotio power, too^ e]|o«Ist)iatof any 
IvtIq artist we nave had here ilnoe the great tepreaentetive of 
Norma, Orlil. In the rendering of "OaMs Dlva.'^.'.abe'exoelled; 
bat AdaMza, and her powerfnl deifithclitlons qf 

f olUone, aha folly equaUedOrlsiitofut, beraottoaoooldnothave 
been inrpassed. Sufilce it to say, that her vooafand - histrionic 
persofiaUoa of the oharacter was of snoh exoellenoe as to enUrely 
oast to'ihe aUade dl the efforts of every artist that baa previonily 
vlalted this country and performed to opera, excepting arisl, and 
to'many-potota she even excelled her, BUeohl,aaOroTaso,.gave 
ns • tralradmlrsbls vocal ond dnmatlo rendition of the roln as- 
signed him. Poaeeastogall the power of the bassos that have 
preoe<Ied him. he has, besides, Blmcst the sweetness of a bari- 
tone. He fqlly divided the honors of the occasion with the 
ethers. Of Uozzoleni we have batlitUe ocooalon to speok, as we 
hove commented on his qoolltles before; but what we bove to 
say Is, thot he added to Us repntaijon 1^ his truly admirable per. 
formonce on thlf occasion. Of Ulle, Snlzer, the alto, we have to 
say that'ahe fully comes up to the high commendations hitherto 
bestowed upon her by the critics of the dally presa, who for onoe 
have a trathful foundation for their warm anloglnma of the truly 
great artiste comprising the company of Max Maretzek. We 
nave never seen Norma properly rendeiedto this conntry before. 
Judging from the excellence of tho performance on Monday 
night last, and we can promise the lovers of the lyric drama to 
Bostoq and Philadelphia, anch a feast of excellent operatlo muslo 
aa they have ncvef before listened to to the tbestres of their re- 
spective locslltles. Theymnst wait sometime yet, ihongh,for 
we are not gotog to part with Uox's troupe for some weeks; to 
truth, we ore omy waking up to the foat that we have amongst 
na now, one of the best open troupes that have ever appeared on 
the American contUent. 

A stotement havtog appeared to several of the NewTork pa- 
pers to the effect that Ur. Mark Smith would open Wtoter Qar- 
den next aummer, 'with Mlaa Emily Thome as one of his torn- 
pany, we ore anthorissd to stato-tbat Ur.'Hark 'Smith ahd Hiss 
Emily Thome are luriiKrt to the aforesaid undertaktog. We toko 
this opportonlty, thereforo, to nndeceive the pabllo to regard to 
the matter, and give the facts as they are. Uiis Thome is s 
partner to the enterprise, and not a m'ember of Mr. Smith's 
company, u atated by other Jonnala. And here we might take 
occaalon to advlae Mlaa Thome and Ur. Smith to be a Ulua more 
llf>eral to Ihdr mansgemsnt of the Wtoter Ouden than the pres- 
ent manoger baa been. The place has been sadly out of gear, 
theetagearrangementoabowtog t w»ntn« ti>ttT,i\ i<i«>n<miTi.- 
tlon,whlah boa tended to injure the estebllshment to the estlm». 
tlon of the pnbllo aa well aa of stars. Let the new manogsrs look 
to their ' oim totereste, by placing thiir entartalBmenm pn the 
stsge Id a proper manner. 

Mr. and Ulss Blchtogs brought their perfomonoes to a cloae at 
NiWo's,onthea«thtast ^ 

Yankee Bcbtoaon waa to town last week, leaUng a realdenee 
for his family. He appears at Cittabni^h on AprS 6tti. Andy 
Bpringer^sservlcesaaadvanee agent' hove been afcuredbythe 
real live Tonkee, who apeoks cheerfolly of the prospecte ahead 
for the forthcomtog, and all bnt here, oaveUng season. 

Bamum is not a man of his word, and can place little value' 
upon the truth. Before' the marriage of the two dwatft, Ulss 
Warren end Tom Thamb, Bamam annobnced, poaitlvely, that 
the woman would never appear to pnbllc, for exhibition, after 
her marriage, This announcement was repeated day after day, 
with the knowledge of both Ulas Warren and Strstton. The 
pair are to be on exhibition again. In thla- dty, by and with the 
advice and connivance of Baraum, who, however, keeps' to the 
background. The whole crowd are . of a ktod, deceiving the 
pabllo by falae repreaentatlona. 

Palace Sordens do not seem to have been veiy snecesstal as a 
place of amaaement, and we now see that the scenery and furni- 
tureof the plaoe la "offered for aala at a sacrifice." 

Tha Uenagerie cloaed on the Wth Uarcb, after affording oor 
dtlzena a deal of amaaement and tostruotlon to 'riswlng the nat- 
ural cnrioaltlea comprlatog the colleotlon. The den of Uona, 
whloh was formerly a den of "pretty waiter girls;" 'wtD now be 
used for other purposes; perhaps revert to the girls sgato, f«r 
aught we know. 

Ulsa Lucille Western had a good abara of tha week'a bnstoeas 
at the Wtoter Garden, and her rendition of Lady lasbel was fa- 
vorably received. She will repeat the perfonnanoe this week,' 
'wliUe Hiss Uatllda Heron wul give as ter great Tenl90,'at 

Ulas UaiOdlt Heron comes before 'oa sgato this eventog 
at Niblo'B Garden, reprodnotog her great drama of "Edith, or 
the Earl's Daughter, ' founded on lbs. Wood's norel of Esst 
Lynne, and whloh met with inch ikvor on ite flrat production at 
thla hohae a few montha ago. Ulaa Heron's Impersonation of 
the herotoe of the play is a most powexlU piece of scttog, and 
takes rank vrith her great rendition of Oamllle, which seldom 
(alls to attract full houses when performed to tUscliy. As pro- 
dnced at Miblo'a, the ploy of Edith wlU afford a treat to those 
fond of a good drama, for every attentton will be paid to a 
proper distribntion of'allthe obaractora. while the scenery and 
atage orrangemente generally wOI receive that attention ao neo- 
eaaory to a lialthfal representation of a work of the ktod. As 
Ulas Heron's previous engagement was termtoated trhlle Edith 
irka to the midal of Ite triumphs, It is but fair to presume t)i«t 
it will resume Ita fo'nnec success this week. 

Henry Peroy, who, a few ^eeka atoce, denied the report that 
ho waa to appear at the "New Idea," makea Ua first oppeoranoe 
at thot honae thla evening, Uoroh 30tb, thus provtog the oo^ 
rectoese of the reports, to aplto of his denloL lliere's' nothtoc 
llkehattogtheaeihtogs broriuhtdown toafoons.,. '. ' " * 

There Is nothtog freeh'ot Bamnrn'si not even the girls 'wbe 
make a praotlca of regularly visltmg tula'moral shnr ebbp on 
Wednesday and Saturday afternoons, ex'oept that an.Englisn 
oomedlsD, Bam Emery by name, appears on ue 30th, to Beorle's 
new drama of "The Shadow on the Wall." 

It don't matter what theBryonto hive on their bills, fbr the 
bnatoeaa contlnnes the same. People go there to lough, and 
although they are as "well up" to some of the Jokes as the per- 
formers themselves, they severthdeaa laugh as heartily as ever, 
and enjoy themselves as to days of yore, when thelamented 
Jerry Bryant was one of the ehlningllghte at this hoU.. 
. A panorama of the war, with for^ ocenes. Is for sale fbr $890. 
See E. B. Ounnlon's advertisement. 

Col. T. Allston Brown has returned fo 'the dty after a trip 
through the West, and la prepared to negoUato with Uansgera 
for the comtog aummer season. CoL Brown la desirous to travel 
'wltha Oinua.Oompsny,aa "layer out," or aa Treoauror. Eos 
filled the above poaltlons before and undeistanda the bnstoeas 
thoroughly. Managers wlshtoi to engage a leUable, hard-work- 
tog'Agent, can addreaa him at ihli oSce. 

A grand concert win bo given at the Apollo Booms on Tuesday 
evening, April 7th, for the benefit of Ur, Gerald Gaffney, when 
the followtog artists have ktodly- proffered their serrices ; Utd- 
ames Faulltob,^ leper and 'Vetter, Ulaa Scheppehnan, tiie Uesars, 
Hermann andBetoeman.andtheStoglngSodetyAmphion. The 
programme la very varied,' and Ur, - Gaffney appears several 
timoa himself, 

'A firatclaaaleadtogjavenlle and light comedy lady Is. waoted 
to go to Eanaaa. See Oonnar tt Oo's- advertisement for further 

' "The Great Southern Contraband Tronpe" of twelve genntoe 
sons of Ethiopia are getting "well up to their parte," we are to- 
formed, and on the evening of Taeiday,Ua(eh Slat, they gfve 
their first dress rehearssL - - 

Hen they an, all together, and a ospltol show they make— 
opero, drams, apeotade, bollst, Ethiopian minstrelsy, burlesque, 
pantomime, aerobato,- and we know not hoiV.many etoeterns, 
though, we an sore; quite enbngh to astonish anybody who ion 
la for the moat of amnsamant at a moderate coat And when 
anolltheaeeopltolthlnRBtobefonndT Why, when batatthe 
fkmoua "Mi" Broadway f Then, a real daater of stan are ahl- 
ntog, InoludlngTony.Faator; down, Jeiter,- and ccmlo voeoUst; 
0, E. OolUne, Jig dancer; Ulas Fanny Fomat, who stoM. as the 
sailor eald William did. "like a hansel;" and a whole holt of 
other dever folks, whose names are (be; only recommendation 
thty need. Without doubt, "ili" la a gttat place, and great aro 
heorowdsthathunr tolt, . . ; , 

. "ErtoOoBrtghl'' Boiwe have heard a moltltade of people 
exclaim who hove been to Hope Chapel, .and witaessedi ue 
doings of the UeVyoy companv, aided by the life-like soenety of 
oldlnbnd. Some Idea of tne "qneer spoil" of Hlbemla, ao 

tuatly celebrated all over the world, is to be gotoedbyavlslt 
lere— olao of the pecuIliriUea of the andent dtles, aaoh oa Mb- 
Ito and Wloklow; and if It la the aonga or the telk that yon like, 
why, by the powen, rou may have tnam. to all poaaible perfe> 
tlon. No better enter^lnment than the one under notice la now 
afforded to the dty, and that la saying a good deal. 
. The New Bowery might hang out a banner on ite eatword 
wall, as Macbeth did apon the outward wall of his costle, along 
time ogo'-Hinly with the dilTercnce, that tho cry, "BtUl they 
come," was slgnificanti to the usurper's card, of the approach M 
foca, whereas, to. that of Manager Llngard,- it tokene the arriving 
of friends. Baring the ntet week, the bill of tua at this'pepnlar 
hou^o has been qutto.fDll of jgood thtogs, Thepresent wsei has 
oomlaehcod well also, the eveninffof the SIstof March being 
set opart Ibr the benefit of Mr. Llngard himaelt -when Ur, B. 
Eddy oppoota— also several other fOvorilea, to addition to the 
popular company. 

Tluy fiaveo good tlmeofitatWood'sUlostrdHaIl,{li Brotd- 
vny,>hera a band ot right merry men give the folks a tute of 
their quality every bi^ht, and send all home well pleased with 
the genial banquet that has boon set beTon them. Of late daya 
wo havo hoard aomo of our aoqnototanoe apeak of the "blue dov- 
11s," and have tovaritbly recommended a visit to Wood'a, as a 
aan cure. Why? Becauae we have tried it onnelvei, and 
found it tho oomblote thing. OnlyconaldMr auob aplorgoa. as 
"Handy Andy," "Tlic Old Mold? Lament," "The Broadwar 
Belle," "The Land of Freedom," ''Olhollo," "La Porohe Eqnl- 
polae,"and "Our African Oonsin"— real atunnera, ain't they (' 

Ur. W. H. Pan], whe dnrtog the pabt scaaon has acted aa tmsl- 
nesaagontforBarasy Williams, 'Mil terminate his engagement 
on Saturday, April 10th, Tho many -years experience Ur. Paql 
has had to thla conntry and Europe, give him unusual qualiacs- 
tlona OS' a flrat olasa agent, and nndarhlaaerrioeaof gnat 
value to any one whp may be ao fortunate u to aeconiilni. 
Letters oddreiaed to the Oupibb office ^111 bo duly forwarded 
to htm, 

Tho eatete of the liito Edwin P. Christy, ao well known aa tte 
original founder of Ohristy'a minalrela, and the isuiager of tha 


home daring their long and aacceaaftil otnerat Ueohotiloa' EaU. 
oUy^ la fonder- litigation. .In.the Burrog^to^J .^nrt 
se, ■ 

on the' Mtli of jraroh, ttt coaa. 
pidton I, Taokerr The fblowtog 

tvia irgaed More the Heoi 
te a synopsis of, the >t«<|Md- 
_ _ ftheoollaotbri2Bdwto 
mtt a'- m 'inMA vnuaH >»ptrty I 

The obllsotor of the eetate, to his petltton, seta Corth that among 
Uie artldea toventoriad as; aaaeu of thaestoto/areilie hogse- 
hold fomltan, pictures, . palnUnga, to., now to the house oooni 
pled by Kt'P. Ohrlsty at the time of his death, and . appralaed at 
19,(03; that aoid bonss Isocenpled by a penon named, to what 
PDfpcrts to be the will of said Ohrlsty,ss his wife; that men 
than forty dsn have elapsed atoce Ohristy's death; that to the 
Jndgmentof the collector, it is necessary for the preservation 
and benefits of said estete, to eall'aald property, onfess thesame 
be amply seonred to said oolleotor; that he to, aad haa been 
auce bis appototment as collector, obliged to keep a man hired 
to watob aald property, at ian expense of two or three dollors per 
•■•rj thai, in.fte praaant poaitTon, aald property la not seoue; 
tntt the collector has no safe place to keep the aame, ex- 
cept at a great pecuniary expense to the estete and he 
Uberefore phys that be be directed to sell sold ilroperty. 
Theee atatementa on met by on affidavit of Maiy Ann Maplea 
Ohriity, the alleged widow of Ur. Ohrlaty, to the eSbct that aha 
tud no knowledge that tho appnlaers and collector, or either of 
them bod any Intention to inventory the fnmltun, ploturea; 
ptinltogs, to., now to the house occupied by her, tUl the sold 
appralsen and Oolleator came to the bouse to take thesame; 
that eho woa not privy to any manner to tha maUng of the to- 
veniory; and that at aald time, she caused the appralsen and 
OoUectorto be Informed thot the fumltun, plotaros, patottoga, 
&o., bdoiged to and wen owned by her; that at or about the 
time she ond Edwto P. Ohrlstv commenced honiekeeping at No. 
M Grind street, she loaned to him the sum of - about ton 
thousand five hundred doDon; that five thoosiol five hon- 
dted doUan thereof were the proceeds of the aala of real 
eitete she owned to PhUsddphla, and the balance was 
money she bad on depodt to savtogs banks; that all of aald 
fbmltnr^ Ac, was purchased with her said money, and the aame 
was totond to her name dnrtog the lifetime of Edwto P. Ohrtety, 
and with his knowledge and asaent, snd the same is now In- 
sured to her name. She farther says that she purchased a 
house with her pwn money and in her own name, and that im- 
mediately after she took potsesslbn bf this boase, snd hod 
nmoved thereto the furalture, to,, contotoed In the house, Mo. 
M Grand atreet, and thot she boa ever aince aold time occupied 
sold home so conveyed to her, that she is abundantly responsi- 
ble, has noCunlly, and the fomitonis bnt little oaed, and Is 
nottoasy sense perishable, and will be bettor perserved by ra- 
malntog when It b than by storing It; that the fnmltnn,plotnxes, 
paintlnsa, to., would be aacrlficed at lefis than their vdae if sold 
•t luction: aind that the estate will be ndther preserved nor 
benefitted by such sole; that the said ftamltun, &o., an entirely 
lecnn, and she has ilo^totentlon to remove them, bnt neaos to 
conttone her realdince tosald house and ntato possesion of said 
property there in til this case is terminated by a Judicial dedslbn, 
if not longer. In response to these aUegotlons,|tbe Conrtsdd: 
The paper propounded as the will of E. P, Ohrlatr la 
befon me, aid ite admission to probato to eoateated to 
this Ocurt by Un. Harriet E. Ohrls^, aUo claiming to 
be the widow of E. P, Obriaty, and tiy E. Byron Ohriity, 
ololmlng to be bla ecu. In this alleged 'will, the propcrtr 
toqnestton is mentioned, bat OS the will Is not yet admitted to 
probate, I cannot look toto that toetrument for ovldonce upon 
whloh (o sot.' I cannot try the title to this property, and yet I 
am nnoble totelUgently to give directions to the OcUoctot', wlth- 
ont tocldentally looktog tofo the qucatlon of probable ownenblp. 
Thus, If thenZappear to lie's "clear ontstandlbg title against the 
estete," I ought not to toterfero on behalf bf thecateto. Bat "if 
then be o reasonable canse for doabt, the proper course Is to 

germit the saleiond let the question bo tested by the Court 
ovlsg Jnrisdlctlos of the mslter.'! In this caae,I feel compelled 
to say I do not perceive einy "dear, outetondtog title agotoat the 
estete." Un. Mary Ann Maples Obriaty swears that she loaned 
the decedent the money vrith which the ftamltnre was pnrohaaed ; 
and aha thna, (even if her teatlmcny were admissible under the 
Code, IS to 0 transaction between beraalf and the decedent.) ea- 
tobllshes oidy at moat o debt from the estete to her for the loon. 
It te true that ahe aweon Khe informed theOoIlector that Om 
fumltun waa hers, but ebe does not swear that it ii here. 
Mrs. Ohrtety does not allege' ony legal title whatever, but 
merely even thot she hos poaseadon ond "meana to ntito it" 
The Ocnrt was thenfon not diapoaed to notice on order for tha 
aile of what was aotuolly not to the bonds of the npreaentatlve 
of the estete, illhongh the probable title might lie to her estete. 
Bpch on order would not odd to the power or security of the ool- 
lecter,.who would have to owalttha decision of the Oonrt of proper 
Jnrladlctlon. Conaequently, the legal way of pnceedtog would 
be to dlnct the collector to bring o auit to teat the title. In tha 
event of the will going to probate, auch a suit would abate; 
while if probato wen denied, it would, if imdetermtoed, pass 
over to the permanent admtoatrator of the estete. Should the 
eatete sneeeed to It, the Oonrt would then consider the proprleh 
ofthesale. John 0. Tan Loon is for the collector; A, W.Orod- 
ford andP. 0, Olork for Urs. A. U. Obriaty; Somnd Jonea ond 
0, E. Smith for Un. Horriot E. Christy and E. B, Christy. - 


Bnatoees at the New Uemphla Theotn has been splendid. 
The present bll and wtoter eeaaon doaea on the ITth of April, 
alter which lime J. F. Croasen ntoms to New Tcrk. A summer 
aeaacn of two months commences Immedtetely after the dose, as 
alMve steted, and some of the old people have made orrange- 
mento to nmain;' The present season haa been carried on with- 
■ontlbeald-ot a'stogle star, and has so far been one of the moat 
sncetaafal aver experienced to Uemphle. ' ' \ ■ ■ ' 

In kpeaUng of a reiceint drimatio performance at the'Bnolilni 
■Academy', vte.aUoded tb'tbe v#i^ toeffldent raam'er-to'wUahtne 

.UflK. '«! > » Kj — ..^.^ta- ^T «_i>ni<anrf«J fit thMLhOUSa. ItOj 

however,' that 'wetova oast nndeaemd 'can flilt]. ui i wP I 
dblnlst of that eatebllahmsnt,-and we therefore lef'Ono'Who 
Enows"— and who saw the faplte we complatoed of— hove space 
to exploto eertoto motten connected with theperformance under 
notice. He soys:— "Ii^ the remarks to Vbur piper of thlsdste, 
aist, upon the recent performance of Edith by ifiea Heron, ottha 
Brook^ Academy of Uoaie, yon hove nnlntentlonolly done great 
injustice to the worthy, mochlulat of the theotare; Ur. UcMally, 
who te acknowledged to be among the fint to bis onstoess to the 
conntry, bivtog bad moiy.'yean practical experience to onr 
prindpol theotna. Inateod of the effect of the performance 
betog morred by the bad management of the acenary, it was 
wholly canied by the toei&denoy of the penon at the prompler'a 
desk, who rang the cmteto down before the time, apoUIng one of 
friend Hany Pearson's scenes, and also the teblean at the end of 
the second act, upon ^iich the plot of the piece htogea, and 
which' of conne the macblnUt had no men to do with than he 
had with the alim onbostro yon mention, ond.about which there 
was no mlitake.' If the poUcy of the management is to combine 
the prompter and ao actor as one to the same plecf, and aoid 
prompter handa h^ book while on the atege to an tocompetent 
person, and mietakes occur thenft'om. Justice to every one ro^ 
qiilrea that the phbllo should know where the fault lies. 

Uanoger J. 0. Uyora dosed the Academy of Undo, Provident, 
B. L, on the ' Illh Uoroh, after a season of one hnndrod and 
twenty-one nighte, and paytog for nnt daring that time 19,871). 
The high rout as^ed for tho Academy wa^^e cause of Mr. Uyen 
dostogotsnchon eorlydoy, yet he no doubt could hove pro- 
longed the term hod he been to time to arrange with all fint-dsas 
atars. Ha vrill be on hand for the next eeascn, however, to en- 
gage all aton who may wish to try thdr choncea to Providence. 
Bla bnstoesswith Ur. and Un, Barney Williams and Ulss Moggie 
Utchell was better than the aomo parties did to Beaton, at the 
Hovrard, aa the Providence Academy ,holda more money. Ur, 
Myon:'was to hove hod a complimentary, tendend by the dtl- 
'Eons, on the 37th of Uoroh. Among the volinteera were Eury 
Langdon and Aimle Senter. and also the dramatic company, who 
have bean pteytog at New London, Norwich, Woaterly, oto.- Mr. 
Uyen wilt re-open the Providence Academy, for cno week, com- 
menctog on the SOth, to play Ulss Charlotte Thompson. After 
that, he will vidtNew Bedford, Portland, and Bangor, Ue., when 
he w^ be reody to negotlato with'flrat^uass stars. 

The Hclmon Opero T^npe ore still psrformtog In J. Qi Vyen/ 
droiUl Lost, week they wen at Sprtogfield; on the WUi of 
Uoroh they open to Hartford, Conn., ond on the eth of April to 
Mew Haven, . 

Adoh Isaacs Uenken dosed her aecohd anbceasfll engage- 
ment at Ike Ftont Stnet Theatre,'BaltIniork, on the 38d of Uarcb, 
to one of tho largeat and moat fkshlonoble andlencea ever oasem- 
bled to that houae. ' So reports a BoltUtoro oofzespondent, who 
flirthcrioys:— "It being the fiuowoll' benefit of Ules Uenken, 
ahe oppeond to t#o pieces, the French Spy and Uozeppo. Long 
'befon the onrtato rose, the house vris pioked to lis utmost ca- 
pacity. At the dose ot the Fronoh Spy, Ulaa Menken wis called 
ont, ond she mode a few 'nmarks, thanking the audlaneo;for 
4helr .many Undfavoisi and saytog: •Mo natter howter away I 
may so, I eball always look back upon Bdtlmore, and the many 
ktod friends I have found there, for their names are Impntoed 
upon mrheut, never to be eriacd.' Long and loud opplanse 
foUowea, ond boquete wen oaat at . her feet, . At the condnalon 
of Uozeppa aho woe sgato called for. . She appeared on ;her 
horso, and bade fanweUlo all preaenL" Bo much for tho ovcnte 
of the eventog. Nowfor another little matter. Our oorreapond- 
onteallagreotoeteUigthat 'th'e house-was crowded,' ao wo will 
take It for granted that it was so. Now, if we on not groitly In 
error, the Front Street Theatre, ot preaeht prices, will hold 
t70O,and'saoh should havo been the rctttrqafbr the 33d, when 
people ire sold to have been tnmed owiy, owlnn to tho crowded 
steto ot the houae. Whkt do yon oppose was the amount actu- 
ally relumodesbotog token In? Tkrahundrtddollan and/urt!/ 
ontil Whotbeeomeof thebolincc, if the'houso was^ so crowd- 
ed? . A few days pnvlonaly, o doctor's 'bill for ottondlng the 
bono wos brought In; it purported to bo for fSO/snd Mlaa Men- 
ken pdd It. Hovtog oceoalon to see tho. doctor agito, eho men- 
tioned thot the \)lll was pretty ateop. The doctor thopght not; 
tae had visited the hon^ twonty-flveUmea. and ohsrgedlen than 
a doUsr o vIdL ' An explonatlon followed, when It wos found py 
the doctor's books that the amount reodvedbyhhn wis »18. 
•ffho got the net of the WO ? We moT heor more Jbont thla of- 
fUr, and fasten the fraud where it belonss. Ulw Menken com- 
menoea aA engagement at Plka'a Operallcaie, Otodnnall, thte 
'eventog,'80th fiuuoh, 

Iiiiqa4 wio^^ laKmt doii^jr ^'b^'ii«t, t^tlfiiUA 
missed Ida fo»tboldv, .v..Uiss Annie B>^ is bsoomlnajnttS 

the Old I)ni7fbi'(h»- past three or fonr weeU,flnd sUDDorteA 
UUes and UeDonmigO to a very credltiUa inonner.'fr..aB 
Monday, March 80, lb. Meaflle will oppeir. He genenllr slsn 
a blir esgagttt»atK'bOt'dbw:not jam tha houM....rlttIiink 
mon^tbatwe are wlhavea/nccesaUn'ofatan from thla tliH 
tetheendtf llistheofi53aI»«£ion." -nuromimaiuw 

The Uttte BaMoot will take tiie place ct Fancbon, this woik 
at the Eollldoy, Baltlmon, an|l give the admbera of Ulas ir«SC 
Mitchell an opportunity to see her to something treah. '"■f^ 

TheFICnnees are doing wdl at Wood'a Theatn, OtodimalL 
Ftom CtoolnnatI they will probably go to LoaltviUe, and plar 
engagement at Wood's Theatn, to uat dty. - ^ 

J. E. MoDonongh's "Seven 81stors"'Bet vrith a mrm weloeta* 
at Wood's Theotre, to Louisville. There la quite a lively tc^ 
petition between the rivol monogen. Wood ond FnUsr, 

WoUock'a Moobetb, at Grover'sb Waihtogton.on thea(lb,to 
hlghlT conunended by the press of thot dty. . Mlaa Ada Pirhar 
was the Lidy Macbeth. Some of the pnformen wan 111, ond 
othen hod to do donble dnty, Ur. B. B, Williams "ahowlnc lir 
throoparte." . ^ 

Ulaa Alice Pladde must have oome to a fbll siop'cnt Weati Ibr 
we do not team thot ebe Is dotog anytUag at preaaiit. 

Ueasrs. Wsllack and Davenport renuto ot Oroyerfs TheotaL 
Woahtogton, D. 0., the preaenf week. Their bndnea last ire^ 
woa good, on one or two oooodona the henss' Uatng orowdsd^ 
United, theee two trogedlona do very wall; but trhsa-Davenpnt 
goesltatone,hegenaraUyploy«tontherpoorbUBtosaa,- Itwfll 
be profiteble for him, therefon, to keep to with coinlnaailMi 
componlea. ---i- ■•. i 

Un. John Wood succeeds UotOdt Eena at tha Wi_ 
Theatre, opentog on the SOth Uarob. She wUl donbtlass 
atlr among the "heada of the natloo," vrith her great ' 
"How An Fon Qraenbacks?" Boom, there, for Seontu 

"Friends or Foes," was given two or three nighte of uwon 
weekat .theWatoul, Phlladdphla, bat it teHed to pIsaa^Md 
was soon withdrawn. East Lynne, also given two eventog%''Ai 
not help bnstoess, and the week may be sat down oa'deddM^ 
nnproflteble. Ur. Donld SetcheU te the stor for the present wedb 

The German Open Troupe bring their season, at the Phila- 
delphia Aoademy, to a dose on Uondoy eveatog, Uoroh 8011b 
They hove not met with the soma soocess which ottandedtbilfe 
first series of peifo'rmonobs. 

Ur.and Ulas Blchtogs win commence on engagement a^Q» 
.^ton Unseum, on Uonday next, April OlhTfor fouroV nftL 
weeks, and while then, they will bring out an aaUrdy'iinr 
open, the mtialo by Ur. 'Elch1>erg. ond the libntto by Uf ,- WoK 
who an the authors of -Aloantin. From Boston, the gUtod 
vocalist and her fktherwlll proceed to Cleveland, Ohio. 'Sits 
tdented father and dinghter ore under engogement to UignlA^ 
ot San Frmdsco, OaL^ when they are to appear abonta yesr 

Ulss Eato Sento looked to agato at the Walnut, PhlladelpUlC 
on the 37tb, and produced her venlcn of East Lynne. ItwM 
repeated on toe 38th, on Which - occasion Ur. Sim.Byon also 
appeared, and performed Handy Andy, to t)ie Irish drama «C 

The several minsgen to Phllodelphlahove comblnied to readtr 
oadatanoe for a benefit to dd of the various United Stetes Anw 
Eoapltela to ind around that dty. - The ollllr te fixed for Apal 
3di ot the Aoodemy of . Uualo, and will compriae o dnmoUo oaA 
mudcal entertali^mant Uony . thanks to oil oenceraed to tit* 
benevolent movement. 

UoggleUitbheUwaa the star laatVrsek sttheHdUdoy.Baliip 
more, and aha boa beent dotog well Adah ISaaos Uenksa, ae- 
cordtog to ons of onr correspondante, waa present to a privaia 
box, on the 2ith, dressed very handsomely,' and the obsemd eC 
many present on the oecaafon. Adoh bestowed several hand* 
some bouqdeta upon her sister artist during the evening 

Wm. Gilfflon Slmms la aold to be to Blohmond, Va, engaged 
to writtoga'ttagedyoa]Ded"Benedlot Arnold." to be ^rodoM 
at one of the theatres to that dty. . TkaVi the place for anali 

Ur. and Urs. Conway snooceded Ulsa Julio Doly at the Indian* 
apolla Theatro lost weeik, Jallo gotog to SL LouIsj 

Ulas Matilda Heron did not draw very large audiences atfta 
Washtogton Theotrie, when ahe doaed on the 38tti to fdlfil aa 
engagement at Nlblo'e, New Tork, 

The Oermon trogedlon, Ur. Bondman, mof e Us first apMB^ 
^oe befon aPhlladdphU andlenoe,at tha New Obeatantta 
the ISth Manh, to the choraoter of Bhylock. 'Then ore 'not so 
tnonyGermons toPhlloddphte as then on to Mew-Tork, aad 
the ottendonce was very emoU. The Oermon vros ktodiyre- 
celved, and Ua dofecte leniently looked ever. He foiled to'ereat* 
any morkedenthnsloam.'andltte not probable thtt his engage 
will piOTO 0 ancceaa. He appeared for the aecond time, as sCy* 
look, on the 38th, but the house wss slim, and the andluioe emS, 
On the tot of April, he te to appear to a new tragedy, caOsd 
-'Narolase," never acted in thte coantiy. 
. "Lei Ulserablee" seems to hove come to a mlsarsbls end,: tba 
piece soarcely reedvtog mention now-o-diys. Not a stogie veiw 
slon' met with aucoess, and a hOBt of- writere who were "adapt- 
ing" It to •■superior style," dropped it like a hot potatoiAeii 
they saw the handiwork of othen receive the odd shoulder.:- -> 
- Foster's troupe opened to a very ehy house at the Front SIzeeL 
BdUmon, on the iStt, The weather wos against them, andlmt 
few ladles were to ottendonce. 

Ur. and Un. Bomey WUlloihS onnonnoe a series of four 

Mr. £ B. J. Ullea, with his tratoed bon«j Htewathk, has been 
dbtog Maioppa, Wok Tnrpto, Hike Uirtto, eto.,_at the Pills- 
burgb Theiin for the i*Bt two weeks. "Now and Thftn" aays i— 

•<He otlnoted pretty full houaes daring the 'fint atz blghta, but 
oonid not auoooed In drawing tho 'daefto&tbelyporloraand 
firsaldea. Bla oadlanoes seem to be oo^pdted of Uie middle 
oUsMi, who go once or twice, ond then remato ot home. Con. 
sequentiy, the hone and hlstaaater have tot done aowoU the 
eaattwoorthneevantogsastbeydldpribr to thot time. Fox 

tainmente, commenotog April eth, it the Acidemy of Umdo, 
Brooklyn. We tnst that the atige- orrangemente will recetsn » 
Uttte mon attention than they have hentdfanmedved^, !- - >.■ 
.J>Ian;.PpiwatiiJnthesei5ondwaek of hersBgagamentitfka 
Area Street Theatre, PhIIaaaIEIlllirBi)ir'Will..hrtog . ont Jbar ;awa 
tranalalion of '"Lucie d'ArvlUe." Bustoeu has not bean voir ' 
briakatany of tha Phlliddphiibcntes, ind'Uiaa Provost^ha* 
not played to very heavy bushieas. ' - t 

The Webb dstenareso wall pleised with their nctptlon In 
Nossaa, that they will probably nmato then until June. - A Iet> - 
tor dated Tlotoria Boyd Hotel, Nasaau, Uarob 18, soys thattha 
Webb fomUy bad then been on the lalud ol>ont fbur wseha,' la 
which time they hod given eight parfbrmonoes, to reoQy excd- 
lent bustoeai, the loat performance rediztog $600, whloh to t» 
ported to t>e the brgest audience ever pteyed to In that place; 
A complimentery ben^ had been given the daten, on whldi 
occasion Ur. and Un. Webb and Ur. Witeon aadated. Bntlng 
their ateyot NosaoUj^e slsten will give one or two perform- 
ancea eaoh week. The weother was worm and ddlghtfol, and 
bnstoeas of dl ktods to a moat floniiahtog condition. ' 

Ur. Forreat produced Jack Code tor the first time at the. Hew 
Ohestnnt, PhlTaddphla, last week, and -it will he repeatsd^thto 
eventog, 80th. Thte great ploy te always ann to dnw/lan* 
andlencea, the same as Ur. Forrest's other copyright plsi)aS,itM 
GlodtelOT, - . . 

Cubes pteyed the past week at Pike'a Opera Honae, Ctodnoai^ 
and now gives place to Adah Isaacs Uenken. ' What a lovdy,taam 
those two would moke together. - CnboK< we.bdieve, g(M t0 
Lcnlsvllle thte week. ^ > t,<. .- > i .- . :-( 

Ur. CoUto8,'Insh comedlon, onncnnees thot during Us recent 
.vldt to London, he pnmhosed the sole right of . jpeKormlng, la 
America, John Brougbom's drama entltted the "Bnke's Uomh" 
What <i the Duke'sMoUo? - .' 

Onu, with Ua "Indiapoied" Italian Opera -Troupe, will , eaa^ 
menoe a season at the PhlladdpUo Anadeny of Uasle, on He»i 
doy next, April tth. 

Fmi I— Agoto we have to record the dotogs of iUs'destnisttva 
dement to connection with the drama, thrmigh wUch tbe.dty of 
Boston hos loot, for a lime at leoat, one of ite tl)eottes, temlUiilr 
known as the Mollond Theatn. From the fioaton pspenisnd 
other eouicea, 'we oompUe the foUcwtog ftote in nferenoe - ^ tha 
event At about 3 e'dock on the inornlng ot Tueaday, MaMh 
the fire was discovered by a policeman, who eaw -an immans* 
volume of smoke oecendtog from thoroof of the balldtog^snd 
promptly gave an alarm. In o very few mtoutea brilllont flams 
bunt forth from the whole top of the .theotre. Befon tha fii^ 
menopuld arrive, tho roof wos an on fire, and Jt wos evident 
ttuHBe bnlldtog could hot be saved. The contente of the dreaa- 
tog rooms, the stage fixtures, and tho fnmltiM of the thea'trs^ 
being of a Ughly cnmbusUble natun, and the flro apreadins 
ropldly through the boildUg, to the epaos of twenty mtonies a 
denso volnme of flame was raehtog opwordi, to on immenia - 
height, skirted by sbeete of fiery spny, and aendtog ont -dotttoa 
tongues of flame, bisstog, crackling, roartog, msktog a most 
aubllme empyrlod dispUy, wUch gnwterrifio as the wolls of tha 
immenee building began to auccumb beton the fierce heoli ond 
tolter on thetofoimditlona. The roof foU to with loud crashes^ 
by hkir-pOBt two o'dook, furateblng new food to the toterlorflrtst 
audotollttJe boforoithree o'dook, nearly the wholtof tbettoni 
will fell outwards toto Portland atnot" The theatn, whicll 
was situated on the comer of Fortlind, Traveree end Friend 
Bireete, together with all Ite'flxtuns, scenery, proporttes.- eta. 
was tho property of Mr. Soblor. It wss built. In-Jnly, 1813; at a 
coat of $40,000, byPage, WUdden&Jopaon, on the dto of tha 
old Natlond, deatroyed by fire April 33, 1863. The comerstona 
was Idd July eth, and was opened to an unAnlahad oondltlOD| 
Uonday evening, Nov. lal, cf tho eome jctr, with ;tbo •.'Heir at 
litw" and "John Dpbba" tander the management of Ur..'Joaepb 
Leonard. The building woa a very strong and- substantial one, 
built of brick, stondtog npon 800 piles;- npcn'Whlch were placed 
large blocks of granite four feet aquon, foimtog the foundation. 
Sopth of themoto building, runotogfrom Portland to-IMand 
street, was ISlK^oet, with 0 tront.on Portlond street bf 80 feet. 
Contotoed a Parquet,, Dreas01rde,Fomlly01rde and ^Gdlsiy, 
oipible cf lealtog oltogelber 1,880 rcoplo. The fixtares ware 
worth betweon $10,000 ond $30,000. . Uv, Wm, B. EngUab, Ite last 
monagor, la o loeer, bnt we ore pleased in laamt not to o greet 
eitenti notao, however, vrith many of the oompooy, who nova 
loot mnoh to tnoway of wardrobe,, and we etocenly hope thot a 
benefit or (lenefite wlU begotten up to reimburse ihem-'Or their, 
to them, very aerions losses. "Some of. the momben of tha 
theatre company an losare to o oonsldenble extent. Mens. Paol 
Cane and Us son, •Young Amerloa,*' gymnastic parformsn^ I«at 
dl tboir wardrobe and properties, Mr. Chorles BIdwell last all 
hte wardrobe, vdned at about $300. Ur. 0. L. Farwell-te aloser 
to the extent of $100. Idlsa Marie Bodftoe lost acme ot her 
dresses worn to the play- of the •Thne Fast Men,' wUoh waa 
pteyed the pnvtona evening. BUly Woat, Feto Lee,. Ototge Mor- 
on, J. L. Sanford, Oharlee Clark, Ulaiea Emma. Boss,. Imaa 
Monh ond Emma Hmltb, and others, olso lost pertlbna of-ihdr 
wardrobes." The theatn, aa above atated, wu opened to Nona* 
ber, 18S!>, by Ur. Joseph lecnard, who was Bole aaanank'tDr 
oneaeaion. "It v^ulhen taken for a atogla season iSf .lfir. 
Leonard and WlllisiDnemmlog, and the euooeedlnf piDt Mr. 
nemmtog waa ttie sole lessee and manager. lB.W6, .wiisa T.Ii. 


.1 .t / 

iijVlir i l-.- ■! J.-.- .11"; •. ■■ 

r*ttilttddilt«iCtha«xttMiaiii«7U^piM(>f paper 

ijiiiijLiltiii'tf hirii'iiii^ I it'-tt -''''4- •' " 
lirt'(il*ir<n' illi^lliliiu Ntw wmUniMifnaclaMo roe.nfoy 

m$d0m>.',> -': ■ ^ -/''V, ■ 

. i'b(l]i»0Upp«r.6o(i . ^IBDlxoripttonteSmoirthfl.fl 
JaiJ»attt...'.ict»' l8a1)8<]ilptloil{atAmoiitlu.''l 
I'-iinnb. <i>Ko** ( dnb'df^ou II ti.. .k .. 4 . .10 
ttS< par nmTiffi is 00 1 Olab of BtgU i '90 Of 
tipZ:-' ■ ln»noii«sln<dT>ao(k> > 

^ la eanta per.Unt fbr «Mb tnd. crwyliif 
i 'iL'iUbanl Mtnotiiui. Wo). h(iw{tTar,1^ iiia4*i'9f. aAri^ 
if Wan ptid for thiea ot aU moBth* In adniio*. D*r 
ii5ot«»diijw|u';''\' ; '. 
'<-mtWii T"P^"*"'™' »tt«ptinn In ibia biinalniii^inid^ 

' ^HfMttA MMhai t7MoiM>*7'ti>^^^ UtcaW m. BftiaidcrU 
'•■'-'•^BmSji'''' £'.'')'■■■••'''■■''. 

'*■ »iirii|» mmln^,- P^ofc of BmrnilL baan Mlvt «t thli Hme. 
^jy^^^M(^^!tl|€ii>inip, li^.oaMinioDy otiMT^ 
A^raioe o£';W«iai «l(b!'tlie Pxiiio^^ o|; pqiiiuirki'ron Utrclt 
K: VdiliU iJntidi fk^iUtdM'ot iltoaey ilterMD, Khan' Inva 
^^^);^'<^alh'itn«tl^ p6mt^ 
}Slikm Ur'. waidd liikTe Ooiight tbe qoofMop tniiq: Btukaapekia, 
nM^T lujia u^/i « ^ny lUnt'ootDptrlBoii, 

km tMii pmentadi iud on nimlwai^appropTlited it>: 

^*lt^ltnl«remr]moTnU : And ihls iB aiipatdmenot noiiiualilcal 
ittSlMAnnU^ ' lAckikt ttiQ'NTima plotue. Hara, Id Ameilot; to. 

«^«ub« w*r> and yci tbe paopla axe iiandlDg bietd to ttia 
. paftttiiof .^DgUnd and. Inland— wUtQetboiiglitQf by thalr 
SmifatirTarnnianb y«baTedisimbnt,aiUDt plcla^ Xattba 
<attte^npplrtliatUllngnp, andirbat an Brampla ha Trill liaTa 
^Jt^tha'dlffarsttoaietiraanrtlietwol Aild jetmliittatralUn In 
•)«Mrxnldftl ' -. •'■ ■■ 

^i-^ilHU^ 97: Oidnaa.—Vlri .Qao. Oaidwdi, ^>iu)ie aitldai oin (be 
iSiuiak tut hare been pnUlsbad In ttia'.f<tgU ibr ioma Tvan, oS' 
VCWiMTaaii dajKiMUbf oOanaor," also In Uia m ^ibaiir 'ae 
.iWlKrr.fttawlr pnbUahedin this dtTvtnt'iapwamongUia ihlngi, 
•tkit^#taaj diad at Bamigata, Eng., on IbhA 

-i/luilTi.-:' ■ , .. ... ■ - ^ ■ ■ ^ . . • ■. ■ 

JiArintll^: OS BOABD 

-nMl^iu"9,(ft,.V.-;i.-.;' - ■ , . . , r-i:"- :.■ 

xiiil?»!t^>*;r.--i u-SI-OTBOABIU BOT -. . i 

'•^jij/ t '^ic^ ipa i "aii iL-ki ' stpbiaianu ook<i-zas 
J,, J^^^JQB]abwn ■TtTMihiBCBBfoga-or ozin tnaaAMOM ^sam 

• -»t ■/iiff WoM *"Hin XDiofmoBAoaa— ^TroB ^niuu miiaKBs 
o)^^^g^jtap»Aix g-^ paE,. TOO.; ' TOrr,to TirBiiiT.Ti\^^ 

,./.\^','iru/a^^ar^la nfvrpT xEHDxmn, 
.':v>OnTiUa7 greatpnptntloiia ware made Uuovgb the daj for 
Il A»1nIl, Szed to ttie place on that evenlngi ' 411^ girla aetto 
mnk looking np .their flzlna and glm-anak^ ao aa to appear 
' juffkUUngiTand thej helped one anothar. for a wonder. The mtn 
' .'z vannot tatdlifarant altherto what waa going on, for they nim- 
•v'McedoTer their -tmnka to And "themflTe dollar aiilt8,">of the 
j('4rao]Uvm bnlld,wliloh th«r bad pnrahiaad when olothlnsina 
cheap, Aoaijila. Hlbamlan UaJea^. At. night' the moth-holea 

' Hosata COS," Enna Jane, pldk !em ioplaoes I Aia'a thogreattet 
.":ltttledlTlnU7l«Terlld«co fbr flndlng.fanltwlth. all who wear 
. y. jtwaohat— draw'era Inolodad. I neTsr oame araoaa a mm retahe 
.,<«a||d^aiad.thaiUDgrpUd70izaan.(atS7onraSdaTltbefOra Zt> 
o.ljBlifeafeanr.otharimtloa. of thaite a m- "r ''f W '. ^ -* 

ji i^intljltnwiw^waiMwiltllarw. Wflatdoygn thlnt I OnefalloW-- 

mtlemah preaeiit' l>Tijrtag Oe lnlarnUlial6B, wine Vtf haadM 
MoliA to t& ladM, the aenOnnatt taUag aemelhlsg attonser.. 
AO Uttds of^aaeea, BaglUi, Iilah, Booldb and Amerloan, were 
Intiodnoad, and ereirtfiliui oondnoted Ulie« tegnlar ball; in a 
atjUnot Ikr- behind theUghtOoard Ball; or that of Foortaeli: 

?^^kepl VP the {On vntU the<>weeamahoata,"or elie tt 
iroidAit be Uke a ball, yon know, and it only wanted Tajlor'a 
Saloon; or the'"Hanhanan," for the ganta to do the deoent thing 
by lliiIaiilng«ffwtthasrandaiiRper. Xowaidatbaolotlis oei^ 
nianlaa, the bora and gula grew more alfeottonata than OTer, and 
ttwaa piettrraDgh papereforthe ontalda batbarlanitowatbh 
how. loTtagly they hugged eaoh oUier. ln the walte,: Ito.yon 
h&ow I doai't think mlaoellaaeooa waltzing right,. It onght tw be 
■toopetti 'In the Argyle Booma, or Holbom Oaalno, ol Iiondon, 
they aoaiealy do anyttiing elaa bnt walti,- for what pnrpoae thoae 
/*wno hare been there" oan tell beat, but yon maBtnt olaaa me 
afflongat thent Thare'a two mnoh "bawdj" about mltdng. 
Jnlt-drapln atlome of the Fourth 'Ward ball rooms and. Judge 
for-yonnelrea. I would no more let a etrange man walla with 
my wife than lend hltu tan dolltra. Hind yon, I - don't mn 
down danolDg altogether. It's only the bawdy-house style they, 
have Utely Introduced that I bnok against, snoh aa you'U a«e np 
In ' Houston atreet,OT.dawn In the Broadway callan. Baywhat 
yon will, tt ain't the thing. I't* aeen aome of the fonleat, most 
Moherons snakes that erer orawled, waits with yonng, innooant 

grla at manj a respeotable .bill, snd thereby, pare the way for 
air heli-begotted, lustful aohemae. These kind of rotten sep< 
nlohres manage to attend nearly every ball, and no young girl la 
safb when they are aionnd. Letthea;whan known, be kloked 
oat ofetery Mll^omlntheolty. 


'^SntlwrnwiwdwaaMwiltllarw. Whatdo yonOlhk I OnefalloW— 
'.W/qmUv at-lhat— had the andadlty to ask the'Ioanof ohe of my 
uiaUnaf'.-It'safSdt Atflrst, Ifeliahy about letting him hare 

Sr beat white one, but proObrad him the use of a double-breast- 
i^^aUrt, used by'yourOabln Boy onoe npons'tlmewhenhe 
-i^tensdotitlnthaproceaalonwlth EamAneEose, during- Jerry 
ottBliiipaon'aforemanBhlp, Twenty'a maohlnewaa then uonored 
iiitatBspeeollar title of <.'lIntton H0Be" by their neighbors of 
-I^!DuiatT» Alley,'Flft7-81zes feltais. That's aome time ago, and. I 
•:Alea>fr:wlih to dls np old aoore8,l>eeanso„ at the present day, 
:" vTwanty can boeat of some of the finest yonng fenowS In tbe 
il' .Vghthaistilot. The- <'4nlll'^ badnyerSeenaahlirt Uke mine 
!;:iM»re,''beoanae'hei hadn't tnTelled, and 'all I oonld do,' he 
'/KWtaldn't be convinced that red ahlrts were, in the helgnt of 
.MAfhton at ballsln AmeilcL The npahot of the ibatter wai, he 
wonldn't wear. It, .and tokeep the frolLoreatnrt ftom breaking 
V:>IIIs<]lsait, and gtre him a chance to Join In the laiolvlons walla 
jKl OMth adnM Miky yonng damsel,. I lent him my best shirt 1 
oai'.IThara was one blooming lady of Frenob extraoUon, that knew 
eiii-alUfaegoM-Iooking and.wsll.diesged' yonng ftllowa on the ship, 
(I IsaTS yon to guess whotbor the writer was among them.) She 
< ^OmUi'm aaPailslana dd, aat tsi'was free and ea^and sooUbla 
ifbrlOSlIinhstpoiBltlon— good olothea and moustaohes— aattlnahalf 
of.ietlJthsia'nlgniarBtTtogether. consent todanoe. HSdemidtells 
played her polnta very adroitly by retOslng ijl nnUI "the «nsi)ld< 
:>r/^ina'.h(Ril:hBd'aWyed:'' - ToB'oin bet the barber earned his 
n\ .patudaa that day, for all the students wanted to appeilr sweetand 
".omUNiQ'fiiii, and I'm half ' Inallned to think Parfeyrons and the 
barber were In league togetbor,\ and ^abared^ over and above 
-•'iiiSlliito'rnaualVecelpts. . Ttils Vbnng gal from the Hue def olly- 
••i ^'Untt- Noaldn^t gat nror ino/^ ^aa the tong goea, with all her 
obarma and "Innendoaa." (Is that rights Oap? Blamed If / 
»vikne)r;4htf It'-nuans.') ' Ootaldn'tahs slngthongh? Uiss Allln- 
.%>'^aan>>(ftliom the insdemy of. Unalo,"'OoAldn't begin to gel -op 
v;:i':lMun« (he^,-wlthoiit the aid of aprettylong la^er. f tried 
IiU'ittontt^ iqnletbncc or twloe, and if yon e<ter heard a etttok niB 
yiutagneaVtUabeatlt. -Tslk-about Uaster Lewis— hebe debanidl 
J. - yeMairls pan Sing,' he can; aS Pater Plpea Is ready to oorrotersle 
luii^niSDeTBr'.callad npon.:' Ko; none'of themcamoupto "Id on 
^.'"'hzlay'."' ' If ahe Oaly knew the fun we made of her when etmm- 
v>i.:mB$, 'f!m^ grand- planner" and bawling out "Ueet me by 
r3'<ljMdollahtaIone,^.' WIIfahar:mautbalIahapes,lIkaa baked-tator 
. H'* flf I«nd6n, ora flah.merchant ot Hevr Tork, she wmld'haTe 
>U;'jUt^d4mn, If Uie dldnn say so right int in meeting. '>**n' : 
-'v>'';AOntf>irbrdheretoooncirt-toom singers. ' Before attempting to 
tiu^iA«Ban>atidienoe, get a looking-glass, place It before yon. and 

-.feofioghiof their pearly white teeth to make the worda intareat- 
^.ii Ing'-aand others opeti their proTonder^nps wide enough fir a' 
to rtiflhtaa four I to; travels through '(ptovldlng they were amaU 
>' 'il«iMs(^ofeani«o;. I Bid yon never notice it? 'IhaTahnnarMs 
' { -''' Mttm^aad oohld call their namoa, only I never go back oh'tha 
. a. ;rBltl(.V4iiar«'8 thb Blaok Bwan^ with a month Ilke-bnt I proni. 
J<-l'«Md:]lm't«BiHltl6n'anyaameSi''Allrlght— nobody hurt : . ' 
l>:!:i'. .mien'th»n«nch girl used to sing of an afternoon, us boys 
i;vJ.iwi]nIA>llftgp the aky>l]ght tO'let the muslo tmt fbr the benefl^of 
>t ilUKntsldara.1 It snlted the first cabin folks well ehoilgb, bet aa 
i'ii< tirttooUia^H-wtD.'I WOoldn'tUkt to give tMf tplnJon,^ TeU 
' v'.T'Tim whati'ynaiall'asald.and done, there's no gettLog oat (ft 11 
. .i'''V'*S'*J*P«*^*»l«P«'«^ The arlitooraoy may 

Jii/,.||6M'a'lili^'poaftloh In society— whaf of It r—tf leftto them. 

' (Eow' olMBlo I'm gel- 

.^'i- . attret, mwlhlng wonld soon gd to pot. 
.,iiKitltagiUia(j|)'- . I. . , ■ ■ 

I'i'M^^Hiig got through tlie day wlUiont anythbg -fsry spobUd, 
.noi^au ydnwonldh't care to ha-fa me repest the subataaoe of former 
i''x;sft'E''^'"*oomorlghtetraIght to the Snbjeot aterted with, 
'^^SS'iS'*'^ Baitem hop. ' Aoliordlug to -our ' ekpieotatlod,' it waa 
i^BaMtkflIatr, "nader the management of a oommlttee"-^ 

Mti(mathalaldmlrjitlcn sO(Jl<S(y— who b^d 'the a^lng'aa'io 
^shMUnrwho shbnldnt'ga.' Tbft' principal membeHl w«h 

d^lttnaed offlcsre, who ssamed to have nothlDft to dvill lha 
'oyer batmake love to Oth^r folks' wives or nlallves. °'A0 for 
PalbUi he's tnlte a ladles' inMni he dataied almoatias 
;Marde^ and if Trefior, Brooks^ or the late Ptoressor Bar- 
^^laa n.) wore'to.havo sten- him, they oonldn't help 
'lUtelr admiration'; For SooUblllty, and aa a 'aatorer. 
tent of the paasitigenii'tUe. Osplain has no anpft- 
4Ilel ocean aloainers;. '■ ' '. • ' -'. 
6^MikV the'btndwaa summoned into the saloon. 

■'t,ArV!i^^*!^f'^/^'*^^^J-'^^ WfiM'thim iJ'AtnSleii witoiST 
n/^ miet oonsplanous on 

^.?^S5^ .*y^*"J.'f j^dfeary. Parlo* SkAeS.a geAt 

t^S^-*^ -21^5'^^^ iMtcrMVpilntel ao is to rep^ 


a:. . W'"?'^"''i,'«« <'"M^g.'.OoL.<Jlilok,aiia 
i-_..--?.i'^^°M*''*5 *'"'^''»ypr^S«*d the.-emoklng 
MB^Md-drsw jtokor'.-'lti-OoTemor BaildaD, fnd^e 'Allon. 

a|^«^aoMrl(/dldn't j.artlalp|{e> 'elthu'. •iHi'too^wU 

y aicpeote&t tfaS'na&ph' 

; ' ' AttATBIlB, TSmATiUOAIiS IN <)AKP. 
.V , •■ OiMP o» IBB 139rH BEqT.,Ei. ybia,, 1- 
, tfaroh aist / 

. DSAB OuPFKB i— 'Tonr craft of Bbrch 14lh arrived aafe at thla 
port at a t. JS, yesterday. Its rich cargo of SportlSg and other 
news found ready purohaaeis. As usoal, all quiet on the Bap. 
On the 17th, at Patrick's day was celebrated by all the aona of 
Erin, and the ."Little Uac" Dramatlo' Association of the 1st 
Brigadei.made their first bow on that.nlght,' Thf performance 
comprla4)d reoltatlons, imltaUons, eonga, &o. The following are, 
the aoto^:— J.. H. Morgan, a waU-known amatenr of Blttabur(di.' 
'He Ua, a fine voice, good Agnre, and a great deal of talent; he 
.wonld not disgrace the boards. His dagger aoenelnUacbetb, was 

good. J, H. Wiaaman, In JaokOade, was excellent, .JT.J.Benta, 
I the Lay of the yijitmnTi, aiao good, allhongh hls/bnild Is 
inuch agunsthini,het>elng onlyflvefeet.thneaadaa round aa 
a bear banel.'. /. MoWilllams, aa Toddles, was good, and T. Fei- 
Una, as Hamlet, quite the revene. JohnEvanKaaUegUarrllles, 

gave ^fine lmltaUo'n of Hiss Onshman. O, Tommy's song of the 
ezton WM encored thre^ times. Hear He Norma, by Harry 
OlliTord, was.well received. Bo has a fine baritone, and wfll, no 
donbL ataome (utore day, pay a profesalonal visit to your dly. 
The invll Ohorus, bytbe Monitor OleeOIub, waa grand, the 
anvil and hammers having been atolenftomanelghborlngseoesh 
shop, .de tableau gotten npfbrthe occasion, called the Unlon, 
waa the enam of.the ahow. The red llshi, fbrnlshed by T. H. 
Uoyd. added to the effect. This, their flrtt performance, went 
oir wlu) ahUre satlafaotlon, and the dcMonto received nnbonnded 
applause and considerable <'bhlnk." Hiey'glve another perform, 
ance on . the SUth Inst, when, I hear, asprlghtly yonng F. F. T., 
who , has .fallen in love, with one of the actors, will niakg her 
debuL: AU the seats have been engaged fbr the ooeaslon, and a 
dealoffunisantielpated. The UOnUorCUee Olub Is flourishing, 
and eomprlsea the. following talent:— Lieut Snodgraaa, Bateo; 
I^t Bents, baritone; hb^or H. J. Hart, air; Doa Zk Brown, 
tanor;,Sargt Bradberry, alto; Doo.aioan, a aanret^ A.I>. Byan 
and J.,bap, ohoms. . " "" 

'Xours, &o.. 



' EsraBssiKewTork.— Thanks for "oarreoUona of oorreotlona.'' 
That^^whatwe need. The correction which was' nkenUoned at 
'Wood's; proved to be a "mare's nest" : 

A Onisaow OsAFFir, Hokendangna.— Bl^.Wdooine on.board 
the QuFFEB ogee more. One of the podUons appears thla w^ek, 
thcother Is reterv^d for examination. . ' . . ' 

A. M. FoLQEB, Nantacket UaSS^— Anderson's or Drmnmond's 
workls what yon need. Bohn'avrorkla not so valuable. The 
latter can be obtained of any.booksallar in this dly.. Ilatitlels 
"Bohn's Handbook of Oames." Price $l,afi, postage unpaid. 


In this week's OupiEB wlB be fbund an interesting artlde 
from our well known and valnable correspondent, "racpraas." 
Those who really love.the. game are striving to expose Itade* 
foots, and it is espeolaUy to this olaaa of' pilfers that we are all 
so gmtlylndebted. And here allow ns to atdnn a fawfkcis .well 
known by all well-informed draught players In thla oonntiy. In- 
clndlng thaCanadaa. We aaseit. without fear of oontn^UfU, 
that the Ouitkb has given all grades of plsyeia mote solid and 
naefDl Intarmatton.. uan all other .pab)loattona. combined 
t^rpoghont the world, for the paat^ght yearal Svarygiadaot 
capacity baa been addreaaed— «o player too bumble tq> t>e no* 

tlc4d,and none eo exalted aa to eacap« 1 1 It 'Jsiiii mil 

We. ahall oonHnne In the santf .iwnasu-lielUving U|at the 
Sninght wffl atUI -be ."deep.«BdBgli'.' Ipr the OuiTZB, Msd the 
(UannXor the OEspghb . ,. - - .... .'^ , 


■ .BINaiiB OOBBKB.. .. 

. Bladk. 

to IS 

9.:is aa 

2.. 8 U 
4^: 4 8 

i)..ia le IS 

7.. 8(0) .13 

8:. e?») la 

8...«' 14 


aato 18 
-as 18 


' 34' 


' ^17' 
■ '14 ■ 
' 18 





Bliok.. - ' 
8 to 10-' 


18.'; 7 

14.. 14 


M.V18 - 
18.. » 


as ■ 
■ V- 



'-White. ' 
as-tis 18 





34 : 

' 19- 

6 : 

™. .' ."Whllewlns, 
i'E''i*?''^^.C?"'*' ky 'oJm Dmmniond, antho* of the •■bcot 
ttahBranghtFlayer," : . ' .»"~ir 

■ BrnrnmcM gives this as a losing' more, 

how White If to wtn alter the Is to Wmove la made? Mr. V.irm 
find on^amamlnatlon, that 86 of his fllngle OotnerTarlitidna axe 

."good fbr nu." . 

. H. epayth, .oqmjfflOT 6t ,tlie ■"American 'ibraught Bayer." at- 
tempts to correct Dronundnd by the following iSe 'of playj— 
See Single doriaer, 77ih Variation. • 

1..11 to 16 
a..i6 aa 





7.. 8 
8.. 16 

«.. 0 
13..: 6 
14.. 1 




19 ' 





'■ 6' 

aato 18 


■. 94^-' 





• 37 . 
., jg . 




17- • 

IB' ■'■■ 

^1 ■ 


and says the ^ma Is/'liawiu" 

18.. 17 
10.. a 
90.; '6. 
31.. .'9 




38. . 7 

6 to 9 
9- 14 

•17 ' 
96 ' 

■ 9- 



'99 ■ 






. ■w 
'a aa- ■ 




• •■.6'- 
"■' ':8' 






. 6' 


' WUl the VOhamplon of . Bu^Uo''^bi•'kind;' ahouih \i» ■ UX 'na 
. Mew •Xork,^BIarah, 1868. . : . . . ] ; ■,•. 

-.;,sSdi,xmoir.bB':POBm'o».»i4',»^^ : 
• . White, -v ■ ■■■■■■■■ : :. i- MjaioMi ' ■■■■■■ 

; ;/■•• ■. ..•vl..l9.toilB.' .. MiHB- -' ■'.: 

' '■• ' •■3..180.: 18: ., -,' ..<.'iv^:.'.lt" 19 '.■.... ■ 

' . ." ■ S..J8' '-S4;: . .' ..•,/.^:-,-ao'■. -•».■.•.■ ■■• 

■■• . 4,.89.-98,andwlB»' •:/. * 

'..,^. White... • '..'.■;; 'Blaak.". 
•■ ' ,.'l..l8'to » -' ■••'-"•'-"•• ' 

. '.8.]l9 '10 

. ' 97. ina wtai;-. 



"^.isjsxr^-: '-: -^M-fliK"™**' 

"iBLAOE. .■ '■ .•..•;^'. ■ 

t&Kvn kad.'wiu. 


.•!•/< ^|..: ,-'Sv.i.,: 
' i\';Uii;:r ;;: ..! ••. ! : 

vtrnm jxum xouxTAih soar txo ioasmsoM, 

• .• 'BUA-O; H. *.•".■■''••■ ;'■■ .\' •■•■'•• .''inilt^-Aiioalftttpfc- 

• .■ ■9.. 10 . , ,17:'' .■::V;y: -.^r:'. ■ f . 



Measn. iD;aiicon and Heiiey, »e pbjtoioml^.j^^ 
tbe prlto aetu; have ipade ttur final report y"*,*' *• 
hopA iwn et» made, and proVe the last "to«Lt*^.T.«S^f 
be'reqnlred to have in tils. Taxations >Jiat«»^ Th"*'?.^? 
prizes to setts, remain as at last annopMement i*;.;-^ 
^laohutta. HoTOlny, and Rev. MoArthor. »»t^« "J 
the beat single problem has been awajded to No. Bof <«to^ 
In thy OrlsSns,'^ Dr. Conrad Bayer. This places him 'ncontesta- 
bly at the head of the worhl as a chess problem «jnip«;f - J™" 
best sett, and the best single problem I JSTp one rJ^'J'.'^.P™"? 
pre-emihence in problems— ae nnnasallably king in this brmob 
if Panl.MoipbyIn pUy. to Dr. NowS*"; 
sett one faulty position waa discovered, sUll it does not reduce 
his rank— » style of deolaion, by the way, that we don't appte. 
date, when setts are to be compared as unities. Isnt a perfect 
work of art, of new production, better than a broken or unfln- 
ishedonef We shall repeat this prize prsblem next week. ' 

- iiiLua OaumoKiHiF.— SIgnori Blsoart and Bohettl have 
contisatedihia honor In • match of nine games to win; Signer 
Dlscart-won by the decisive rateof.nlne to tour. Eaohhad 
scored. In 1868, one match . . .' . .. 

■ IflOnA Ho. 37*. 

' Contributed to Bell's Life In iKmdo'n. 


at hls-7, Q B aq.'Q B 7,: Q Kt 6, 0 B 3, Q 6. . K 8, . E 6, 
and Whlta Panna at E B a, and K B 4th. 

atQEtsiQsqiQBS. QBao, QEta,.QB6, QB6, 
and Black Pa-wns at E 8, E S, E.B 4, and E B 6th. 
• • ^fUta to'piay and give nule'initiy^na idDrea. 

.' ''...piioBi:i.B~H' 'no,/zj.%.- 

■ -"Mr FAVonms."--' ■■ ■ 
Bi oobin inkbu) EokaBAO .'. 
• . BLAOE. . 


Whlt9 to play ud compel Blaok tci give mate la aevan move*. ^ 

OA.BIK .'H.o.'''S7«. 
Beoently .ocntasted between our.'contribntor P. Blohardsbn 
andanAmiten^... " ,; . ,;'.",,„ 

' '. sxrBon'a'sxnvoB,^ ' ' 

Attack; -Baanoe, 


. Beltaica, 

PtoE4 . 

E Et:B8 . 

E Et X P. 

E EtxEt . 


6..BadPXP Q-E9-f. 



19..P-Q B' 


Blchardson. ' . Amateur'. 
14..QXSB wQtoEBg 
lS..QB--hla8. Q-hsrB8 ' 
18. .Q-hei Et 14 F-S B 8 
17..SEt-ES .F-0 8 
18..EB-B.7-f. E-hlsBsa 
19.,Et-hls6+. E-4-B(b&t) 
aO.lEtXB^T-f E-Etsq_ ' 
ai.;0-EB7+ EX^Et 
3a..Q y EtF 4- E-E 3 (best) 
98..EErEsq^ QB-kV'!- 
34..EEXB+ E-Qsq " 
36.;B.EB9.jr E-JjBa 
i8..E'B.E 7 + Et covers. 

and the Attaok mates baan^f)i)|y in six movaa. 


' VEW Ss}tXXa,--:iTVMBga JPIFTT, - 




Bornln PhUaddphla; made bis first scqnalnlancewith theat. 
f'^i Hf' ^1! Wahint Street mioatro,FhlIadelnhla. 

in lBBfl. When 0^ seventeen years of age. he made sndi rwld 
progress in his art that he acted Hamlet, meeting with great a^ 
planse. He was afterwards prompter of the same estabBshment 
for a long tfane,-nntll h» acofdentdly bioke one of his less. Laft 
ttioji»of8Mlon, snd stndled medicine In Philadelphia under Mr; 
UoOlelland, and obtained his diploma at the age of 31 vean 

Died at an ear^ age, of consumption. ' 


- Bom In Philadelphia; made his flrat appearance on the itaira 
in 1883, at the Watont Street Theatre, PlSffidSX m oK bS 
FlisUppeared In Sewlork at the OhithajnThSSt. 

In 1880, he Joined , Wm. B. EngUah's Dramatlo OInmlt Oom: 
pany^d tmvded through the emaU towns and dtiea of Maaaa. 
chusetts. Hew Hampshire, and Maine. . ■ ■ • 

.. Died in .Mew York, JTuIy, 18sa.. 

^•^"... ^SP"^ '"OUZI •VE8TBIB. 

Made his snt appearance on the American ataia Anunit ftnth 

Bo'SS'lS'^?*^^*^"''*"*** by his wife, Madame Maria 

oftttlalanUfe." TUs '.great ^fi,rUWdt«I"'p^J?5S;Sg. 
beneficial for these astlstes, for during their yihoiim J^SS?^ 

he dty. 

.niiy were desarvl^ of aU the supjbrt they recelvIS. 

the City Mnsenm, In iSigluh opera; appearing a* Suii 
'jBohamlan airh" On^e MTef Beii^ber 'M .ir?fiJ*'" 
■peared in M<w lork; at Burtcn'aMKS?toie"*hMt^^ 
■hcxemalned neadr the whole eeaaon. "^rr'i"^* meatre,vrhare 

1 ai?d weet;?^ ' ^ >l«ted noar^ aU^he 

i;(arfopneilB, » e-.v 
olU«s soilth and'weat. 
' Natdre cast this lady Ih a beantUU mould 




In April, lei!9, aailM for OalUbmla, and made bar rfiiru/'.t w..' 
lire's Opera Hbuso, Ban Th^taOsw.ailSm^^VMtcTl^ 
■"- wherp, we bellovo; she la at present. ."^""V" *«« Aus- 

; ■ ■ . UB8.VAMG8'BaEm ■ •'.' ■ '"' 
Haiden-flan*, MISs8eymotir;w>aadonMdbvUn.m„««>». _v. 
gavehor UI fteoirtwhl'of anairectlonil^^^ 
on. Bh<bron^th6rflptoth?!ta4»,snd&iSai^n^ 
oame a yeryjlaoful'memWr of the piofeefiS" £f°i8ar the ,« 

WtwD, atlhbBt OhaSSi ttiSi 


1!BS1" BkBTO. 

,: :,....JiaBBX. FIOHT "-■/■| 
• .".-.-im'WBMi -' '^A \ 
They lads, whafbVMma^tbnsiiast havebeen'm>»-vT*^'' 
" [aj 

White Hbtse, Omhaird street rt«m''Whfch%i2L?S5*>S 
backed), and both were wM within the welghtl^tf ^"il 

for *10.ft aide, at 7at 4 lb, met on Wedneadw mS!??^* 
it They went to-the aoale on-MonSyaM^vi'l* 
White Horse, Orphard street (from which h?i,,'S5*i 
backed), and both were wM within the welffhil°nu. ^"i 
down the beam at 7at 1 lb, and Ooddard atTat aih V 
backed from Jeaae Batton's, and trained at the n»u°'"ai 
tail t, Eensal Oreen, under the care of Tom OaU^ 0 
eight years of ago, and this was his thlrdH^^ ■"<i« 

ring— his first fight 
defeated, snd then.' 

ago, and this was his thlrdiB~S: 
Jght, bdng with Moxey. of OhelUSSl5*H 
hqn^^iller a^''?.*<>a fight of ne^^tJ^JJg^ 

aoitMusu, ouu uAuu, iwwr a iirvuuuHHi ngnc ofnearlt 
made a draw with Tommy Hophott Hofferan. whn - 

I. Tit 
Id hist 

laiay.anotna growisor aisoonlantwert loia^Sif 
It length the alcp^ wu ^ven whore to book to, ansitvu 

ty-two on the aiat of thopreagnt month, has XikT™'.'' 
ring twice before, boating Williams In one hour and^oSS 

• - - ,0—.. 


thatalong Journey bad '%een daoldedon 

Tonng Eoofe in ono hour 80 mln. ; for this ovent i» hl!^ 
self at Mr. J. Oarratt's, GartatHane, WandewortL^S?* 
was London Bridge atan early hour, and Beffcran ans vi 
were there at the appointed time, but Ooddatd dlA nn» 
appearance for a long time afterthe honrfliedTrnit. 
great delay, and the growls of discontent wer4 iond. 


. led on, The tjalu -UxJ?"! 

being express, the destination was soon reached ind'ikiV''^l 
polntment of all ma^ be Imagined when thay foimdULkTnr''^ 
In force, and eapeolally when the latter expressed -th^i^; 
mlnatlon to prevent ita coming off in that countv vTiT 
tive remained but to get "outof that" a8qm6tiTM ,!S.~B 
whldh waa done; but this cauaed anoha delay that uS?^! 
day ere a epot could be found whoroon to pitch IKii 
stakes. Thlsheln.^at last done, Ooddard wis the^i^'^l 
the rlng,(waltad upon by Jenmiy Eeofeand YouoiLni>.)^ ..aT"! 

ingforUaoolorsabluoandwhItr " I"'™"-'""-" 

fouowed, attended by Hnnt. of C 

had the old fashioned blue blrd'E 

another delayof nearly half an boor before anyoie"Mlu^ 

SeiBuaded to accept the ofilco of referee, which the pnoUUh 
leir (rienda have themselves to thank for, as tt Is ifirniik 
unpleasant office, even without the great abuse oAent^M^SI 
-vriln by those undertsklnA the onerous duty. At IraiUi uuS^I 
found to fill the chair. The men tossed fo'r the oholoeatt^SZlT 
whldi was won by Uefferan, and they at once began to 
attwentymlnutes.tooneo'dookstoodupfor "»««iBI| 


Botmn 1. On throwing themsdves into attitude nndi 
parity in height. appeand.Hefferan standing conaldeid^ 
nls opponent, havug Us left wall advanced, and his rliU^ 
lightly amoas the mark, ready for attack or defence. Be 
Immenae plaster round hla loins and back, reaoMni anltem kl 
his. arm-pits, and we think Ooddard'a frienda woddhtmA.. 

Srfeotlyjnstlfled in objecting to It Oodaard, aIthouihihori« 
an hla adversary, «tood very artistically, and looked Tovn? 
Ident In point of oondltlan, twth were as well sa their trinA 
oouldwlsh. Business waa.commenced by Ooddatil, who hidU 
face to the sun, 'working ronnd nnUI both got dote to Uunu 
in Bob's oomer. Herothey sparred for an opening, and Iktm 
In which they manauvred for a chance, feinted and bi^ » 
veryprettrandeidtlng, and would have done credit tonu 
who have been badied Ibr much heavlafatakcs. Kelthtriemi 
Indlned to lead oS; the foru of each evidently being oomMg. i 
Ooddard, at length oapylng, as he4hongbt an opening, m| 
left at ths Cuse, bnt Uefferan Jumped Dock langblng; Bw'Uia 
tried hla left but was out of distance; then came mora stanlii 
and weaving about Hefferan was again short with the ItlL b3 
In a second attempt be got home slightly on the oheit lUh th 
left and made his right on tbe ear, Ooddard connlerlni eg tit 
month and forehead. This brought them togetheTi when tml 
rapid exohaages took place imtil they dosed, wheBEatna, 
atleraseortstraggle, threwhisman— 7mln. 

a. On oomlng up, blood wee seen trickling ttom ths onto Up 
of Hefferan, which was Immediately dalmed for OoUui 
Hefferan lost bnt little time in getting to work, aadaealtaii 
aharp left-hander on the left eye, making Ooiitifi wlak lali'l 
he, however, onhesltatlngly returned on the month, ttaZjiil 
fresh flow of blood. This brought on a eharp exchinge at tim, f 
after which they broke away and some veiy pretty sptiiiiig lod 

Slace, during wblohthe men once or twice stepped bank and pal 
own their hands. Hefferan then dashed cut his laft, titll 
went over Ooddard's shoulder, for which kind InltatlonlbDmi 
countered him sharply on the mouth; more sparring, ibei 
Hefferan let go hla Idt on the left eye and recelvedontheaoiilh. 
Bob again tried his left, but Ooddard was away. Boh ones 
more tried hla left which this time got home with effect on tbi 
left eye. Ooddard at onoe got to close quarters, and ths l^ 
.flghtlng was very aplrited, nntUOoddarddutohed, when Hefferu 
threw him. Time, ISmin: 

& Both rather alow to the call of time, the heal betaignrT 
great and the sooonda having to use cold water fredy, BalMil 
was the first to begin, bnt vras short with his left Ooddard eona-l 
teeing him. on the month. Both were very cauUona, nelUier 
seemiog Inclined to lead oil; and after atcdlona boutdipit. 
ring, they pnt-down their handa and etood fora mlnnte kdhu 
at each other. On again getting to distance, Hefferan. teU, 
hla left wen on the cheat and Jnmped away fkom the ;ehin; 
•hetben tepeated thedoae,,but this time received' asmiskee 
the ribs In retnm. Ooddard stopped Bob's loft veryaaitlr, 
Hefferan then got slightly on the month with the left andreiy 
heavily on the Jaw with hla right knocking Ooddard back. Eel- 
eran again invested on the month with the left and sent a In- 
ipendoua hit with the right completely laying open Oodditd'i 
left eyebrow, and ddoglng him with blood. This seamed to 
knock, poor Tom aU abroad, for again and again did Beff^na 
dash In his left with tarrlflo force on tho noso and left Jaw,-Iom 
.returning but .allghtly on the left check and moulL .TUi 
brought them together, and during the dose, Hefferan was ei> 
tremely busy with both handa nntU they got to the ropes, «hai 
Hefferan for a second or two hold Ooddard in the hug, and .then 
threw him, falUig over him. Time, SOmln. 

From thla point Uefferan took a strong load, getting aU over I 
his 'opponent's fSace, head, and ear, and Ooddard'a Jaw ud I 
throaiwere much swollen, and bothoyes In mouming; vhlb 
Befferan,.with the exception of a slight swelling of the sunllii 
and his fkce a little flushed, was nnecathod. £i thaeleTenUi 
rouad, Hefferan delivered a straight hit fronrtbe abonUVi 
.which alighted on tho mark, and completdy doubled poorOod* 
dard np, and cries arose of "It's all ovor 1" but to the snriiilia 
of all aaaembled, he kept coming round after round, and never did 
any one etrive harder or moro gamdy to achieve victory. Ertn 
when the case was quite hopdess, he contlnned to "scnieh,' 
and Hefferan adminuteted some very heavy punishment, At 
the finlah of the twenty sixth round, (time, 1 tyur 39 mln) «ben 
the fig)it waa vlrtuaUy over, a policeman stepped wlUun the 
ropea, and snatched, for the time, tbe victory from Befftnsj 
Of course, a move, and a long- one, !)ad to . be made, vehlolei pi 
every deacripUon bolngpresed Into service, bntthe pertlsaclotf 
'.'bobbles", would not be shaken off, and the referee nined 
Thnrsday momlng,.elght o'dock, Fenchurcb street Both nsn 
andalarije number of their frlenda were there, but the hicken- 
of Oodjlard stated that hla Jaw-bone waa brohon,.and they wodd 
not .6nffer him toBght any more; therefore, Hefferan wis de- 
clared the winner -without further trouble. 

'l)ETBBlitINEb UXUi JOt THE vm r.A'WP blBIRIOI- 
On Monday, March 6, two young pnga of the hardwan villager 
T. Jamu (a«ai "OInger") and Tonng Booter, met at the Ore^ 
Lanes, Tardley, to setUethoIr daims to flstl4 superiority. Bou 
have flgqred In the roped arens, Oinger's princlpd eDgagemecls. 
havingljeen with that piece of adamant Mick the Oredtn. at 
whoae handa he snffered defeat after flghtlng 9 hours 80 mm., 
fifty-eight rounds In aU. He was subsequently matched with 
VoungTlemey, of Blrmhigham, but prior to hostlllUea, OInger 

SIS apprehended (rumor says purposely.) Of Booter, we MVS 
record a defeat by that dever UtUe boxor, FYank Wllaoa put 
OoUlnson'a House,) after somefaarfally punishing work on bolD 
s des. On arrivlngat the appointed spot which waa readied ny 
eight o'dook, little time waf ^at In peeling, and the hantams at 
once got to work. ' , 

Bound 1. Booter led 'with a slashing hit on the nose, and ifov 
fairly countered on tbe organ; when Sbme sharp eiohangoa loi; 
lowed, slightly In fikvor of OInger: a dose, and bolh down, bo<^ 
ter under,. • ^ . 

_ a. Very oantlons and dever sparring for flfloon minutes, when 
Booter got home heartly on tho mouth, and received on- ^J. 
nose. ' Some ding-dong, work followed, and eventually amger 
wenttograss. . . V ' ' , «. 

8. OInger, after weU measaring his ALnoe; let flyAfi"'™!? 
bandar atralght on the mouth, which IT onco drew blood, ano 
received a most .unfriendly' lap on the mouth for his puas. 
More punehlna work with a vengeance, and both down, 

A 3 to 1 freely offarcd on OInger, but with no reeponse. W»' 
ter now took the iniUaUvs, and got aU over Olnger'S fto W ' 
with great offect somewhat damaiilng tho appearance of hls fiw 
tiaplsoe; Olnoer, In tbe return, getting on the ribs, but not wl" 
effect and going to grass to BVoM. ■ _,,.„, 
■ S. Booter foUowed up his tactics by ssslh InvesUng haariiy » 
thelefteyeanTi Jaw, liowlso on tho ribs, one-two atylo,"*" 
ttejgot to hot work, and Ginger ogdn down tb avoid, wa* 

. ^6 tota. In endiof these ronnds, Hooter Isndedwllhgreateff^' 
all over tho ftontUploce, making hu right with great 
the body ; Ginger, by no means Idle, rclnmlng on the tbrojt an» 
cbtst and then to grass toavold. At. the ond of the tweuw 
round, a cry arose that tJo "shiay-tops" wore On the scent 
P*™ «nough Ihey arrived at the scene of action, and PM » 'Sf 
to further hostliftlM, tbns obliging tbe Oomb^tanU end their lo' 
lowers to adionm some dlslanoo ftirther, to the riolnity 
Hobb's-lane, In the nOit county ( Worcaetorahiro), whore too oj" 
were again quickly put Into milling ahnpc'tBd contlnned a caP'"S 
itronaenand admlnlatcrlng "ashotasnoH 

fight— Booter tho atron0eri;Bnd admlnlatcring 

"the OInger'.' havlna loalsomething of its heat in the thirue« 
ronnd, Booter dblalnednfine knock-down, by a strdghtngB^ 
hander 'plump ontho cranium; after whiob, Uie odds voeroo>» 
hU faVor at a to 1. OInger qulokly rdallatod by a Wb**",,,, 
noas ffWmthe effeots dfwhioh his right band pnffedfoar«uy/j 
Utaraily smashing that organ. A system of the mbat detom^ 
iDg now oommenood. Ginger, howhvcr, got S'*'}^^ 
i, nnttl fiftyelght rounds had been I'oi'ght (ooouW'Jj^ 


* ' *rar 8S ainl) wittanndlinjn 

igave way,.'afad.^" - . 


D.)'witB nndlmlnlahed pluok on coin amw. y-^ 
r.-afad'Olaget^a kMonaiC.aeelntrth4,stale<H[ t^ 

'..V Ui'.'-. .•i;'<l;iUC'I"5 '"I" J> J..''.- ^ 


.; the 0'*'«|JJ^,?S, iJndi b»»lii« i«P«io» lolenc* to m»»Vth»t 
"Olngw. on "•;f*"J5f?il: 53ubei«CTea.«ndih« (oompM»UT«) 
''»4«°'^Ifmi5S?bTh2So"youthftilrt7«W^ B«otor. 


WiiiiHO Hatch AOAimTiih.-^vreineiaBj.'l^tch 
"u^'^rrr /.« tim itnm\ Bona OiuidB. Bine. 

??**W^dlng-mMt« of the Eoynl Horse GuMdB, Blue. 
I Mr. Bfljwau. ta twelve honxs, In the ponnds »t 

for »^od Sit. • Tlxwo w in extra bet A»t ho.dld 
B^'°''!!S,SLh Uiellnkilimlleato ono hour. The event bp- 
,ol »5»o»PiJ?,,ti u, nnuenia' degree of Intereet . emong tfie 
'?^!S«Ho rimlrera ofpedeetrliuilBm, end during tteeTenUnl 
""^^JL w«s B very l«>ge atUndeuce of noblemen oad gen-- 
*'"^> JST noonda to witness tho arduous nndertaklng. ,At 
flemen m uiB ■ prellmlnailos Uovlng been most eoHs- 

iSllMlea, Uie signal was given by tbe rofereo for tie 
'"W.iMiBoiweUconunencad his Journey at a good paoe, 
?5l?5i£od the first six mUsa In W mln M aecs.-thna 
. 5* •f^Si. «nt event by 36 soca., bnl not quite so eaiy as an- 
■ Hf^brSSmA tit bom the Umo ho started up to the 
U^patod by " • tog, wbloh caused Mr. B. to blow 

''ISlftSS and wfflve lallM hai been pice4 over, he had the 

fSS^^rSmapllko manner. At the end of the 88th mOe h« 
f^fSnaher balirbnl very Ultle refWshmont, and again started 
JSr tat Sthougl he appwred freib and weU he went rather 
' SSkv upon bis understandings, through his fefet being much 
HLtoei He soon, however, warmed up, and shook the lamo- 
i^lff in rewt ieasure, iii eventuitly walked In a gdlant 
S?nn«rlnllhonrs, Smlnules, 44 seconds, thus winning . by 16 
Slee. lOsocoOds, and, with the exception of his foot being a 
UlUa blistered, he was not mnoh tho woiae for his long journey, 
which la a great task for any man without training, and more ea- 
to a gentleman like Mr. Boswell, not much accustomed 
toi^tdealof walking; ♦nd being 18at. Tib, In weight, .over 
Sx fSet In height, and nnwards of f&rty years of age, ft must be 
SSlveTpeat peSestrian feat. Indeed: Mr. 0, W««|haU 
i«ffuUtsd the time and paid him strict attention thioughont 
iSIt Smith waarefereeandVmekeeper. A greet deal of money 
eluDged owners. The following la the ooneot time;— 

f. 's;.... 

. c 

i ...... 

i.' ....... 








■ W 






. 0 
. 0 
. 1 
. 1 
. 1 
. 1 
. 1 

. a 
. a 
. a 
. s 
. 3 

. 3 

. 8 

. 4 

. 4 

. 4 

. 4 

. B 















. s 













. 18 

. 50 

























85 ' 






























41 . 



• • 


- 8 






















J B 






...... 0 





















' 41 


















. Emma TxsJIiu Baos Becwzbi ibb Axniaiir Iroun 
. ' into Toma' ^luum.— The i«n.mlle face between Teddy Hills 
', (Toung &igland) and Dearfoo^ for f5d a-slde, brought^ at usual, 
' alarge muster of the admirers of the "fleet of foot" to Hackney 
mok, on Monday, Maroh 9, when, daaplto the other attr»oUcna 
In the metropolis, no fewer than 1000 poAons were present The 

Katperformanoeaof thecompetllon ai^now well known, and, 
erefore, need no lepetltlou. Before the men rapeared, (ho 
betting was 3 19 1 and7 to 4 on the Indian, butwhenxeddyoame 
on to the groundr-looklng none the worse fipr hla trip to New- 
. oulle— and- wanted to. back himself for even money, the odds 
' veered round to a shade of odds on the "lltUe-*nn.'' Seeifbot 
looked wall, but In consequeoce of a break-out, Martin was not 
' sanguine, and we believe hedged a trifle of the stakes by backing 
the paleface. The time of staillna wu fluked for half-put four, 
and shortly after that time, Seetfoot ehowed on the gronhd, 
qnloklyfoUowed by Mills. Dlok Lewis, of OlerkanwaU, did the 
attentive -to the Indian, while fiam Barker, ^Auilnsgale, ai 
\ usual, was Teddy's mentor. The men had to traverse the groand 
-ilxty-seven tlmesandlSO yards. and.oonaoquently had. toptaa 
lboi«tuMalxfer«lghttlaeB. ' 'KUla'wonthatoaa for <he choice 
i .tt stations, and took tho Inalde, whloh caused an observation 
':. bom a bystander that Teddy was the wliuer of the first obalk, 
' ; and he would back him 6 to~4 for the raool Immedlatdy after 
the start, Mills, with his nsual bounding and gracenU aoUon, 
' went to the front, and led the way at a merry pace for the flret 
Ifille, whloh was accomplished In 4 mln. SOsec Tho same order 
eoatlnned iip to the ninth lapl when Seerfcot, with a fine dash, 
. . went In trout, and led the way by a conpio of yards at the oon- 
" efaislon of the second mllo, which was run In 0 mln. (2 sec. . ^ITo 
dhaogetook place during the third mile, which was completed 
In 15 mln. 7. sec The fourth mile was run lih 30 mln. 30 seo., 
- -with no variations in the poaltions.ot the men. In the fifth, 
, ])«erfoot broke away for a few yards more than once, but Teddy 
toon dashed after nlm, and resumed his close attendance on 

- Beerfoot's track, and they passed the lUlh mUe mark in 35 mln, 
SSteo. No change occurred during the sixth mile, which was 
aoccmpllshed inOl mln. 8 sec. The race from this point was of 
avary Interesting character, from theftetof Seerfoot receiving 
the "office" bom Oeorge Martin to improve the pfMC, « poulNe; 
and Improve the pace he did to auoh an extent thai he soon njide 
a gap or forty yards between himself and Teddy, who was by no 
. means put out, for when he found that Deerfoot stopped hla 
nub, UUlspullod himself togotber, and, making one of his 
tflendid spurts, was again soon doao behind Deerfoot and they 

- were in the old positions, Doerfoot letdlna by a oonple of yarde. 
When sevei;. mlleR had bem) completed In 88 mln. 35 seo. In 

. the eighth mile, -Deerfoot again took a decided lead, but only 
cnsufferance, as Teddy wont up to him with apparent ease, and 
tttey— nearly together— passed the eighth mile mark in 41 mho. 
' Msec. The ninth mile was completed in 47 mln. 10 sec., wlthcnt 
^.'VVvarlatlon In position. It was not until they had paased the 
nintee for the last lap that any change took place. The exdte- 
-mak on all sides was tremendous, those who had backed Deer- 
: ^t Bhontlng at the top of their voloea, while the Hills division 
.' Ju equally vociferous. As they entered Into the straight on the 
:Ut aide of the course, Hills pulled hlmaelf together, and In a 
Aw strides was level with the Indian, who gamdy tried to break 
' S?^> could only mBAage to "hold hla own" for a few yards. 
' Wteu haUway.up the hill, Teddy made the pace a "cracker,", and 
Beaifoct was to all Intents and purposes settled, for on theli en- 
^^, taring the straight run home, UlUa was leading by half a dozen 
Tuda, whloh was incieaaed, despito the now wau-luiown Deerfoot 
, JWh, Into nine good yards as they passed the winning-post in 
nms, 34 SCO. Both mon wore much distressed at the llnlah, 
' int aoon recovered and showed amongA their Mends. The fol- 
. lowliig is the time :— 


ffWe jn4.t])a.b«lC(>n ifiianh 32. 1883. Tlui Phampton'a gold onp 
was pat ■ glTtn 0^ ATigatt '33,' oh which Tceaslon it was won -by 
Scbora, and haa.been m htapossasalcn ever since, ..The weather 
onws 90oaaIoi)i.wsseveTy1hlDB that could be desired, sod, on 
arriving within the enclosure, 'upwards of 1,500 persons had as- 
sembled to iwltpess the contest, Hr. Holden, of Uanchester, 
was atakeholfer^d Bohln Clough, of Hcllinwood, mutually ae- 
leotodrefbree. The betting opened at evens, and soon rose to 7 
to 4'on Sohora before prooeedlngs oommanced. - At the.tlme ap- 
pointed, both men enCsred the enclosure, Schora being attended 
by Bobert vBoas (alUu "Captain"), of HT^terloo, and. J. Mewlon 
(Mtter known as "Teapot''), of Btaleybridge; whilst Meadow- 
croft had securea Vii services of John Matloy, of Ashton, and 
M.ffientley, of Bury, All being In readiness, the men disrobed 
andconunenced operations, , both Ijelng as lively as could , be i 
however. In teyan minutes, Ueadowcroft camo to grief. After 
reatlng minntes, dnrlng wUcb time a and 8 to 1 was freely, 
offered on Schora, tho men again began, and some spirited play 
was exhibited; In twenty.tbree minutes, McodowcroR threw 
Sohora very heavily; and rolled lilm over. This, of course, made 
the gdme level, and Sohora seemed very queer. 8 and 4 to 1 was 
offered on Headowcroft. After the usual rest, they again came 
to the mark, when the tug of war commenced. . Both looked the 
worse for wear, more especially Sohora. However, In seven 
minute* more, Sohora caught and threw Headowcroft, - aod 
the referee decided that Behora was the 'winner of the Cham- 

OEUunoHSBff OF EBX Thaices.— The flflh deposit, of (35 a side, 
was mode on Thursday, March 5, at Mr, Laldler's Mew Inn, Old 
Bailey, .when a very large number of the Mends of the Newcastle 
man showed. Eveison was represented by Messrs. 'Wall/ Heath, 
and Ofowe. with here 'and there a few staunch supportors,'who 
do hot wlaii to be too propalnent at the present stage of aflklrs. 
There was no betUng. Oh Vednesday, nowever, £65 to £40 'was 
laid on Ohambers, whloh was token by a olty bookmaker, who 
goes for the Eontlsh man. After the doposlt was' made, there 
was some discussion upon the management of tho steaihboats, 
which, however, after a few suggestions, was left In abeyanco, 
until after the race between Oxford and Cambridge. Both men 
are reported to bo well, and the friends of eaoh are confident. 
. By utter advlees from England, we learn that the bettlns In rather more than 0 to 4 on Ohambers, yet the backer* 
of the London man do not take the aliove odds, while they ac- 
cept 7 to 4 very kindly. A few days ' olnce, £65 to £40 Was betted 
upoil Chambers, a wdl-knowh hacker and friend to the London 
watermen supporting the aroonwicb man. Botl} men havegone 
into Btrlot' work— Everson at Mr. Parkhurst's, Bull's Head) 
Barnes, and Chambers at Harry Olasper's, Scotswood-road, Hew. 
oastle,. under the celebrated Harry. Chambers has had a new 
>>at built expressly, whloh Is said to give every aatisfsetion. 
'Her dimensions sre as Allows:— Length over all, 38 ft; extreme 
breadth, 9Kln; height of stem, SK&i; height of Stem, In; 
end a trifle over 30 lb In weight. It Is not decided In which boat 
person win row, but there are a couple now ready for his use. , 
EnoLWD's Two Onsal OaiosEiiHa Elevbns.— The oricket se^ 
/on in England promises to be immense, and the All England 
and United All England Elevens have a large number of first- 
das* eventa already on hand. Here they are, with date, eto. :— 
Aix-Eblaud Blevsh.— May 4, atFulneck, near Leeds, -v. Twenty- 
two of Fassey and District; Hay 11, at Sheffield, t. Eighteen of 
SheSleld. 'W. Sllnn'a benefit; May 14, at Olasgow, v. Twenty-two 
of Olydesdals OInb; May 18, at BIrkenahaw, near Leeds, v. Twen- 
ty-two Hayai, at Old Trtfford, Manchester. North v. South; 
Maz 35, at Lord's, v. United Eleven. Benefit of Cricketers' 
^nfid: Hay 38, at Bath, v. Twenty-two; June l,'.at Halifkx.T. 
Twanty-twa of the.Distrlot; J'une 4, Old Trafford, v. Sixteen of 
Manchester, wRh two bowlers; Jane 8, at Southampton, y. 
Twan^.twtt of Union Olab: June 16, at Dewsbnryi v. Twenty- 
ttfo; June 18,. at Brqnghton, r. Twenty of Club and Orcnnd; 
Jane 35, at Beddlteh, v. Twenty-two; July 3, at Morley, t. Twen- 
ty-two; July 16, at Eookwood Park, t. Twenty-two of Basing, 
stoke; Jaly97, at 'Valsoll, y. Twenty-two; JulySO, atLonsIght, 
T. Twenty; Aug. 8, at Boston Spa, v. Twenfy-two; Aug. 6, at 
Ashton-nnder-Lyne, v. Twenty-two; Aug. 17, at Lawton HaU, 
Cheshire, y. Twenty-two; Aug. ao, at Hanogate, y. Twenty-two; 
Aug. 34, at Boarborough, v..Twenty-two; Aug. 3T, at Liverpool, 
North' V. Sosthi 

UmzKD All Eboluiv I^jcvxr.— May 14, at Oomersal, near 
Leeds, V Twenty-two i Hoy 18, at Bouthsea,y Twenty-two of East 
Hants; Hay 35, at Lord's, All England Heven y United All Eng- 
land, for the Oricketers's Fond; Hay 28, at Oxford, y Twenfy 
Christ Ohuioh College; June 1, at Ealing,' y Twenty, with two 
bowlers; June 8, at tieaforth, near UveipooU y Twenty Qf the 
Northern Club, with two bowlers; Aug. 6, at Bontbgato,y John 
Walker, Eaq.'s; Sixteen ; Ang. 10, at Otisy, Yorkshire, v Twen^- 
twb; Aug, 13, at Southampton, y Twenty-two ot the.Uhlon Olnb; 
Aug. 34, at Hastings, y Twenty-two; Aug. 31, at Newport, lole of 
Wight, y Tvrenty-two of the loland: Sept. 7, at Oodolming, v (the 
number not fixed). Some other fixtures will doubtless be nude 
for the Utter part of the season. 

BnuiBD UiTOH.— On Uosday evening, H^oh a, a ihatch waa 
played at the Eyre Arms, St. John's Wood, between Mr.W. 
Dalton, the late winner of the cup, and Mr, O. Hall, 1,000 up, 
for £25 a aide, Dnfton giving 380 points. The game commenced 
at half-past seven, the betting beliig6to4on Dnfton, (^th no 
takers) who increased hla fcore rapidly at starting, but. evento- 
ally Uhe balla broke in thvor of Ur. Hall, who, playing lenurk- 
abiywdl odl With Inoreaaedoonfldsnce, ran. his score. np to 
706 to Dnfton^ 606, where there was an interval of tan ' minnte*. 
Oo lesnmlng ploy, Diiflan's boll and the red ware In baulk, and 
HaU not scoring, Dnfton lot loose all his sUU, and played In the 
same form as when he won the cup. and was loudly applauded 
for several spurte of 35 and 30 off the balls, until his score 
reached 887 to Ball's 003. Then come tho break of the evening, 
Dnfton scoring ^ off the balls— principally losing haaards— 
having holed himself 17 times In sueceaslcn off the red balL 
Mr. Hall's chance now aeemed gone, but he still struggled on, 
and when his score atood 034, Duften'a reached 1003, amidst 
loud oheers and flattering compllmente for the cool and steady 
manner In which he played the Jast (00 against suAh long odds. 

All ERauBD Pioion SEObma Haimttup.— Mr. Ololee's han> 
dicsp come off at Aston -Cross, near BirfUlngham, on Tuesday, 
March 8, when upwards of 800 persona were on the gronnds. 
The fine prlxe-was £6 10s; Second prize, £3; and third prize, 
£3 10s. Twenty-four members accepted to shoot'attwo olrds 
each. The first prize waa won by O. Luckman, who brought 
down five birds In succession. The second prize was won by Ur. 
Terry, who killed eight out of nhie birds: and the third by Ur. 
Nevltt, 'Who killed seven oat ot nine. Betting on the guns, a and 
Stol. '..,'. 

Obiokxtbbs Dioided Am-UaiaHnsiiiiB.— W. Beldham (the 
fAmcus Surrey Cricketer,) had 39 (1) children; John Sherman 
(the old Sarrey Cricketer,) had 91 oUldren; Thee, Ohas, Howard 
(the Hampahire Cricketer,) . had IB children; Cleorge Brown 
(the great Susssx Orloketer,) had 17 children. 

Thbowimo thb Onom Bill.— A matoh of this description 
has been made by Uessro. Taylor and Stephenson;' the fknheat 
throw in three trials each, to win. 

New asD BbsKsivs SioBiraa-OBbinn)* were to be opened at 
Bow, Lofidon, Eng., on Uarch 10, oalled ■'The Prince pf Wale* 
Olympla Bunnlag-grcands,". In honor of the Prince, ovet wnoee 
weddug with thf PrlhceBsof Denmiuk, all Ensland'ha*,widl 
nigh gone mad. 

•1 . 





.. 50 

.. la 

.. 7 
.. 30 
.. 85 


. 0 
7 ... 


. 81 . 
. 36 , 
.41 . 

. 47 ; 

.. 53 . 


.. 8 
.. 35 
.. 34 

■'".'. ,' ; IVRBBTLniG. ' 

OsjiiinoMSHip'WBisTLiiiaUiiap,— On Saturday, March 7; the 
nods leading t#:t^e gronnds at ludenshaw were lined with y» 
, .hlolesof every descnptton< while hundreds were "tmdglng it 
' iSfUy" to the spene of action on "Shanks' pony," the oauae of 
I . via stir belng.a wrestling matchfor the, Ohamplcnahlp, Even 
pmon who cays any attehtloh to-wrestllng will be Omlllar Mth 
Ue names of William Sohora, ot Aahton, and John Headowcroft. 
..''Of Bodcllffe. They.met^n tUs oocaslon to wrestle the best of 
. .vttsabaek-fkUs.Lanauhlre tiBshion,.oatoha8catoh oan,fbr£3I 
> .*ad^ the winner to reoelve the beautiful gold challenae cup, 
TWeaixty guineas. In the poteesslon of Sohora. John HesAow-. 
^uat saw the light on April 98, 1638, at Badcllff^ Lanoa- 
I fiUe.. la a we]l<knlt,powerM young man. Ho oommepced. 
' *>*o*feer by defeating Hook, of Bury, for £15 a side. He was 
S*« defeated by BoblnOlough, of HoUlnwood, for £a0asldo,at 
':'5<'<}openhwen Qrounds. He was next snoceastDl against 
'■^otBlctle.for£2Caslde. Won^s Ohamplon'a belt, at 6 
?°'«6lb.,at the Copenhagen arouifts. Was defeat«d by the 
, Spin Lad, for tho helt and £25 a aide. Defeated Sohora. for 
,S^*a'^o *hathe.belt, at the Copenhagen Orounds, Defeated 
•obln Olougb, of HcUIowood, for £50 a side. Was beaten' by 
.' SSS'i ot Hurst, for the belt and £35 a side. Defeated Acton, for 
'S°o,Mlde, at the City Orounds, Uanohester, - Defeated Bentley, 
nuidham, for £30 a aldo, at the Coponhagon .Grounds, giving 
■«> two pounds in wehiht. , William Sohora Is a native of Ash- 
""i and was 34 years of age on the 14th of lost November, He dcfeaung Lanr DouA. of Uossloy. for .£8 aside, at 
, J^'Valght. Debated Allen Beaumont, ot StalsybrMg^, fbr 
.^■Vl'^^'OhPeb. 13, 18II8, at Victoria arounds, Ashton. .!>»- 
"w«d John HaUey, of Ashton, In AugnsL 1619, for £60 a side, a( 
\ l^^}?^' >t tbe Snipe Inn. Again defoatad J. UaUey, for £80 
I AmI*' following Obrlatmos, at Victoria aronnds. Defeated 
.,' ,'JSPby'Oomey, of Ohaddertos, for £25 a side— Sohora, 5.*cdi« 
.' fi^J ^'omoy, e aoore 121b— at the Copenhagen Orounds, in Sep- 
J™Jor, iprew with E. DuoUey, at Oldham, oatohrwolght. fbr £6 
;tS:^.y'* defeated by J. Newton, of Charleetown, on Christ' 
i'SSySJOifOrmaslde. At the Snipe Inn,.ate soore 101b, fle^ 
; sSn ffloi'i'.Olongbi fpr £50 a side, at 5 score. ITlb, oa-.H4y 38, 
the Oopenhogon Qrovnds^ defWkted, Jumbo . Lad, for 

- „ U", 

Wtii.ZX'"' Uie belt, at 0 bcoto 01b, on Juno 8, laoi. At thb oouea "atuUttJ' Utd'oiunc to do tmt oareiuii avoii 

.J'??**^«>»<»Kmi»is);wa8..aef«»t.4 l>y ue*aowq«h,-tor!«iBa ■ ■ ■-■'r:;!^... .. 


EonoBOuniB: A desM to Join the ranks of Thespl* b' a 
very common one among cur JnvenUe friends, a^id many aria 
tho "lint sppearanoea" you ore called upon to record. In the 
majority of coses, a brier InittatioB into .the mysteries of the 
stage, by means of amttenr perfcrmanoes, Is Uibnght to be tho 
best plan; in others, the Tyio, male or fbmale, owns to no Inter* 
yalbetwe6n the rotirementof home and the pablicltyotthe 
theatntr-maWis a dash, comes out, and etCher succeeds or iUls, 
"Itls manUltBt to us, and wo think it will be to the general 
reada]f,thiatthe former plan is the best Even on the amatoi)r 
boudt, ' young persons acquire a knowledge ot what Is called 
"atago business;'! loam how to stand,. moVe, how to "make 
up," how to modulate the volcolond many other thlhgs. All 
this is a greatadvantagd, and another advantage is, that, .In a 

Rrtvate theatre, the novice Is more free to acquire those neoeaaaiy 
«ms of professional kncnledge, because he or she is hotex- 
peoted to DO versed in anything of the kind at first or fbr a long 
tllne after: whoreaj, in the Instance ofa puDlicthealxo, the aetw 
.or actress mutt be versed in these proprieties, or cut a very 
rldlouloaa figure— that ls,ekeeptln those extrjiordlnaiy oases 
where thero Is Intuitive genius and is natural altitude for the 
•Uects sought. 

. Under the most favorable circumstances, however, tbe young 
aspirant for tho thealrtolaurel,, will have tostady and labor hard, 
ore he ooi) bo an actor In the true slgnlfioatlbi^ of the title. ' It 
is not onaugh that be should get through hU slotted part— not 
enough, even, that ho should Invoke the plaudits ot hla audience, 
Uany men da this who ore not really actors, and never will be. 
Thelegltlmate performer, on the contrary; must first carofoUy 
examine what.nls part in the play ii and'Aoio, as It lathe 
province of acting, to "hold tho minor up to Nature." This part 
ought to be Interpreted to the people Ih firont. 

when ho has attained, the proper dogroo ot knowledge, by 
masterlng'the words he has to speak^t will bo esseptlal for him 
to perfect hlmsoK in emphasis, we need scarcely hint our 
meaning to the reader. . By emphasis, we slgniry the partlonlar 
stress Udd upon certain words. In the tragic muao, more than 
in the comic, tho science of this emphasis must bo sCadied,.for 
thero, the plot, aoUoD, and dialogue being more ocmplloated than 
in the cppcalte style of ropiesentaUon, the slurring oVfir ot one 
word even very froquonay mors the meaning ot a Vhole passage. 

All this bokg understood, itwDl be well for the young actor, 
or aotross, to study dally at home. Many of our young frteada 
have run away with the notion, that nothlog is required to keep 
them "up" In the correct knowledse of their business beyond 
their duly lohearsols. .XhlalsatAllaoy. Actlog.hke everything 
else In' the shape ot a trade, minst be studied thoroughly. 

alBieie 1* one evU whloh tfo would gualrd all young profeMlonals 
:ainat. It Is going on the Stage at night, impertoot in the text, 
Its Is • transgression properly flnesble In 411 theatres of respoct- 
abUl^, tti^aUofoId^vllWtfO. *»ttt«n4«^ tl3li?l?"f!P»J!«? 
and blonderlnA on.ihe'tart it «om4 players; and to tb6 bnbktl- 
tutlon M/Uiproper 1(0^ bn. that of others. The 
foUed ''g4it^g;r'|«d'6iijht toM Ttiy o^eM 

■ ^^ -"^ ntnp, . 

Ponuro.— John kemble uid Lewis, happeningfo be af&nblin 
at the same time, wereli&th'engagM'by thenaanagirforanight'tf. 
perfonuanoe'inXcon^ndthe.dofgMrCipeafo. .Their, announce- 
ment wa8 ootapled with the follcmng delectable passages-VXt^y 
nevoid ptfitormed tigether'ln the' piece, and In 'allltMum 
;»v6aMi<4/they.neverwlll again; tUs evening Is the lumthtt 6f 
the manaoer's ehimera^ Hobiasconllantly gone higher ahdhlgher 
ih hla endeavors to delight the public; .beyond this It is not In 
notontogol" . .\ ;" '. ' „ 

Answib 10 A OHiLLDroK,— Through some mistake, a gentle- 
man ih the south of Ireland led off 'the dance at a eount& ball,' 
cut of his tnm. The peiscn appointed to the post of henor 
ehsllenied the Intrdder, and received tiie foUowhic foiM :-4lf « 
I eannel'andentahd why; because ! opened the ball at night, i a 
ball should open me jhx.the morning, , .^ours, &c" ' ; \ 

EquAtxoK.— ISro boy^, one ot theM bllnd'6^ dis- 
coursing oh the merits of their respective maUera. "How many 
hours 'do'y^n get for 'sleep f' "Eight;"', replied the other. 
■Eight! wfiylonlygetefourl" "Ahfeald the 'first, "but- re- 
collect yoO'haye only got qnt eje io dose, and 1 ha'ire twp.!' . . ; 

Pibsud Fekalbs.— 'Among tho idbdea of 'attraction enjoined 
on Persian females Is thls-^'uct their brlmson-tlhtod toes be ex- 
posed, in ordeif. that the young men may .see ahd admire them 
with wounded. heArts." , . . .' ,i '.'. ' i ' 

Ah Old DisEASB..F-"li(y dear," 'said a lady to alltUe girl, "what 
Is the matter with yourmother?" VBhe's got tho retdiinu fever, 
ma'ami" A somewha^cbnunon'dlsorder. 


0 T. i 0 B — .N 0 T 1,0 B . 

Organized for the purpose of fhmlsblng to parties living out 
of the Olty fkoiltleia for;pnrch«siDggocds whlch.Uiey cannotpro- 
oure at home, are now prepared to fill orders for any description 
of Meichandiae, Books, Cards, Frlnte, Boilng Qloves, .FoUa, 
Watobes and Jewelry, &e., &c.,'at the lowest market price. 

Orders by mall fktthfolly attended to, and Circulars, famished 
on application. - -E. D. LONO. Uanager. 

Late of theflim otE. Long Is Bro.. and E. D. Long & Co. . 
Address all orders for anything yon may want, to 

ErDTlONO. 133X Fulton St, N. T; 
N.B. No charge tor information.., . , . . .50-41^ . 

"rpo WHOM. IT 'MAT . OONOBBN. "-Haying edld 
X . ovt m'y .••Purohoidng Agenoy Bnshieas," all letters th^e- 

fore addrMssd to' me (ocntainihg money), attar,the first of Hay, 
wUl be retomed.' Thankful for post fitv6rs,'whioh' have been 
duly appredaied, IreinaliQ,-' Bespectfully yours, ' 

. J. p. UiSTIN, Agent, 
' BawIey,'P8., Box 13, 

"N.B."— I hove for sale a few of the following arUales:— 
"Japanese Pipe and Begor Holder, 50 ots. ;" "Sted Black Ink 
Powder, pet package, 28 cte. ;" "Prussian Bine Ink Powder, per 
package. 25 cb.t" "Pimple Eradlcator, Sfota.;" "Ocm-killer, 25 
cte.;" "Parisian Perfnmed Satchel, or Scent Bag, 20 cte.;" 
"Pat Uloroscone. 28 oto.;" "CoUyria. 81 cIs.;" "Magic Cigar 
Cases, 18 ots.,'* ^same as advertised for $1,) enly a few left; 

Uaglo Pocket Book, 18 cte. ;" "Antidote for Tobacco, 86 cts.;" 

100 to Hoke Money, 36 cts.;" "A laughable Beoret,16 
cts.;" "Tenetlan Barometer, or Chinese Weather Indicator, 86 
cts.;" "Usion Thermometer, 30 cte.," (beautUhl), Bendarmexed 
prices, on or before the let of Hay, 1863, to ' UlBTIN, Agi, ' 

61-3t* ' Box 13,'Hawley, Fa. 

AUEBIOAN SELyiP-SHOOTER.— Work on praotical 
gnimery. My first edition being nearly eihanated. I am 
now prepared to fnrdlah copies at only Twen^-five cento eaoh, 
byinall, tree of postage. Idothls, that Ite importance maybe 
realized by every person; whether a Sportsman or Soldier, that 
each may have a copy. No work ever issued imparts so much 
Infoimatlonofyalae, for the price. Addreaa < 

.DANIEL' WOOD, Publisher, 
«• ■ Boohester,N.T. 

TEB OHEAFBSTAND BEST— Price only 25 Centa— 
PHSIiAN & BEBGPB.-^Thls work contains over 100 pages of 
Ulustratloiu and dciforiptlve matter, presenting all the features 
to make the attentive smdent a perfect, master in the nOble game. 
It also ecntalns the riilsa of all the gaimes played with billiard 
bolls. BloUed free on receipt of price. The trade supplied by 
8. TonsKT, Ul Nassau street. Address 

614t' . .. > ' 67 Orosby street, K.T. . 

Sent by mail for 50 oente.' Address ' '■' 

51-4t . Box 3085 P.O.. New Tork Olty. 

SOLDEEBS, AlTENTIOHl— Pain, ' disease and cinor 
sure, 'With a hot ellmatc'mnddr water <and bad disVwUl ha 
unavoidable, but armed with HOLLOWAI'B . PUBIFZPf fl £ 
BTBENOTBENINa PILU yon oan endue aUthese and still re- 
tain good health. Only as cents per Box. .320' 

BOOKS, FBIMTS; CAltDS, .&O.^Sead for my olicn- 
Ur. Noflraudpracttoed. 


93 Snahe street, New Tork.' 

' Colored, 80 cts; Address ' EUOENE 'ALEXANDEB,' 
It* "i-.Eoxbury, 



34 x 80-tor|5 00;8fbl(f2 78) Sfcrtl 87. BhigleeopleSi'SObenti. 
Sent postage paid. 

• ^ .'am'BlIlPOBTEIt'S ljBEAH,'' - . : 

A large colored engraving. A'rloh tUngJ - Bent, postage field, 
on receipt of 60 oentsJ Address ' OHAS. H. DAT, 
47-8m " New Hi^ven, Conn, 

LNT.— Biednotlon in Prloe. Qoi Famoiu BIjoo 
y\. XknoyFaokage, with "additional attractions," containing 
Btetohes,' Sonss, Jokes, Toasts. FIVE -BOOK CIBOUIiABS and a 
OOLOBED ENOBAVIMO. sent to any address on receipt «f U 
Cents. ' -MO HUUBUO. ' EDQAU, UOBPHT & 00>, ; 

' 81 'Nassau Street^ New York. 

JT; '. .>,. i ..And an artloles used in 
. Uanqf^tured and. Sold by' 
•• •,- M,rNBL80N; 
*3-U ■ • . .43l'BW»dway.N6wTork. 

I have on hand and for sale,a very fine lot ot Stog* and Pnllete 
(bred fironi my Imported Qame Fdwls) thai were' hatched in 
March. The Stags are all dubbed and in good hear^ and as the 
Pallets are about commencing to lay. It woilld be desirable for 
phrcbasers to make early application. Bone of the Stags would 
make a most capital cross wherie stco Is deali«d.' 

,494t . ' 807 Callowhilletrbet, Philadelphia. 

iM AHB FOWL.-^The ondenlgned Offers for sale hfg 
\jr entile stock of OAMB FOWUi; comprising selections bom 
the best stock In . Amerioa, . and carefully hred by hlmaelt All 
Fowls add by me,J warrant Dead Oama. Bafoiento given if re< 
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S7-8m« lQ09Porttend*lreet,FhiLideIphllu 

AVE FOWL.— I havo on band a.obolce lot of Game 
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Uawley's breed of Nottingham. They are consldored the best 
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4am* EDWABD NEWBOLD. Springfield. Uias., Bos 158. 

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Also, Bggsofhls Imported Fowls for sale . . 49-18t* 

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^ Four Fancy Articles | . price 25 oent*. - Als& Bubber' Goods 
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W O R D B' N H O U S B , 
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Urtth or Without board. OBO. P, WqCDST, Proprietor. ' 40^ 

TA1IE9 (KIODWtNj, OojBBiiuion Paper Dealer 
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News and Printing Paper itnTifsotured to' ordar at the 
ahocteit aotlc*. . 8t-tt 



OW TO WIN AT 0ABDS.r-4Staa jbiu add^ and 
two red stamps to HOWAItO H. OBAVS8,.NewllorkOiti 

f<a»Onoe,and .hewlll ifiiSorpi yoi 
rttnania ' ^^■,,"",,,47. 


. ;~-r7'.--JtttIA-'WM •■. -.r^Si—.-.-r- 

. U' i v.;'';' !** WMInwjWD. ,~ , .' -v" 
In ooMffli* TWf^twt otstone milght move- 
' BntsMsonedwithiheiligUatdaaboffiatterr— 
V . Hars,8abr^ia*h6ioldJullai3lu,""e. 

. . Orleada'fbrlorBbbpe'hislcvetoprovel '- • 

■Wl^t If her eUn.tpLljdarkT hair rod? no mattii, lie - 
. - Vas quite regardless of such MHn; things: ' - - ' 
. Bl* Julia was an angel, minua wlfiga I , 

, "Leys mles the'oamp," koi, iind cur soldiers seem to 'be'OMV 
head and ears In love ; but he appear* to be unaware ot the fhot fliafc 
Ocurand'a JPALIAN MEDIO,AT^ SOAP will infolllbtt remcva 
from the sUn every vestige of t^n, fteckles, stllowness; rednssi. 
roughness, pimples, or other , cutaneous empUone I EqualWlR' 
norant he seems to have been ot the value of Qonra^^sPO'C- 
DBES SUBTILE8, in ezlIi3>aUnK anperfluous hair, .Tie strange, 
also, that it never ocourred to huh that Julia's hair mlsht hM» 
been colored a magnllcent black by Pcnraud's BAIB vtS] The 
value ot Gouraud's LIQUID KOUOB, for giving permanent iosl>. 
nesa to pale ohoelu, he seemed to be .Aworoof, for he used it 

. DB. FEUZ OOURAUD'S prcpsratlona oon be had at hhi new 
and splendid esteblishmeqt, 483 Broadway, three door* bdow 
Orand street, removed from hla old depot, 67 VfalkeT street, eetalx 
lished a quarter ot a coniury. Also of Hays. Biobfclyn : BalesL 
laOiWoahlngton street, Boston; Oallender,PhlIa4elldiIat Madame 
Dubcte, Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D. 0.rand SethS. 
Banco, BalHmore; and. others who choose to send cash ordend 
Forwarded by Express, and circulars sent free. - , ^ ^ ' 

P H B L ▲ N ' 8 IMPS 0 T ;i U 

iirt ■■>" 


PTCMeted by Letters Patent dated Feb. 19, 18881 Oei M. liiL 

. rSSilK^"- »• 

1& noent improvemento in these TaUes thai uHia 
passed In the.'world. They are now offered to ael*atil« BttUsiC 

■ny Billiard table, ilio, . 1 

PHELAN'S NEW BOOK— "The Game of BnUardf," 
4th edltton, enlarged; revised, maatrated with addltisaal''Sai 
grams and a portrait en steel of the anther. Price, one dolkh 
SWganUjbound. .«U bym^^. ggjj^^g^ot 

^'1 ^ . . te,8«,67,and690iosbyi*— 


R B A ,T B 0 0 E 311 

iriw BO OS 81 -kBW bookbii 


' 8BEIT IBSK-MtfEAaa SiJD-Otr ASEUOiSiqpii 

When oitai an pNopilir.fnd bUhtbUr imnM, .'. . 

Aaenm, SHdUfl/OBitaDi; . K^Mtijaaian 

■ . Jan • - 



at 81 Nassau street, . 
. NewYork... . . \ 
Are now prepared, with increased itollltiea. to , supply BocUh 
Cards, Pruta, Photographs of Stateameur Llierary men, Aotoifl 
and Aotressas, Vocalists, Army and Navy OScers. -and Pugilist*, 

_ Hoyls's dames,.. Boilnfl 

Book*,. Novels, etc.. 


■ - ': inn ► .. ■ ,• 

.Bend for Ootelpgues. . 

, ., Send for Catalogue*. ., . ;i. 
' - ' Bend tba Catalogue*. . 
yonr money l«lter*.at out risk, ..i.i.'j^v.-- 
■.v;, v.;,;:;-".v;s;';.;.-:*'r';;-.:.^BPflA&,HpMB*i|*«» , .. 

vrow BmiiNo up wards of 100.plDQPniB aB 

1 W Vf KVM: ' "."...' ...1. .'".',*■' . 

E B P E 6 b U: O^'lY E 0 R O A N^S , 

. .i'- ' ■«»:■ '•■'.■'!•:■. 
.'. BUSSELL T, TBAIX,, ILS; ' '. ' 

: • ,' ■ -THE ' . 

11 Z V A !• 0 B a A X I S H. 

■;:',';. ', . '. .• JAHES a' JA0KS6if,lt D. "*' 

'^e ttitatlse* Ih ihls yolume are upon subject* .ot the frtmoil 
liaportAhoelhaphysIcIogloalpolinoI'vlew. Thesb'snhjMts *N 
handled' In th able manner. The authors are n^e^loof nan of 

Uealtb^iuoSilan^bodUyftmctlons; whUotoniffarlngtal^anltfi 
it offers Indldous advice, which may savt; mioty j|nm'opn»Ue»< 
ting their snfferings by resorting to quack do<;tei* nltaplrioal 
treatment."— Boston JouraiaL 

"Sh ould b e read by all old enough to nndUstond'li"— 'WoUl 
Cure Journal. 

Wodd's <Msis, Boston. - 1 . , 

••An honest effort to diffuse usefal Information. UostMpilat 
works oh this subject are the reverse bt this, and aito tuie tdr 
yerttsemento of quacks."— Plyuioath Book. '. .. ':"' 
••A valoabls lAdltlon to medical. llterature,''V'9<)*ton IH* 

nag.' '■• 

' "A valuable book tor the afiUoted, and for all whowot|U'ilietb«> 
It* oonnsels are ot great importance to alL"— Bottos.OoUgrega* 
tlonalist. ' ' * ' ' , 

•KJontaln* prootlefl tnfOrniaiion,wt shouU be known and *e(t 
ed upon by parente and children, .ihs married odd ^Ihgle; The 
chapter* devoted to children and their mansgiament oilght to be 
read-by every mother."— Nnnda, (N.'T;) Mews, 

"Thatthls la a suggestive volume must be admitted, we thUl^ 
by either a profeeatonol or non-professlonsl reader. Engaged^ oi 
we are; in advocating a general rolbrm of onr social habits and' . 
oppornmlties for physical Improvement, we hail With delight any 
en^eattve Influences that may he brought to bearnlMn. oratti '- 
yoritellhs'of aoUcn, come from what quarter it may. 'We thei»>' . 
fore take jgreat pleasure In recommending the above yclame to a ,' 
fair and candid ocnelderaUcn among all clastes. Every chapter 
Is valuable, andall thesubjcctsot thosechsplcrsarowell'ohaieB, . 
Borton Is 'great in an good 'works. ' N. T. Clipper. 

Price THJEIEB DOLIlAIlS. ' any address.' Send ord«ii 
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139 Washington atroot, Boston, Hosa, 
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■ $^ UniHK aMT ' ornsa Boob, this will tesch the xiiiu how 
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eoaeond derangement, without toeing or coosoltlnff'ainy'aMtos 
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mendatlons fropi thePrcas. Oet tbb Bstr. . " ' '10. 

B O O K SI BO O K SII B O O K 8111 

J. E. FABBmiTBooksaUer.U AnnatrMS K.T, 
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j; H. FABRETiTi, dealer In Bocks and Fancy ArBMes. No.'M AM 
street. New Tork.' < 48 

±J CBESr'-r-In 1863 1 first asked thlp quoiUon, nw*saa< 
swerod by nnmerons people: and I ask it any of thorn arar knew 
ray Onguent to tkU in doing all I claimed torlti nuaaVrthatll 
Would .fomjpel the Board or Uoiistache to grow upciBjke smootlH 
est faise wlthlil six mteks from the first applio«tiop.,.U*» ^."f 
caasful inventor*; 1 have had to contend with a bin pflmltotow, 
some of whoia sTen go so <kr os to eosruyadTeirtwmeaM, 
Bowover, truth la iplgbty, and.wlB prevoili sbd JOT' '^FJf^ 
Ihes flrlendft-wm find that my &ga£tls lis only thing that wffl 
■Mallyforoe ,the:BI>ard to grow, and «rtu;«!!?<ii'»il'?;i^ 
thAibn. 1 sind It to atwjplrt ot- the' 0*?^^ 


BPORTitiG Goods, oto. 

fc O.B ox 1366, N. T. ■- 


. OEin&Alb Aeinr fobJM hew yobk WjimfR 


beoun* iti IcNti 

for ono j«*t oUy.^UW Urn;.; 

aad tbe thoktrtinttuatrlils 
tDdof-wblelitliiia Vi.imfi >8*ln 
I— . r«Ul?ed lWni»n»gein'«lit only one 

A Hr. Wi^'B. Snallih hu for the grtU«r a»it of «i« 

aTiiudof anyfttoUlyo* tajnwto Bny on*; 
iSftillon Bhoald oocnr trllhcmt loos of llfo,- I>e«la» wWcn, 
Of property IB M iinete nothlnR, iB 6 wonderrj uU'ro- 
rnut orelutiipon tile Bostoiilr« department. > It^tqr- 
'aSdeed that tSe fire did notbtetl^ont dnriDtf tiieperfbrm- 

lit'tJiiKaA acheok«nde<lBl«i(ie, and it n«yer hM 
MfffimlWKtUTe for sny oonBldormblo length of tline. w 

noted, and the Bilge wu ooiuiiioaioiii and weu 

..J?Se theatre waTilnt bBm and fitted up, tBe 
f of- the eoeaery and iraidrobe belAnglDgtoOer ojd 
d<tM«eiepntohaaedaiid.addedtlieteto. Mc.Wmard,. 
. aJao iidded largely to the Btbokof aoenorr, prop^ 
-- - uo-muu ^aidrobes, having taken them'ttom the Old Motiopou- 
■i'l^S'Mfcitt*. New lort^e ontJio lots wfll be about tlOp.OOp, 
allMitfiuirtnnalely, the amonnt of Inmanoe la ootiparaUTdy 
^SS^^^evrowgret the loaa Bnetaliied. we .wdolce. to not nruvteteUlTor inlorr to any one: ThatBuoh a 


■ om _ . 

■ JBJe'knd thus roatat In panloand cosaeqnent Injhryand per- 
^'%fta aeath. Borne on tiie stage and In the andltorinm smelt 
si^ka Jnst before the doio: cJ the perlorlnanco, or between 
_Sey»iiuiatwolTOP. M.,bnt thought nothing oHVand a Ifr. 

aim, the watohmaif. and who ooooplod with ttatomUy an 
ll Swrroow on Portland street. sUtea - that he- went oter the 
thMtee Acrat ten mlnntea before the alarm was glTes, and saw 

no bUiqb of .flro* ■ ■ ■ ' ' . 

CUBS.— Silt nanoisoo, Oal., let Maiob, ISSS.— Tbws Qoeek,— 
Sir:— lis amAtloO' has .been drawn to'a few lemarhs of one of 
. yont Ban'Tranolsoo corrcapondenls, dste4 Seoembcr SOIh, 1861, 
andappearlngin theN.T. OuFTEaot January Slel, last. Fair 
•View tterttostatoa that Lelghton,waa not leasM of the American 
Theattehere daring tho short and nnproatabls engagement of 
J. Hi nyUr.'bnt hired the hoose&om night to nUht, Ur. Adolph 
■ lieaabert tieing the ootuol tessee, and the person bom whom the 
theatre was rotated; Fair View farther a^ds, that the members 
. Wthcf oompahy bad agreed to share, dwlng Ur. Taylor's engosc- 
&ttai!tlttm>imiti and that eran the . dead . ezpeDses were not paid, 
I ^rrlla in great pain firom a sick bed, bit Jnatloa to Lelghton do- 
. <«^i)UD(df'<hMlahanad exert myself 'BO' fkras to cofflment, briefly, 
<H<:4m'EUr<'VleW«t«imarks. -'In the firat p1aoe,let me state that 
>!i: .^gtitoo'. tiad- been; for toany montha, leasee of the Amtrl4an 
Tbe&e, pre'riooB to Mr. J. H. TaylorVterm; and that his lease 
' ^.eiWLilot'explieantU .after that gentleaail's engagement, andre- 
.f.^]Sftaji0t, wlthrblm,ot twanty-foaTDlghts; also let me add 
. . tlSCu (he time, in 'anesUos, Instaidof his hiring from Mr,. 
, 'r'lAauibert^ the reverse was the caie, Mr. Meanbeit hired ftom 
ItlSr The 'laatnamed gentlemap did not become lessee of the 
MUllUhinent optil early In December last. Farther— I wonld 
awaWHtha ptembefs of the company were. not Qp>n. shares, 

'.e's; and, aa the strongest proof of the satlsUctorycbar- 

he amlngements, the whole company (the star— Vr. 
7!aylo>-lncIadcd) at the expiration of Mr. J. H. Taylorfs 

blf plw«n.ta«i.bif"m t^ljWmlgi^W^^^^ . 
^ISwwlfent vOoparnldnJ^'ttya, did, ao')ri^^^ 

"^t.lhe Bt. LonU tfhea^ Mlai ldlU Jialy\Soiini«^ an 
eogageuAnt on Maroh lsi'm "OtirFeiitale Amirldan Conalni'* 
fliomanewfarcooalled'The Jenklniea." ,■ .,'4. , , 

A dramatic troape from the National, Boston, called Stanley a. 
TfebeUeTe,op<ma^.m^ee»t«r, Mass.,, on March MO^ , - • . 

'In oonaeqnence of niBDy being nnable to get Inside tne Mew 
Memphis Theatrerthe same bill was bItui on the 18th aa.tbat of 
SetlthofUaTCM: "Shandy Uaaalre'' and vKatharlne and Pe- 
tiauilo." On' the 19th, Ur. U,£awler wu up far a benefit. 

9lit. 'was intlrtly saUiltotow to : ll!*o. ■ Among-ifie T(>lnBtrin|b«te«J«wd_»rfidWrtt»«, Wat^^ 
w2f« iSiZngjomg™ wholris pard as treasdrer,- llalr ?ronte,weTmderBtand^^^ / 

i^!r*>. ■ V?« i^lM? the Blino eredlUbly, and, we a^e the same aa last yea», lUrough -the Oanadu. . ..' " ■"*S» 

l5f55iS'inhonti5in«^bllo .fiS^^^ ' Oi B. Wheeler^i'flreat InteraatlonU 01«ms (new a^v£ 

tS^A «li.%J!3^MkpXSd Jta iSm, are ntwtt- alatt from Boston about the firat of Hay, wlth«i5Si?i» 
J^tt^T^v^Matlv^^ - - • • i>i6ataplendld;obataoter,.and the double- eilabiutow^^ 

omIlB for tlie vmeues, or. i^uiB. _ , „. • I ions tndn of beanUftil horses, new and omiu ,« *<ttfi 

y- . 

j4ea'B llelodseq,^tlmore, Ud,, "lakes t^e rag off the bi^h," 
In the way of muoeUinooas iperformances, and they are follT 
In headUui their blUawllh "enthuslastio applause." 

oon- l.,nmW 1i>nh<iiiBimsuii>d: slBO. the hln°r>n«>.-^**''°ptla 


..jement. tendered Mr.- Lelghton a complimentary benefit, 
one and all without a solitary exception— actors, musloluie, 
jlMeies,— afforded'thelr services grtinltonsly on the occasion, 
[ehproTedtobethemostbrllllantr and arawSed dssemblago 
oftheseaaon, IamUtUelntbehabltotobtmd)ng uiyselfapon 
J^^fc'JralUlo,' bat -Justice In' the ^rteent oaie -appeam to me to de- 
aiaiidlv li>-' < yonrsrcapeotfully, , Thoius Wasd. 
vm' Ban' Ir'auolseo, basinets Is represented ois belrg bad at an 
.tetttfiiheatre8<..v.':XhB new^Eureka Theatre, we honr, has closed 
fbrthe-want of patronage...'. ..The,pporatioupohadBang llaeir 
cot'.'. ;>'J.tthe'J[mtMdm Theatre,' under A.' Me^^ manage- 
moiLBas oonjpledby a Oefman oompany,.oomp^ 
I^Serer.'Qrtlbnwdd,' A^ Meaubert, Vlerecli, Ahlrsld. Mme. Hes- 

.(yttttKHeaubertfUmS: Ahlfeld, and UIss Herrmann '.At the 

n»iJIstrop<ullan'the company oonelsted of Mrs. JuHa'Dean Eayne, 
V Xt^i^ii^, Mr8..H. A. Ferry, Mrs. Frank, Mad, Sobasttau: 
» /Qsaw Jennie Handevine, Belle Land, A. HandeTllle,I,ula'Sweet, 
. Tlolai'andOhik; Messrs J.B. Booth, B. W. Leach, F. Frahfis, 
Bunnels, etc.- The bJry epectaole of the"ZIves" wss being per. 
. .formed. ';. 

From Floton, Csi yf., we have newa to the effect that the Excel' 
alor Bramatio Company hare done .ezcellently well daring their 
Bfai^n of eight nights there; In' faot—buatness has nerer lieen 
''tC'.I't'bettclwUh'them In Canada than now. They are to appear at 
M'lt'UngBUiii on April Sth, -playing at tome of the Intermeidlate 
> liit^lru While en nutc. By way of uowliig how honorable (7) 'Some 
SC'Tngnooii -itie ' in' dolng buslneis; and how It works, wa duote the 
fallowing Torbatlm from our ccrrsBpondent's letter:— "Tl)e man- 
r-.'.-«ger bf tfaU company reoelTed ■omepo■^1«<(I enTslopes.trom the 
'editor of sonieifew York. Bhegt,r«4ioe8bng him to'send cbm- 
munloattons to him; bat- we bSTo always sent our UUle ecrlb- 
bllngs to our little friend, .the Olot^ and we are not going 
bask on it now, for the eake df a'endhig onr conununlcat|onB 
fpostfree,' Nolnol Bald editor had better aaro his etampe, 
for 'slamps axe money these tlmea, and paper la very o^.'* 
' How are you qnloksllTer? , ; . 

- ' Half's J^ramatlocompiny recently ran out to Barenpogrt, lOwa; 
'<>riHIl^M$r«''a irOaf to good bnslaaas. They are to retoiii (gain 

^Ustweak oloaed^e-irintei season. Among the people now 
there, and who have recmtlybeen added to the company, are 
Q. M. UOee, comic aud sentimental vocalist; Frank Wood, Ethi- 
opian comedian ; Master OharleB and Alfred Bliss, acrobat* and 
posturers; UUs Jennlo fiigle, the scoompUshed cantatrlce; TlUy 
forbes, danseuso; t)esldes Beveral other first class male and -fe- 
male performers. "The Nigger In a Tobacco Shop," a new fareo 
by the etago mansger, W. B, Kavanagh, is said to be infinitely 
amusbig. - Messrs. UulUgsn, LeaTlIt, and Billy Boyd, make 
their first appearance there to-day, Uanh 90, - . 

We have received a card, signed by . 0. V. EIrbye, Edward 
Clements, W. L. Bloomor, Jas. Flake, Maggie Bowers, U'lle 
Helena Smith, W. 0. Morgan, Mrs. Julia Morgan, Augustus Mo- 
Crlstllne, and others, complaining that, they Were engaged by 
Wm. M. Allen, for the Melodcon, Fittsbnlvh; and that after' get- 
ting the parties la working order, he suddenly left on tbeUd 
Inst, without saying a word' to the'company. ' BsVeral of the 
company have families, and but fbr the kindness of aome citl- 
lens, would have suffered terribly. Bee card in oar advertising 

'^^^^eu atthe Oonoert Hall (late Newark Theatre) is improv. 
insastheestabllshmentbeoomesbetterknown. Lostweekfour 
new people wore sdded to the company, vis., the Ddevante 
Brothers, Tommy Slmpeon ss leader of orchestra, and Amelia 
Wells, all of whom have become general favorites. Tom Vance 
and Robert Butler (not he of the Or-tamed "Mi'.') Intend "going 
snacks" in the pantomime bnslneSB.- Tom Is said to be one of 
the best old men in '•pasta," that any youth ever envied; or any 
maiden fair ever sighed aBer. J-J'-- 

At the Union Muslo BidI, San Frandsoo, a new sensation 
drama, called "Orlro.0oa/' -was. being performed. ;The pro- 
namme winds np -irith the fbllowlog sugaestlve announoemant: 
"The finest Melodeon In the otty. Beao^ol Fdvate Boies.; Lots 
of Pretty Girls." 

The Dearborn Street Opera House, Ohloago, Is an Instltatlon, 
and the etago manager, Charley Petrie, ahnoat petrifies the folia 
with wonder, at the rapid manner in which he introducea Btai» 
to their notice. On the 19th ult, two new stars were announced, 
Uigg Uzale Dolmar and Mlsa^dee Bogera, both vocalists, one 
sentimental, the other comla. They iako -with the gay chloks of 
Ohloago, who eboUout their, "ooppeihasds" liberally. 

The war against concert halls in Philadolphla is still carried 
on- by the Leglaletare now in scs^onat Harrisbnrg. The bill 
lelOrred to by us a week or two since, has been reported afflnna- 
tlvely by the Judlclarr, and as It may be of Intereet to the pro- 
fession, -we give It entire, as reported:— Seetlonl. BtHruScUi,, 
&&, Tliat it shall not be lawtoi to exhibit to the pnbUb in any 

building, garden groonds; concert room, or other phea or-room, 
-nlttiln tlus Commonwealth, any Intended tragedy, comedy, 
opera, ballet, play, farce, negro mhistrelsy, negro or othoi; danc- 
ing, or any other entertainment of the- stage, or any other port 
or parts therein, or any equastrlaii, oltcue, or dramatto perform- 
ance, or any peiformance of jngglen or xope<lanoIng aorobats, 
until allcenae for such exhibition shall bave been first had and 
-obtained; pursuant to law, or pursuant to any dty or borough 
Ordinancer and every manager or proprietor of any such exhi- 
bition or performance; who shall neileet to take out such lloense, 
or consent to cause or allow any sucn exhibition or poiformance, 
or any single one of tbem, without such license, and' every 
person aiding in euob exhibition, and every owner or lessee of 
.(tnj building, part of a lalldlng,'garden ground, ooncert room, 
or.othor room or place, who sSaU lease or let tno same for the 
purpose of any Buoh exhibition or performance, or assent that 
the eame be used for any snbh purpose, except as permitted by 
such license, and -nlihoateuoh license having been previously 
obtained and then in ibrce. shall be deemed guilty of a misde- 
meanor, and on conviction thereof, shall be sentenced to pay a 
fine not exceeding one hundred dollan, and be imprisoned, not 
exceeding three mosUu, or both, or either, in the discretion of 
the Court • , • 

- Section 2. It Bhall not be lawful tofamlehany wine, beer, or 
strong or spirituous liquors In the auditorium or lobbies of such 
place of exhibition or performance, menUoned - in- the first sec- 
Uon of this act, or in any apartment connected therewith by 
anydoor, window, or other aperture; nor ahall it -lie lawful to 
employ, or fumlab.' 01; permit, or aasent to the employment or 
attendance of any femus to wait on, or attend In any manner, 
or famish xetEeehments to the audience or spectators, or ant of 
them, at any o( the exhlbltlans or .perfonoancca monHoned In 
the flrst eooUonot thla act, or. at any .other place or. placet of 
'nlitillo amusement Whatever; and any person offendliig kgatnst 
■iba vnvlsliiis of this seOUon shall be deemed guilty of a mtsde. 

SiK^^rtMd AitMdo Bretts look forward In ftm long train of beauUIU horses, new and costly carrSuSffl? 

n2j^lt MSTonTSCt'April ad? Sfc^art STb capable Woompanywiule known m the Dlamon(fSS?^^£r^ 
Detroit, MIOB., oil or aDOU( apru«^^^ vu^umi mflfkmUv.Jlmmv Dennett Madame 

I number, have been engaged; also, the hlppdi 
nsORO nniBTBBlUT, . ' white bear. In the cauestrian department will be foniiijh.^ 

Green's Minstrels have had fine times in the Oana- frord, olbwn and slack rope perfbrmer. Bam Burt, PMirS' 
East and Weat Quebec gave the boys a glorious Donier Brothers, George Washington Hall, elerwi! 

..uiu «^ .„d Bttoh a shower of sUver halves atad quarteia rained former, and Hobart Elllngbam, oqnestrian director. 
uronttU, for one weak, that they found It impossible to carry b. Bonds' Oirous (Fpuohe parly), start ftom DinW /u • 
the specie about their persons, and so they hired a sleigh to .^prfi joth. Henry Cook'a troupe of performing doge ^'■Ss ' 
conv^itto the depot The bnslness in Quebec excelled 'all ][eyg bave beensecured. M. James Melville and bmlh^.: 
buslsose ever done by the troupe la one week. They gave eight Australian Wonders, have been ensaged; aleo. Bam Tjotttd^ 
enterlalnnents during the week, elx in the evenings, and two jgn Huntington, Geo. Boss, and Ohas. McLean. ^'"^^"1 
aflemoonontertainmentaforschools and, families, on which 00- 1 Toole, Warner, and GuilbauU'a oircus and menaierlawni:.. 
- - -.— Quebeowiftlong gBBigeta Montreal, and _Bt«ta1xmt_mylBt_Wm^ 

atid On 

caslaoa the houae was crowded to Buffocatlon. Queoec wui, jong ■ gonlze in Montreal, ana start aoout may iBt Wm^ Aihlob'w 
beremembetod by the entire company, for several reasons >- 1 fi. pennle, J.lawlow, clown, and Major ^llUns (adveifl^i 
Fiiat for the money they have coined there; secondly, for tne I iij-fo t,een engaged. ■■ • . 

neat number of dispatches and letters received by no leas than - ^ ■" ' ^ — ~' — 

'ive of the prinolpi mombers ftom W. W. Newcomb, of Tlow 
York, who offered Uem great inducements to, leave,' and loin 
their party, but all reslated the tempUtlOn, except Mosare. Eel- 
lone, oomot player, and West, the flageoIotlBt and B flat conet, 
who could not stand the temptation, and at once gave "n"™ 

Uablo's show will atart from Ohlcaio earlv in May. 
Gardner fc Hemminga' oirous -wlU start from FUUdtjj^ 

about the middle of April, and go through Penniyivui^ 
New York. The following are some of the people oOineSS 
— 7-» .1 with the company :— John roatar, clown; B^Hennlnn, 

„„„„ . _ notice, p^ri4er,„d tight rope performer; Geo. Wambcld.cMtStttm! 

allhouah they were engaged for the season at their own prices. Ugt; Wm. Hill, equestrian director; Geo. King, Hen OUaZ" 
Mr DtVKE told tbem he wonld not accept any notice whatever, n^ue oamllle, M'ue Ida, Little Eliza, the cblld wonder, tiidl£ 
only to work their time out, and then, if they didn't see fit to re- Qardner, advertiser. 

main any longer, they were at liberty to go; but they said they dui Bice's show will go out thlB season under Ui« mb. 

wanted sir. Duprei to understand that in two weeks ftom that (gemont of Mr. John O'Bryan, (4 new candidate) who bai nti 
day they would leavo. Ur. Dupm therefore discharged them jjug gta j boraes end ponies, and fia entire new set' of wuna 
atonce, after snoh IntentlonB were made known. Their plocee coatly paraphernalia. Charley Castle Is adveitber iS 
were filled by Alphonso Bergerone and J. Camllle, of Montreal, obarley Warner treasurer. In the company will, be found' Ifi 
two good mualeianB. Billy Bweatman, of NBahville,Tenn., was oaniilce, Charley Beed, and Wm.Eeilnedy,oIo«iL 
to Join the troupe in Toronto, last week. He will take Oamih The Antonio Brothers will atart out irlth their onsiliiHn 
bdl'a place.' He is spoken of very highly as an end man ud about the 10th of May, item the fitr West 'Young BaaSUdSn 
comedian. M. AlnsfeyBcotthas conoluded notto leave, so that I »,..>,n.« ^....^ •.otn-wn. . 
by the time Sweatman roaches Toronto, the party wonld again 
be complete, and one of the beet in the fidid. From Quebec, 1 yan Ambtirgh' 

the troupe went to OgdouBbnrgh, a distance of over three hnn- rjost,wlU start L _ 

dred miles, and appeared one nigbt only, the ITth ult The Oarry Do Mott, well known In.tho equestrian end ditnitk 
crowd was ao great that they filled the hall, which -la a urge one, profession as down and comedian, died In this city on.aun 
in half an hour, and hundreds of people were turned away. The corning, Marah371b. HlsfnUdtal took place at his Jita test 
letb and 19th they were at Ottawa, tipper Canada, where thoy ^ence in Forsyth Btieet,'On Sunday, and was.attealed'ir 1 
did a tremendous buainees; on the 20th, on their way back, 1 jargo number of the profeislon. Ur. De Mott was bom Dmn. 
they stopped again one night at Ogdensbnrgh, and bad another I |,6r 10th, 1830, and daring his career in thla country, .wuqdie( 
Jammedhouso. The 31st theyappeared In Elngstan,;^uid al-ljavoritelnhorsepleoes,partloularlyasjaek BheppudanlDkk 
though they arrived there very bite, about 7 o'clock P. M., and xurpin on horseback. . He vras a very good comedian anlatsi 

the vfcatherwaa fearfol, they opened tte doors, and a three Uigye, ^oto. Peace to his aahes. 

hundred dollar bouse greeted them. On the 33d, they were in a round top canvas la advertised for sale in this, isine. If u 
BeUville; 2ith. In Coburg; 3Sth, Fort Hope; 36tb, aTtb, and 28th, go feot in diameter, end In good order. -Who'll buy? . . 

inOOronto. From thenoe thev go directly west ■ ■H.Orren French, and. bla perfbrmtng dogs maypoaiiUrli 

Bamsey's Minstrels were billed to appdar at Norwloh, Ot, on ^gaged with L. B..Lent this season. Should. thqtsoVMr. 
the28lhult . - , ', .».' . French will break in, for the season of 1864, a large troupe dio, 

The minstrels BtlUhold possession at Mag^re'8 Opera Bouse, (ongiQg doga^md monkeys. , .... IT 

SanFranoiaco. At the date of our last advices, a regutar mliiv BobbyWlillams.tbe.clQwn, Isontof anengagemeitaidlton 
strd performance was given, and two farces; vie,, The Wine Bel- the look out for one for the anmmer, Aa he has ajbmlly tojra. 
lers, and the TobacconlBt'e Daughter; the flrst cast as mUow*— pgrtasd n'o.roBources.bnt his comicalities, snd theraitMl 
Old Grimes, Bam Wens; Dick Grlmes.flen Cotton; Toter, Billy yjry solid eating, any manager vrill be doing a. good. tUitfliT 
Birch. The second Cost included Ben Cotton as Joslah S^eds, givijjg. him Srcbance in the ring, "so help me Bob.", ^^iba 
Biny Birch as Peler Plpee, and Nellie Brown as Virginia Seeds. 6, pleased soon to hear that Bob is not bobbing jmranflirtlkml 
Bam Bhaxpley 's Minstrels ore having a good tune of it out in . employment any longer. Address him at New Village, L. L ; 
. ^ - — - -■ — - lb, Wm. Smith ia preparing apparatus upon which to.peifom 

the great zamplllaerostatlon act, at the Philadelphia AnpUtt^ 
atre. . . . 

Nixon's clrous continuea to do well at Alexandria, Ta, ne 
company bave been very snccesstal all winter, and ID lenuli 
against the concern are promptly paid, including alais aidoUitr 
omclals. It is dHflonlt toaayat present erhen thedreisilll 
dose, bnt it is probable that Nixon will launch out aene flue la 
Iby, 'With a superior flt out Alexandria is all eidltntnl— 
raids are constantly threatened,! and the town is under mittU 
law. No Ugbta are allowed after a certain hour, and the dm 

Ohio, and allhoueh an equinoctial gde was ra^g, nary a 
Monitor got swamped. Business had tieen of the nest descrip- 
tion at Zanesvllle and Wheeling, where they turned people away 
every nigbt On the 2Ith they were at Columbus, from whence 

they were to go to Springfidd, Dayton, Blohmond, and Indiana- ^ ^ ^ , 

Soils. Our Wealern friends pronoimce the monitors the best I against the concern are promptly paid, IndndlngalaisaidoUitr 
eetunder Undo Bam, (Bharpley) and "High, low. Jack" by^^ - - - • — ' ■ 

the whole strengi^i of tho company, "the largest game of .keerds 

Our frlendB. the Morris Bnthsrs, Fell and Trowbridge Uln- 
atrels. are as Uvdy as ever at their little Opera House In Boston, 

With an always varied programme, and the utmfst liveliness in fjoig at half p'alf-paat nine o'clock, or the gas Ig ahtl oC 
their tunny men, and a dae sprinkling of the palhetlo In thelrJ Eaton Btone contlnn'ea with the company as one of the prlidpil 
balladlsta, not to forget the genid mirth of their 'fend m6n," it attraottons, and it is sdd that he ridea as welt as he ever tela 

e/St,.LoplB,nieatini, .Emma Wdliir toe^ 'Jie(;f^wen 
^MBeatoil Friday e-venlng.llaroh 20th, to a' good bonae. She 
appeared aa Uorlna in 'the '■Ouohoss of Malfi, ' also aa Eliza, In 
<TM Dumb Belle;" " ' ■. >: ■; ; ^ 

: 'Alvln Bead, recently the light comedian Ford's. Thealie.' 
'■\ StrUilsiton.iD.'O.. haa, we . are informed) ^one ' to' the south of 
France for hlBhedth. He will return tn time for the grand re- 
. opening of the new theatre at WaahingtoiL ^ ' 

. . &'E. J. Miles has codduded his engagement at the PiUsbnrah 
. Theatre, ^1^ he haa been doing his"hot8a piecea" luder ia- 
Toriable aoBplces. As Mike Martin, the bold robber and high. 
, Wayman, he took tl\e'boys, and girls too, fOr that malta% In ttat 
' g the company under tho command of -Captain Hen- 
.. .not bee p give n very yecently In the dtootory of the 
. iQ— the, OunKB— we ]ier% record ttiem':— Messrs. fl. 
;r. 0;; Seiton, H. .Xe-wls, D^. Bmyth^ F. Ohlppendde, 
■"'^Ogden; Beymotir, E. B. Hudson, the Misses Annie 
^lzEleya^l^ Fanner Burt, A. Hardy, and Mrs.Able. 

Riw.'Byraonsd'Thentro has recently nndergdno great lm< 
stifi,. . .The roof has boen raised, therebz affordlng better 
oiattoh, and ' the soenory and omomentatlbn generally hu 
,..Y^ij-4added,.toandbeautl4cd.' The capodty of the house, since 
* 9> tinlarge'ment, Is' bver a thbnsanid; as that nnmtwr can be 
' eated oofnfo^tably. Takendtogethor,ltlsonoof thebeettem- 
ildkOtamiisea'encIn that scotiOn.ofthe country, etors and. 
Irstolfia 'actors fU(d' octresseawhp would display their' 
tlenlB before a Syracuse nudlencig, will do woll to oaatonoot 
w,,ihtlr.f>rganB of sight, at leoat, over Captain J. B..6milh'e adver- 
'',3 -, J;Si(&eht in these colun^ns. They might get :a cast in their, eye 
"^'i 'q^^ey'^onld not care to' trouble an owull^t about, 

. Jparp^ne Blcbinra and her (|kthor>re announced at tho Boston 
I '°'^'*' .Ituwom,' where' they cbmmonoo on the Oth of April,' The new 
■ 'i4r'C''''^g'''4]i'25a!''^"'''''' '^''^ '.'oard,"'follow^ 
.'!^oh4'E.'Owen«'was to commence an engagement at'the How- 
' "'.iBoston, on the 30th MorOh, in his laughable rendlUbn of 
Ira' Wellington' do BOota,' in "Everybody's Friend,", anid in 
m,fB everybody knows, be outa a dashing figure. . - 
Jua Eats Fisher, ''tlcom Nlblo's Garden," 'and Mr. F. S. Ohan^ 
V>iL^i4rangave t#o'ortholr artistic) instmotlrc mudQiland dramatio 
V^^'ent^ainmenta: at,,Peppk^^^ T., on tho IBth 

would be hard Indeed If things did not go along with a pleasant before. Eaton has been engaged in breaking stock, and Bome ol 
chime. Take it aa It is, the bandbox of friende 'M. B. P. and T. the'anlmala are represented as looking splendid. 
lsaninBUtntIonwhlohour'smartlriendsofthe"Hab"oonldnot ^t the Amphitheatre. Philadelphia, Tom Eing, W. B. SgUQ), 
do without I and Sam Long remain another week. Mr. Elucald and son JMn 

Hooley'sMlnatielsoontlnnetoenllvenihedenizenBOf Brook- the troupe, and M'Ue Marie also appears. For Frank \niltla. 
lyn, who, it has bean observed, wear a merrier look than they j[,r's benefit, on ibe 38tb, a cat concert was annoimced. Jetai 
bave been wont to'do for a long time oast This is iust as It Foster, down, is np foralbenefit on the tth of April. 

ehooldbe. Doubtless, onr friends on the other side of the Hvgr . ' - ' 

have their manifold reasons for oocadonddeprerdon; let thom,. I - ▲ niiarmi.i.ais-sr.nnB. 

however, be grateful that the Hooleysani near, to wake them up oHpp, ffinley 6 Go's "Mirror of the Itebellion," alludettoln 
toailghtMmood. , > :^ J our last )uis already been started on IVb winding -way, belsCnew 

CampbeU's MinstrdB(dxtaeniniiumb!MYliw-bii«n onthel^ ^ ^ ■ ..' 

— — i^Ti,-. a. ^ i-L—^zri --. -.- I move for aome time past, and have not gtyon up »«.- 'Their ■ vji^eia ••Pan'oiiticon of the War" bait lnatconii»Idiida.M(l 

meaior, and,,hdl,_.u.»nvicU.n .^^^^^^ topay a | way. thl. Week, J._in fiT^^^^^ ] BerteB?f ertlbltlonjftJ^^flye 

fine riot exceeding pho hnndrod^doUani, and undergo an Impris- Biffdo; alter ihio, we shall be able to report their additional «tVrN Y md opens lb s 
ramontnoteic€odlngBLxmonths,orboth,ordther,In thedls- joBtnejings. TimHayes and Dlok Bands, the champion clo« fJJSSuabatUMofWwar b 
?'2?°°:^.*^S^??^ .wu „,h, „. -v... ..:.,.„ i»^<^"^fpi? P~'?»?f?} °??5£^.?/^^^^ Ject of interest to aU. Whls 


- Seqtlon 8. That it shall, be.the duty of evoy chief of police 
officer, eheriff, deputy aberlfl^ cOnstaUe,.sldennari, or jnsnee of 
the peace, to enter at hny tlme sdd place of amuBelnent and to 
arrest any person or persoiu found violating anv of the pio- 
vlslonB Oi tms act and take them befor'e 'auy commlttlrig'lnaglB. 
trata.tobeheldtoanBweraccording'tolaw. .' 1 ' 

. BlgnorBllasjBstinotLeia'sUdpdeonj.BalU^^ Thepreis in tiie section where tbey are 

enlfrOd into any engagement to go to Harrlsburg, as has been I journeying, goes off in ecatades over the acting of Miss O'Neli, 

slated. . 1 . . . ^ — " — 1 — -1 . — 1 

ThoBofavorite daughters ot7relpilah0rei,'the star sisters - Au- 
gusta aud-Marie, conduded their .engagement, at Plttabnigh on 
he 80th ult, on the occasion, of UUas'-benefit and ai^ now de- 

lighting the people of Washington and Alexandria by their exU- 
billons of the poetry of motion. , : . ,- .- 
Tbe Melodeon, Fittabnrgh, is again "up the spout" The new 
manager opened in a blaze of glory, and. made huge ftamlBes, 
but he. could not stand the ,pre8si)re, and after, running the 

machine for -a woek or so, he abandoned it mis to Shan j*, ob' I "n'^^alo" at WaahlB'Blon, on April let they do not make 'Aprfl 
the hall is In good conditloujond with Idrat^ should fools of the people of "BmmmBgem," aud the bdahceof the 

'"lfJ""K'?^i?L*"°^S2:.v vv u - - ^. ^ week they put in at the new boll at Johnstown, whioh hos boen 
Trlmble'sVarietl08,.^tt3burgfa, basa conHnned nmot luck. - - - - - - " 

Tho young inauagor baa.a very strong, company now on his 

hands, and tho pubUo appreolate bis efl-orts by cramming the hall 

nlghlly. r i . : - . 1 

Jack Bheppard was to have been, brought- oat at the Contl- 

..Hero is a copy of the programme:— Part 1 


. *,i''i',*na'l9Ui of March' 
•■ flv''^!S«Van Ai|ea.of Woman;" Part J,' "Stage Strudi Barber" and 
v,Vv.',.',:<>Olit.linerioatt Cousin;" Part S, "IrlsbBoy and Yankee Girl;" 
' ' 1?*ft l,,"TheTao'dle8." Here's varlelyenongb in all oonsclenco. 
u'7.1- v'i9i''f PAP^rs say" that thoro bos been nothing to .compare;wlth 
'i<n<?'-^^W>^°'a dellneatione slnco tho visit of the daar.^tfatthews, 32 
©. .Whewl ' ,. '- •i ':-^ . ' 

ano Ooombs, received a eompllmeritoiy benefit at' the 
Die theatre on the 20th ult, berhist .appeanmde but one, 
r^'vjperformqd "Tho -World of FaahIon''and tho.VSoven 

_.e'B|dilou Hand" was prodaoed fpr St Patrick's evonlng at 
Itilyat Theatre, and advertised as podtlvely the laat.nlght. 
" -the .Newsboy,!' "Capltitla," "Old Hurricane at Home 
|j)a|te Hall,?' an4 "W'ool"'^(h()t General 'Wo01).wore given' 

~nlgl)t' '.Bo tho bills say, v,.,, . .■; 

uf. of j'the^ deatrdoUoii of the VaUonal Tboatre,>Boeton^ 
iSd of 'MarOl^, iSieStlurdayftmInq OantteBayB:-^ttbe 
.ThtAtrS, on Monday lUgbt lost, 'the "Throe 7aat Men" 
i^ntca'. 'and ; thi) :Iaatworas on tub blU were."Dlsplay of 


r Nalloii 

■[ -.taS^jb^ipUoeiof - Itf 'predecesaer,'whlohwas Ijkewisabumti.ln 
— i,^ita;" ■ ' — *■ ' ^ - — - 


'U,^<i 'Jihose t^oMa li^^rdd Ktiropb'eo^; for early tbe next 
ritianiteatrawaai burned. .The :bailaug:wns erected to 
— V . bunjtjn 


.,-.„.,„, ^ .fliBt .mnnagorwae Mr. Joseph Leonard. . 

v; , , OMSors ib'avo .b»dn W. M. .Fleirilng, Houry WlUard (twice), (X It. 
lu^ !.TUorae,PJlgrlat &)Uorsri,Jomca Pilgrim, Myers liBonlfaocy and 
''''EUv<' ' W>n>>B,,EDgilah- (five times), besidcil two or three common- 
' ''-.^vealtha ofaotors. - At-tbe tlgio of burning, it was under le^se to 

- 0i>.'> '^dUri'Engllsh,' Who contemplated dosing. howoVdr; atterFaSt'Day, 
--- •od'.ialilrig his company through tko NowEuglnndtowliBj tl- 

..;^ti>4ugh oflato jeora the National had lost the obarkoler of i( first 
. ; „^^'qU■il theatre; Quohgood aatlpg has bpen.foon cn,lta board^, and 
•■ ••'rvWWia theVe thalf JnlTa Daah, Mri.^arreni Mfs. Ohsrlds Howard 
->---'>;i!Mtlblh'ors,'flf8t obtained a docldedBdslOnrcbbgbltlon. ItpoB- 
< '-' -l ■ TMsMlttake 11 for all m oO, the qticit )i'tiigo In Uie; oily, a superb 
■ •(i''10tM:;i<tehorf— 80m6''Blrt7patt* Of fl(ita, « thlnkr-eomo.very 

- V.'MflU>tt''A'(kgefbrliIture;afld'aVcn^^ Thotheo- 
' -:'v^) W.'irs^'thbpibparty of WlMiflljlohloA^Ekq,, and will not be re-'-'.iibDUUVAMf.-wairterH; LeitiBb'SiloliotliO first words pr0ilodnak4 
. '..rh.;^-,^btt<lttf«t*j;e,-UV. Charles S.' Olarfc thblaat , ' 

\t'; -'ivt,''.!jatii^£Bi[tlah'a'OomblnBt|on ',0'otiibniIy. 'with Marietta Itavd 
' ' i'^^'Z-'.-tilid U(e '?<»Idllh Egg," are at to ThbdIrO Ffandole, Boston: j Tb'b 
v^'Mi'!'"-; 'Baihe'U M(bdif>'t)£aler to aOAioof j^id freodocteris, but.What'of 
-:-'M'i^*h*t Wrontfhh>fiop& - ' ,' ;■•;'. 

.,r,V:('i: : -'< .XM-HerbRUdde Bavel Tronpb-rnafle thattarS mdrry at tho Bos- 
- - •■J^v- ;^ aihealr«,--oathb''aoth Of Un»h,-.'Al^^ thcn|ime»*o iecog- 
V-J(Ci^<Vi)litae%ba»bt .U'Ud -A^t<efta a^nU^WIo K^^ 
-'' U,-) Hernandez, M. TophOlT, ■U'lHl: Jr-nsbtnan, U'lle Paildlne, 
;'',,'»r*-*,vMi'-flros8t, -tt; TSmsu;' m' 'dwilUffi Xiohinan. 'arid Mr. 
'J-'.i: j.jPi yiMiii; -., .- - ^ yi-,-i~t»W\^it ;. -,'.- ;. 

;l.firq7?f.E«idb,'mliriil^'M^ sails ^br 



ptU'I^cfdr thb'bAiefll Of -hit 

-vi -^t't XfiOMJttrtlb^ aiW Bt.' 

':'-:: ,— :.-,XiOiiu Theatre, on Usrcli list . TSt, Waller appeared bnt once, 

•'.'Li ' ' 

M the delighted audiences , plenty of the "sound" of whioh 
Ihakespeare speaks, though nothing of the "fory." - 
XaUueen O'Nell'sKOTd^Troupe u dolnf aflrst class business, 
Boa cbrraQpondemt Informs us, amonjg - the Oblosns. They are 
nowinZanesvllle, where they will remain until Saturday, April 
Itb, on the Oth and Tth at Stoubenville, and bom thatUme to 

both by sea and land, make It an ob- 
ject of Interest to all. Whlston, the humbrlst, accoppinlta-llll 
exhibition. He to well known to the Bnffdo public, bariiil pa^ 
formed an engagement of several weeks some three pqaui 
since, in that city. ' .- 

An advertiser to wanted for a popular ironpe now peubtnuf 
Intbeweat Bee Zouave's adyerttsement 

Wyzeman, the wizard, has possession ot the Baltimore wuto 
this week, . , _ _ 

Jas. E. Murdoch gave a dramaUo reading at Greenwood W 

and her stoglng and acting in her Irish cbar«atora,to Pro-UKnoinnsO.Ohlo, onthe28thMarch,forthebenefltoftlielj5l<»' 
noiiiiccd ftzcwloiita » ' I 'I Control Boldlfln* Aid Boolcty 

Low Blmmons, Ham LMlIe,.Bd. WW, and others/serenaded .j^^ p^ak FamUy of Bell Ktagers have been perfOmlng In Ba- 
the New HampsWre Volan eere at WttoWgh, Pa,, on the 37lh, Tenna, Akronieto.; SuTm^^^ •» 
ttdaUhandeW a gay ttae. I*dle win pass through programme for the second djW 

Yort thla w^ek,^ijrOT(« for WMl^pton. .^^ ..^ | which change, howeve?. was hot effeded, and tho peopbwf 

Banford, -with hto toons minatrel troupe, lave hwujft tteir Lo„,M6rably u mlerepreBentatlon. Oortrattl- 

>tson In Plttabmyh to a dose. ,Mid SM now etmnplngl^^ Btate l^" M^ds shodSf abt up toUielri^tses, or the whole jrofta- 

built expressly for Banford to Inaugurate. In reference thereto, 

» whole prof* 

Carier's Zouayo Bliters have been at the Academy of naw 
OlevelAud, and tost week appeared at Sandusky, Ohio. ' Ai.UieT» 
land they did a very fair business. . .„_,/.,_i 
A friend, who dates hU letter at Burllngtos, on the ViBmVf^ 

succesa of Bam Banford s troupe at Jobnatown, while perform- 
ing there recently, has arouaed tho people of that place to a 

--— =,T-.r-..i v.. 4v. noil, w —-- 'I sense.oftholrown wants, os their hall wonld notbeghitoaccom- 

nentd, PhUadelpbls. on ttie 28lh, bnt owing to some unforMeMi jaoiAtt the throng. A aubscripUon list was at once started, the 
obstacle, it was postponed until April fth. . Julia and Lola Hud- requlslteamount to build a new hall was soon . raised, and oon- 

son, alngers and dancers, fire ain,ong the new ;people this week, 
opening March 36tb;' Harry'EnOcbsand Johnny UaOk, Ethiopian 

lerformers, are aliao engaged.'. UulUgan hoe gone back to Mr. 

:,ea's estabUshment, in BdUmore, while Tony Pastor has re- 
turned to Ur. Butler's American Theatre, New York. 
At Fox's Csslno.'PUliaelphia. M'llo, Zoo and Ben Yates com- 

tractors and carponters are now at work upon the now enter- 
prise. Sambas received a letter Inviting hlme'clt aind tronpo to 
ita'cnevlng." Tho favor 'with which Banford and his troupe 
have Deen recdred in Plttaburgh, and the appredatlon evinced, 
of hie efforts to please; have Induced him to promise to return 
in July, and "ccoupy and poBsess" one of the theatres for a 

these parts, but it happened the other day that two abow«en» 
met, two W'e. ■ One wss Warren, agent of the WsaUngton nao. 
rama; and the othor,Wddron, agentof the AllogbanUnaajJB™ 
Bell Blngers. Wddron wsa set down by the curious, u a www 
as he wore a soulheriy air about him. Warren (wllh f batpwo™ 
moUBtaoho) had a more northeasterly look. XheTCOWJJ 
blUed the town and were en route down the river, but wnion 
got away 1 the orders from government had Impressed tfi 
Into war service, leaving our noble river 'a solitude ana » o«w 
■ * ■ • Nothing daunted, these ii<wi»«nl agents (»« 

waste of waters.' 

menoe at* engageient on tie 30lh of Mardi. uroduolnV B;;me I oerf'cS'whtto'he'^' have &Tbe"eflt of the TCQUtortrsoVne'ry I J>y-t5»-™y..n" tto right eort among us JSlfTrVbYdairg'" 


the company. Miss -Fanny Forrest ia underlined for Uonday, 

I proper exhibition of bis Ethiopian comedy and opera. 
Hart It Blmmons' Ulnstrebi have disbanded. It appears. Their 

long' to n hOBt of friends who csme to the lovce to aee laen™ 
thoy "paddled their own oanoe' 28 mUes to Fort UadUon;, 

Goodfortheml ^w.— «ua. 

W, B. Brown 'and H. W. Canterbury, were atware,»»» 

<!i.'l?S?J!.»5f*' ''""'' '."??' I if feUe^, iove dck, nodoubt did to Woebingtori t'other night, 1 

andtbtois-the how of Iti-Bome Washinglon* admlreta of ^Iss 

"Smi^^h^MT •^i'.f^S'Wul dan^uVe rulto UoSlS^Tdoisi'^Tw^t to .^^^^^ mUrtook 

addlilg thereto. 

and actreas, U , 

Ada Laurent whomodo thelrfiratappearknce-there OnUsich 
SOIh. Thb pair of beauties will ceildnly turn the heads Of the 
soldier boys at.Waahlngton, and we suggest that the proprietors, 
Messrs: Hamblln b Co., forbid their pemomlng on April tot, for 
foar of the consequences, 

pear but Jim Lane of Eonsas I 
a oharactorlallo speech. 

.Conant's Pdemoramaof the War, dOBeda 
a exhiblUop at Betroit on Uwph 3lBt It H"" 

BMd'en b Oo.'s PanoT(ana Of the War to at Vorcesta IJw- 
"A Ollisatoal Chamber Ooncert"-toOk Place at. NordMW"^ 
HaU) Mbntred, 0. Bi,-on the 10th Bart*, under the dIMeton>u.i 
of Mr. G. Carter. i - «i, Vir^ 

- Hbbbard'B War Fanonnia waa at HoUeatoni Maa«M o» »»• 
37 and 28. .1. .tTHmoO 

Lawrence N. QwojlajafJPoto Puuener)^rM«^ 


Anxious to give our readers the earliest news at W timed, WO , . — , 

JUThafiiiStof a aorleaol fourteen grand concerto was to oomooir I take pleastirs in being the flrattonota' the piovemehU of the | od^oem'of "EIng Sham 
attbo Tremont TempU, Boston, on theSOth of Hsroh. Plenty drcua fOlks for t^ coming sAson. The ntonagors are very ' ' - - 

of mnetotberoabontcjistnow. ' , I busily ebgajgeddeimlng up tholrparapfaerndla, an4 thq'pauit-'i ■ . ,„ 

At the Udodeon, Bl. Louis, Uastors WoSey.and Tommy had a era are aotlvdy employed in maUng a'doau appearance.' iThH' ' '< Perham's-SeVeh UUe'HIrror was aotiouncea w^^^ 
benefit on ttiroh 31st . VOopemlbus" says' itwas vetTsUm, no' bOnilbg se'aaonnlroinisos to' be as enccessfbl as any for inaiiy •J'reflObtion,"- of -Niagara soenerj, at tho^ Mewoeon, 

Temple, Boston, dn the Blst of Utroh, the huffiorouB I 
ltioemof"ElngBbam." ■ . '.■■ .. i,.JiiUBlle( 
"Norwood," a magldali unknown to tale, 1b hating u"» 

yJare,' Tbore^betwonewcandldatosinlhearenaforpnbllo' <helatof AprlL - •■ * -^J ' . , -Tlreinely«*l 

apilroyal,lltt. 0. 8. WBBder, who starts from, Boston: snSl^Hr. Harrington, the Boston Ventriloquist, is doing ^ 

JohnO.Drjaq,ot Philadelphia. One of the beat' shotH that' H*'Was to Mat w^^i^^ 

win be on Oio road thU season, will be tt|af of Thayer JtNoyes Uarch 3»th,' and Pdmer 80th, BdOhertowB, Apni ^ 

Oreai tnlted ' Btatct' Oircus, under thd guidance of Doot Jim IMlle to still hla'ploneen . . : < ' ^ .' . u,,f.,d, llai* 

„ The en,tertalnmdnt I Thayer and Charley Noyes.' T|ils company triU start from Woodruff's Tronpo ol QtossBlowort openM Bi auuui 1 

coneUte^ of aplo'cbcomposcdfbr.theocoasfon, qdIcd''J9atan in I otiaM,Pa:, onOT ' ,'..i"«.ili.vflMletr,*ll 

Columbia's Domlulo^e,,orAme'rica As It.Wfto arid America As It ever secti: During the winter, the Doctor has ^adievdral!new Agrand promenade concert Of .thrSt; f^^StiSr th»8, 

to," which was performed ilbrt '~ ' • • - -• • - - - ^ 1.. ... ... nt. — . 

one 'Of any consequence appearini), enwpt- Wally add Tommy,' 
and M'llo. Marietta (just returned from 'Ldavohworth City) arid 
Mr. JohBson, a splendid bslladlst '. " - 

On Mnrch 36, "The Young Ladiea Vnton Aid Society" gave 'a 

KandporformancoattheMeroaatlleLibrar7.Hsll,'fit Louis, fori 
0' benefit Of slok and wotindod dddlers. ~ ■ ■• 

nca as IE, waa ana America AS It ever seen, uunng tno winter, we uooiornaanaa- several :new Jigrouu jiivmouuuoouuMi^ui »u»^o". theO'' 

in llrigtng arid part In speaking. Concord wagons built, abio a magnlflocnt band chariot A strik- *ho cooperation of theB. P. Tota Ah'tlnenM »o«^"v^^ 

The principal ohnrscters Were Goddess Of Llboriy, Columbia, Ing eSbct wUl bo produced in tte lii^eslbns 'fqrided by the Benevolent Boclety, tho Irlahmeh Of tbO VOlonieer r ^^^^^^ 

Jibllce; Gefi. Jackson. BoulU Carolina, Jeff DaVto' oscoft, Pompoy entrance of tho oavdoado into the dUToront towns of oxblbltlbn, the Hose Oompsny,'.' was given on Bt PaWdt ' °?J tj,, bsKn 

nmlBoectic. The attcndanoo.-wps very good, notwithstanding led by the chariot drawn by sixteen croerii' horses, rlobly caper- ingj at the City Oonoert Hall,'Uontrea], c.'SMrwuu>> aigfenio 

thobadweather . jgoned. Tho foUowlngartlflta have drood}' been 8eoured:-/lia- named ph)foBBlonalI kindly' volwiteoredi^^^ 

. I jjoblnaon, tio Wofld-renowncd boroback rider; and without -rLaWa Honoy") Miss Mltehell, the M. M. o"%",'^,a. Hi 

an eqnd In tho world; the Delefcnto brothers; Sam'l Bolnhbrdt. Club flt the Sixteenth Beglment- and S patriok' . 

.t .. GoodfwBtr .... 



The Dowerv, Bt Louto, ran Harlequin for the post two weeks, 

Ariovtscouohr-'-'— '-*--' ~ " - • -- 

Beed du It but if bo can porfohn it better than Hank can, all 1 1 L. Thayer, conversationalist and jostor; Obarley Noyes, cques- 1 we are teld 

have,^ssy Is, that It must boa wondorfbl performance," I tiian director. Mr. Rank Howes has seottied the privilege of I ThenolmBuuiiDrB'i[vuiniu|i>-'"»-'-;:r-v,:nin. 
. The Varieties, Bt Louis, is aa over, business betog brisk ani furining the variety show insldo the big canvas after Ibo dose of -SpHngOdd,' on tho 3ld inst, and drew a "°o """f v. 
fidurtohlng. Last week, "The.Dutehman In Trouble, or the each verfoririance of the big show. Mr. Howes has secured a made a dodded bit and are p'l&JJfSt 'ninai 
Om^nal John Smith," >waa the feature. of the programme. vol?flneeomparir,condsttng.ofafnUbari^ 

" '— — -It. - ' jg_--„„tnjj^ feinde dancere, and M'Ue Loulao; the drnroinor city ontheS^^ ■ ;, ^M.—MiofotBrei" 

. *^ifaTTomOanham,ontoftl»obcBtintltocOu^ The Vdvme Opera Troupe reaped quite Jha^w" 

O'Blamoyof MoAndrowB," Thtoweok. the'dratoaof '(Wariddr. oftbebimd. ' •'^J»""'^-Tf'» "''•"1''•'-f'"^^^ «,«i.To^^^ 

Ing'Bojis, br tho Oaslk ol OUvd,")ia» b»ion produced, Paul and > L. B, Lent wiH start btlt ♦bout April 31st, with an establish- formances on the 20lh'nll. flinw *''7nt. Sido, M*i ^ 
Justlrii the Wandering Beys, to porformsd excellently by Ulsses mObt of urinsudottniotlvcvbwar, Including aovbral foaturcs'of lowing places In thto fliatoi Nowwa, g,(i,| 
Uorley (Berry's wife) and Llda Hlbbard. (the lattor'S' first nv an eicaodlngly novel description. His showwlll be somolhlng Byron, 2ilh;' Jordan^Ui; ^fSJ'^^^'^'^'J.y^^ueWf} 
pearanboin aprinclpAlebaraeterydlhoughehehasbeenaltached Kliomthor dntof the'.'naual lluoi arid whfah tbc psrUeula^ are Binnhemten, 28th,^ThatKUp« u nowprgu 

(othe baUetttoupoof the establishment for * year, or .mora)'.' anrionnbod,'i»*{rikaUon inay bo antlolpatcd. Amodg th(' **'"- ° 

oio'. J. bohild' advertises for 100 }onrig toillto for a grand doenlo folniIirifnglg<«^^ caneatrian department, are James 
dpcdUde. ;'"'.',, i.'..;' loanrtJiottMat.BOBidtsantt rider and'-floublesomorsauU 

lU'i'BayleM's Opiti Ttcm dlsdolred itaelf ii) oibh df ttiifiB- ^os: sLs'l^A i^Si Vl^gtole, Mpns.'Roobe1to, .' Cl 
'ttHorlbwna of U16blgaii]a«*edii to' ieMkipt. k ipi mtntiMiaMS^Sm^ Ohartsd Bc*weU,ldid«rotbai<dJ V»5?i:;V,.',^i_ j- -# ..iuManV"iraaU hat* been PASS'S 

aemuBldans,weareIn*mied. ,1-'^.. r,. .,.-. rfJiggiJ »to., 4lc Theverltabtoand InlmltoMe Joe Ptttt i.HttW's ttr^o of 'IJu^^ 

Ban Bhdby 's benellt at the TartotK DsttWI, IQob., on tliioli lod wmoOolttt •» Jester to tlie droto. Barrr WWttoOk hM K»U'» Undo Ball, Ban Jrtnolwe, 0*1., on wo « v 

N E W ' Y O RK dX I P P E 


I«lot. Jttra. Oam^wo^ flow. BoD»y1er» 

K. Anderson,' Mr, Jauo»< ^JL-v th«- "Satorv«M>V< ' a. wleoi 

-l»id«Ui. O. A, BOOB, . ^ Q onltarolilT, but 

" hour, betor. tbe 

,o»riMPK"|Ji^'oid Folks wore to opon »t Merc«ntlloXlbr»Ty. 


*°p^n t^"""*'""'''^*'*"* "* '* 
BttonjUon ibe?''^ ,5, American War opened at 
T^." S^'^tSS? FnaS, Mlh, to a «10 house. On Satar. 
*"WS?S;». a rniupe* tor (Jie Bohools at redaoed prloes, jhwi 
Jay'^'.'^'S'ftiU. The panorama Is a good one, andOoL 
^•il!?HSJSbowto«avertlaeR On^th 


ijthlnkof asetotppaters 

Some pap^ 'or a room snow. 

SStiSSAanlana andflwlssBeU Blwern wero announced at 
7''lSJ^*llL tor March. 3Ut, TheBtadenta . of two coUoges 
-"■"S, S'liroi'ent at ttSr ooncort, 

'^T'J^ mdOol.BmBU, two of the emaUest men In exta- 
1 *^"*^ m" with great toTor In their performances with 
Own'rMlnitrels, 14 Canada. Although UtUe In 
■2 S,KT have proved themeelTes the taUestklndotcarda. 
z' —111. t.i> nhsrontArliUn med«8tv. adTartlBes thai 

ihiSmalleat p^lr In the world, male and female, anif when Com. 
SJflXFoote sWto ont on hli neit tour through the 8Ut«4 and 
£SuSttho.wlllbBaooompanledby iVsmaUest woman In.the 
SSSd^fi^ by far.emSferthan either of the Hiss Warrens, 

•^SSanK. Dodge Mid William Hayward are announced io con- 
Jhmm ftUow«:-BrooWlne, Btase . AprU IstgNewton Corner, 
jlJS, 8d; Oharlestown, Mass., 4th; Boston, qn FastDay eyentng. 

AMATBDIU' ... , , 

■' thk BVBI05 DBAiuno AnsocuTiott,' On the' 26th nit:, gave a 
«ntcUas entertolDmant at the Honiton street Bandbox. In our 
but Issue, we briefly alluded to this ohib . In an article bearing 
noon the proprleton of Drvnatio HtU, who. It was alleged, 
tSuM to lease their hall to English Dramatlo Sooletles. We 
MW learn that the proprietors do not exclude all English Clubs, 
hat lease tbe place to any club of respectability. The question 
go_ 15. Have we Dramatlo Associations in our midst that are 
act respeotable ? If there are nnv, "who are they?" The Hall 
to be erected by the Burton Olnb la to be the result of a sab. 
lotlptlon' among' the friends of the Drama, and already two 
hnnoied names— aonnd ones, too— hare adorned the list. It Is 
sr«>umed the new hall wUl be completed In the course of '< fbw 
months. The performance of the Burtonlans on the occasion 
referred to aboTe, was of a pleasing character, the programme 
embraolog the play ui ••Bfchelleu" and the ihree of "Ao^h 
Dlamonl.^' As the Cardinal, Mr. 1. B. Ward displayed more 
'than ordinary ablll^, his rendition of the ohariMler, In.alllla 
euenUols, being one tbatadded new honors to the amateur et^, 
Ur. Ward's "Othello," on i previous nlgh^ was oonsldered an 
excellent piece of acting, bntoompared wllh his Dulie Cardinal, 
ilk'fUlB In. the shade. The part of Bamdks was represented by 
Bd. Ksene; of the Keene Brothers,' with good effect. Tbia prom- 
Islsgyoung Thespian mnat throw off hli bablt of ranting. Lung 
exerclBe Is not neceasary now-a-days, Ed, As Mauprat, Jimmy 
Button, who was laborlDg nnder a throat affection, did exceed- 
laAly well. Jimmy loolcs well after' campaigning It eighteen 
DODths "down In Dixie," as a Captain In the Fifth Conn. 'Vols. 
Tnt Wlltenberg appeared ns Josepbi Ur. Wallace as Louis, Ur. 
DeEalalgne as Huget, end Ur. Qordon as Oaston. The Beringhen 
of Ur. f ewlch wae Tery fine. UIss Bawthomo made a splendid 
Francois. Ulss Caldwell, at Jolla Detiortemor, was unequal to 
^the port, Ther^ wu too much affectation In the lady. Tbe farce 
wonteffeieoedlngly well, with Ur. Cordon as "Cousin Joe." .' 
' It Wllkea'Barre, Fa;, they have started an' amate'ur company, 
which gave its third performance on the 20th nit A correspon. 
' dent woo wlthossod ft, says:— The pieces wore the "Jealons Hus- 
band," "Nature vs Philosophy," and "Box and Cox." Ur. Ton 
Uns as PetUbone, Ur. 0. B. Uetazer as Fathom, and Uaster 

. Both as Mrs'. FetUbone, did remarkably well ; also Ur. Joe Fat- 
ton, and Levi, and Uoiter Crawford, In. "Nature ts Phllouophy." 

. Corporal 0lap8addle«5 Cox, Ur. Bmltb as Box, end Ussier Craw, 
ford as Bouncer, would have been no discredit to some of your 
large theatres. Corporal Olapaaddn, with a little more expe- 
rience, would make a pret^ fair oomodlon. The company In- 
lan(l making It a permanent Ihlog, and are to give performances 
about ^ery week for the benefit of soldlere' families and the sol- 
..dlers'.aldaooletlefe.wldchlthlnkiBaTerygoodidw., . .- , ; 

iii;.Iha.-Aqioa>.Tayloi Amatanre'*. td-. U i mtrM i'. tiia/ttiiit at 

^' .BW^Tentvra HoU oa St. PatMok's i>laht,glTli ' - 

' Filrmer" and "Paindeen CBofferty." / . ' 

The amateurs at £lmli*, N.'T., gavo averfohdance on tbe Sltti 
UtoA, andhadagool pAylnghonsa. Hickory Harrison took ^ 
' hand In at "Love's Sacnflco." . j 

The meatloy Dramatlo Asaoctatlen, PhlUdelphlo, 'played 
'(The Uerchant and Hie Seven Clerks," and ''Ben. Bolt," ou 
March 2Eth. Mr, Comber played the leodlngioharacten in each 
piece in good style, ______ , 


'■' Tbe loyid' marriage was the all-absorbing topla In England^ 
and thouaands of people were dally pouring into London loses 
tbe grand procession and other ceremonlos connected with the 
great event The theatres were benefited by the influx, and Ih^ 
'ehow people generally were profiting by the loosenese wllh whioh 
Oh young folks ttom the country were "squandering" ' thel ' 
change, Everybody and everything was on the loose, and w 1 
presimo that fifty thousonij happy coaples have followed' the 
bright example set them by the "Hope of England" and the 
"Pride of Denmark.". I 
Our little PattI was meeting with Immense Buooess In Vienna, 
one cf her greatest triumphs being In Somnambnls. ' A portrai 
of PattI, paTnlod for tlie Emprese Eagenle, by Wlnterhalter, was 
being exblbltcd iu the saloon 6f the Oarl Theatre, fcr the benefit 
■By thla time, Mr. Bothem has terminated, for the present, blk 

"(ilnordlnary portraiture gf Lord Dundreaiy, which, on the lUh 
of Uireh, reached Its three hundred aild .seventy-fifth represen- 
'tatlon. ^Ir. Bothem nextlntroduoeri Oar Amerioaa Ooutln to 

- theprovlnotals. 

"lUe Gennine Amerloan Mo," Uert Sexton, W. Howard, an I 

I4)ave Baymond, were performing at the Bah UoaloBall, liajidoii.: 

. We can place the Bexton, butwemtiat have forgotten the other 

.'rtwo "genuine Americais." ' 

r Pyne and Harrison's English Opera Sbaaon was aimounoed to 
terminate In London o'u tbe llet Uarelk Uany will pine for tbie 
return of these Bngllslt birds of song. - ' > ■■ . > ' | 

Miss Ettle 'Henaereon' oontlnned.;beT' eogaaenent at the 

■-'Btlndard, London, at last advioes,' supported by J. B;'Howe; ' : 
Oreat preparations were made to celebrate iba "wedding 
day," at the Crystal Palace. The performanoes wero to com. 

''^aianoe at noon of the 10th. At doak;. a .grand tonh- light ^ri^ 
I '•'eisilon would movo through the walks and terraoee, twelve. 
hinOredof thomllllary tailing part, and beorlng torches.' Oh 

.'^'leachlDgtho groat bonfire. In theoehtte walk, all the jWrches 

'''mold be hurled Into the fire. u,. ■ :. ' 

<>' ..A'momber of the Dllettnntl Theatre, In Eremsmnnster, Aa|. 
.Wa, recently folkdead on the atage, In a few mlnaletf attet oak' 

' lug her appearance. QLe was known as Fnnlsln Dstsoher, and' 
was for many years oonnooted with the theatre. Twen^.one' 
0|ithoUo.priostsoinoIatedathertaneralB61emnltIes. > 
Theprlnco of Wales, the Crown Piinoess of Prassls, and the 
Orown Prinoo of Prussia, attended the Haymarket Theatr6, 
London, on the Sth of Uarch.' ' V - 

^ '.federals and Oonfederatea" {s the title of a new eqt^lati i- 
bent ^ven In London by Ur. Henry Dravton, who has bertt 
Mslsted in the musical portion of the work by Henry BusseU. ' . 
Joseph Bmedley, formerly manager of a theatrical olreolt In 

..uncolnshlt*, eto., Bigland, died on the 1st of his aoth 

■ year. 

"Burning to Death;* was the subject of a leotare being 'dellf- 
tred In London by Profeasor Pepper ; one might almost fancy it 
i'.tobf^E. M.Pepperj''toJadBiabythohotBatiijeot' ,{ 
t: /. in lotrasa of the Paris Odeon has recovered 1,000 francs duU' 
igesiu an action forlltael against two dramat(o critics belonglt 
. I'iM the Op<n(ofi IfaUnnale, who have been fined, moreover, for ni. 
..'jmaerllag her reply to the critlqu^ In which an unwarrantable 
'y. nbtTty was taken with her name and fame. It may be stated 
i-. 'bare that, with the view of avoiding prosecutions for libel, the 
: nesch hiws give any person who la attacked In aJoursal,,the 
' " light of replying thereto In tbe pnblloaUon Itself, tbe Insertion 
'efthe reply behig coneldered suOlolent redreas. The aqjustlfi- 
' ablf rofDsal of Insertion is punishable by s fine, and is, of course, 

»B»6gravaUoncf the offence. '•,. - ;' .' . \ 

■■■ I A vocalist, named Mni. Hlllaiy, formerly UUa ITatteiL died at 
;:01aigoWjOnihoaiBtreu. _^ ■■ ■ ■ .. ■. •.' . ^ . ., ; 
, ..>Hr, F. Uoyd, comedian at the Thestro Boyal, Utho^esier,blB 
.'I :. batn ingaged by Ur. BouolonuU for his London theatre, . 
,*,-: j.lhe sew Theatre Hoyal, Bath, -was opanjd on.fc^jth if 
): .'luioh. The programme comprised "A HIdiummer sight's 
f :,Bi«aiii," "UsRlago at Any Prioo,"and aundry oddteases, ■fhtfu 
li ?* a large attendance, , . . i » iV' -jiji : ' 

, 'as. Anderson was fulfilling an oDgagemonl at (ha Ofty tit 
«R>den Theatre. 1 
i< ;Mr. Qeorge Oookei comedian cf the Olymiilc Theatre, Londobi 
.,: jopmlttad suldde on the eth Uarch, In a fit of l"nanlfr, ckused, 
, it la thought, from losg-oobtlnued lllnest. Ue held high po4I 
, fioat at the Strand and Olymiflo thealrcs for fifteen years. ■ J 
.. Hr«, olark, for many years emplored at the London thiatrea 
>.\,V*'fl">'>« tttatwiMtc, died on tie UTth of Feb,, aged «1, ; v 
i^'/vOa the 10th of UaMh, In Lodden, died Alexander BUltb.'moM 
(Aailllarly oSled "H^P1%" on teoufitof asllghtpiotabtMiba 
'^MblslmshoSdv, W aton^ abort flgiiM. : 9* «u,la t)i» 

•ikt'-" ■ ■'' ■ ' • ' . ' '' " '' 

fifty-fifth jreor of filsagOi'and t£e malady t^o^el lilm^off was 
a~aui'den'.oold,-induoed by the ineletnent west^er. Wehrwis' 
something ronuntic abont the career of poor ,'.'HniBpr<" which, 
with his Uieatriaal assoeUtlotaii entitles hlia to a reeord here. 
The - son of scmebody, but nobody knows who, he was, while a 
mere ohlId,'fast upon bla own resources, In the stnetsof Lon- 
lon, and 'to aavs himself tiin starvation, ioo)( to the seBlng of 
)1ay bills In .the aelghborhooddf DruiyJ'ane Theatre. , . As all 
Sngllsb play goers a^e i\T7are,.theso bills are sold to the "pS|(roDB 
bf the drama' '^t the rate of a penny (two cents) 900^; ocoaalon- 
Uly, yfbm It Is one of the porcelain specimens of humanity that 
is dfcalt with, the prico la considerably higher. P6o> "Humpy" 
was a genius at his trade, and so irrepressible in . his. endeav<irs 
In tlie direction of a Job, that, even when the king or, mor6 te- 
)EentIy, the queen went la state, to the play, he wonld be 6n the 
alert,'splte of the hindrance 'offered by soldiers .and polloemen. 
'Once,' It Is understood, h6 rushed up to King William aod QUoen. 
lAdeUl^e, then on a formal visit to."01d Draiy,V anil handing 
them a bill, was rewarded by the gift cf a eoverelsn. The poor 
'fellow was essentially a character— could talk polities ahd the' 
iOa, and ^aa a capital dramatic critic. He loved porter ''in the 
jllewier. And nulAinl: else," as he was acoiiatomed to observe; and 
.we are gratified to stale, he pasted tho last ton yearaof iils,llfe 
In boniparatlve comfort Poor "Humpy I" He was Worth the 
ireobrd we give blm, 

' On the Slh of Uarch, at Bristol, Endand, died Ulss Faimy 
jTonng, sitter to the late celebrated Urt. Honey, and aunt to Ulss 
.Laura Honey, well known as a talented aotreas in the American 
! theatres. ' Miss Toung was In the thirtlettt year of her age, and. 
made her first sppearance on the atage in IMS, 'H the Theaire 
Boyal, LlverpcoL She then went to Birmingham, where the 
performed with Ur. Uaoready. At a, she w^ 
. engaged, by. the great novella^ Charles Dickens, to travel through' 
EiRlai&d wUh hun, ind to act In the pieces written fbr the'dulld 
of Lltentore.'. Ults ^oung was a very lecompllalied. mnsloian, 
andlt'was WhUs the was attending a party at the house of the 
Mayor of ^ristol,'that she was suddenly seized by. an iUn^ 
from Xthloh she was destined never to recover. 

U. UerviDe; a French actor, more than eighty years of sgetOt^ 
his recent retirement tcom the stage, was presented by the Min- 
ister of State twith on annuity of 1,000 francs, The shm is not 
much but donbtlesa It is very acceptable. 

Several versions of tbe old Scottish story of which Eflle Deant 
was the heroine, ore starting up in England— all more (tr lesa re- 
Bombllhg the parent ttock. , ' , 

Ulss Emma Stanley (who has secured the services of Vr. 
W. 'Odrbyn as s'gent) was glvlng'thie "Seven Ages of Woman" 
In the English countler. She had already completed an en^o^e- 
me^t of twenly-fonr nights at Birmingham, and was "np" for a 
number of towns; trhers thepopniar orypromlted to be uke that 
of tl)f glllantheroof Floddenfleld— "On; Stanley, onl'.' ' 

Ur. and Un. Charles Eeeae, after a sucossfbl 'bngagemMit at 
the Prince's Theatre, OlasgOw, had announced' themuBelves for a 
aeries of readings at the City Hall, In the same place. 

Ira Aldridge, the "African Ilosclns,"ls in Lohdon, Just re- 
burned fhim his foreign tour. He Is re-engaged to appear at 
Uosedw; on the 39d of April, and will act aoon after that ditte, at 
Pnllowa, tbe scene of the famous battle. 

Ulss Bose Howard,'and Ur, H. Watidng (who ore now UUed 
as Ur. ondUrs, H. Watklns) were at the Queen's Theatre, Hull, 

waUett.had been re-engaged at Newsome's Oiroos, Leicester. 


1 llfHii-ll— . 


___~ti* BntoADV AY. • - - 

The only place of Amusement In -Altnerioa hlghUy.'prelstiUnd 
A SrOOE 00UP£Nfrtesip6Md Bx6Idslvely:of;gTAB ABTIBTa' 
Blnce tbe opening of this popular theitre. It has been the Qbut 
pEeisBBATOii of Intolleetaal amusement seekersr' The only es- 
tablishment presenting a .pertomuhos oombiniilg. »U tlle'.httl 
and moat popnlaf'featuea of '.''"'' ' 
OPEBA, ^ i ,:. 

,v 'loi^gXBELST, .' ' ' '. 

DBAUA, ' " ^ ■ .> 

" BtTBtESQUE, ' . . : 
> •' ■-■'' 01UMA8TICS,.«Hl,i'tc 
Week afteur yieek Its popularity hu' increased, while dosens of 
Imitators .(iome^i^lh'old . Ideas, 'eoide''with'newfdeas,'bat tfb 
majority with no ideas at all) havespmiij np' Ilke^mamia In the 
night, and died Jusf^'quloluy. It 'staaim flxmly fixed oa an 

The talent of the world Is at oar coinniaild. 
FIB8T AT • ' • ; 

Never In the history of publlo Amusements hag there been 
seen .apou'Otteatsjge and at one time such a llat of superior art 
Isfaiss are now performing here.' Uaik 
The World-renowned Comedian, Comlo Vocalist and Dancer,> 
prencunced by the Press and the Pnbllo' of Oreat Britain to be 

iat OBxaTZtr ooloo iJttisi of thk 101. 
This opinion h^ been fnlly endorsed by the Public of New Tork. 
nrst week of the •agagemMt'of ' 

,', ';/ - ' : ' ■ 'TONS' PASTOB,' . 
The Qreateat Comic Slngetr, Clown, Jester, and Bnrlesqne Orator 
of thbtga: ..' . 
'-•.' ri,^' ..J T. L. DONNELLT, 

The greatest Iriah Oomedlan of the day. 
The Americkn-fttvorite.' TheQ neen of Song. 
' Thsimaster delineator of the "Colored Man." 


The wqrld renowned Negro Comedians, 
In their side splitting acta. ' 1 ' '. "'' 

The socompllshed DtoeiBrs and Vocalists. 
The l>eanUfid Actress and Toeallst >>. .''.. 


Under the direction of the great Ualtie de Ballel ". 

NOTICE.— Nnmerdns Koveltles in . the oobrse of readiness for 
speedy production. (>l-tf 


Oi , BIIOADWAT, " 814 

Oppodte.the BtNlcholiiffoteL 

HENBT WOOD .Sole Proprietor on^UUlsger. 

UONDAT, Uarch 80, and every evening dnring the we^ 

Charley Fox, NelseSeymour, 
' . FrankBrower, / Oool White, .. . , . . 

0. Henry, . . . 0. a, ifockwood, - ;,' , 
J. 'W. Qlenn, H. Sohwlcaidl, 

Jaaaoa Brothers, J. Saratagna, E, HasUm, [J. Lett, K. Le>a(, 
Little Bobby, 4o., as ' ', ' 


. . ' Tax Ozj> Uan>'s LiKEHT,' ." 


Tux Lkim^OT Fbbzdoic, . 
Otbbixo, . . La PsBon Equitoibi,' 

' OUB AVBIOAS ConsiBS, &0. 

Sboia opsnateV: oonunenceatT^li o;o)ock. . Tickets 20 oeatt 


whoae ohaste and elegant performances are nightly' received 
with shoots Of applause and adnuraUbn, accompanied by the 

B.' UAFFITI. . : : . . .' Dlreotor of Am'oaements 

O'NEIL Treasurer 

W. HOLDEN '.; Asent 

COL. OA YEHD IBH...... ,'....:.'; Secretary 

EUaOtEJHEODO^.. . .'.'.'; . . . . : Leader of Orohestra 

O. T. PEBBY. ..'.'. . :'. Principal .0«me(t a Piston 

HEBBBTBATB .' '..'.'.: '.'....:..';.'.Plai)lst 

' ..^ . ..... . BIBa KATHLEEN CNBIL, ' 

'. UIS3IDAB0S8,.. , 

U. AiWABD, C BHtLTZ, ', : 

• .- , '• , ..,'.', '.LA- LBNTON., ."::',.'.. '' 

The the most talented and versatile tompanylii the 
.TJnltedStates,-efther'as^an(omlmlstsorComedlaiis. 'Qpmmuni- 
catlcns f^'m propriietpitt of Theatres,.A-c., to be '^dressed 
61;3l» , . 'K . QUEEN, Otoe of New "York Clipper. 

I'eVlUEL l^DIQa 




p. M. HOO LEY Bole Proprligtor. 

' E. B0WZB8 Director of Ammomenta, 

T. B.- PBENDEBOABT. ... .Vocal Director. 

'Prot B TRAUB ., Instrumental Dlreeior. ' 

MONDAY EVENINO, UABOH SO; and during Ihe weak. 
First week otthe great Uoral Drama of ' . 


The Stranger E. Bowers. I Un. Ha]let....Arohy Eogbes. 

^Lastweek cf the cABTE DE:7IBITE.' ... 
Hntweekof thq inimitable ABCBY EUGE^ . ' - ; 

In ain entiiely new Dante, 

J.. mtniH*:|4.newB#J)Jdflplo*'.'' •-•^' ■^'^-'■r - 
. nrstireeh^oir^' •''.• 

' The DmsE, aitD'BzoosaiLiaiio)^. ■ 
New Songs, Aote, Dahces,'PlantatloB'Scenes, so,, bt. 
Doors open at eki ' to oommenoe at 7X. 

nokeU as oanta. . Private Boxes $3. II- 


'Sole Proprietor UB. J, W. UNOAKP. 

First night of the new Spectacular Drama of ' ' 

■ oa, •• - ' 

MB. a. 0. BONIPAOB. . i as ................. ; 

UBS. W. e. JONES*...... 

. New Scenery, New Effects.. 
' The Piece of 


MR. O. 0.. Boniface as. '. ^..Jatmj Dlddler. 

Second time of the 

With the whole strength of the Company. SI- 

HIBIjb'B'OAiUDBII>"^. ' .'. . ' '.. t.,m' 
Lessee and Uanager.... ..... .....WK. WHEATISY. 

Engagement of MATILDA HEBON,. for allmlted period, and 
re-produoHonofthe OreatPljayofthe Age, ' ' 
, ' EDITH,- . ■. . . 

, . ObI TBI EaBti's'DAVOHiEa, .... , 

Dnmatlied fitemf£n. 'Wood's novel of ' 

BAST LYNNE, ■ ' ■ 
By BenJ,' B Wolf, Esq.', of Beaton, which, when oHglBdly pr«- 
sehfed'Mme tl^e iliontiis'klnce at this Theatre; met wlth'i^'inio- 
cess whlfh stomped. ' 

• '^ UATILDA HEBON ^ . . . 

' 'AB'Tbb FiBsi.AotBBas OF Aumoi. ' ' 

pronounoM by the 

As folly equal to hex great rendition of CAUIUiE,' and em- 
.odylng In Its phasea' one of the grandest Ideas ever given (0 
the worid In the history of true repontanCe/ . . . 
. . New Soonery, I^resses snd Appointments, 

• t.. !: 1 Aim THB 

' Yet given this Drama In any part of the country, 
. . UONDAY Uaroh 30, and every evening, 
Will be performed the Great Drama of ' ",■ ' 


Lady Edith.,.. .'...... 1. .'...'.■-.. UATILDA HEBON. 

: And apowerfsLotatofChanoters, <• .: 
^ta aeoured three days In advance. 
., , Bqx Book open fMm 8 a.m. to 1p.m. . 

Doois open ai 7,' to comtifence a qoirter befbre B o%lock.. . 


Hob Joft cpnoluded a highly BUoeesafUl Engagement «t 
\ . ■ 'TEN WEBBS ^ 

■ At the Vront atreet.Thealie, fiatUmore. 
Hergteatrepreaentatlonof. ■ ■ 
. Kept the boards for . ' v 
She win commence at ■ -v ;„_„_-. ,^ 

. . piES'B OPERA HOUSE, omraiNNAn,. ; 

• .' On Monday, Starch 
Which will bo proflBoed In a style of splendor Md magnlflwmAi , 


ISP^S^^SP'^^^''''*^* ^9*^^ «' tbe second match at 
blUlart8j.0tf0.pfllnfew, caroms, fpr$100a side, played at Chris. 
Connor's saloon In Union Square, on one of MoUn'a iMu, ' 
dn UonJiy, thea845lt., wasSrat published In' theOiiriWM 
'"L??*^9?*>4ySi&!'^ ^?i''*«*«w would like toMe4efig> 
prtf,' we h.*etl<e«ie6i- Bjr a reference thereto, it wlU be sitfe"? 
ttat Deery^tjtteO oil. wllh ;qiilU a good lead, belug''abbtle'89 
tOtafB ahead it the 2M Jntogi; but wta brought back to tar Iw. ) 
Mdthwaltftnu]dnga,niw,of"7» athlt next Inm, On the 28* 
innings .they ^ero m^btly .*Mn., , Aftorwarfli, the flame fluctn- 
4tofr,'notronbilnd - then the.litMr belni ahead up to the ^ 
shot, when OoldtbwAltotooV the feod and mtlnlolned it to the 
tnd, winning even'taoUir 1>/'Bbout 260 points. Voiy fewhlah 
counts were made, tlibee for 'Deery being 38, 4i. 40i 36. and fi- 
ler aoldthwalte.'89,7A 30, 81/ 65, .60, 89, 43, 85, and «; Theavl 
prages wort' for Deery, 8,¥rfiir 'aoldlhwallc,liu, ThA'sainfr ^ 
Was a siow'one. Indeed, and very nnlntereaUng to lookeri)-en in' ' 
I7enice who bod no'nlckels InvettM.'ss moy be judged by the''- 
£giire^ and the length of time (8 hours 13 mlnutet) 'takjn to 
Von one thousand polAls; or at the ra^f 0/ throe games of' lOO". 
points 'per hour— about the time taken 'by avomga amateur 
players. This shows that playing for money and playing for fan ~ 
are two different things. When the formerls at. ataie; great 
caution Is observed, and as much care btktn to prevent anod- 
.vorsary ftom counting, as Iq trying to Inoreasaone'e own points. 
This match, and this gome In parooular, wlU.oooI off somewhat 
.dcubtlest, the ardor and enthusiasm evinced:' to the fricnde of 
Ooldthwatte, who bave let it downasasurethjoff.for Mm to.' 
'win In his forthcoming encounter with : Kavanadi, becaoeo of 
bis late marvdous runs In playing for fun.- QejuOB .Into that 
f^ame of mind that sote down as olroady acoompUflhed, that 
which wo are only about to attempt. Is aoJlocy, uA'otten r^ 
suits in follore, OS well as- great lots of "pewtsT.^rUQole Bam 
has found.that out-in bis game of Iron and lead .MQ'inth Jeff 
Davls&OO/ Deery. has hsd tho some experience: 'wtth -flold- 
thwolte, and Ooldthwoite will find thesameniare'B Beit^jf, by 
tbe flattery and enthusiasm of his friends, he fUts into (iHrsame 
deceptive state of mind. Olve your opponent in alt oases, fhll 
credit for his abilities, snd then go In plucklly. to defeirtlillB', 
and victory .will more often be aeoured thou when the atttopt 
the caae is a^vBbove stated. -When Kavtnagh and Gtoldthwute 
do.pjay, we. hope thev will give at btUlUnt apeclnlens of thdc 
sUU as they are capable of, to the end that bllUardi mayflour*. 
iah,and their own reputation be subserved. A lively, brilliant 
gme,of .billiards Jb interesting and attractive to the fepedtatdtr; 
he oixMlte is a bore, as was pretty generally remarked by, tboM 
who witnessed the one of which the score Is here'bppended:— 


.'I ■•-'.■,'; " -1 GRAND (JALA WEEK, 

r". ,,' Oommtnclng. ' 
, . IgA^JXB UOMp^Y, APRIL .0. 
Mr. and Ure, 
" - BAbNSY.WIUMUS . , 
yespectfuBy announce four perfbrmances, to take place at the 
Apofemyof'Uualo, on' 




, .• '. ':: 'AptllO,'8,0 andio, - i; ;.....:.'.'' .s. . 

'on which ocoaalgnt.' they , will, WPpear In jevccal«i Ahelr most; 
pojjniat.^ ■ . ■ ;:j"::ii-"'{i;';v'v>.c:.'>v''." ■ " . . ■! 
*?^;K:';?" '-v/i'^DBiMAfl : ■ 

-«'.'.'.-..',AK»!. :.'■ "■ ': ' 
. " , '.v.- •» '. ' ■. .FABOEa 
assisted hy a ocapany Of ^'talenlad artistes; aelectel from the 
metropollbn theabe8,v 

OO^DTBWanX.' : 



^ SEIBi; ' 



Count. Total. 

1.. 4v 

.-•4 . ' 

• :0.. 

.. 0 

46.. 2... 

.872 ' 



2.. 0.. 

. 4 

., 10.. 


40.. 1... 




8.. 7.. 

. 11 


.. 16 

47,. 3... 





. SI 

. . .8.. 

.. 19 

48.. 2... 


. 8... 


6.. 4.. 

. .2S : ■ 

' a.. 

.. ai 

49.. 0... 


... :t... 


8.. a.. 

. 27 


.. ai, 

60.. 2... 





. 60 

: . 0.'. 

61.. 8... 

388 ^ 



8.. «.. 

.. ge 



69.. 3... 


' . U... 

. 46fe 

>.. 1.. 

.. 67 



68.. 18... 

. 404 


. 47» 

10.. a.. 

.. 69 


. . ,81 

64.. 6... 

. 409 

. 23... 

. 496. 





.. 70 

. 496 



12., 8.. 

0 , 

.. 70 

. 436 


. 683. 

13.. 0.. 




67.. 16... 

. 460 



14.. 0.. 



.. 84 

68.. 8... 



. 6S& 




.. 8T 

69.. 0... 

. 463 

. 2.., 


16.. C. 

.144 ' 

. 16.. 

■ .I93 



-. .19... 

. 668 

IT.. ,0.. 

.lU' ' 

. 0.. 




, 0.. 

. 666 




62... 9... 


; 0.. 


19.. 8.. 




. 607 . 

.... 12..- 


20..: 0.. 

.187 , 



64.. a... 

. 609 

. 0.., 


21.. "4.. 




G6.. 0... 

. 60i 


i nt 

22.. n.. 




86.. 1... 


. 678 

28.. 0.. 


1 72.. 



. 621 

>.• Iff.;, 

. 600 

24.. 8.. 

' T., 


68.. 9..: 

. 630 

. .-18..-. 

. 608 

21.. a.. 




.89.. 7,;.. 

. esg 


. 6«t 

26.. la.. 

., 2.'. 


.70.. 4... 

. 641. 


. 70» 






'' 1. 0..'. 

. 70» 

28.. 0.. 

','244 ■ 



Ta^. 8... 

. 668.,-. 

;;. aa... 

. 726 

29., 5.. 

..240 ■: 



T3.. 0... 
74.. 12... 

. era ^ 


. 768 

80.. 6.. 




. 684' - 

'. '. 86.4. 


81.. 2.. 


■ 1.. 


76.. 28... 

. 613 . 

1 ' .' 0.;. 

. 868 





76.. 1... 

. 013 



8$.i 0.. 

.aro , 

. 8.. 



. 629 . 


34.. 8.. 




78.. 0... 

. 629 


: 923 

86.. IT.. 





. 070 



86.. 30.. 


.' 0.. 


80.. 26... 



. 968 

87.'. 8.-. 





. 700 . 


. 966 





82.. 6... 

. 711; 

. 17.. 


30.. 6.. 




83.. 14... 

. 720 


. 976 

40.. a.. 

..848 . 



81.. '9... 


:.■ ','.. 7.. 

. gB» 

41.. 0.. 




86.. 6... 

. 740 


. 986 


.'^862 . . 



86., 2... 

. T49.' 

. . 4:. 

' .' 990 

43.. 8.. 




87„ 9... 

. 101 



4i.. a.. 




BtDIiLHl 0/l|(BVn>— 

, ■\i ..She BnsJnass. Agent of this great Artiste Is . -. 
■ . .. ' ." " ■ MB. P. BUIXUASr, 
To vfbom. ^ communlcatlpnS' mtist be .sddressed, at hils 
Unalcali Dramatic, and Tanaiohorean Agenoy; 
, : - 63 East Ulh streeti^ 
61< ' comer of Union Square and 4lhA'Vbnae. 


Anm A GBiio) TouB nt AustBALu ■ ... . , 

. ' Ain> OTHEB PLaOEfl^ 

AiesowtnUlltaijg&igsgementsln'the ' 

J ,,',^r,,-ir,r!-r'^^.-j-.-.-j.v-^XLrO'l>J..H ?S? ?",^^?^*'^' 

>~'iii6viio TOP 'OAX vABSi ' " = """"'"^ 


Sixty feet In diameter and In good order. Will be sold chesp 
as the owner has no uBe'for It not being in tbe obicuB business. 
Address, box loa, Httsbnrgh, Pa. y '' . .01 

68 East i4th street cor. -Union Square and 4th Avenae, N. Y. 

None ,but FBST CLASS ABTIST8,. and thoiioaahly responsi- 
ble Uanagementsiiegotlated with. All letters and applioaUons 
must endoso a stamp for reply. Terms will be forwarded when 
rotuested. .'/. ,' ' . _ . .. . 61. 

Wanted, IfiimSdlatAly.for the above theatre; A.FIBBT OLABS 
Leading Jnvenlla'tnd.Llght'Oomedy Lady. Pasaogie. advanced. 
No ANNA LEAVERINOS need apply. Address J, CONNOB It 
00., Agents; «l4K'Broadwsy.. 

All the nf w'SongB and Sketches, procnnSd and written to 
order at this office. Theatrical Wardmbe and Scenery bOuf''^ 
and acid. JAB. OONNEB tt Co., Agents, . 6!-li 

MDbLB ANRBTTA'OAliBlTTI.— This tparkllDgly.bra' 
Uant Premiere DafleeUte. having Oobopletedlt nioaDsneoessfole;!' 

0imontat I^lblo'aG^eil.'BppBars for' two weeks In Graiid 
ot at' the' BbBton Academy of 'UuBio, 'commencing Uonday, 
evening, Uatoh'30;'aftorwbloh'ahe'^'elther remain to a^-^-* 
with Uoretiek's Italian Opera Company there, or return to ' 

A brllllaut engagement proffered her In New York. 


— and Bare Article, send 26 oeniS'to . . 

, J. B. EING, 167 WWlam street, N.Y. 


I Sent post paid, for 26 cents plain, and 60 cents colored, by» _ , . • • .'.' . ' ' '.. J. X OOK,N. Y.. 


BIRin GO BRAOH. * '„.^ 

ATTBNnOH, IBlBHUBf.:_ . • 
Change of Bdaneij and Bongs ttlsWiet 


A TOUR in'Ibhla: 


« Commenolns at 8 o'clock every mnltag.^ 
The magnlfloent Scenery of UM^rthjurfWejt togjtterw^^ 
WblSiTwioWow, and aU the Prinolpal OIUM wf-Uo^^jrth add 
.Intorior of Ireland, Dluetfaled flfom the Irish 

'i EBm'fl OlFTBn DAUdBTEBS,: tho Z^' ' _ ' 

, ' 10B8E8 KATE, UARIB, and THEBE8A MAO BVOY, ' 
''/Alio, by the Popular yonffg Vocalist ■ ' _ 

■ Who will tepreBant __ . ^' " 

jr ^^ ^ ....... i. . J .ioHABLBB UAO , SyOY, 

...... . Admlas ipn 98 cento; ( 


7.:t'~r[K-y.-; i- v^ ;': ■•■! '. ■- , .,.,>, 

k ., ,. . : ■' V' - ■••;:•>'':,.).■ il'k'-:. rW- .''■■'• ' "' ''■ 

GABD RHOTOQBAPHSot Hogarth's celebrated Plo- 
tnres ot BEFORE and AFTBB, 36 ots^sch.;: Alto, his design 
Ibr the Ud of * SNUFF BOX. Price 26 cents eabb, and tent post 
Sid. b " ' ■ J. W. COE.H, >, : ei-lt» 

T OVil^Arli'iL-MQbB.— Citologiiea of Book*,^,, Bont 
il 'J nobn'toBllcatlbn. . ««»i.>«o 

■ 61.8nL«i, 

.06 DnAne.l>treet,Kew York, 

'VX 'iTBNiriOlt I— BPOBTEBS l-Bond for dn^ of those 
j\ , aocorately wrought Card Impressions from Life; they ar^ 
:{nit the thin g to adom a Gent's or Sporting Uan's Album. Price 
iS wnto.^MUieas HStUBY BANDaSI, uLbury, Uoas. 61-lt* 

JiDOpV/ complete for traveling, and '^^jg'^p'gj^^io ™' 


Sa Spring street. New 

^( ■ 

A BM8 FOB QBNTLBMEN.— Most Pleasing and Oi>' 
.I t rious. For porUoulars.send for deacripHvo llsl. Addrota 
hSaSuS uxVAohae'' P'*'»> PhUadelpbla, pa. 

ISSeie O. O. BSBStt North Blaflbrd, N. H. • 61-41*; 

•OlilPPBIK-BnADBS, No. 40 EAST . ^ , 

■r.?^^M..u'V->'.'-^rH 'r".iM".;.. ..;! . ; :/f;:K ■':!:•. ' 

'".:i.ll:l'v:.:W^, '.-'.■ ;';i^ '*M'J • ,••'.''.''. :.' '^; 

I, IMprieion, 

Biuuss BtiiB OS A Tona.— Uestre. PheIan,'~Eavtnagh, an* 
Qoldthwalte are on a missionary tour fbr the dlstemmatian of 
blUIord knowledge. Latt week they put .in at Philadelphia, tn'A 
gave two exhibitions at Bansom' Street Ball, the last one bn'tha 
evening of Uateh.'ar. aV which 'Were'-pnijent s'ttnmber of Ih* '. 
fair sex. Uestre. Eatephe and savanagh first played a gome at - . 
three ball Fitnoh caroms,' for^ points np, which the.latter won, 
A'guiie of 600'polnts"^ ktOti American fonr ball etfoih 'guns, 
between tho two famous young phtyers, Esvahigb and aoIa> 
Ihwaite, was next In order, which the latter' won, after having 
made runs of 137 and 139. The veteran .Phelan and Ur. Chris. 
Bird then essayed to wield the cue,for alltUe game of 160 
pclols, which Ur. Bird sucoeoded In scoring. The stars will 
twinkle In Baltimore and Washington this week,' sad those who 
ore lucky enough to set a sight at their way of keeping^ the balla 
moving, will aiBuredly see stars. . . 


"'Wa STIIili XTVPL"— HABE^ HIIiL'S Saloon, on Honi^ 
ton street^ enjoys the popmar patronage to an anparallsied d»> 
gree. i The tram Is, Harry is a capital fbllow, land a mostredotks 
caterer, andhence bis almost unprecedented pepularity.' 'We ad* 
viae all who dealfe -tb spend a sobtal and dollghtfal evening t* 
-visit his admirably conducted Bestaurant and Saloon.' :36-8m* 


THBI, BT. NICHOLAS BOWIiUVQ taobir, No. 686 

iBroodwaV, (under the Prescott House,) is the ohiyperfeot TEN 
PIN SALOON In New York, The Uonoger ^r.thlrteon years 
bod charge of the Bowllna Boom at the Astor Honae. ,WlneB» 
Liquors; and Cigars «f the best quality. . ' . . ' 
. 4Q-tf . .. . POE'GALLAOHEB, Propdelor; 

ThX "FaBITCT OdBB'S" OoitPLDIEtlTAnT S^ASBSia'^imm.^ 
In retponse to our f coll for voltmteeri" laat weUi to vote for the 
eccentric Johnny Aafoii,' h' whUe'etringoftl^ rl^tsort dropped 
In, with "I've pome to' liAVe'my tasme tp'spor forJbhnnyAaron." 
The nam(i«, indeed; 'Ae^&'M' n'llinerbUs.Uiatwe bad'.to stop the 
rush, and tnwt, to tMt tbetn' AU On the sam'e' fcpUng, badethem <. 
show thel^ 'gbod-lbolailR' fkCes-^st' Mozart Hall .niit. Thursday. 
BeVerAl dlstlngulshdd'nioahkVe'taken groat Intorestln this aflUr ' 
for ovarlety. of reasbnb^.^6 gbntlemon alone taking GIO worth~< 
of t^kets— and we AbtieipAle a perfect Jam tor the. Peifict Core. . 
If Johnny's sel-to 'wtth Barifey ASirbn isn't worth' fU^y qents^wa ; 
are ho Judges, that'e'aB. ' U&y boiera who have not appeared^ 
for years will step out and doa the buckskin for' this 'bight only. 
Old Tovde will probably pUt 'em on with some of tho youngsters 
"In tights,", is a special Indication of what ho thinks ^bout 
Johnny Aaron, Altogether there promised to be a Jolly ffms of 
It Bemember, it comos off at Uomt. Hall, 060. Broadway, on. 
TbuMay oveouig: April 2nd, Cnr^s of admlstlon 60 cents, - 1» 
bo bad at edl tpcrtingiiousot, bt tho door, and at the CLars* 

olBee. . .,. ... . J . 

. BENGBirriTa8ioDiok MonoAH.--BEK WAins Aiioii^ BBfc 
ATDicK.^aour paper of Uafoh 14 'appeared a ^hollenge.'fiom 
' Uorgan, In which It la promised 'that If Orlt^ths will accept^ jie 
'Will piit'up.)t0a4ad(9p68lt right avray./Uerb'ls QrUaths's re* 
JoinoOT;— ' . I ' .'j 

' .' ' PomviLLE, Pa., Uarch 31, 

vEniroB OtiPTEB— Inreplyto the overanxious BlohardMor-. 
gu, alias Dick Daley, t bog to statb thatl'am.reody to mee,t him 
anywhere between Potttvllle and Philadelphia, for tODO a side, 
' but no inbre : neither will I flght for lest. ' If Sick will .aendhia 
brag deposit to the old stakeholder, I will meet him at Topi wU* 
Iluns's, Cambrian House; lUtlroad atroet Po^vlUe, fo .dr^ 
articles. I also give him tbe privilege of ntmhig, bi s o#n tlj ne 
after thei first dcqposlt Is up. . Behi. OBnrnTHa 

jnon EtxioiT oKn Jm Dbim Ma'tobbo xo Robt,— The . 
friends of these two youog snd talented athlotes aretomeet 
this evening (Uarch 80) at 308 Centre street, to put np a deposit 
and draw up articles for a "go',' in the P. B. It will be for either 
f300 or $600, and catch weight proljably, ','..' - 

WHoNsxxf—nie wise men of Great Britain are 'sorely' ptiz* 
sled about the Unknown about to fight Usee. -FiiiBt off they nad 
It Oobum, then UeObole; then Jim Heenan, and' now they say' 
that Nod Price Is the men I Thn next we suppoto; will: be.onr 
Cabin Boy, (who has hod one miff with Mace already) tn4: not 
will obme about as near as aiiyoftham. We beUerS the Un> . 
known to bo a "dummy." -If such turns out not tb'a MMj'we 
ahall boogrooably surprised, and acknowledge the ooriiwi.ui a' 
goodgraco.' . •■■' ' ■. ''' '' 

•' rirOBie JOB TiiB PnxsxjiT.'ffisi.-rOn TnesdM'/iWiT"*''^?' 
match, far 1200, bctweeo Lieut Aln^worth anl'wtt»''t'*V.jJ' 
Wedoetdey, Oon Orbm't eparrlnglevoo, and oiW^nOVif'"^ 
nvAaron's complimentary benefit' All to l«L*<"l'ASFSS ' 
1^1, and aU 60 cents a fidiet '.'You ptyi year money and take* . 
^nr'efaolce."' " ' .'■ ' ; '-; .' 

Gaasi's Nroas, ik BaooRLtK.-^ohanr drMy, tho tailor boy,.. 
InleXharinS^ wWblUoh SffiSu«'ff<iJ ^.^"'^^^^ 
Ing, April 7ta. The wind-up V|iU be a gntttton oncountar 
.tweenuike N<JA n ahd Johnriy Gpiyr ' - 


tween ueut'Ainiisworth and 
Js fixed to:ecmo;oSt&ls'evi 
Broadway.'i'Hiii's- match 1 
about thrt<.lr*«kaihwt daW 






w. w. B^rookB, 

l *'^'^, 8. POWLKB, 
. t. MOB MBOM, 

„ of a» JbUowlBg »alenf*d A^tllti^ 



lUBT. BtTBHBipXi , 

, on -Mil 

Xlokeb U otnta, 


',>.''i':J.< JOB UOBBII 

T sV £ >W."PHBBOOTr. 
• : 7. JL GIIiBEBT; 


:;..',->>.>,/.!;■ .y . otSu house, bobxon, mabs. 

i ^VDAY svESisa, kva^a^ „^ 

BBOtSbbS, PELL fc TBOTOBTOOEJ ipMBT?BMl'^, B^Qn^,,,,^ 

. B, VBEDEBIOKBi '' ' ' ' 
•' I J. Ji' WEUUSD; " • 

s^^/i^ro^Tn=80HSB^)KB, ■ i-- A.;zwm^mi__. 

i; ,1 ^"w. BOABDMAir. , - "^ff^^^^^.tMn 

/.^.^TTi 7 • . . PBOZEBSIOH. •■ 

B«inxii-ottliafkr-f^ediiid«(nU'%ldticiioimed .. - 
IV; , . SUPBEZ & OEEEirS ■' • '• 

.;..i.'OBi<mtui SKW Oaiaim fc-MrraopoLiTij ^ 

.i;.C ; ■ •- ■ '■ -Alio, . ■ '■' ■ ; 

I- J . ~ OOH- FOOT and' OOL.. SMALL, _ ■ . . , 
Vi^ two Malleat men In the viiirU, ontdoliig Tom Thmno twatt- 
tJiflTOp*i:omt. Tttte M** year* old, weigh M pojindi «»oh,, 
Udos&inin(ihea'UMi,'*dmltt«d to bs the gieetest oniloslty 
«rer tnoiiiht botoie' the- publlo. Xherajp*" I" M dlffanent 
(Ut. WtSiatJ aminged for ihem. ' Jart fiom New Orleans and 
ttHtniab'tiie Idand of Ontn, where they i&et with noUmlted buo- 
imd<Waie leeelTod nl^tl^' with toan of langhtor and ahonta. I 
Bf iindattM. ' ' ■• • . • • • '. 

.C--.6fiig»Manager;.\ .J. B^OraEN. 

rfifiaierof Braei Bend.;. 0. LATm.J|, 

• MlMoitoallMreotbr. ••••••••'v'">---"""Ji5?5|' 

Tooal Director. ... ...... . . .... .0. BIOBATIX. ■ , 

!i'l!ha ebmpany la compoeed of .the foUo^g elghtetm AitlsUo I 
'ttdBriUant >■ ■■■ ' li.' - .^ .-i^;'" . 

"7^ - : / • 'BAH BHABPLBTB MiEHBTBKIfil- ■ ; : 
I... ;i»BA88 BAUD.. 

THB HOlOTOBS.Or MWerWEUT, . - . ■ ; 

Ai« now naetug wUh . . . I , . : 

In aU tlM WMtem OWm, 
Ontbelridniato _L_ 

^ThtM thqr.iflll apl^ dntlDg the pnient iMMn, 
'"'iiiTtosrona ■' 

OE kEHI^ . ^^^^ 
Inthetantoot-thla i-' : : ■ ■ ■ ■ ,, . i 

-Ajare.OJ ABTIBW . . : 
.1 J-:' i''»lll*«l«nhd .i. . 

Five Original OomedlanSiV 

: • .< ■>/■: Wae.iriilinlana, : _.• 
... .; .,:,;:iv .FonrSolo fltageiir ■ ■ ■ ■ 

■■ . ,lv,-.< i .-^inwltooeii,, 


•.•:A' M ■TI'SiE M E N -TVS . 

bole I^fuil ahTPioprielor. . .... : i^J^t^i^v 

' ' 'TieaiBcSMtnd Bnelneai Manager. V. ALEmSON. 

'iUa UoDBt Puos or EirritsTAiiniprT xg t int ,i -m . t aUf ■ 


■ ■■ tJnparalleladBnooeBaof the ' 

• Mammoth Tnrtipe of Aztlstf, 

tfQttBiiroliTAiiia BxoaiiiBTOft V 

■ ' OAUPBELL MIHSIBBU. : • . ■ . 

TblaBopeib Tmpe of EthldpUn' HelodliliareW 

ling with lfnbonnt«aiDDe«aa, In' ^e'WeitemoitleBr^£«!? 


COimHENTAL, . , 

Of ancooraglng all AitlBta of known and aoknowledged abUltr. J 
legaidlesg oflho ntmbor, or flnanolal ootlay tayolyed. ■ • 
• ThS patronage boatowed upon theie heronleanofTortaof the 
Management to pletsehlB patrons and maintain the eatablUhea 
reputation of thia Establishment, baa given him renewed cootm* |' , 
totarther oontrlbnte to the people's amoiement; and In propf , 
of hie intentions, herabmlla the foUowlnB arrv VJf?^',"'*??,? 
ate aohnoWledged by the press and the publlo to LEAD In their. I 

The following' well known gentUmeik oontprtatf iUii 
brganliatlon:— - - 





J. 0. MUBPH7, . D. ANOSLO. 



'rMP<otlve rolea: 

StarSletors, . . 


. IW;,'. 


. 3 . E.' Q BEEK, ■ 


J. ntmr.T.w, 

.A.''a>\PBENTIB8,. ' 


ylEM ADAMS, ■ 


Bdiigthja Oteatest Combination of Talent ever ooneeniratsd In 
niu Omnpany, excelling and liir nperlor to all other TraTeUag 
SIKmpea mexlstence: 

.- '.The whole nnder the control and direction of 

DUPBEZ.& OBEEN, SoleProprleton; 
I 'Theaborepopnlar/nronpe wHl, dnrlng the remalnder of -the 
■Mtaon, vlalt the Western and Eastern Btates, also the Oanadas, 
>>,'.' .. .' . -aBANDBALCONT BEBENADES, ' 

.. '.' Eaoli eTenlng preiiooB to iipenlng the Doon^ 
.v.;....: i : 'BT.THanmqvAixxB 


Manager and OeneralCDlreotor, 

.. , ■ . .^T- ■ ■ ■„ ■ ■ ■ OHAS. .H. DUPBEZ. 

./^Tyttolng Ageni A; B. ^BE tmBB. .. ... ; 

'.trBBt OBKAT -'BOU'rilKIUI' . . 

rv;." . >t)0NTaABAHp:,rrB0UPE, : 

■ oouFBitntd. . 



rf,,... . ....... ., ;fi!»U!i')*IT:BO«'P^ *l^^ 

"r^i^QljlE ANp!o^OINAL-i^^ 



V'EiiiinojngBlDglngI Instmihental Miudo,. Jig Danolng, 
jlnd an tliit'is lnafaded in legitimate Negro Mlnatielay.- 

•• ■■ -i - ■OTBMANT, ■ 

•! -liin'rv^ A-.; ■.'i.'-.Alifl other.Oontlnantalilatlona, J . ,•■ 
.2naBte!D(pnp«hks been edsctad with gieat'caifrtram IntatUgant 
rHM)|Be«i(«reDntab«nd*, BO oalled, who .haYe:^ferre< to leayt 
.ib«VhQid«g,lB'the8aTith to being loiuerrabre^ / I 
■ tF'i-.;-!Dv?r..x-U IBON'HEABCTDTAaS MiCSTEBS,- ' . . i 
4M 4 Tftlipeiiihay am aeoompllahed. Intelligent, exoellent mil' 
$lSMpMi anApy no measa inferior Ih the dramatic art, 

W' /^^^W^^vaiiosB AND pialrfiEiTidNB » 

^•\:.'#'-''''ji'OBBBEAl AND TRUE JO LIFE, 
< ' Wan'cidfatftTtiBall'^l'S given by wblte arttats,<s marbe.readl- 
lz nnderatoodjmd belleVed. ' ! 
^^e foHowin'g tte the names of thli Real OoIor«dTroa|le,'(B0 
. 'Cfxi timi M Trttb the' names oX the Seceded Btatea ftom 
'yheii^.'.tt*y o*"*' ' " 

Initcamaniallits. ' 

The Bert Dellneaton,«lia^^ 

.. . . Tho BertOwhestM,' 
«m pfoww nt'inioiBMlJ r. ■: v: .. • 
.-AUi^IBOH OtADS..' 
Ibe Lanest Halls In the Ocnmter .' > 

uiii«it «^ , •Art.too small to accommodate 

Who flock to see ' • . j:" ' - ' ■ 

The moat Btopendoas', ; .. , „ . 

i-E thloplaa Oiganlratlnn 

POPULAB IBOUPB . , . •. ; ;r; . ■. 

. Eh nuriudmBM' .' 
\ ,. ,1 >:-Jn the;- • i:.' .;- 

And iMtiiirf omtttrii to 1 ■ . V ■ ■■ : 
. ■■"•/■.•, ; . ,;c,SIAHDAflHABTI. • . 

oossmxouu'.' i '. .. 
To Dlailay'- ■ ■ ' ' ■ 
■'( .■'.-- aha -Twen ly-ftTe .- 

>i.. ■'■•iFIOXOBIALPOalEBS- ■■'■<'V >' 

Thatannonnca ' .,.' •. /•.../ • : ■■'"■ 

................. .-The Adrenl of > ■■ 


^•*^^npAs:i;E^si9Abi^^^^^ : 
aen.:ji:D. NBWcooMtf ■ 

- - : OoL BV^QHAM BEOtW, : ' ■ ,^ 
. •. : ■ : AdTtttlaWanaPttsgraphli^ 
■j!if.-0;:'CNDKBWb6D.' " ■■ 


0. a; bosd; Leader.- , ' ■ ' ■ '' ' '"• 

FRANK BOCWIiEft-.. . ■. 

• •■ ■ >V LeaderifBrtaiBand. . 

O. W. BAiLBT, Prop^Man. 
:rnokBt8,McentBi B«aer»aafl6atH,B0caBtfc\ • • 
a- 'BAM BHABPLET, Maiiiger and P ropr i eto r. 



Have started on th^'SPBINa TOUB, from hla Opera Honse, 
Harrlabnrgh, Pa." 

Thla week their rente Is as folloin : Waahlngtoo, Pa., Monday 
and l^esday; Blnnlngham, Wednesday: at the 'new Ban, Inillt 
ezpranlTfor BANFOBD, at Johnst«wn,'Pa., en'TbTirBlay,'PM- 
day, and Satmcdat; and on Monday, Ajprll t, at EoIUdayabnrg. 

.name of BANFOBD ' la snfflalent gnarantee of snooefls^ 
irhloh haa always been with him In .er^ Oltyand Town 


The Programme presented at each place we may haye the 
honor to Tlslt, wUI be stilatly compiled wlthi and a gaaiantee 

'. 1 )• .'' '.'SAMUEL B. BANFOBD; ' 

ei-lt* Manager and Proprietor; 

i"'- ■ 'AXD. BXa' TVrUJUi 

' (Afteira moat prosp4ifeiia seaaoji'Bt Nlblo'a Gaiden, New Torfc,) 
^n'if m™"'^ Th»'' ^gij a>nent 'rt'flie 

'.. - BOBTON MDBEnM, • ■■' ■■< ■, ', . 

Oa MONDAY, Apr^eth, 1B6S, foratarm'btFtre Weeki,wUn: 
will be prodoeed for thq/flrsttlms on any stage, 

' ' > . '-h An Opera written expressly for Miss Blchlngs; - ' 

Mndoby J. Elohberg; .Libretto by iTolfe. ' 

To be followed by those great Bpedalltles, 

Slit ' .''jVP^O.'.S, PENNOIEB, BailneaB Agent 


Composed of the following Talented Artlata- — 

O. H. OABTEB, ■ • W. HERMAN, • 


TblB Tronpe are sow on a Tonr^ and will vlilt the. principal 
cities thronghont the Eaet and West 
-. The beat Quartette, 

The best Comedians, . - . .. 
' .' \ V In the Minstrel Profession. ' ; 

«-tf . , ■ . HABEY HAPOOOD, Agent 



MB. J. N..;OABB, V. 


jnSB T-r.T./t - 'WESNER, 


HIBB BOBA' SMITE, ' , _,. 

And alarge and effiolent Corps of Aulllarlee. 
The whole nnder. the Immediate direction of 

■ 0. MoMILLAN, Stage Manager, 
Artists of recognized ablUty, desiring engagements, wfU please 
a4dieas aa abore. . . , _ __■ ■ i''.'''' 

•• B..FOT... „....;...'. ..,.;.BoirLea«e»... 

Tbs Bub or ..xh> "flaaiHO" enix, nr. thb J n o iim i ii y. 
' The Unerring Voice of tha,Piih]lo 

^\ VBOOLiilU XBav • ' 


l8themo«tB*Bpeotable, ., ... . ■ ' 

The mpa{;aomfortabu. 

OEO. H. BENTLEY, Agent ^ '^^^*SJ;?;\. 

otSmTHAJ^^iT'^'''^^^^^^ '■ ^'■'^^^''''Ti^' 
■ HELENA ABK. ' • 

Entertalnmenta.eTerySrenlng,- . 

"BTTHB ' ^ . .•..(,■.•..;':■,■.•■' 

qcifapr Mng the following talenlted BthlotJaa Artlsit i 

:J.W.6MITH,v ■• ' '.>„.;'.' 

B.'MUBPHY^ . ■ 



-J. H. BTOUT, • '■ . . . 1 ;! 

JOP P^ p lmuEB gju'i'm tHEIt,' J . , 

"HENBY FBEEBEaraYBEE. ■ i .: ' . 
JOHN .OOUt : . 

>» ohabTbandfobi), ' ■ 

. ^ " W. NOBIHatft 

jBConhmatlonwlth Tv^f 
' ' LA mit.TX LOUISE, . .., 

' ibfi "^I'ttwitig Danaeiue and Yocallst, 


TheiMolnatlflg Prima PsMemi. i 
Artists of raoognlsed merit, wlahlnd engagemanta, win-sMlr 
toJ.B.MUBPHY, Helena, Art. 
Higher Salaries paid than by any Kaagamant In the ' 


The tibst Potiqlir place of iAmasement 

IN Ihiladelpeu. 


> Stage Uau|ir, 


■ "The meet Tenatne, ' ' ' 

, . ' The most Talented, . ; 

And the Largial, 
, . , . > IntheOlty. 
WhateTsr la Great In 'the World of Talent, Intariahly finds a 

home at . ■ 

' Noic— The above popnlar place of Anraaement has now bean 
In the tide of sncceatfiu operation for upwards of Six Mteths, 
nnder the management of Mr. B. FOX, mimerlr Proprlstorot 
OunxBBOBT BUix; New York; daring which period It oas earn' 
ed for Itself, the name which all other Managers have In vain 
tried to obtain, via: ' ' 

Artists of real merit osn And good enaagements by applying 
either personally or by letter. ' Stars liberally treated with. 
mfttTH NOBKB, Tieasnrar and Bnsiness Manager. M-tf 



W. B. OAVANAOH ,..^....SUge Manager, 

The above talented artlBia can be secured by responalble man- 
ageis for any lengtti of time by applying to George Lea:' but It 
^Hu be useleea to trouble them with IniUvldual offen, as. no at- 
tention -will be paid to any letters unlesa addressed to' the pro^ 
prletorof theMUodeon. • - 

In conneotlon with the already named perfonnara now perform' 
Ing at this eetabUahment are the foUovrlng:— 
Mr. Billy Boyd, O. M. Miles, . Frank Wood, . 

Masters Alfred and Oharlee BllBS, ' ■ John dusky, . 
Miss TtUey Forbes, Mies Maggie Marshall, Mile LoUsa Bliss, 
MlssDonlBaEvims, and ' Miss Julia Roblnaon, 

Together with a fall and efficient ballet troupe; of twelve'yotmg 
lames.-- ... 

WANTED.— Female Dancers and. Yocallsts,' of ,Eood personal; 
appoaranca. ' A^ply as above. , . | .lll.>f 



I whiLiau e. binn 


,. Also of . . 

Is the- . - 
"" . None but the / - . 

ywity TTngT TALENT 

, at th la ,' ,. . . ■ 
Indies and Gentlemen of known ability olwajs wanted, . ' 
Address to .. ' 

OEO. P EBOI YAL, Boalness Manager, . . ' 
Or WILUAU E. BINN, Projprietor', 
.eo^tt; Box 1S9, WaahIngton.P,a: 


. ; BANraANdSOO, OAL. . . , 

OHABLEB TIBBEIIB. ..Lessee and Kaoagir. 

nils Theatre Is now open for the Fall and Winter Btim, vtt 
the ilnest Company ever in CaUforalai : * <i'., - . : 


W. 0. FOmES, 

' '-'Mipa Jbttseoia,, 


■"•WB»r ' ■' 


j^foldiW -Waixuis, . 
OHA^^xiis MdnaxB < • 

;'i!ii '! 



■ ■■ .'JoMioB p..TSKilrwiBi;V. : ; 


...^OeejSla. ' '■ . , 
.■..■.Vftttaia.- .■ ' . 

...Loulelana,'' .'; . 

.;'.Bbiith Carolina.. 
:.;6oath Carolina. 
..Tennessee. . 


.t|'!|~.OmKU'.BsSOBSB .'. 

1i^'(t''^fliiat -UMdbat. , 

AoxiS FBBLOinKj. 

pUosd th^g^selves under.the mapiigement of 

' •■" . 'A'iiOB, BAEBER, 1 
To'vrhbm'an oomiiunloatlotts oh business shouts be oddieaatd*' 
^%Fret|ant)t^draaii, iUB^ 

. Wt'STii'.-- ■ -^uq^ THE PUBLIC GENERALLY. , . . 
; W<r, the iinderSlgndd members and attaches of the late Ualo- 

.'■.'•■dion oo: ' ' — 


; 'considering it to bo our ^utyfor the conunpn ln>. 

/ . AIAERT HAMBUN h 00... ...';. JropriatOlK 

.Stage Manager. 

, ., JAMES PILaBIM...i.^.....v.; 



Hit EaD, for elegance and comfort, cannot be exoelM by taa 
tlmllAr BBt abllah ift ant i n the country. -■ - . ■• 


Smbiaolng PAntomlmes, BaUeta, Ethlopeaa^Aota^ filnglDg, 
Sano(Bg,'&at Ao., will be given. . ■ " . l 

gitst cbus artlBta desiring engigemanta mar address . 


' WAsttnoiDHi S. 0., Jan. lUS. ' 




,Laalef apd. Gentlemen .wishing En{ 
S4aaan, oommenolog on or abont llth 

ja* BTAB8 wlahioB nights, will addresaths subswlberi oare 
of OHABLEB B..BIU^ABI> b Oo.;.4ee Broadway, oor^ of Broome, 
■ <4MH- : . :i : . EENRY WEJiABD, Laasaa. 

jgemanta for the Spring 

iM ^BbUo kM profeeslon'seneroUy, hereby cauUon yo^ 
to hewarO' of one Itinerant, monnteoank ahowman, colling him- 
self 'WU.:M. 'ALLEIT, of itldo-Bhaw and trained-monkey notoriety. 
"^'^e'aVoivA'nalned Individual not long. «Incie; canvassed the Eait- 
''■•tnoliUslibiit'obbliipd talent whereby to .openamoslo hall In 
thtf^>l^.''T'liJDgs progressed finely foi' .the first -wlKik, having 
. ■deuid'A.'neat deal mbro than exponscs, bilt at the expiration t.'. 
''''la'Me^'fMeafcodi the East.wore doduoted'from salaries, whloh 
itet'a«ii)i4lng'10'Dgreemont; all suc<)ulnbed, Jiowcver, wllh- 
^'-'odt'a'ftnljmnr tpnts' prbposBU -BciUevloa Urn to'; be a gontle- 
';' tiiau, ais hf appoired at the tlmo^ no Snsplclone wero anmeed tin- 
:,''ii:.tll, one daytiast^eki'he betfon to 'scorctly dispose Of all Us 
.. ' ^^ available iiroperly, hnder obvioasttretciiocti— such as a^os, moh- 
.':^'keys, alde-^owiraipplngSifcc.', ohd'the solf-Stylcd Com, Little, 
"'},)lhe lUlpullan'bbcusTomThnmb'. ' Mr. T, A. EAwOrde, the treft- 
' surer, u^o believed to be.lmplloat(idiri this affair. Theabove 
- f pamed. paiiflps all: skedaddled, without any. visible cause, list 
' '.'/evening, Bonday, March 93d, leaving the company And creditors 
■' ^iiti^Biti\o'[torthfix-SKf,- Bovera kt ibo-Coispany here' have 
.''^,'jM$Uep, ahd wore pl^d in nlmoat. deetltato.oironnietancos, 
'. '4,<$iTpagh,the kindness of . sovoral oltlzeDS.isome will bo ablo ' to 
Vljejtimi hbmos.lh the East-ln-afewdayg, .We, whose 
-'. --r-^iimoxod, and dopondln^ upon our honor', endorse tUe 
taitiicot, trusting that all papers fkvorable to oiu calUng 
ii|:these geittlenitn around, ' , - 

G.. W. EIEBYE, Stage Direotor, ' 

i; Musical Director. . ■ . 

W, L: DcobHkn, Phlladelp)ila... 
JiuaFiililuiPliiladelpbta. \- 
.MAqdrii Bo^nss; Ph.Uaaelphla. \ , 
Mtis. HxL^'i BMrtBf-Philsil^phla, 
Mas; Jdi;iA MonilAir; 

OCiAFP, BTAMUDT A Oo.>at Monster Dlumlnaied 

'laabdutleavlng.NewYorkforatonrlh the West, vlaltlogthB 
principal dUes. ' , ■ : 

. Uanagars of Theatres wishing to nagotlato for suimner months, 
qan a^drasa W. B. OLAPP, 107 Broadway. SMt*; 

~>n i wvr»n < S i - i r » *»~ i ^ i *'»'~ i ~ i ~ i * i ~ i ^~' " *" ~ ~ ~ "'f' i ~'~ i ~ i ~ i rw^r >i 'yvirvww^ >« otj 

•Mrt'TWifBiooiiftiWaim. ,. 
i'hokt of-othais'irhosi names are wltlihaM item 
«* >door^Kaap«r8, otBeers, printers, blll-poiters, 

;ui-'^''!)'^^iLLiLL_l^'' '■■ j-:;^!. ' 

at«.wBq))ltin»)IA I'*k«'« Olntns, also of Bpsnld- 
'd»AtSouthani'Oima.:la noWtacdr tO'tttBAtUta 
Atf the oofflln^' MtMi), at a reaioaabla stUrr, 
PAT, Attunsi SttUojta oomitjr, Pa; w-at* 

, THBl' BTAB BlBTfim B— . 


Hovlng concluded their • -■ \ 
'.. EioHiiT BrboKbsrui, BHaiosKnT''A¥ PaxsBVBo/ 
Next Perform at Washington and Alelimdrla: :>. -' ■■ ■ • Sl-U* 

8'yil AOCSK: QTBBl ATUBl. 
The new theatre will shortly open. - It has bean greatly cnlargea, 
the rpof raised) and^ the D^eas Oliolo-anlarged and owri°d ba^ 
lorty , fcet.:uphaIaterc'al'decoratcd and b'wntUled, It'wlll ie4t 
comfortably. nthouBiind.pepions. ThlstUHatre'wfll'bliodiidnoted 
"ii A first 'claiiB eetabllehmont. Stars will find It to their advintai 
to.negotlate. Adjlresa O. E> DABTON, BtAgi'M)mager, Eot'07l 
P. O.i'^'B^a'oaee, or J. Connor, aii}( BroadwAy.' A'flnti'cloas 
comt>a<iy needed, Nono but ladles and gentlemen ol adbiowl- 
tdood &DlUt;°reqalred', . It-Jt* 

DAN COBBYN iMnld tespDCtf(Dlly Inform member* of the dri. 
HuUaJ Musical, or B(luoatnui prtifosSlons, that he haa aatabllthed 
en Agonoy In Ban Franchco, and Is nrcpucd to nagotlato engige. 
menu and- transact all other bnslnees pertaining to- tha-pro- 
fesslon. Address BHEBtDAN OORBYN, Ban Franeisoo, C& ' 
.'Ni'B.-.,A)l lettors requiring annreii'must Mntalaaatamp to 

--A'l^BlltY POPULAIl tnl Permanent TVospc,.. require 

|0o)|AdTerU«er, A strictly llutlness Mao, W|)U qiMfied^by 
petlaiice. Ad^Irese, wUh f aB pa^.onlan aa to Iowest!t«tms, 1 


THO B. MA OUIBE Proprietor and Manager, 

BAM WELLB .....MaaloalDlraotori. 


. BILLY BIBCH,. • , 






Ato a OiBirDij,T Bbucoied' TAunivruj! Coupaitt. 
A Varied Entertainment will be offered, oonelsbng of 

; „ : ' ' Sx EsTmz MrasTBiL 'SatsutnL . 
Also; to" be presented, . 

In which the entir e Com pany' Wtll a ppear. 
■. : , ,. .. ■ EVERY SATOEDAY, . ^ 
Fob Ladies -Ain> .OBmiBEif. 

Diieas 6lroIe BndOrchesiTa„ .'. . . .'. U .o6 

Parqnetto'.... ...'..'.;. .SO'cenIa, | Gallery. ....atfoenta 

Private Boxes ....$10.00 and tO-OO. I 

Box Office op^ from 10 to 1 o'clock. <8-tf 

MBa 0. B. THORNE, 
MB..J. B. K)OTE. , 
W. M. IiEMAN, 
. B. W. LEAOE, 

E. TWATTCR^ , , . . 

With A Nsmeious Corps of Anilllariea.' 

svms or Animsiov. 

Dress Olrole. 11-00 fOrcheatra Seals.. .'.n.M 

Parquet... M ots | Gallery . , , U oli 

Private Boxes 10 and B dollars. 

Stan Intending tp visit CallfomlA wlE find it to their iateiaili 
to address ss above. .'^ OVX 


WSEBUNG, VA., . ■ ' 

. The only Boom in the Olty sultabla-fbr 


situated Ih the heart of the 01^, ' 

' Immediately oppoalto the McLuia HoilM, .';,■(''' 
Easy cf Aocaas, ■ 
' and Umraipaaeed.for Stiahgih In t^e united BtAtet.'; 
The Room la 104 feet long br,ll«fMtwlde;.Mfei!$ «ell|h(,tt: 
vJudlfig a Stage 28'by:80 feet, with four Dreealng'Booslil^HA 
Scenery; Brilliantly Lighted and fUmlahed with Arm OhiM.' |" 
JI9* Let on aoeommodetlng terms. 
M-tf Washington Hall BuLdlng.WheelisftVa,. 

Tin Oi^ctDbubt or 'TBE West, •. : : ■ 

And the only place that has always withstood the storm, wm 

, BE-OPE^l .'■ > 

On or' about April ad: 
ABTIBTB of aU descriptions of aoknowledgad ablUty wffifiad 
I It to their advantage to,addrea« . ,-. ■ ■ 
' HABT * BBETTT, Proprietois, 

/ . .. BoxM7,I)alloU,UIeh, 

P, S, Nona but first dass TAlent need apply. - 

. tO-tf . .! 0. OOVmJ, StageUana^ 


Now open for Summer Engogementa.' - . 

..BOlOUVBUXiA, csroEBSxjJH-^' ' ^' 

BxAOVT Aim Tex Bust, ' 
Obild or ZD BunaoiT, ''i 
ThbYodhq AOIBSl, ■<..'.».>. 
" -'Maa,FAMiHOiot<, . • : 

Letters addreased to the Ouma Office for <i':' 
L^4»4m* r ^ OEO. EOLMAM, Proprietor and l(iBi|«r. 


TBil' SBlW'liDBlA, 48B BB(iADWAYi 
' 'Late Wallaok's Theatre. ' 

FIRST CLASS ENTEBTAINMENT'FOB'FAMIUEB; ' 1.. uiwwuos '. ' _^.nwni 

Xha alcove nam«d house win open on the 16th' of MABOB, wltti I 8BQW BILL FBINTINa ESTABLISHMENT IN THE WOBLUI 

a 11^ olaaa company. In a varied enteortalqman^ iBmbncdng the 
following branobea:— . . , ' ' 

NOTICE.~AU Artists desirous of engsgemeoto wUl addresa. 

• , :F OX t: CUBBAN, Managers,' 4BS Broadway, i' 

NOTICE.— Twenty young ladies wanted FOB- nm 

BALLET, ' . 4g-tfl 


^Bnocessois to John E.Btecti,) 
.: la and UBpmce Street, New York, - 
parttoolar attention to getting up an hlnda of 
FANCY. Bh!0* bills 
for tnmlUnB companies, and have on hand a large and ipiaDan 
■ ~J ' " aaabrtment of large and amaU, 
A OHALiaNGB TO THBI -HrORLD.>^]oL, ELLIN- 1 f „. S ° ° ° £S ^ . Ov» 

GEE ohall^eBtheVholeworia to . produce au aquu to TOM- «2£*Mf^'JK^^ **51°£^i£f^?M255 
MODORE, POOTE, in age, else, weight and adSoatlon. The SfSl M^liriAnB, fta, io., which can be printed In one or men 

Commodore wears the "Gold Medal,'^ which stamps him the'l "IS",^!!?! f??™}"!" n_ , . !.»' 

snallestman sUvo. - Ee Is asslstad by his little friend and com- 
peer, CoL SMALL.'' P. T. Bomum advertlsee the smallost man 
and woman Inmlnlatnre living.'- This I deny, and ohollenge him 
for 110,000, .to prbanca a pair- In diminutlTeness equal to mine. 
Letters addtesied,' car* — 

card FRANK' QUEEN, -OiJFrEB Office, wlU I 
reach'.' . .. COL. WM. ELLINGER, • ' • ' 

lO-tf ' IPreeoptor Commodors Footo and Col. Bmsll. ' 

4^ A deposit required on an work ordered. , _ ^--^ 
AU orders addressed to "OLABRY fe REtLLEY," BwonPiw^ 

Ing and Engraving astabllahment, U and It Bpmea ■omV;!!' . 

'fork, win be promptly attended to. - . 

frutob op waiiBS thvatrei. 

This tmly elegant and very beautiful theiatro 

: PI<'A'S' BdOKd, PHbtOaRAPriB.of KATE BATEMAN, ^ "'"^ ^ 

kept open** 

alBO,- as Leah; ' Haggle MitchUl,'Luclue Weetem, Laura Keene, 
Carollfia Blchlngs, Mrs. 'John[Wool, also In character: A. L 
Menken, as French Spy and'MakepJiai Busto Denln,.Eato Denln, 
Isabella Onbas, Pahny firown.'olso In' charaoter; Webb BIslerk, 
Lavliiia:Warran,:Tom. Thumb, Mr. and Mrs. D, WilUams, Mr. 
and Mrs. Florence, E. Forteet, E.- Booth, J. W, Wallaek, Jr., 
Wilkes Booth,' Ed. Adami, Lester Wallaek, and hundreds of oth- 
ors. 2S oentii each, or 'five for $1. Bent to any address on rfr- 
oelpt of price, Ofttaloguas sent on receipt ofpoelAgo slams, by 
6Ul» W. a WEMYB8, ITU Broadway, New York, ! 


GEO, BAYFIELD..'.' .''>..; Lessee and Manager, | 

The Spring Booson at thla Theatre' oommenoea oh SSSSli It, 

df acknowledged posl^on^ tAlent negotiated with, Off long ct 
Ihort engagements, aa knutoal interests iliay reaolio. ' 

'Address, - ALEX. EENDBBBON, . 

an- 'I -.Bole Leilae and PloprtttcR 


JOEN ELLSLER. .. .',.;. i .Managir and Propriewf, 
Opens on ttie IJth lnBt,'fot a aeason w throe months, J™ 
DraaaUo Cotopant from the A«kd«nir of Music, 01evwnil.ii>a» 
wishing n]ghte"wlU please addfosi JOHN A. ELLfflSR, fRt't 
- ' ■ ;.'." '.■ 1 ooluAhns, Ohio. 

WAJrr«D lini»uTn,T.-An oltractlve Female Dancer,' 


■ Ladles and-'Gantteifiea bfithaiProfoesIon'deslrous of Ensasa.'' 
mente, wlU addrps* B. R. MAOINLBY, -^'^^ 

a-\l ' . Acting and Stitgo Manager, BoKilO. I 


$0" Ladles and gentleniBD of i known ability, will addresa 

.vUMbS,;.-..'.. -i : v., - Proprietors., 


I ' ' ' toLBVELAHl), OHIO, '. 

JOHN ELLSLER .Proprietor and Mariger' 

This la the lArgoet most oomforUbIo,b«aullltal,maalwj 
I tttfmoal^|0^^1wthpatre to thta It li.for nrajlTj^BJ 

I oane^^lbltlnl 


mnr dxperlence, tu>.i 



Newari^ Ohio, 


PROVOORAPHB 0F40Hli a aEINAN.iaaltli«nsdrkss, 
and flAhtlfi|t.&Mtuiiiel atuenla taeti, and. sent li6s<'paid,byW. C: 

.•ffBflBS;-j78:Dr»rt*ay(-N, y.mB-v •■■'v^ 

.V J>;fi<t:«t'Ii'Li1VJl(r,'SAI£'HnBr/ana>.I)»adlSB 'TBNOB, U 
hoirdlj(tas4>rith Bam Bhanla}'! Minttnii. BuMmdawin 
SloaNmak«i^&ot«Wt ''' .'.' ' -'WMt* 

. nCBARDoHAlil,, 'OSWEGO, N/Y,.,rThla new,' large,' aild 
oonqnodlona hall' la-now'finlsbed and jreadv'for. use, Itliaa all' 
imodem lmproTonianteifor UghtlDg, hotting, and vontUatloG. 
ThA'BUMlBUrge, andconvenlently arranged for TheaMtal, Oofa, 
«ert, or Lecture purpoaps.' I Assoonoert room; It'.cannet'bi 
celled: Addiosa,'.. ...f j.M" . : H i' JOHN A. DABHY, 
U-18tsb . Proprietor Mnsard HaU; OswagA, n. Y.; 

'°.0. a.^ FAAHOU, . .irBUeh Dancer . and. .Buriesgao' nrima 
donnm'fdrmail; o^jBanford'a Opera Eoose, f- -^J?- • 

..... -Address,. MedlaiDehiwato 


now oben ttit Ihe'acOoitnmodatlon of i ■ 


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. 9ifcil«4e, Dreetlng Rooms, and •B'*l»?><'*»r^'!aS?If the*- 
f^^wa^Yor ♦First qUsa H^r ^5^,?l»Y»g_'^!i^, 

taudjjtrs'chs,.: For terms, 4iO.,.ap)plyito I. M- MABXUti 

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' man tbt WtQeV 8Mft wtk <r¥«r.' , 
' "'And Sl9 tiuttek^ lonee kt,Mtt; ; ' , 

■.:> •; • ' Li, . • ' 

■ The dn»ky «h»96w( W'*! 
Of lU tJleie pTMl(n« ofBeHiigs. ' 

; utg-tiattrna Ott^nttniita, ,. ■ ' ... • 

; ' laljanoc«iio»Wtiiy»d,", '. ■ ' 

■■ niinddeain tlie tiiailiula,'' '' . ' 

■ ' V-"' ' Vr' '"iii iMiiVfttr^ 

; Tba TtotdTbnu d*4l*i<>r rsw toMi ftot, leoke^moodly ^nnd 
Urn. IdokM ibt tmnnto tiodr of Ui foe, tnlleftUieftniu 
iiBiaitltaaiiItaoft»«pitasti > Th» people looked CD MCh inir- 
prlM.ri';i|itl«a.tliS';mdartlo^lcerjwUob loUtelrmaAHliuUd 
wlthoamser, noT)idlongo(mev«a. Tbeia It Ivtn^tbe >oldit o{ 
Uood, irttli stroCoSedUiabf abaftMeMe7e,irt^atibe slig^teit 
elgns of life. They ooUd not blip admiring ni ■jMig ftW 
wfio had erlnoed ao moah flrmneaa, oomcsge, andmanUneHi aind 
ther all left tba amphllheatrfaatlafled with tbo(r day's anmitment. 

Itionly remalna M oa .toMr that the bravo- Jew*! Iknlto were 
"pardoned, and he was freed teom-fatnra-alavegyr'hla mMiteT 
giving him enough aoneyrto aet. hlmadf op In boilnen. He 
wudtet wards il^^^ 

dghtlng'for the llbMr ttf ' Bomer „ 

iieoMarrto-;Ol>ierT«'ihkttl)*cibc«ntit la etrlcUi tTDe,>aS !<nj 
one ipur verlfr br ponstdtlng aitr^'Wtlt'nrUtta hlatMT of 'Borne, 
ondeBXcDjan'srqgit H«wUlaeeRiat after Trojah's'trlgmpb,, 
mora than tea tbonaaad glidlatonrweia exhlblted,'aaa anloiua 
irere ilauRhteiadbj: the thoqpandi.- ' And thla waa In taovoi of a! 
taaa who ua alaln more hunan-tMlng* than h||i laaa tjlood-ltalntyi 
oompanlona. .. : , i ■ : i , r . | 

Tha aladlaior'a Ufa dapeiUad on' the will of the aiidleiuie^ wlto 
praaMdowa tbaistbmnbalf theywUhedUmtobeaaTad.'btiti 
tunned them, sp If .ttMxwlahad him to be Ulled, and otdanO^ 
him to tpoAn. IbeL'ctfOM, wUil^ gUdlatoti ssoallr did wltblbe 
gieat««tfirmnaaa>'., .'i' ; - 

H (. 't! 

;: :• . i 


r.'.noian otdercd ft .gr^ gu^ktorlal 
^^da 6f guaiatoM w«t« to W Uhlblted, 
iii'iAoin wML^-ypantf-'ehrJUmea Elaanr. wait a.alaTe, 
1!U bees ' edndtmnM °to death tw aome tttiaglharjr orlme, 
UtUfaiAainMea^on aaddnntbf UattalekUb^Ughtaiid the 
MttoKt his fbRBi Be'waa taken Ikfom Ma prison atle^ the 
iMuaed vletoiT^wlietei If 'ItekUIed UuPtlMrtiiaUiat yhloh 
M <» flgbb'hU iWe^r wik to b« DBtipiatM anfl lUa o^«j 

\nai'^< ■ ' ■ ■ •■' • • '■■ '• ■ '• ' • ■ 
UMtn of the amphitheatre was of the nitaalemptloal ahapo ; 
mna, oOTared with sand tc preTent ellpplb|, and to absorb 
-Udodi'iiaa entirely sarroandodwUh aeaa. It waa anr- 
iltd bj, a .WW eJghtoen feet high. In order to render tbtf 
tatoif entlnly free from the attaoks of wild iMaata; the top 
t> b'glUlni WM oofmred.entlrelr over by pniple ellk, bob- 
dVsol^oii silken knots. The eon shone brightly, 
, iUnlng through -the fragile, zoof, oaat. brilliant .ahadowa 
Itiefkces of the ai«einblM maltttada; and on tho dresaaa 
tolidlos who ooenpled the highest part of the bnllding. 
ai.«f thonunds of speotators hod aaaembled uid were 
u aioiind tho arena, whilst a vakt'nt^aber were roving 
Ailtrs abd'there, and talking In a low and Indla^ot tone, 
di lAonded like th» distant munhiuliig of the sea. ' 
mta- eyea'wire'.op^ed' wtthekJiMitaklon pni tho arriyalvf 

itl ind looked about him tbisa the eanae of ao mnoh agl> 
ibvA hnngrytlgarwas brooght In, whiob, leaped In anger 
iMMildeof his oa'iietO'the other, roaring. and'ln eipeota- 
M bit prey. Els red apd amoklng tongae hung ont, and he 
ibid hu teothwlth rage. Eleaaar lay down again, ahnt Us 
^'iflar curtlng a oontemptnons glanoe aioand him, and 
Mdtodlapoaemmsdf sotfAthoBhonld have a comfortable 

mT«r,tbe ^adlence became Impatient, and angrUyaaked 
a Ite iport shonld begin. At last the oage door waa opened, 
' Iger, with panting sides, nuhed forward. The ezolte- 
g to the highest pitob, and all eyes were tamed on the 
M Un, who stlU semod to be In a qolet alnmber. The tiger 
■iirilh raised head and glaring eye, looking around, aeem- 
(vboonMlona et.tha gUUatora preaenoe. The andlence 
lugUnnedtoBhoTitianathe'koeper of thearsni. In obedl- 
A lorepeatod commands, apprqaobedthe sleeping gladiator, 
Iflo^ed^ epike Into his arm to awake him. Eleazar no 
Mfatt tSli than ho started .np, seized the spike, and wrested 
A tbe keeper's hand, and, foaming with anger, broke off the 
itcahtiraie, which he hnrlcd at the keopor'a head, and kept 
lira put In his hadd. ' ' 

ibefoee, the spuotators ooold see the fall height of his 
■a (gorq, and the behilUfal devslopment of bis maaole, 
InlnTolontaiyehoutot admiration bKke from Iheandl* 
•iVbloh was repeated over and 6ver agabi. All were per- 
^u^ed that the savage tiger and the oppressed Jew were 

[nsldte a desperate allklr, the blood of both would be shed 
wuly, agd probably the enlightaned mnltltnde assembled 
NUire the pleasnie bf seelngboth die. Women were there, 
|!i1)uttUli]lyiand wearing costly .Jewels; young children 
ipn-halted old men; and all these waiting ferine denouf 
[U.lUa tragedy. . All with atretohod neoka and eager eyea 1.-. 

M yo^ng gladiator had remained in one po< 

I litis folded, and hia head bowe'd down oahla-b^aat, 
DtJooUd and despdndont, for ho did not know If he. 
n eru come cat of the srana alive. He praytf to that Ood 
M tTtr wat«he4 over Israel, and his heart peoame more 
' H« was awakened from hla rereile by the abontsof the 
■ " who oiled ont:— ... 

uaarma away from the Jew. Let the Jow fight the 
Wbetit any arms whatever." 

^TMni num Ia6kM„oontemptaonitar about hin)/ and a^ 
«<m5' toward tho tiger. - - "' ' 

Bnt the shonta' Increased. 

p'tw has arms. Take ihem away. 
■tmt'Sioatarnishtd'lbrward, broke tie bladk In two 
Vnd: threw the fragments at the tiger, whUU waa ehirp^ 
Iw dain agalnat the pedestal of a ooTomn. 
IWkni], feeling Itself struck, tamed angMlyaronnd la 
Pffm foe, whom It no sooner saw, than,'wlth a leap a^d a 
IS. ipmng towards him. The -gladiator avoided him by 
^.<on, and the tiger sprang over him wllhont doing for- 
1 The animal no aooner reached the ground, than, 
tf^Vi It ntlred baokwarda a few paMs, preparat<ny to a 

ll. waa ihs tiger deceived by the aame mancgnvrec 
ISSS^ed no Icpget to be dccalvod,'lt advtnoed at a alow 
Hiablng eyes, erect tall, bloody tongaVi gnashing 
^^vaiabont to seize tho gl&dlator, who, M avoid bin, 
wly.over his back, to the aatonlshment of the multU 
A^ya vent to their enthottasm by means of deafening 

Una for a Ions tlrae^weekened his adversary, the 
wo Was hli6 extremes .veik, but waa upheld by 
jaentof the oagor']|)Uildlt8of the moltltade, de- 
-to bring matters to a eMail,'. Mmalncd Immovsblel 
"i Mt^ig him thus, ran towafda him with a fierce cry. 
[*'MKor,ptrbaj)i; horrori CAkab-aiAoati^uItaneonBly 
Itnce.aa tSeysawthv animal tialngon hliUnd 
I claws on the naked ^d white- shcolders of his 
1, opening his smoUug mouth, prepared 1o derrour 
ut throw his head baokwwde, araiped theaeck 
Mlh his hand*, and eompresaed It with so much 
the. Uger's tongue prqlectadftom 'his tnonth, and 
, j^eaed'hlsgrsspandltmgglddvlolentlytobreatbo 
iMk'J!!^''''' hewasunablo to do, beoanie his neck waa 
Rf »llhavlce. 

|dlatcr becamb gradnajly weaker from fktlgne and 
Jpco. Be knew tho longer the combat laited, the 
>>c waa In, Uo determlpedthen qolcUy to terminate 
tod all his weight agalnat the tiger, bending hlih 
u^far as he could. Ha heard the aulmal'a ribs 
wOh him, astraam of blood itsning from his mouth, 
mthlnlself from the cDnvulstve grasp of the tlg^r, 
.hu neck in dying agony. ' ' . 

lut gradually alnUng, the poor Jew snmmoned all 
Id MM the tiger to the earth, where he planted hIa 
^#g sides, and, still preaalnto-wllb' all hUpowti' 
Sfivn the. anlmal'a limbs stlfiknlng ia death. It 
M In vain, endeavor* to Inhale alrjits month waa 
:PMni ll« teeth ware oonvulilvely oluped together i 
Uljf bt aome ipjiMneata, and ttMH fellb•M(• 
- ;t^.d«4*i 

KPnai TlT a Vrr i w wptapiBBBt) p^uuijrtu ra^nmr'a aiavW 

, '^i^t}.rtifAfiKM''.~^xaa;fifuni innu<«tilT- 
. ',i»OR ^^-nasi 09.Dq4r-SKU ACoirtiDiof EkraftBo. m- 
... . ■gqsr.y^ M aim Tuimniti .oi rasBKpiiOQX-nEisszMO itn 
'. vfsiirirsxiaBL^a—ViuM- vs E^isoovi^^-eoiS' soap— lum),' 
*:. BP.rrifiBuax on a book— oowko ibbotos ihe soraiM^ 
'..^ '.^ki(.Taai—"aois{a thbouoh" onB.i.vooAqx— zicbibkmi<)s.i> 
.yV'gj^iia^ 'I 
hi On Satnrday the trill of Huir vras set down ^BoAie cfiC 4- 
Aombar of ildlcaloas charges were brought igilBlhlm, notko 
aaaoh to-ioJore his feelings as to alToid the vereatUe WUnesaea a 
4hanA JO .dUttngnlah' themsalvea. In the afltoiioon, ihe long 
taUaot thcgrttd saloon was kept espeelally'fiir the cour^ lafr> 
yen, Jury, and prlaonor at the bar.' Ix-Oovemdr 'Banda]l,of 
wladanaiB,'.^ the prcaeoatiog attorney, Jodg^AIlsn the Cotnrt, 
and Hoir was defended by n shrewd Pblladelj^ilit lawyer. Joe 
Onshlng vftvone'of the Jurymen ; 1 4va another, Edwlil Booth 
attended the trlaL There were no ladles present Eor once, 
thaae . great men oast aside their real digdty, to aAnd a little 
amusement for "us boys." Everything was conducted with 
great aolemnlty, and at the fiMt' Intimation of aanlcker.ths 
aerseant^taima, rapping his baton, brought orderlna moment 
' The offences Unlr wu sBppoaed to be gofl^bf were rathet 
fooUab, tabeeure,bataaiioorLevlsMi'nscidtosay, "AIlttlefbDy 
noT and then la relUhed by the wisest men." Gertatnlyao In 
thisoaae. Oneln^tmentwaathBttheprisonarhadbeencsnghl 
purloining hair from Uorriien's pony's tall, wherewltti to aAke 
arlngtopreeenttoihc little dark'^alewardeaa. He was seen is 
steal noUielasaly along In his stocklB'g-feet to where EltUe EqTiIs 
stood "cabined, orlbSed, and"— no, I'm wrong, he was not "eon' 
'(becaose that would be aomeUilng never betMer baud of 
. etiallhlly extract three separate and distinct balra whereby 
hnng' (he anlmal'a tall, while he yet slept Little did Uuir an. 
tidlpale anchaohargs aa this. Be wis ready and aniloaa to 
plead hla own case, but Us couniel; an ecoentrlo mlmls, Jumped 
up In high dudgeon, and 'the lawyer and client were '^fcr the 
nonce" at loggerheads. The: Ooort's determined and serloua fliat had no effect on.Mulrr.'he wouldn't be bnlT^d 
aroi^nd any longer^ nor would he atand It- .,"aet out, then," saya 
Bodaon. ,'^aiewllllgo7"asked4bepersecntedmohonuntaoi 
"Loavie -the ship I", abarply reported apvenuir'BanidalL TShii 
created azaar, and fet(^ed the criminal .down-. On his '.Hllg" in 
lesatnan no tune. It«aitao spvptoneons Item Hls Bondr, and i< 
about Of a of the be^t tUngs live beard In some time. : 
,. The prboner bavlqg.become som0«hatmj>re oalnu his counsel 
(they wanted; me to act and tle«n>theQi O. totho 
namel proceeded to vindicate his .ocnduatli) a .wy.lngiiitlaai 
Be aflnUt^d.Uiat.hiBjtot 

, , . e, pattUjf'Idulrbnthe head, "would aoorn lb 
ocmjUt snoh an outrage were it not that he had a method which 
would benefll the nmyymoro than blmeell . Oestlemon, yon are 
Well aware what ldn4 of 'an arrangement that pony lives In, 
(turning a sly look at oaptaln Palon), how, for want of proper 
room he iaoramped' up, and: kept bound down like a beast of 
prey. Well, gentlemen, my cllontwas the only humanitarian 
onboard this groat and inlghty veissl, that had feeling and 
Ingenuity enough to ocn'celve a remedy whereby to giie reller to 
the pony, for by taking ttiree halra out of his tall, did he not 
enable Uiat waU-nIgh smothered epedmen of the mustang nee 
to move abontllke a thing of life? Eh, didn't hoT Of ocniae 
he did, and that's what's the matter I" ahoutod the amusing 
disciple pf Blackstone. It Is needless for me to add that we (the 
"Intelligent Jury") aoqaltterthim withcnt leaving our seals. A 
buzz of admiration arose as the Court read hia acquittal. 

Bis second indlotmont was "Oannlballiim." The pritoner, 
when quite a boy was accused of eatlnft six youog Honolulu 
virgins. Just about to bloom, and a small boy. This crime was. 
worse than his scrape with the chambermaid. That a~taiau of 
Holr's. education ehooldlie guilty of such a holnonaoffencd, 
■hocked even the lomb-llke Joe Onshlng, All the Jury were now 
set dead against him. Witnesses were <C>llcd and ' examined 
rclatIvK,tb his cannlballsUc propensIUes, one young fellow, 
resemblug Edwin Adanm, the aolor, maUhg a highly interesting 
and comical statement For the defence Professor Wells was 
put oh the stand by the aovcmor to slate his opinion of Ihe 
man from phrenological examination^ The .questlonlngand 
cross.questionlng. of BandsU and serious . answer* of wells 
added not a little to the already good ehare of merriment In 
apeaklDg about hla bump for Honchiln virgin* being rather 
smaller .developed than any of the i others, Bondall wanted to 
know whelherlt never happened that by a blow os foil that 
partlculoi bump might not have been "drlvcnln?". Ton ought 
to' hav«,'sej)n Wella at that moment. . I hevir saw a man so 
pnztledin all my life. Seeing that we bad the laugh on tho 
Profesabri he Joined in with the . rest. On < this indictment the 
Jury could hot ^gree, and the prisoner was lot out on bail. 
. A dozen- or men eccentrlo mals took place, which might be 
interesting, If there waa tlme .to give them. Under present dr- 
oumstahces, there Is not 

At 10 o'clobk In the evening wo passed Oape Bace, and although 
rockets were sent off and cannons fired, no boat . oame out, and 
consequent^. ho tin can was thrown overboard for tho "reliable" 
newvapers; ' 

Simday was devoted to rcUglbtu services ss on the first Sab. 
bath, with the exception that Btohop Lynch held forth in Ihe 
first 'cabin, as a sort of op^osllloa to the others. Be told us 
whloh he thonsht was the boat way to get to Boaven, but as that 
will net very likely tra asked when we get there, it makes Utile 
difference which route we go.' Isn't uat about the mun and 
■nmiait of the matter t 

Vhere was this dUferenoe between the first and last Sunday on 
the Ortet Eastern In tho second cabin— on the first we Ikred only 
eo-Sb, on Uif last, "aumptacnalT," as letsr Oallagher remarks 
after Bfleid; We had all the dolicaoles, exoept fried iton,as 
much nwA could "Oram," and a dessert after dinner. That'a 
the w*y they smooth over the roughness of nearly every sea voy, 
age, 10 aa to get commendatory rosolntlons drawn up, praising 
everybody and everything on the strength of an extra auowanoe. 
It la what the boys oaU "shutting up a man's eve." Anyold 
fool can soe tbrbugh this game of ahan^gans, and woatover inter- 
ested individuals may eay, I found lota of Ohanoea to oompUln if 
IwahtMlto, Whaf* the use of all this blarney? Would you be. 
ItDve Ui'aetrlng of names was sent back by the very first sleamsr 
that left this dtv ^r we laqded, Augnat 36, inth the name* 
with' a half-doien j^nts of the white ohoker persuasion attached, 
ahd ^ublls^sd In sovoril of the English papers, to the olfeot that 
"everything v^tfl lovely and the.aposo hung high;"' they even 
tried to iiialn) the .British publfo boUevo the Big Ship doesn't 
roUl Bythshlgtoebf Hbsosl U this isn't perjorr^ I'm d 
if I know what Isf ' Excuse tliii adJooUve, but If aigt bt paiscns 
ban wilh a dear conabionce do and, sign suoh a pucel of lies,- and 
go to tho'good plabe after all, there c^n'tbe muchhstm In k mis. 
orable ouss lUto me saying damn. . .These resolutions were cut 
ont of a Liverpool papor, and loot mo by a young, friend who 
kBCwnowdl, aa a proof that.nUnistota can lie (and in more 
way* than one) aa wou is "helMosorvlng alnners." . 

On Monday we hove In.slghtbflknd, and- then felt gay and 
happy. Verw Utile was done in the way of sport, and evening 
oame on apparently quicker tban uiotl.' .In the evenhig, ta au 
are aif ore, when opposite UenUtik's Point, the Leviathan struck 
bn a rock and knocked a hole In her bottom. Hef officers tried 
to^keep it *hady,<o avoid unnoceuar; alarm. Itl* but.juitloe, 
howev«r,' to Olpialn Faton, to lay that the pUbt had nd( arrived. 
t«d 11 wa« very dangerous soiling lu tbat part of tho Bound. 
Onr dUly paper* gave aU the partlculat* at the.tlme-lt is sot 
hso«a*ary;therefOre,fbr me to spread oa tbedi. The strlUng 
didn't evsn me \ip, so that I've no causb fbr growUng, and 
when Iksaw-'ltln the morning, it didn't troubM me, becaule.if 
we must oo'dawn, there- w»* lots ef oampany. Both Ucnlay, 
and Tuesday ««wer«ialut*d on <very side byeanhCna firlnr 
flags flylnfli fnupB of Udles. waHng thehr embroidery, t*m 
bearing aIcniald*,'Uhdi playing, bravo men ohearug, addi 
the IntaitBttA fciUNi of VvsSoi. ef Jolr. TeHlf, thole 
i ndUng iaed«»l)»t|hir«iH tfaM nnallbytMdi mtt with 

le, aBa..anae: oaiteafa Waa, icme dx or d^tt'of «■ 
te2'f**^'»EJi-?!ftfW:t»U <*i MfBlyM 
ilahbd for«Igner<^lnUihe.way.of pnnlahing, Jersv 
. A' whf^iMeg of ^wtie tUoiril at biU «ln)osU M 
H|l9>> B^tead 0(»ipsA^;tp:4^fiirB jaA Ueyip*i|)lB»- 
^^ni<me of the' bigfatfa 

„^ , , ^jJeto'tartttMrtoE 

MUy by the time Z got back, and left one half of-^eih Il£k 
,fei^.toju>^«Sfll«iVSal>)Stoiity. Of'oonnel'didn'tcbllbot 
^psey. Up fiui4ilai;.<',|i;^ aboard r* having been given out 
tratUffibs'.lllr eiigbWgot the word^to ''Qo ah^P' and off 
wealarled, ntU^ the very devil by ainging' and -bheerlng oil 


e Eemj^ 

, other ex- 

pteaalonstlut bslhet«d theforblgneitTto-know vtihAttb makecC 
On arriving at ttodepbt' at least two Bonn itMoht to waste 
hunting up oiir luggage, but at.tata.orclo<ifc J had'tnlneaUse- 
oorb; Ured B b£^e nr «iro hs^f^vS^^SeVdilVer^^ b'i 
hadn't - seen ''abimyh «pMIelDrsfmOfatll)' *nd 'bydev«i'I'*as 
once more in fthat .deareetof aUn0lAcea;''>htitte,Blreet'<lfbm»,V 
after an abeenp; pf Just a year. ; Blow delighted my M^i^ were 
to see mo safs-and'aouhd, (nUn-ns the nqnuiia pouhds/though) 
Ineed scarcely ton >you. ' -. : ■ ' * ■ 

^.hayenowarrtv«datttaeendof'myJourney,'Just in: time for 

reel half so 

, '^bmeword 

Bbdhd." '-. :. ;!,..'.;•■■'. . -." . : n I- ■ ■ ■ 

fVuueatsDt at the hopefblnaH and'.patriollflm of Tonna Aiaaria*' 
to the nUdstjoV«ur unnatural, TK^aoHfloiBg. dr^^ 
Uoody war. meh r litft Hew-ToAiome eUhteeBlni 
I thought a year woAId end the war sor^ btirttis b'larL..^ 
IsUkely.tolast just as long as oontnclbr*. thieving poHtMans, 
and ipecnlaiors sre aUowed' to ^oape. a haltw. That's )nst 
what's the mittsr. ' ' 

The best part of Tuesday wM consumed by the Oaatom'Hoose 
officials "golm.thropgh" onr trunks and boxes, locking for con- 
frabond goods. They fulfilled thdrunploasantitaskvery satis- 
ftetorlly to aU but a few smugglers. My box they didn't dUtnrlk 
at'a)],aa I made ont an- inventory and re«d hover. Perhhp*' 
,aoipeof yoQwou)d llko ti^ knqw Wbat I bod, and.U there WBS 
tinul wooldn'tknlnd tuning; as it is, this must llepver. , ' 
- Two steamtugs wei« chartered to convey thb first 'and seboiid 
cabin paasengera and: their Inggage' ashore to Where fhbcara 
w$r^ In waiting, and it waa a grealreUef <o fi^d ^baVwehodnow 
'-^bopod the ^donln Arabs, for'pot a cent waa .oharged, ns for 
le mubls. The totehnedlite 'and sieerage fbUU' bad ib 'go 
4own to Oostla Qardon as: 'ei u i igi iants; and ^rathey ■ than put up 
'Wl^thIs,:seTeralr*ntheyIskpf;g^tlsg op onr. boat, bn tithe 
i^gOantpbUce detected ^itjna^ m^tt ejr^hadtoiiut bock, amid 


Ihe Je«« of the crowd. TBe 1 


f. A-iu>TenowaDTv«aa(ineBnnoi'myjoumey,']ust in: nmsK 
theoonsbrlptl^'ir.YlfOreelsy gets, drafted;! shan't feel half i 
bad abbnt It) and ttios ends the account of niy tHp.'"Bbmewai 
Bbdhd." '-. :. ;!,'..'.;•■■'. . '-: ..' . : 1- . 1 ' ■ 
■■•[ ;. r.;.r-.- :. !J.I . .*..! } :i : 


• " ^- ' ' : ■MT.T.' y^.' , 

This youagtady'wulMrhtfl'B^diaster, V. V., FWbrniiyaetb'; 
ISM.- She was nev^i • iBtended for thk.profesalcoi; batlaunbhsd 
out upon the dranutio world aU at cnc«, wilbou^ a^ preparation 
Whilttover. Dning'Csrr'al^iuilagsmeht'bf theBobhestef Iheatre, 
and whUe thU (lhah) very popolar AttMe; Ulta Jdlla TurnbuB,' 
was faiasiiw one of her star angagemonts there, our Utile harolkie 
conceived the id^ ef .making her dcbvl as a daniense, and ao- 
"—^'-"'t appeared on the otscasion of MlsaTumbun'sbBheflt,. 

as ■ dlsolple of Terpalehorb,-belng only ten yearl bf "age. Her | ropes, -whero'fir. 'Oul^ dosed,. on'il^jSb] 

■nnfjtiui wajinf .*hyj^n«fc.flf^ft^Tffig: Wi» ^j ^rtA .<p^ff)ft^^|frt^^lilfVt¥inAi1,' V7mT« iMa ■vtnn.V tin'MI ' 4h 

"iced ^enelf nnd^, the able -tuition of Louise Fray.and Prof, 
'ood, of Bceh'ester, who taitght hb^ aU the difficult bustoeas'sp- 
irtoinlng to the tMpslOhonttn bnsiniss. Here Bbs iinprbved 
yronderfuly. She thm conoalyed the Id^s of . hbooming a musi.' 
oIafi^«nd placed horsflf .-pndsr il^e- able hands of -f^t B^trvUi' 

vlhvlh BSiiorttlmepronodniaetf her ad /ait upon ihe'vlollh.'' In' 
•a Ineredlhle short spboe of'tlide; sfie ocmlifpUy tho nibst dlS-' 

cult piece of moslq upon that Instmment' In UljT^ihe wended, 
at Way to Albdny, IT 1. ;° anil during the same -yew. Joined 
odebrated Seller Trcupci WUtf were' then 'playing m .that city. 
She retaiatned irUh this trat^one'yean' Milting all ttib prlndpol 
bitlea throughout , the SpollL^^ West sndalwaysineftlngwlth: 
the greatest success, jshe bw 
thit pipular bompany. ' 

UljwtiwQirait. On geWag Qp-ftaift this. flo(a«r„bi<(9fuir 
showed nmptoms of weaknea*, which via .taken aOMBioaTr^ 
by the VOMckea." who again floored Ur. 9aliy with SsVXh 
Ittjhe ronnds>om tb*ihIrty-««Teh(h:.tO|aie forty.f 
•'Oblokan dlsphaeda decided' sapaxloilh',?a]ihpngh h. 
mnch PBslfhe^L. In' tbe fo^.fbprth, Pearbe apt hla 
lb:.aiiliya thro]^, and again fioored hUi:' l&,Onnyi 
miration frotDialliby themasnei! 'in'wUchhebamb'tld' 
sttotoaslveroahd, 9at he was glttlng' i^elka^ aidweal- 
tHe fifty-ninth roimd, Wh«n hffi Mends lhti^UM,Abd,wos]SS_ 
•Jlow him. tofliht any longpr, ud be pprrendenw the*lbtorTtft' 
"Oame OUdkea/^ afl» flgh&nii Ihoiir 1» mln. - TU* bflUa 
WBS/lon^ aflwtheday, sqontknliil sobilMit of admlnittdil'Whefc- 
bveranfrgbod fights wtee 'the topic of bb«v«lBatlbai"iHlr;eiiia^ 
didnot fight anotbat battle, for a'<oohple"of years, wMflhe'lMr 

(»reg*on< BLanoashlte moi, nearly 60,- Mn; In helk ' 

dose upon lt8t,,aud of'tmormbua power. -The balL, — 
at aix MUe Bollomj near Tiewma^t, en October 4£ 1 
aOO gulneaa. In the first .round, when they ftced eael 
,th«te was a great diffteencoin.tbesla.ef the nun, buta 
Onl^, nothing daunted, .cotDUHOoed the work by golni 
to Ihe j'blg.'jHi.t' whim they. ezdunged,«lasod, and ,«u 
romds succeeded each olhw wltb great, raplduy, and l 
terijatj success, unffltjiq.sevonth,. when ' ■■ 

beaTib'on ttprl(*t|yW.wh^eB hl«w,h)5^^ 


*M*w>'ns*(imin*ag8b'aDd edds wtte'IaldVmoa 
the M«nMdsft toandi^JoiOl)' teoovUed frefi t- 
iahmmtt alttiongh-.&oih'tfaae tottubhe -ftit-wetf.'' U „ 
teenth, Oregson knocked down Mr. Qnlly, after a mot 1«IR 
.FOTthelasttinroundB-'the.eontist oqnld-be.seaicalyojSi 
flghUng. Both?ierecom^steIrexhanaleil,andthevl^ayMs 

thirty-dxth rotlnd. Mr. anBKTaUIsd all hUpawei«iand-aUh 

^5.y*M ^^"2? &^S: S'ffia?'* OuHy got one hmpci 
sufBdefat force to khbck down.aiegson, who could not gat up 1 
time, and itwas notV^tll Wvti«I mlnntea hideUpsd^tL^ 
recovered cbdsdoulntlis.' ''Oi«gMn''aadhtafi1eadsVerenfitiG 
Isfied -with Ur. Qully's vietory, and cbiallengedlor'anbihi 
Us, tfhibh rwos aoo^pWd-tfy ltr.«ti]ly,fw tjMhlldtL 
■ttble* draws vjf, it 'waM tlpnlatad thU oeKher irta wiMit 
ont a knock-down blow, of courae suhjcct to the dedtf raJfit- w 

EIrea.1 QntbefirstappfDhitlfl.dayvtte MttqtUi of BaulBii- 
lasapd a fbnnal igotlce.taihe - DwtoCAnmtcfe, whidihadt& 
t of diuslhg the dijy.of hattle to-'.be IqiR 
when ther fought In 8lf John, Sebright'* Park, ENrUqrdaUn. 
H?.'anuy;'from''thd oommeacehlent &riha'llAKi'fook a d£dae4 
Ukd,eih^«({ettlngtheflrlt ktt^qk-iicmSut^^ 
round. iUr. the second, Qreglcn was iMlBmimd'l^ 
OOthSBoie. In 'th^ third' roond/Ot^&blf let gb'Qirnttli^ 
ily«ttheluad,<wbiahwa» stepped trVr-(3^^nStW'i^t^ 
This Uow caused severe inijnry to U(/<)QI^''iahi aiSI' M4S 
iotgsttlte.betterof 'the hit for aome ycon. i-ln.SislMhMMI 
1^.' Bully was Im'odked down by a right-hBodsr.Da>th»BM&'.>il^ 
the sixth,, after some veryhaa'vy exchanges. Oxegion rushed lau 
u!uhtMr.<HiI]y'byth«'ihlc(hs,llfl4d Uim'itom thegrbSiarwi' 
fUlneavlly upon him. InuieMTeBthMund,Ujr. QuBynanA 
tot winfl,<gQt soohreoove^ed^ and went to'irprHi '.with aVrfiflK 
til both were down. Ercm the eighth round, Mr; flii ywnJ tB 
« science begap>to telj, indhl;ite9nentiy flM^-Oi* 
big'bn'e, viz: Ifi-the elbventb, twelfth, and fSurteenth. JDnndki 
After t^ts. ,1b. .flully hod Ih^ bi^ alsMst aUUBOwa B 
dtlietigh Oreglbit fought wjlth gre|)t'ga)peneML; hl|lbi(hl* t 
and as a naturalresnlt; was' hUVitr PlliilstiMl la 'cpdsM 
BeiUsBedlh upoD.Ur. O^J^ho, tf«lr ina'coUAbtM,-'raet'''lilai 
with both hands, right and left, af'hA'Ume ^, then 'MbjppM 
baA and BgdnanjI again jdi;ttsd;qn'hiiO is heBdnnMd.-sattl 
aregson- stepped,' and, appeuing as Ifjpaalc-tttubk, ra&HotItt 
ropes, 'Where Mr. Oul^ dosed,. and,j9bbea him heavll — - - 
droppedi ftom this rotmd unitU ' ills' t'wenty-t 
gradoaUy loot all chance. Ho bime^o't/and 'dlds 
could do to turn the tide in 'hli4lTar,jnt ;Mr.,0nIl7,had'Mltf>- 
llshed his superiority, ahd he setttl'ed the battle In nis favor by 
knocking Oregson but of time by a hit under the ear, alter tu 
battle had Jssted exactly flfty-el^ht mlhnte*. Unmediatdy attar 
the abqva battle, 'Mr Qullylnfarmod the sporting, world tUtrlt 
was hit 'decided IntenUen' never to fight. vv more; and thrt. 
althohgh'>Ch>winh\3r, he hod'fotlght'nnder considerable iStiV 
vantage,) tltrough having hurt his arm.: >iir>. Qully retired bh bat 
lanrols„and for. feme years keptthePhmgh Tavern, Oatey.atNefe.' 
ClscOl^'tf Inn Pelds." pe afterwards ret&fd from busln^U^ 
dhrlilg mv>y y6ars bf -on honorable (iarbet bn the turf. rbaUkeaa 

leofithf puts, and 
" engigem'ont, that 

pMndpal characlbr. EMgoclfwas 


the an^aooron this oocaaton Iwstowed a perfect ihowar bf real 
gold and sUver npcB our )ieroInej the> stage .being .Covered with 
specie aU around her. In December, 1S61, being In Altfony, and 
at the urgent request of many friends who werto inilous to see' 
her once more a eandldato for pubUo apprbval,and that her 
aUnlng light ml^t not be."hld under a Dushel,".Bhe, after a 
little retirement, once more 'entered the profession, and Joined 
the cbmpahythen attached 'to Oaptaln Smith's '7arlotles. Her 
success on this ocooslen was not very flattering, owing to the line 
of business which she waa oempelled to. adopt t>elng entirely dif- 
ferent from that which she' hod formerly been playing. Ber 
style of songs was not of that order calculated to plelse tUt class 
of audience. She, however, sob'n "learned tbe ropes," and im- 
mediately became one of the graatestfavoHtea ever seen In that 
city. The press was very loud In tht pnlse of her, and with 
one accord pronounced her to t>e one of , the post attractive as 
weU as talented performers over, seen In that city. Slnootbat 
time she has been eagbrlylohgfat for by managers of concert 
saloons, and she has appeared in fliany of ofr- principal blUes 
throughout the West meeUsg with libnal success. Her engage- 
ments havb always resulted to. a re-ongogement whenevpr it 
would permit,' knd she bos retunied to bltiea after an absoncb of 
only a month.: Ber'reputatlcnhaafaund ltself smong'thb East- 
ern managers, .who are qow beeleglsg her to appear at Phlladel- 
pblo; Bilnmore; and Washington, and she wifl inake ffJoUe a sen- 
sation when sh^appstrs. - Bheposaesses the nnnral endowments 
of a. fine pwsbn—a symmoUcal -and welUevtiobed fbrm-^ta- 
tare of becpmlog height— beanUfdl featurea— long, flowing, 
raVenringlets^^-an emresalon beamtogwittianlmatlon, humor, 
and Ihtelleot— avolceniU'bf aWeetneba and mdody. It Is Impbs- 
elble at times to conceive anything more blear and mdodlona 
thon the middle register. of her.volbs.' It attlmea vibrates Upon 
the ear llkftthe itoeat iqnee of ,a bell, and. again like the lippung 
sounds of meandering, streamv> dances with much grace,, 
and stogs a sodg Mith much swelbbiess. Hto local songs always 
pmve<TeT7taUng, and:aocOmpanytog henelf upon the violin, 
(Which she plays with oa muc]^ rkiU as an,oId muaiclan,) proves 
jvery attrlottve to her audlenqes, and ahe la tovarlably cached 
ttom five to six times;' 'At present this lady tsperfornitog'Bt 
iWoshlngtpn. '■.■,•• . ..i • . 

• ' . r 1.- ; 

In our IsBBc of April d, appwbd editorial nottoe of the 
.death of this eminent' and world.renowned sportsman. We 
'would' that the iportteg i{orId' n'ninbered wltbln^lla'cbblel, more 
men of the some typ«,fbT, to' qootoaaotfaer, "he waa a maar 
Uke him fbr aU to all w* ne'er ahal) Ipbk upon hi* JIko agato.' 
For thls'reasoo, and to fluke our pirtul ptomlse good, we make 
rocm for^ths following obfadensed biography bf Mr. Onlly, the 
Inddeat* of whloh we glean from the paper* of hla native tend, 
iht ajurtingt/Vc to particular,' nftwtthstandtog the (uowded state 
of onr'coIinlDB, 

' Perhaps no bontemporary iportsman baa iUlod a more remark, 
able or a more oonaploncus or honored poaiUon In sporting an 
nals thui John Ouliy, who died atBurhami on .Monday, March 
9, to his eightieth year. Be was at one time a ablnlng emament 
In the' BrlSsUP.B.. when the leading pugiUalsbt the day were 
taken to hand by Bcyalbr, and when, amenglt th'elr- backers, 
the arlstobrnoy of England' mustered to verr strong num. 
here: Mr. Qblly was declde<ny. In hie time, the man of the 
dBTf fer, although deseended frath ho,arlBtobr»Uo Untf, '^'d 
raly served bynis own naloral t>owen, he ritse from the 
lower tanks of Ufe to be one of the legislators ef> the^ 
land, and fiUed his high ofllce .with honor to hbnsolf, 'Ms 
oonsUtncnts, andhlBConntiy. , . Joh^ (JnUy was bom at .Bristol, 
onAu'gaM9i;i783,ahd before he entered' the pugUlstloarona, 
wu a master bntchei of great reepectabUIty. 'Be was adt quite 
six feetto height bnt.was of a very ihuscnlar and wdB-dovcI' 
ojptd tkBue, and so ccmpact.was he to .hi« bul|d, |tbat,,irhen In 
thoroulh bondltlon, he never welghid^ I^s thin' thlrtoen stone 
and a halt After the fight 'tbf Btty gubioas ' between Harrr 
Peorcp. an^^ Oort of TUmning', on April 37, 1805, to'whloa 
Petroe won 'with almost .liiicalous .ease,, Mr, Onlly^wts per- 
snided by hla iHonds tb cbaileilgbPearee, wh», nothtog loth, ao- 
oeptod Ihe oartbL end the'"aaiilo' Ohickeh" ^aa backed at tho 
odds of fSDQ to £400. . Mr. Onlly. allhoogh be had never' foooht 
in (he'Btog, bid displayed to private auch a thorough knowledge 
of the krti that a very large n'nnfbsr of the . oloyer division, 
backed him ^some large snm*. < The fight was fl:f Ml . to oom» 
clTon, ieOB,but Inoohssqnenoeof mlgtotoriUlnUrfer- 
ence.^Aihnottlll Octobers that.iheyfoughtat 

Stuse*. - The 6d«s woro to fsVor' b^ Pearce, rto, dlhenih not 
1 tall as Mr, tiullr, was supposed to have ftt UoU extwrlenoe. 
Mr. QoUy, la- the 'first round, after some daver movementt, 
made a . tremendous mo(veat .'.tha''ghlbkea,"bot.baUgontbI 
distance, waa knodied down. -.In ^e thirteenth round, Mr. 
ann^ dlhmid hlibl(rtrt wilh nob Srerily that Be M .hUUdf 

frbji tjialr fotoe. la Ihf «¥* >«?J>«j,«fe;'2^^ 

^- ^'-"-,43nllydtfaB»>aiM*aMe 

ot^^andigroe fo^me.r>_Be.'waa^d«el«d a ittambarof Parll j[ Mttt<i> ' 

.their L... 


^ .7! 

- -'" '''-' "FttDKBT&tAfrtBBf.. 
TnnsB HoUBS' WAUono UATop.i-Xha. Welt Brpmpton' Am-' 
Oronnd waa weB attended on MefldayrMlroh 1$, hy thelorei* of 

'toll" walking, there betognofewer than fifteen hundred nerecu 


Oreen; the Ohamploij, and James Ullesof Brixton.' who Vfare .lo 

present towards the conduslon bf the sport. ThciutcB.nndae. 

• " n William 'Bpoenor,WXBi5Si2\ 

cons^eratlon yrti bn'e between ] 

Green, the Ohamploi^, and James 'auob w s^^nuii. wuy Tfvn . w 
.walk tblr lUel and toe three consecutive hcnts, for £35 Mlde^ 
SpeonereUowtog his opponent otunrinutoand a fiof^itart. Beft 
have attempted to walk R0(Ti<j^oM miles to three hour*; Bpooatr. ■ 
sbme yeara atoie, at Hanohesior, when he flUed, andHI]ea% 
coliple of timas lost year at Oorralt-lane— the flnt timp sioppinc. 
exhausted at dghteenmlles. end the seoond time being beaten br 
a few seco^ids. . -Spooner will be thirty«ne yoirsbf Ibyv 
next, and stands 6ft 6Kto. to height of a very wiry fnd codmM 
buOd, so muoh so, tharalthough-llb looked very flne IndiedT hi* 
yelghed on Monday only Oit CUb, -3, MUea Is twehtt-three yBara 
bf age. stands Sft 8Kto. tojislght end weighed) like hls-pppo- 
'nent,9st'61b.. He is a fine young. anlmu, and shows ^veiyr 
'marked dovdcpment'bf mUsde on the ribs afld ^hbuldn*-' 
BpooserwBsthe first to show, with Browa of Kensington! tafy- 
ped, OB his attendant MUas.wu(kttended'by Button; the Xoottar: 
Stag, but recdvedbrdorBnotto'attendtohimuntIlhs.(Mi]iM)} 
had coinpleted'elght or ntoi mllss. ■ WhUe strippUg,'the bbtdflg 
was level to the extent of a few- sovs., both standing out for • 
shade of odds tp any larger .amount, . Xhe ^tehe* Jiavtog ben 
set and the'ofllclals at their pba^ mU» daihed off U" near, aa - 
poaalble attwanty-flvemtoutes to fOTir.'In'the aUoltUmtouto I 
Bhali; Miles covered about ill yards,, when Spooner Wintafi 
him at a rattling pace, nptwithstopdtog which, Miles hddhliovi^ 
and. If anythtogi.gilned afew yard*. Mfle* w*l|Mdhii first mOe 
to? mtoriB'seo.,Bpooner aceompUiIilnghls mUb' toTmto.41 
sec . Burlng.the completion of the secoad mile, whlbh WM inlkMI 
at a gobd raWtog pace, HUea gained open Spooner, and,ati( r"- 
anda halt took up his podtlbn' immediately 'to lili oabk,'( 
kept there during the next half-mile, and thqr wjue n'ow— Ml . 
two miles In ljS mto. 80 lec/; Spooner havtog tccomsUihad . (M 
mlleud threerquartors to th« spme time. ond his i^o .mlUrn , . 
itemto.'SseC The third mile 'WBS completed iritn' no vatiftialB' 
in pciitlon— by Miles' torn min. D^sed; Spooner; when ha' IM' 
accomnllshed his third mUe, was 34 mto. T.sec Theip/WH-.jaa;. ' 

varfstim during the tth mile, boto sUchIpg,at.iV,,M!I*igt 
hoinetoiJniin.«seo.; Spoonerrto SJ mto'..30eeo.' Thtfffla^ 
waa gone through without lay variation to>p«tfUctt, a*iAav 
Spooner raced. Miles was irith him, and aocppipUsh^l -jhb OM: 
tMioe to U mih. II seo., Spooner being '41 mfu. 4i. lM.^aM^> 
jalthough leading Miles by a yard,- two miUhtes, or one lap, to tba 
rear, sndng the alxtb mile; a dash waa met by a liish,' aad'tbejr 
vaised each time by the referee, to the same order as prevtma^ 
^^he eU miles wore completed by Miles, *tUlleadl|igbrVr 
lap, to to mln. 38 sec; Spooner, when bo had passed his slxikr ' 
mllenlarkilmvingbMnfomto.6'sec<- Dnrtogussevanthl^ . 
some very good rushes and struggles ensued, i>nt there >/Wu:b»< 
oltonUbn U positions, as Miles, close'.behtod Speoner; led BT . . 
nearly h' lap— seven miles having^ been walked by MIlM to H- 
mto.; Spooner, when his seven tnUe* had been complete d, hay -.v-i 
togocouptcd BS.mln. 87 100. ,ICach time pssatog th^- orndio . 
Spooner made sbveral tremendcui ruahe*. but lUIe* WH^'/aU. 
thor«," and weat tu fad oa BUI, and the elf ht mUet '#*N 1' ' 
plUhed by Ulles toowk0UI',f(sB<allfo,'<tlldluleI<«MOoadl;B- 
(m^^o^r,»^»m^nu{o,oml/(>rtMl^W^oa!B^^ Jherewereari™ 
tempts mtde by Bpoouor to break away, but Wis* mo^w* 
old plabe,-tho fiine mUes docmylifg I hour,' 14«ito,-80 Wt^,. 
Bpoonorr lbcur lSmin; iaea Ten mile* werawdkedwlth W.<> 
bhonge by HUos tol hourSI mto..i9 see. i Spppner, Ifil.bMVMri': 
mln73»4eo.' At ten' mOos and ahJ^ 8pocnerat^Jpirti>W 
Ewiy fkom MUW, anbl' a dashing altomptlb bbld fats'owll ttri tU^ 
part of James, and Spooner was leading wdl after detig Bill M y . 
had been aocqmpUehbd by Miles In 1 honr SOmtoi SO sea t BpocOr 
br. to 1 honr 81 mto. IB s^i( Dprtog tl)s ^e BppMifr -KM 8«> 
ting iway flrom the Brixton lad, ttpw wore a oonple of , 
nSdoon thepartof MUis'flrlendlTbut tho d«oUlbn>fniriJ- 
^te was,,"Oo oat eU right'.' So warm did Spobaet.tKr^rmlJ* ' 

hour ft min. 'a? sac : At thirteen mUea and » , 
Siade an effort and bVerUok MUe* at the halt-Up, 
took a r*t and they passed the fourteen nJlM, 
Brixton loadtog by a yard, to J-honr BT mto. « s*). 
after this, they spurted for neulr a kp, wjien, f 
iwu-.alnldstcoDsTaMble cheering, an4.o6nUnue< 
Se wiiTeidtogbySOOyardl itOio «<«Shg4a <rf_-~ -^a^,^, 
niUe, whloh he accomplished to:Jh(nua«mto.«i*tlJSrai^ 
houm.rmto. 80 *ec At ^e oem]g«Uo|i.of -Uw. 

fiftet^Dtta nfllb. Jemmy itoiiped, 
after walUnaa oouple of lap*; 


after walkin«a oonpli of HP^L^i^^S^iS aStelto mil*' 
to leave off. No &mo was tOen after ."^i ^iS.T haJ 
iStocner. but MUe* puUed up when h* hid'b**» *»™« ? "ffrr. 



• • - '.■:■'■ .^^ I '-'i^i.^-v: '" v'i''^'-' " '^■-''.i' ''-^''^^ 

■.^^.m'':i\h<Mr.),i/. ^^^^^ 

^■^■<\-..: '..'.!';^V-.f,.-.,;''." '«'..'';".'> r.'-- ' ' ; - ',■ .■'..•■'f-'i>^..rrf.s>.-.}S©:affi«w! 

.VV,;. .1 '-■■'.■ , ■ 


iiSMKel^. OfhlsdotogrflnGiwAMtiln***™ 
•aitlilng. ■ ' ' "■ .'' i 

fS,?TtoobStei U yM» before- Ohrtot. Mflloig 
tte roj»l •«»» of mir UsgB. In A. J>. «, «.■*»« 

"^TjibmH uAa >ol onoe in«de, nwnt aUnd. 


s'iAr IlTTERlfA 

Toifiiilg, on the Mlh otMtii 
OLim were not snrprlied at the nvm, 
Msteii iiaxiioiitttnrmisi ironU eomd 

reluned to America. TbO«ihlnWwoA,p-Tr»™ -a.r— -r^^ i.- - ■ • - - . -.ov. 
of 0. HeuiMi hlAadf. .»a by.eTet,naU« » annoBnte^ the reanlt two «>» 
l^-^t'wtidrii hid il^ea; At l«at tho-lnl«Ul«en<^ have nearly written themwlte. up to tl 

ime; it la neialeaa to eay that tlie great match has already | white lunfl. to. .tophi. anoring, 
oaosed an ImmeBee eioltoment, not only In sporting drolea, but 
•moDg all dauea of pWple., The flght^wiD b» for the large .take 
ot ten Omi^and doUan, an* ad the-men' are ptelty eyenly balaaood, 
u ieg»rai.hel«ht,walghl, and reach, a moat deeponte encounter 

what .hall be done in the dry t" 

nueithlpB dodge mrald be conatanlly 

endpo b«t,wp« g«id *)T*nythlng. "~ 




li^p Bb^ter'took (^t Infutare, 
i*S)£«^4> He tan beg only cnoe, bnt If the dealer B»e« prtfpw, 
h!MoB*iiBP%<^ BgaJiulf the player having the begU not 
&S^Ty«»anfpUya» getetlu^ tiliks, he laenUtM 

twSuiilvtiMoaiitmti trl«ki,he edohxea theflrrt 
gJSaAwwatwopolsta: ' ' ' ; - 
!iiPjasimw,\nttlmkntla.-The Uea Ib pretty much the 
J5S5toSi •peeoh, >»hloh. pi()lN*^,youmay nothwe 
f!n^3wSSlnltiS??whloh la wbH taown bv^ For piat 
li. la irttt>ut toightter, and nl^gctteu np. 


ed oni WB bdleTO, and we - woold prefer 
iitm ainyt, MM our ^tlme U e« mnohoo^ 

»o3i Tt»'«i« B<aratT,vCTerT Monday erening. It ia oi» to- 
^SBiii SjSt^An n«n- there enaintrodaaA^yoiu^-toHr. 
.fQ«inW^.y«a wfflattelityotir oVeot 

■•ltiMg-PiiiBoij«,-*ot » 'MA ma?, nnthlo to JnOd a pen or laaTj 
jlffiTfibih, (alter writtaK three pagM of 
' w&l>A»rtnlM iVerr we onstomtr to Ught fii.^ weekal 
.. fiSr«wyottila*bf itmt; • - 
' lowixt- i^aahln^ D. 0.-1. Heenin and Bayan 

^j}i^,.-^t»nt»^9rApril. I860. : X Dan 3loe wb» bom In 

. f^UMil«.T...ii}ol;'T.. A. Brown did give iaaketcbpf the 
jiiui.imi^ iiccr of Uaggle'Httahell, In theOuim of ICaroh 
■ •''«'li/tt:"Sl)wego,H.T.— We aroBoriy we i^nijot anpply'yo]*, 
^""^ lr* '>la(5»r >lot where yoa' can prooiue .the. mualng 

^ . 'in 'a4T«Wl»Bn»™tiilght fetch It . 

•'tf V AViUnT JJimarlh djd not dance the toianceof Old 
^TwlMu .bwf^ , that we- are. aware of; and. we hare no 
B that tie tuu danced It In'England. 
I a. lU. Oo,i.,-.2d-U, 8. Artmer^, ' Corinth, Mia.— Tha iarly 
«dttUr IKe ace; iakei the deal ' ' - 
•"fct'.P^i iDlwaakM.— If a Jock la tnmed np : on .« mla4eal, the 
^-K-^li Ml «Utlad to the potot ■ ; ■; • 

/^aahlngton, Q. O^ThankLyoni gin ui the 

I q ^ f yi lflnl 

vinill Hrt Dapodt^B M0Te«;iiro'1^l»^''haTtaig 

_J.■^«IMI^•;v;•■^. ; :^V■^•i'■■^^'''v'■^^'■ 
' r'''°iftU.\llrnr t^ki-^Iblo'a Oardeh Mat* inpanmiltjpP.-rjni* 

' s '^^wnniijr,' for ike book 
, %4 had!.nmltlo yon, ' 
:i/taiBM;'iB,', n. fl. B. BaootalL'^Tcrar ienn'of ■nbacriptTonexr 
- ■■vKtod'wllhHo-«,Vol..lO. •; ■ ■ 

'■ i ^i^im ^^jshnrn'aii Mceoniy ftonaht'onoe-< draw. 

-iH.'&i'Warceater.HaaB.-Addreaa'Wi 0. Vemys^ SIS Onadwiy. 

. .■ i^^j"'' ■. V '-v,,.. • ■ 

vj^Q . '< ' .' ."QI'B PBUBI BVOBIBl§. 
' 'if.^JtWmantha.tgo^offece^'ttenimofFlTi'Hundredl^ 
' itt'iiiejtiirM'be^^^ 

■^f/fiH^' Aiy nt tlttApiit tbim mm. lha llrtt' atory In ordet of 
V y«EliwM;te Mctlfi «3JS0; the nezt,'$lllO;'«nd the third, HOO, 
ili^^.o^inpetltlon for (htae^.pr^ 
f' *' filBUiln an harisg been received, and but one or, two ot thoee, 
f . ^ii ^ ^ iWM MKg «tiy pntnte at mrtta -Uimn cmnmnn iilefle Intmeati 

.v,'' v'L^&artliicittia^-aM'to ■w»id;ihe price of i2W. Itia 


M/'^M'iiNXtm hbw tobk.otxt iiiFiB. ' ' 

■ J-^-vsDsmioaD. ' • :■ 

■■ Y^^iLwritM, whiaee italSence Is in' Baltlmibre, Is 'entirely .un- 
' ]U<iH>'|^^>'*''^''7*'*<>nallyor.byteputatton; and he,wlll lijit 
1' ijjy^l' twb9 la.eiitltled tc the flnt prize until he aets this notice 
; jM^ttu .Ounrnnr.' By .ending nil a VOm, atatlng how we ahall aend 
; , !^ ^Uo&qr> we'ehaU take much pl«aBTire'i|ii forwarding to his ad- 
4!j«wi 'atondB, th«aomoft2M. 

• -Xhls prize itcry win be commenced In the next lan^ of the 
wjipiitt didnn^ b 

re,'.)£i^.i«9nlre another week babore; coming to edcdaion' 
' Bg the 'Cilalms of 'the other Btoriaa,'aa' we wtali to gty^ 

:'lyi'^wJ'c^!B»'BW^ .Dkeoara OF JIM A- Bibk..' ■ . 

'' 'XV /'.vAt T'^^oCox'S):iVBiiE HoDa,:ai«aD Baiiar. 
. ^ij^^j/^i^^.k«l^qM^ri^nf iino^ ride waa -Inailegooduil'lianM tb 
..'^itt Monday, Itiroh'86,«nd.\ the 

N ''<ittiMi^^a|i^^ is due this evening, (April a,) tt Teto 

^ 'Vi'!^^*'!'*.!''''''''''^^ .?<'*^S Boonia, Vi: ttt'Bt^ini. 

■ ''A'tfaW )iat "jiaklhg . Mr. Qjiilaaher made goddOobnrn'a money, 
' aotedi in like manner cn..lIoCoole's behalt Ho 

■ ■ r 'I'ljiiiiiij-- [Tin' ilffrrnfl on either -ride Therewors preaitiiiti'Bd,^ 

Jlnglee, 6Bie,.th'e 

}^y':[!i'\tfi^inajjlM^ MaOcy,tba«z-otaalal, Charley Ohurob, 
-' ' ' . -' JMiressot iiea»i- Andy Moot* the wrestlor, :ahd many other*. 

: :. '^j fe -yviaM-' WUllftm and'Darid Hastliigs elao dropped In during 
' v' .' ^'fnin|nig. Xhes meeUng 1. fixed fi>r the Uth of 

'>v ; ' '. .ii<j^-M Total McCoy's, the mit«VHoa.e, Grand atieet^ bctW^ 

:'''!^'^.^>4-vH0itb«En .OhamploncaU^ at our ofBce on Satuday, In' 
' V' flO^HpUgr'wltlt )ila trainer, Hui- Winkle, and • friend,, and loolyi 
: ' .,i,'V^j(ih|^^(ly we4. Be waa to'^Te showed, in Albuy, on the eth 
' ' '\.-.fi05^i SUi. bauftt (n this, dty will prohaUj! oonie off tn a oonple 
v'V;;''i?i»^4reiaki;-i>ae .notice wlU be. giVm of .the tlnie asdplace.. 
, .:|;^Vljj^'efltiks'ia 
.'. ..^'v'. '^^^Akittlaii eoatoaie, !«ith Qan Winkle as ri«ond.' 
. ' .' ' 'l&^^Bi DavlB ^^]iio visited us during the w«ak.. He repdrta 
^ itip^U ft^i^iqii* 'lU|tt and doing an ' li^ 
' : \,[- , 7unM kelbr and Pan Eenrigan are doing thUt ntaietf (o get the 
J 'liTeMin'Ohkmi^on in'Odndltlon;' H^^ 
,;-y: V, a{ti;^f^'.iltb,.aiih« gieit exlitUtt(^for ^Uu' benefti of the 

OumplonsUp. Of coune. Jam Maoe agrin b^e Champion, 
end is reeognlaed 
therebre, betweoii 
thlp of England, nor 
pendent of thi Ohamplonahlp, 
dence that busineifi/ 

e aide has dready . • -i » . - 

nsiiIarlTmade.£rom'tim*totime,'M6prdlilg to the' arUoles of ig .the handa of 


Abholis ot Aobxehznt entered 

i ' • ' ^, ISiTi.'ridBXr^mldo-erthVhow --vbu, 

ThetIm.:fix.d,upon for this eeocnd lntern.tion.10^^^ 

and ~Ohaa,' Bmlth— theeo gentlemen were unanlaoun .i^irm 
by the entlre.houu. JS^yUoBewoi^menaonlagcQySil 

gloves. Bhiil we my anything, Bill? Hnghy" McolSJS'*! 
ihiathirtOTnai day of 1 Johnny OMy oreaUd qnlte an eloltemont, from'SS*! 

— » "^nde each man has pot, and conslderliig UurmSl 

" When Hnghy 


lumed Ul^ei'iiT 
m put oiftteJiii., 


rbo"Ihaii:tort4«boM!i, who I th«jlov« wewTjwMrfed to to Coburn.^ ^^^^^ 


S^rgJ'fl^SS .15^^' S^-ae^ depoalt Of Flf^ Ijol- -^J'^!!^.^^^^^^:^'^^^^!^ 

6 IRB. right montha ftom the preient tlmei Much deposit of oS Hundred DolKrs a aide to be mjde at tte houee Jim touting aunanos up to tne oar lor » - 
.' ..i ■iIii»nX.~wJi>.«W.n.'»tnh\ltt(>nBh of^nahBiloy. 2M Cebtre atrcet, on Monday, the 18th day of jm DtoWb Onownm m *E00KtTK.-.0n tht Mlh ofVuti 

pire in that time to intorf-ere with the match, although ™ "^""^"gn^g ;2d hut depoilt of One Sand red Dollan a young Benlola, whoao match with Jimmy iajlott Is SStJ 
mt'spptaranees both men M«m detormlned to go on | ^ thehonae o{ Phil Olaie, 101 Oolumbla street, | (^teauohuexdlement In this city, had the biggest 

fiicember 8,' 

nuy transpire 1 

ftohipiasent'eroiarenee. both men M«m detormlned to go on I |i,ebon«e~orPhUOUie, 101 Columbia street, I 

vlththtaflrir TTopereaVethattheedltorof&U'iiVelastakfr Brooklyn, onMonday,thomdayofApril. AjJ deposlto ehaU ever came off In Brooklyn, at Phenix Hril, Court ilnrt, 13 
Wltn tne aiia». T^»™™r'' A-^.m „ JL on the be duly transmlttad to the Una! stakeholder. The said depoeltg couldn't get there onrselveo, butlthoae present nay it • WiJl 
holder, and that >Ir..rowllng, who offloiated as referee on the Jg^'^g^^SS^'betwetn the hours of 8 o'clock, P. M., and 10 I The old genUeman, BUI Tovee, got some good ma{di.Sȣl 
oocarionoftheflghtatFamboroBghbetweenHeCnanandBayere, „ other hours as maybeagretd upon, or'] a thing very dlffloult to do, although some people lufuvT 

~ '^ " the party trillnf ahul forfeit the money deporitod. The men easy as falling off a log. The paitlcipaton were h foDonS 

— '. -w -L ■ J wi— 'fcnt lha n<H™. whMi-l ehallmeet with theb respective backers on Buch a day as may wit:— Hughes vs. Lauer, Olbbens vs. Nolan, Ben lejd n. kS, 

batOabetweenHeenan. and. Klng,.butaedlnod the ofllce, when ■MJ^e^^'^ the place of fighting, (the latter beating them both), Kelch v.. CaMon,''u5£: 

it was aneed that he diouUC appoint some que eue. subject to g^all be in tho ring between the hours of — o'clock, — , uike Dorsey, Sryden vs. Bob Somobody, Lowen n. r 

thet ho wiUhave a bete show In his meetlngwitli King than.he I rignedio the stakeholder, ne expenMe of tte ropes and stakes 
Z wh^ he fought aayer.; Heeni> ^, in aU probability, be £^^iJS>Sd\l5Sr' ^hTaSf.?!S?tobS' S^'n^.'JSSSi 
the bvorite in ihebetttng, althoagh we understand that Klnghaa by mutqal ranaent, tUl fairly won or loet by a fight 
iome pi.e«!y §^jh. aiippprtari. who think, eittenlely well of ' = * ■■' * ~ 

him, and greatly fancy thl. match. The sum to be fought forts 
as la^e a rtake as ever depended nponlhe Istae of ■ contest in 
the Prize Blng— ten thousand doQan| 9nt this, 
Isrgeaait'ts, Isalmlnt nothing at dl'oompar^ to the money 

In pursuance of ^ the kbove agreemeni we hereunto atiaoh our 

Wltneasaa, HuOB Bilbt. ' ' ■ J.t mf Bujoir, 

Pan, 0i4^s. ' Jims' DuMHi 

wound up with his nephew, Jim Dunn— a grand dupUrol lU 
art polite. If Phenlx Hall bad been twice tke rite, ill 
friends might have got in— aa It was, UTeral hnndred smtr 
without the ghost of a chance. 

DzAn I— Poor Billy Bargent expired at the Cltj Bonti) J 
Tuesday evening, 81st ult, at about 8 o'clock, P. U, ct mriij 

las. He was taken m the Bvehlng of ' thejlay that Ji^Bi&T 
for California, and that was the last time we saw him lUn. M 

Inmedlatoly afttt the arUc^^ ^ our wpOTtar, PhU B.,^g„t, Itwiil be rtcoDecUd, -bought out Bath's hoott, tgt 

SJ^h^^SfaSfy'Sv^lSd irHu°gbX?w^^^^ SSlccnpled it on. week. He waslari^ on 'T^^. 

Omn or Thisss to Ma. Cais. Hnirr.- Messis. Blchod HolJ 

SMd and Michael Dorsey reqneat to tender ibelr gntcfU Ihui^ 
I Mr.' Oharlea Bunt, of the billiard ' saloon on Brot4n7[loS 
ken, for his klndness and attentlQn to them dgrlng Uitlrnu 
triptoTonhets.' They 'will ever remember It vilh ileuot , 
F isi ' iouiiB Dt Vticu.- BlllyHealey and JoeOctohritUIL 

„ „ Sfrlmmage a short dlBtance ftom Utlca last week, luUsg q 

since, but he la in good hands, and anxious for the day to come I boor, 18 minutes, ,08 rounds, when both men being nuUtl 
round. v ' ' - |cQmetotlnie,.lt.w«a<decided.a <iaw> Healty's sccciidii 

THaaoLonisoOaAunoii'sEzH^Brnoir.— Mr.' J. 0. Orem, the HtighyUallon and a Fifthrward sport, a confle of Wert^ 
good-natured, teetotal boxer from the Bocky Mountains, made looking after Joe Cole. It Is expected a tteah suaohriaij 
his Irrt public appeal in our city on the let of April- not a very made shortly for a couple of centuries, 
good day. for any thing— at Mozart HalL The attendance was | xna MoBTSBaH CHumoN.— Joe Cobnm, the fiTOrtIa H(| 

a alts selsot and respectable. Among the au'dlenpe we noticed I fork boxer, now raatohed with Michael McOoole, tbe Vv 
le uniting mng'of our old friend. Con Foley, from the Banner ohampion, was to have taken a benefit at Albany on Uo 

oT^m- v,m„m VsiWinalA uiA OniJnk kad ■'dlfflmlt loh of It to I Ward, who came down ezpreuly to tee the "Colorndo.' Foley evening. Els exhibition In ibis city will take place In a li 
Bayers, Messrs, McDonald ana onalok had a dJfflBulj Jobor uto j^^^^^^ g^ij^^g,^^-^^,^^^^ moustache, vre find weeks, a^^ 

ioepBenlBh to the trwes. He wiU hav* a much bearier man Ul the Colleen Bawns dead in love with him. We hope tosee cooniw mid Max TnAiHon'. Jonrr Bmmr.-j 

ojiposed to him In Bjoember than he had at Fambdrough. Mr.Foleya name unong Ihe joluntocrs at i^ef^'f™""?" two remarkably clever light weights are up for a beneflt at 
Again, we aay, be cautions and wary, an* do r««work well. | '^.S."."^"..'! iTw^-Sr^ t?'^?rJ I Paran^. HaU. ite Burtla' V^efi^ corn J^^^ 

Ihat'wlIl'lw 'wsgeredltfoutBldebets; for 'there'wlll be a good jaQegEjUott After the deporil which was te have bean made I 
dealof veonlatloBonthlsgreatmatchiOn thevarionspolntsof on'theSlhie made.'the next will be at20aOentn street, Hugh 
a fight, time, the first'taiook down, flnt blood. »d the Mg^g early' this week;, om^ 

finUiesnlt There wlU alio be 'wagsrs made that the match win where oh Long Island, accompanied- bv John- Oalvin, but.WUl 
ne'rer dome to' a fight; for tiere are plenty of men ready to take always be un^er the watchful eye of Phil OLue, who tolend. to be 
tKe.olin^eviXibitif.Jhto .. . I wlthhlmritogetWtholMtfor^^^^^ 

' And here let na caution Heenan against holding his opponent 
U^^fly;- King Is a' powerful man', and his blows, iih^ . fairly 
timded, are (iangerous. .^senan ahonld pay strict attenflonto 
Uie of his mmtor in training, and not throw away the 

sUghteri chance. We know the Boy Is not vety partial tahard| 

: ,, . .... ..^i; .. .. _. i-A , work generally, ending .omewhat unrartnnately for Charley 

eclipse in interest the great meetlpg between Heenan and Bay. {Mm the re-openUig of an old cut over his eye. Old OIU Tovee 
iers. .' In another part of ^ thli. Isijae 'willbe found sn.aoooimt of- and Toung Dlok Haywood— age versus beauty— Bill in tights, 

apple streets, Brooklyn, this (Tnetday, ApiU Tth.) 
when all the talent of l(ew York and Brooklyn will tallT toll 
support. Old Bill Tovee, M. C Tickets. 2S and N cenn. 

. .» ....--..V — -atBojiii 

for M 

, Theatre, on the Mtt" We were sorry there were not more 
both before the battle, and in the Blng. - present, because Mr. Orem deserves better things, but that may 

As niinsl, IheCUFiZBwasthefirsttogtvepubllolty tothlsex- be easily accounted for .by the way they've rushed mattere 
tra.«din.rymatoh,and«iour new., comes direct from head- J||Jg; S^^'^S'iSi' b^lMh^uSb^ChjM^^ 7*onBF,oHTTaii.-Bame,Farl.,,lheWo»,a«»k.tB«T, 
'quarten; those who be advised of the progresa of the Uju^daya, and that will show whether he has friendsor not, ns only four challenges this week, all intended tc 
Watch, vrmM wjse; take ll»iHiw.-Toij:o^«^^ Oa,aceount of somanyrimllar afUrs this week. we cannot Heriey, of Worcoator.Mass. He aays;-«'Ftat, IjOlL^. 

■ ' Tr— .. I I ....j,.v .1- 'iv. — ™_j — ^ ' ^]aceof I SvenilleracefortBOortlOOaWde. Second. LwiH wii«bj 

„ , •s,oialcatoh as eatoh can,' for WOor tlOOa side, be*t thrn'to 

paper hUethrtgavbeariywdrellaUe reports of the movements I Bmik)VMoffl particular reqaa>t,asd if theapnrring — ' - - - - • -- 

sit the men, l^e were the first to send a reporter to England,' I matohes were few and fkr between, don't blame Uncle Bil^ 
and wehadtheconfldanpeof Heenan and Bayen, letters from w"""!"'* that's certain, 

both of whd'm^eTe repeatedly pi|Ulshed.iii our. columns. Our Bivers and Henley; mcrilyin fkvor of Washington Market, 
readers may again look to the CLiFna for anthenUo information who knew too mach,wastoo big, and hit too hard for Bivers: 

oonoernlngthesecondintetnatlohal natch, which wfflbrobably °'^l«7 and Mike Doreey; a jood match, and bully 

TOUOOriuilHUSWM^uu wwnwiuii^ iiiaiui. TTiwiu wm iAnnr^Iv. (.nillnir •nirooTi.t i,T<fnrb,ni>t«W tnr rlorlAv I tO thO CUPPEB, it 'Will bO COVelCd; Or, 11 he Will t0n« 

ton, and fight for $100 a side, in six weehi, I will take ''' 
oh weight." Iteagan'. riaply Kiunds wmewliat alcgi 

tbe match, the sttlclss of agreement, and other mstiAra con- 
nected tlimtewith.'AVv!V_-i_^__^^_ ' • ' <■': 

A;;HdBUa) jlNIkBUlTAKIIfO. : 

Dick In peg-tops, uncle'd aglUty sent the Oueteb man fiyiifg 
around' very lively; whenever Richard went after William's 
promontory, William retaliated Juat the aameas Dick Curtis or 1 
Jack Bandall would have done under similar cironmBtancss— 
with a one, two, three. Dick, remembering the terrible affair at 
Tonkin, was very wise In keeping it a safe distance from the 
' Old Dominie's "dangerous right," and "thereby banga a tall," aa 
Dorsey remarked when "Colorado" oaihe out in tights. ~ ' 

« ■.:...'"v''r'mj.;,''iv ^ — " .' ■ I Boreey remarked wnen "Colorado" oaihe out In tights. Henley 

On aajteihor.April will take place a grand, sparring enter- and Dorsey: a 'wicked set-to; they meant it; very severe hitting 
talnntent ftar the above-named objeot, at Hoym's Theatre, In the on both sides, but Mickey more cunning and more at ease In i -j^'r-.r™ --^^ 
Bowery. ThenJ^em«nt\iUi b..ln the Sidsof Job; Mcr.^ 

Third, I will fight him a glove fight for 110 n tlOO a aide. 
I will fight him a regular ring fight— I to be IU|ba,-4e 
weight he likes." Bsmey is going to have a benellt at mii 
Haas,, on ihe.l8th of April, when he hopes Joknny will go 11 
tohave^ friendly set-to. 

Ddblut Uixs's Beplt io Toum Mxiznf,— Dublin ia;a:-'| 
be (Meakln) can fight at ]2«lbs„ in six weeks, bytsndlngad' 

poslttof — I 



he doeen't see how Meakln can propose such a thing aa all 
weight In the first place, and yet makeaUie very BaaApnT* 
rition to the Brooklyn man himaelt It now remainB to la « 
whether Tommy wul go to floranton, or Dublin come to F 
lyn. Talk greonbacks, Coys-^tslk greenbacks, 

OwnzT QEoaiixoiM to Coh Oqeii, "os Am Oram Mik."| 
Mr. Oeoghegan will fight Con Orem at catch weight In two vm 
for tlOO a aide, or four weeks for tdOO a side. If IU« 
suit the Colorado Obomplon.0wney signifies hlawUlUgmoj 

'riisey,, aided, by '.some of the most . noted ;nemben of the 
aid lohool of boxitg. We need not say how heartily we endorse 
the mbvonient^-and that itwiH meet-wlth 'fhe ifppfoval of aul 
'dasaea and 'ollm'et.',' W)ifle '.indreat ..Britain, they are sqnandei- 
iiii minions «n * made4b-oirder tciyai marriage, many of its peo- 
pb are siatvlhg-^tually starving 'for the bare neceasarloa' of | 
Hit, We ^diah 'gtv^lh^ programme for the occasion in our next 
-I., " ' ' ' ■ ■ 

going the rounds. " • " " ' " I mediately covered by Mr. O. , 

As Jemmy Elliott (the Unknown referred to on. Oram's bUls) HoMoaiBLX HximoR.— Professor O. W. Taylor, tl»J^^ 
hadn't arrived np to nine o'dock, and sparrer. being Msroe, Con I master, now a deputy provoet Marshal in Mew Crleas^ 
and Milage OomeU gave the wind-up— the former in fighting honorable mention in' the Oreacent Oity papere for 
coBtume, (and a very etpenrive oneit la, too,) and the latter heroic conduct in saving property and rescuing U>e nig <»H 
gorgeonsly arranged in coaslmere and fine linen. Milage beats steamship Bio Bio, recently burnt. ' 

S^.?? (SfAJf™°. S5 "7 ^"I i^'' •? AtrsmAiiAH Jaoisos hid Bowim.-A rattling bIJ » 

of a man Juat turned out of a band box, and outride of Paris or Ltes, and only five rounds: was fought near londoit Mg,. 
Lelcwter would be dlffloultto find a better. SJT'bm, TavwerVbLkid torn Swooat lane, anl 
walktog (jenUeinin;'_thanJhls.same HUa^e,. ComeU couldl jj^.we b^em meVSw b^ 

weU. .! 

a BxHBHT.-A fljrt-rate 'hojM attonjec' 

_ «i»-u«. sparring eihlbWon at MoiartHaUjla«T^ 

satielaoflon and general amusement, especlriiy'to On^aimed I ''V* <>' space noceisritotes its omlkrion aiiog»«» 
KoUy, from .Water street Mr. Orem fell for PHleburgh on 

. How ZER ManvTAOiDU. Mswa— Our 
neighbor has J)(is( been caught In another oi 
severid week)! pasi, the' ''nnrelUblp'! has had 
telegraphic dispatches pnblished in Its Sunday editions.' aU pur- 
porting to b« genuine dlspstohes from the irmy. eto., 'reporting I ^^A^Z:rj}^ 'T** "f-,,"""" laft for Plttoburgh on 
7 ' ,■ . . , : . "y? •'•tti ''"a'"''^* Thursday -evening, -and we shaU soon hear fhim tiim asaln 

"very important movements and triumphs,?; .On ,the 39th of together with lohnnyMnckey., ^ ' 

liarcb, the nansl budget of "news" appeared, and one of ihe "dis- 
patches" stated that Adlhiral Porter' ^ 
liniig. These fSlae n^orts have' 

Inquiries at the telegraphlo offices ka,ve been ma'de as to whether i u» Miuig,. uui, •.uo pnoK oi ue genwei ana nonoraoie utue Holjy- 
sudh dlspstohes evinpaseod over the wires; aind to regard to the gained him the point, and the show came off sccordtog to 
riport Of the 29th, the fscihaa been a^oertata.ed ih^ the "mire- 1 fi?f S^.^S^.'Si'^viSJi^Sl?.^ ?.?":v¥¥.'=,?. i'.. ?"/°'^F'»t«'y 
liable" Sunday paper's 
at aU I And of such bogok 

HoiiTwooD iudDobskx'b BKnzFn at Toheebs.— In remark- 

"WH BTni. I,IVH.»»-HAI»7 HILL'S Baloon. wH'l 
ton street, enjoyaihe popular patronage to ai nnparauewi 
gree. Ths trnth is, Haj^ is a capltalfcUow, and amw 

.._ • 1 ... „ fsather was shocking, and aU the bills Were washed away. Broadway, (under the Presoott House,) is the oi 

"fl)eoWdlspat<A'>ua»n<wriiwn(Jl«ttr(ra Bothat but llUle notice was giyon, and veiy few knew the dw SALOON in.SewYork.. The Hanoger ior 
ognk, Stuff. Is Hie'pnatlor of that concern 1 2?,;?*_?A'_?^*'J!!li??i_'!!jH"'" 'j?" present; however. | bad charge of the BowlWg the Astor Houan. 


composed. Those special dispatches are' manufactured in the 

tiaok.. .}r<ki)eiyha^.t]M.tUn«.'wanId. turp |Oi)tr.,We.kAew that 

fully nude up for lack of nnmbors, 

.. .. - V .... . OmUtlngtlioeBnaniesof no Lll"""' and Olgttn of thebeat quality. PMorlaH 

i.<n~i iii,.mn.fAf«..i«,..M«.i~,w A ^. . Interest to any but themselvos, wo Blvo a brijsf summary of the , .Pfiia OALLAaHEB, PWP"' 

pOce, like moat of Its "theatrical oorrespondence." And such is more prominent ones that Bporrod, not' forgetUng'tliat Uncle ■ - n 

the sheet that has attempted to 'run the little Oupm off the I Il!Z?S f^l* M-^- t« the OMPPBB BHADBIB, Mo. 40 EABT BBOADJWJ''^^ 

"' and Easy svery Monday and Saturday «venlnw,*ljn.iM|^'iL 

/vjv" "i — !'.—' I alto aonnstor. Old Bixl Tovnx in- the: onaiT- . ' *" 

neighbor was praoUcIng I 2SiSSl"'^?oron^t„"'r^^^^^^ '^^iF^A^'SiS'iit^t^^^^^*'' 1 

upon lhori},'forUie people havedlscoTeied that a " M ""^ "'"t- Bol'mon. (son of the convetsafionol «.4 h.™. I E„^J:_7i^''l.S"-"L.?.™"*' " - -I 

learn of the frauds our ' "onrellaUe". 

the theatrical, sporting., end "ghoaUy" oomnunlly would soon l iSm.' nnao'r-li™'r^^ DIokBiflK I *^S^'^^^°:^Jt^?^''^^<^^'^^^ 

rsnable-rixbyntoesporting .nd'.theatricalpaper^-'i;^^ » 

' ' 'ksi<i1^'<it*BM^Bidndtt.--^e (frehtog^ 
. . , iVlV'v '. Jl^^i^ madaab^i 
'"^y^Wi^*'^ srttii '.Jin Jsasel^at a '"bank" up town. 'that Heenan. 


\jl^.tirblaii^^aae<^^ are'oredlbly InformetL This 
ttal backtog of 'hla«plnton by MoRlasey, on tteenan'a 
dtt aai a boxer, la flattering it) th4l^itor,'and will iend to 
, ( ihe tan In betting s!s .mi^cii as sny< olhoi'ono thing,' as 
'•^.'.-,;a^J^.I!BMa:(hanhe''tnd TomSay^oan'''poaribly knol^aowen 
i^?,^.;::)inn^ft<tt_^Hsetahis' n^^ 

o'li .'I^t^^jitAilm as wail as f'any other 

MiMikV.'llOlr.'tdWesthls dooato. iltalso exhibits i winifigneSs t« 

the OuPPlD^ls ISr preforsble to a blanket sheeL.the contents of I la qnarteredin Yonkers. lom o'Conner'ahd Mike DonSj 
whlobari bised uponfraud an4d«»ption, and"£eh,grapblo dls^ SSLr'^rt?"-'? n"S.?.fSlJi.'^!i5 
patntiss'^.whlcli never pass over the 'wtres How art yoa', 'Tioks- and "aucl 

borgr' . ' ' ' ' • • never SOI 

'' '.i, ■'" ' ". ' ' ' . .' "tbe youngest and tt^^^ 

TW Vuwt-Wlth this isiue oloses the Tenth Volnme of the ifiSSffif ^'SJJS ??J'» « " n>»yt tbe set-to 

?.*WOB,«^a^diheUthye.,ofiUpnbUc.tion, WlSlS"^^^^^^^^ 

BonaintheartofSelf-Dafsnco. _^ __M/vn , DICK ft BUaSNH HOLTWOOD. 


outf •thanks 
since she wss 

)?^^Mi^i^il^[^i'*td«^^ gripiL ' 

tdatH^ >iarwMBi„ ToiUKoConc am'^Birab'flaiiiT..^ 
' !, : /j>1rMtiidatoll's blrthday^bo army boys had several foot raees'ttr 
. . ^v/TlltiiiUnTillisa. and MoWrt^ Alias the Yankee Boy, beatPenny to 
v^:iWWi«k1Mcl)3(iW^^ <' John- Woodl^'.«htf li UVWMt 

'' 1" jimliftti li'iirtiiinrfi iijili - f i .^i*^ .;>.. ■■.\<j\u\^...,':'-<:'\.i:.^x 

'^if^m^M'-'Z -^^^^ ■. '--iv' ; • 

'^'^.•'i^'V'^Sj^ 'VV'^' -V'' '' '. ' ^'■■■'ii',? 

HvaU-TporEapB It | InformaUon Mn(^^ '^^NI^IwBKrttUf, OolSti* " 

next week's UsaewsshaUlanler upon a new volume. Veretpni |'»'"«5>"£i«*i''<>«J'»tbropand'KeUyhad a regular Ihunipi^ 

also to thoao who hate since oomaUito the roldto sweUtfiennm^ I jra^Yo-' "i*,anrrate; i Address V rsi-Ttn 

b»rofoni'patrons and.stlM)orU,tiB. v .llkli thelp'rMBthroDBhont^ l^^^ end lovely bmnelto ' ' 


dtthe war, but wo hate neve)? kllowed a single bin to romain Un. — ' .« . » 

paMthedayitwas'preiented.'' Tf^i put tu> maii a iitar I Wepa^ 
oalih for vape^,'iabor, presswork, snd everythtog oonnecled with 
tfiepubllaaUcnoftbeCLipnEB. We;hBve a reputation 'for iair 
dealing. tnd reliability, whloh fiw, olhor papN^a aqjoy. Thus 
ends 001 tenth yearly lessoQ., i> - . 

.PnOTO6RAPHB'0F JOHN 0. Vp^^^J^^^jv] 

WEuSbb, 575 Broadway, H.T, 

BBOTHHE, JOHNSI.-Mri Bweetman, 

m. ...... „''c-.- wiuilploa I Inmboi, OUo, Isanzioiiato.bearfMmhlBDivuu' YhMiesi 

te. ail . ataon^h: friends Who hood by the lilUe waft S^ISl't /i!'?,i,^fi„?*'.l*!?j55S'?,\'"'^? couiSn^ laat heard of him was aome four years ^a^JV.Sau. ' 

i,il»l>uriohld w th,,«a.of pubUcfavor,.^ 

' UVmo Ban. OhifB Mnmra.-^jlt the rSdnlal^ aanuol meetlnff 
of Ihb Hystio Base BallOInb^ of Mow Toi*, hsltfApWr Jd, iMs 
the'folloiHng oflloeM were slewed for the essning year-— Pmi! 
dont, Winiam J> KeUsy, M^iCSms Vlo»rPnsidenl, Alfr^B, 
Wright; ; Becotdinr S»<*et»iVrOeorgsi\H»lghl!'' Oonesi 

boy s expreas tbetnselvcs highly pleased with their trip, 
' 'Jim Oostmn's BzcoiiD ExanimbN at BmnonBLD.— On Wed. 
nesdayevenln'g,' March 20, J|m C. bed another benefit at-the 
above towp, The Weather was bad,'but tbe house was. "in a 
manner,""'^' ^•■^ ~ — — — . . 
sparrpr, wM.Auji uu^ mi* . -uu 
ford. Three Jud(les were sj 

the bthaxs we dbnt know, muu ynaiupat-eDoonnierw-WAM h«. 
f;*,n Andy PhiUip. and ili(*ejr &buti-four roundiii flJorTf 
Andy, but Mickey .eventuaily Inrned the tablea.o " 
him, knd causU him to "but stick" for the dreasli 
lpoh«r on" ihfonns «u, Johnny ^Igglns sod MlkeTarley made 

. iden had-s 


London who bSs recently 
Does anybody know this 

(/'-This is the lorhn»PP"«*'?,En, 
lycbiSngsd anyOstOlCmanln'W 

I. Fox? fro don't . 

I, was the day fixed for this intoroating boat race, 
. pnU awn fiorU^ke to Pufney. The betting la at " . 

Tbk BBOE0m.-Mr. T»n BrOebk has en|«*J"*,5i "f 
■or the different spring mbetiiignand «itto iBm 

miles, to the wfnrick Spring »}£]^i'^,^SuSZ 
ur«tot, Mid »h»Iourlh*oriUonln ths Baolng Btaao* . 
M carried tat IBlb, and *as«lddea by Murflt 

fffSSS'toMyen.. ^ L • 


. _.n i> «he omit oroui of tbe dntuUo *nd shoir 
ija-Xhe 01"''° "J J*i?/5!^d hM b«eii to mike thta d*- 

r^*rt'; ^u5nrSi7ifhete«bonta and bu^lnass of oaoh 
ptofoss Ion , nowBDsper, n Una or two of the move- 

««"r ^?^n«dv??»X80 aioSuted with yon.,.oth.t they 
"'Z'^/it ftUuiy. or Monday, sttheUtaal. and tlw Itemj 
Mi!i7"lhat wesk'8 liane of the Ohppsb. which 
fQtnlBhed wUI »PP«" uuonghout thi oonntry early on Taosday 
i,fop««ded to»Bjn^ we oharae nothing for reoordlng the 

""^ISfr^ro doln». ^e'"" *• oontlnaa the (topma aaa 
""T hS oJSi ff^ tho benelltof the profeasion.^nd thereby ex- 

UoKDAT, April fl, 'ea: 
Viuier Honday, and the oloaa of the aoMon of Lent, wUoh 
• Jl^JftfiMinmrlBlilT kept w In foHner .yeara. Tho 

^CwWno^STSU & bn.ln.s..,and mo.t of them 
fttiSde Sumey daring the forty diya and for^ nlghU which 
ifMoSe ItoLenton term. .Warm weather wUl aooq be npon 

5&t!£rrllTerwlll.JUWlftei|hoit to Hamlet, have to waU the 
Sj^^r^SKeTOia tiarejji the good^Sd tooh routo 
SSoSlu tothenrofeamonaL A Hotory of iome sort on the 

SSJISuii(ii'<*&e BDaalaalOTl woald aoon glTO aeneral bnal. 
?2rr!tlri. and oreaU a aUU more liberal clronlaUonof oor 
TtderaIciii«noy;bnt the flDtjnonth of apring hae come and 
iS. and the promlies M Utfihly made of an "early move- 
SSiV" .Te not.b*«n fttlUlled. .-mghting Joe Hooker." the 
So of the radlcata, has done nothtoa at all alnoe he asamned 
ISimand of the army in Tlifllnla, and the people are gieato 
SiunDolntod in finding «o little aocompUshed, where so mnoh 
MomlBed. In theWeat, things have been better managed ; 
Slhouih eren there mnoh dleappolnlment has been oeoaaloned 
tTtheoilnre of some of the expeditlona flltad ont nnder snch 
«HaM aiuplcisf. A Tlotory tua the Ulsslaalppi, the Bappahan- 
^ at Ohiurlestao, UobUe, anrwhere, in fact, wohid start 
^^mthlngl but a &lluxe wonld throw ua back another year. 
Vt hare boon a long time preparing for Ylgorona moTementa, 
and wo sbonld eertunly be ready now to strike an effectlTe blow 
metJiere. Will it he done, or will tho entire spring bopennlt- 
ted to pass away wlthont any ciTort being made to redace the 
nbel alronghclds. In the meantime, oor theatres .and hallaof 
mliiltrelsT are doing flnelT, some of them being crowded every, 
Bight lUnoy seems to be plenty, and the people spend It 
betlrl A conple of months more, and the season will terminate. 

Ulnirtrelsy oontlnaes one of the. most popular soarcea of 
lauuementwehaTS. Bryant's Uinatrels thrfTS "all the year 
Mondi" fair weather orfoaL Wood's beaadfol ball is also well 
iSed every ovonlng, and^e tronoe engaged there give a very 
Tleadng entertainment Bpeafcing of minstrels, wa might here 
frnitFV that there is, after all, nottung new nnder the son, Mlii- 
itrelsy Is siipposid to have originated not many yean since, but 
la looking over an old work the other .day, we came to the co'n- 
dadOD that minstrelsy moat have been in vogue some centuries 
j(o, although wa do notflnd'thattheperformers "blacked iip,"as 
nhurtiels do at tho present da\. Their performanoea must have 
leeii very like the minatrel enteitalnmenta now given. John of 
fitlbbniy, a vriUr of the tae\flk eaitury, wl^waa himself a monk 
'of CilnterourT, was, like the reat of his raethren, ardent and 
antrgeUo in bis declamations against mioatrela; because it was 
ihe boslnesa of themonks to muie their ^ay to the heart through 
the'piedlum of the senses; of this their akades are proofb; and 
TltanM the minsliolB in their, tdlet'ani fdittt, when entertatning 
igqroohipany, introdnced many traths, undeniable traths, at 
ihloh the monks wero offended, as they 'smarted nnder the lash 
ofiha eatlilst: because, too, these performers were either on- 
iter the protection of some powerful ohief (as the HoU afterwards 

E). or by traveling from place to place, dlapersei their In- 
la atuoks en their antagonists fir and wide. In spite of aU 
pts, on the part of themonks and tholr adheranta, to pre- 
Tiuit or to oonnteraotlhelr effects. While the minatrela were the 
oaly dramailela, Itismost probable that their memories were 
ttored wlthmanypleees which were traditional, ami ooiuqiunily 
jjlorf: lAete uere mertly uiUrluda, which, tduon their piifomanca if 
'tinging and ianeing, they inindueed; the same aa Jokes and 
cDunndruma aro now introduced between the singing In the firit 
■aii cf a minstrel programme. The writer goes on to say that 
lue "mlnatrols were ftvquently exhibited in the inn yards of the 
Bttropolls: places which, from tholr surrounding oallarles, 
.MlIAJMS Wlta little trouble, oosverted tuo (olerabla.theatrea. 
'IMmnstrels, among the abundance' of their quaUflcatlona, 
ihfused pharmacy, and prescribed as apotheoarlea: they vend- 
Vllbeir medicines at markets and flilrs, and were consequently 
Hie first mountebanks. In order to induce the people to awal- 
ioff their nostrums, they, after a verbose reoommendalion, bad' 
Hum presented by one of their tribe, who performed the Uerry 
inlrewl" Thus it will be seen that as early aa the twelfth oan- 
tdiy miostralsy was a fkvOrlta amusement of the people.' ThoT 
oag, danced, eatlrtsed pasting events, |oked between slnglilg 
ind dancing, pretty much in the same manner aa our mlutrels 
voir do.' The only difference seems to be, that the mlnateels of 
vM appeared in white faces, while our modem minstrels dn 
Ihdr (tees with burnt oork, etc Hlnatrelsy appears to Jiave 
Ma papular then, as it is now, and ever will be. 
Ulia Heron attracted large audiences daring the past week, and 
' Im play of Edilh baa oreated a great sensation, as her OamUle did 
vhen first presented to a New York pnbllo somey ears ago. Several 
UambeiB of the company that supported Hiss Western, at the 
Hew Chestnut, Philadelphia, have been bronght on from that 
elty to laalst Ulaa Heron. AinoDg them, are Urs. Oeorge Jor- 
ilio.Ulss Mary Wells, and Ur. J. W. Lanergan. The various 
I firta are well sustained, and the play has been produced in 
moitUbora) manner. Itwlll beconnnued through the pres- 
'tot week, and will, probably, oontlnue to fill the house for some 
toeyet . 

'Ur. Bimnel Emoiy, a comedian ftom England, made his first 
.appearance here, last week, at Bamom's unsenm: but be did 
ihlne forth v^th any degree of brilllanoy, and his efforts fell 
Wlbom upon the ears of the MUtutt of the'leotoro room." 
<Ei may dp better, however, wheii he shall have become ao- 
4u(nted with our peculiarities, and the onstoms of the oonntiy. 
, EDiUsh performers are bogtnuing to oast a wiattol eye to the 
noid eziiaiiBe of territory that . goea to make np the western 
iwld; but, so fkr, none of those that have rooently arrived here, 
'iimeihlbltod any extraordinary dievemeas. Oneofthelateatar- 
rlyils is a Ur. W.H. OcUings, who Is annonnoed as firom "the Len- 
WQudprinoipalprovlDbial theatres." Hehasnotvethadanop- 
lOTtgnity to show us what he oan do In the heavy line, or sailor 
nd oharactefparts. He is np for chortor, but it seems rather too 
weln the season for him to procure a permanent engagement, 
Jul now. It la probable that the i^ext season will vritness the 
Wnat'of a largo number of professionals from the other side, 
'w Ihe suocoss ationdUig our theatres the present .season, not. 
.vHhtlandingthowar, wllTbe a aoQclont indnoement for many 
<a Mtor to cross tho Atlantic, and tarry with ua awhile In a 
fn^lonal way. j. 

The two Thumbs, Ur. Tom and Mrs, Tom, held levees here 
jMweek, but their^presence did not oreato that Intoteat whioh 
'uelr managing manned ontlolpatod. 

Ur.'Croctor closed along engagement at the Old Bowery on the 
wilnit He motwlth a very llboral share of publlo patronage 
dnnng his stay here, andean doubtless oomo again with profit. 
w-O.L. Fox, whb has not performed during lb. Proctor's en- 
IMomont, will mako his re-apsearanoe thla evening, April etiu ' 
' wiiltok la to give ns aoaetliing sew on Tnosday evening, April 
™^ It Is a comedy, entitled "Uy Noble Bon-in-law," and it to 
produced with new scenery, costumes, eto., and "amostpow- 
Mu cast," aa tho announcement card advisos vs. Otdoomodlea 
UTi b(an the attractions, as usnolj at this house, and thev have 
uawn very fair andlenooa. The novelty of ar luio comedy will 
(ivptbly eall together a large assemblage on the Tth. 
. luretzek's opera troupe achieved fresh triumphs last weok, 
vtltlsnowoonoeded that Uax haa certainly given ns some- 
good at last On the eth, the opera of "lone, or tho last 
of Pompeii," MU be given for the first time In America. 

— ■ ■ favorite In 

la on ,the 

A^-T ...>•, w uluiMuot, ui iHiiuuuHua wiw uio uuiiBuuA bUSlnOSS. 

■ttWves anile an attractlcli for the new entoiprlso: 
^J°wlos J. HeartwoU; lato leading man at the Bcohester and 
'"™>io IhtalreSi appears at the Old Bowetr this (Uonday) eve- 
.Wtf. April 8lh. * , : . ^ 
,u,J|[<>toihlmes are popnUr, Olthor in town or country, when 
0*"y gotten up audmanaged> and when the comic or down's 
"wages la In proper hands. Wo make these remarks by way of 
■uiMaotDg to managers, Tony Donler, olownbd«cmlopanto- 
SWUtt, whose reputation in Ibis city and elsewhere Is "till" 
"fkls idvertlsemohtrin the<^ columns. 

JVi and where to say It. Drop fa some evenlntf, 
von't drop ont Ull tho curtain drops do 
J^11 be apt to drop a word In fovor of the (erf( 

JTpn d'onf 

and our word 
fown, and Uten 

— drop a word In fkvor of the performanoet evett 
take a drop of soihething else before you raach 

Mr. J. ,B. Clarke was to have eatorsd upon' anwigagament at 
this h'ouM on Honday. eth Inst, but the saeeita. attohdlng Hiss 
M'estem's Impersonation of the erring and' reptotant wlA, 
Induoed ihe agent' of the lady to buy off Ur. Oltrie for a short 
time, Rotwllhalanilng the ftot that Ulss" Western has had to 
battle with a set of scribblen who set themssKM np as 1A« critics 
of the metropolis, she haa succeeded in 'attracting aUdlenoea 
which have surprised those very orltlos, ahd that too^ In ono of 
the worit' seasons of the year, tho aeaaon 'of Lent, inoludlng 
Passion Week, when tbe opera, eto/, were obliged to defer their 
performances. Ulss Western will ropoat East unne dtirlng the 
feastor holidays. * ' . 

"Jeema tbe Poet" is on again this week, at Bryants, Dan 
Bi7ant assuming the part of Fnnny Jim. "The reason why he- 
comesdown here, beoanse, they' say, he's fond of beer." A 
very useful man in this troupe or minstrels is'Mr. Orlffln; he Is 
good in the choruses, and equally good in varlons apodal aots, 
many of which have originated vrim him. Botlnesa continues 
exhilarating at this halL 

Ootisobalk throatons to give ns a concert on the Tth, at Inlng 
Hall Among those engaged to aupport Oottohy, are Urs. Marie 
Abbot, Ules H. I,. Soarics, Ulis <A. L Qoftdall, Ur. 8. 0. Camp- 
bell, O. W. Warren, F. Bergner, a. B. Cromwell, and W. P. Prier. 

Wood's Ulnstrels anncance' a great variety for Easter week. 
'What a beantlf ol appearance the anilltoriom of the ball occaplod 
by these ^leriormen nightly presenla, the ladles turning ont In 
larg6 numben in their new spring attire, and - giving a most 
enohanting look to tho cosy little plooe'. Easter week, U the 
weather permits, will witness a. grand assemblage of the belles 
and beaux of the Emipire CHty. , 

A meeting is to take plaoe at tho Academy of Unslo, on the 
ITth inst,tbis prqa)eds of which are for the relief of Ireland. 
Uador Oeneral UcOlellan will be present, and Archbishop Hnghes 
will deliver an addrasy. Admission, DO cents. 

"There aro many "Ideas" In this world. For Instance, that 
redoubtable sport, Sam Blip, was frequsnlly telling the people 
around him what hit "ideas" were. In the same manner. Lord 
Dnndreary expaUaies on "ideas." though it Is not very easy to' 
perceive what they are exactly. Bearing all this in recolleotlan, 
wapalda special visit to the "New Ides," locatodon the spot 
where John BtMgham and the elder Wallack did their mana- 
gerial "spiriting'' in times aene by; and we mnstaay that we 
oame away with a huge heap of eatlslictlon. The place certainly 
carries out Its name, In the eniertalnments offered there, so ftr 
aa their novel comoinatton Is concerned. . Ulhstrelsy, ballet, 
vocalization, gymnastics, snd ever so many other things make 
np the programme. First, we find Ur. Onstavus Oeaiy, 
the prlmo tonore, in the song "Night; Love, Is OreeploB." 
Then c<tees the tksdnating Helenh, a perfect Hebe of Ihe ballot; 
qoloUy snoceeded by Ulss Alllnson, in a sweet ballad. The. 
Uelviues, or as they are oalledln the bills, the Australian Family, 
next show off, and fairly astonish the folks in front by Qieir ex- 
traordlnarjr doln^ While gazing on these worthies, it was a 
doubt vrith' us whether they had bones, or bones that like fine 
steel, could be bent or tumod any way. Allogethm, the "New 
Idea," in what itnlghtlv glveeto the public. Is an IngtltnUon 
that merits, as wa are glad to see It haa met, niider the olrcum- 
stances, a high degree of suceeas, and Ithe ladles patronise It 
largely. Let aa hope to see)t long where it Is, ana to repeat 
our recent visit, with the same amount of gratlfli^on we have 
already experienced. 

The PutebsI— If you desire the acquaintance of these ladles 
and gentlemen, go to W. 0. Wemyss, of 675 Broadway, who has 
them photographed, so lalthfally, that yon'wenV ptartatthe' 

The men who get out a good show bUl, are aittsta-ln the most 
comprehensive sense of tbe word; and such men, wlthont the 
leaet eqoIvocatlOD, are Olanr fe BeQley '(succ«e8ors to John E. 
Bacon,) of 13 and li Bpruce street As the oonntryman In the 
force says, we oan take onr "davey" on the fact 

The American Theatre, familiarly known as "444," alUl fioar- 
Ishes Immensely, and Is emphatically a people's resort, where,' 
being regaled with fun and irolli of all ' sorts, poor mortals can' 
tnah courage take for ye labora of the morrow. Among the con- 
atellatlcn of stars now there, are (ladlis first always, at least, so 
we were taught when and where we were dragged an) the modest 
and Bhulize elsters, who ore accompilthed dancers and 
vocalists, and Llizle Is some In the-flkrcea nightly produced. 
Ulss Francea Le Boy la also one of them, both In song end 
declamation. Then we have BUllle Flora, AugnstaWalbyTUdlle. 
Loulae, Udlle. Bertha, Uary Blake (no relation to Andy) and an 
extensive «r|))de(aUee under the direction of Uona. BrllUint, 
who astonish an, natives and foreigners, by tbtlr terpsicborean 
displays. Of the masonllne gender, Tony Pastor la encored all 
the time. 0. E. Collins Is more oomlo than Old Comedy himself, 
T. L. Donnelly gives correct and amnslng delineations of Irish 
character, and the same may be said of Obarler 'White, in negro 
ahBraoton,aa everybody knows who knows anything. Thenearo 
comedians, J. Wambold, B. Hart, O. Warren, T. O, Biggs, Charley 
Qardner, and Uaster Tommy, lend enohantment to the sceaea, 
and getpaldbacikln theprofoaaion's best cnrreacy— well-merited 
applause. Fred 'Von Olhor puts the excellent orchestra throagh 
lis fkolngs with tbe skill of a Julian, and— now we are puzzled. 
Bow, in the name of 8t. Nick, does Uons. La Thome layout 
saoh a programme, and how does he crowd so much fUn Into 
four hours, Indudlng encores, In his captdtr as ataoo maaagerT 
We pause for a reply. Again, we bdong to Uie mind your own' 
business scolety, but at tnesame time enouldllke toknowwhero 
the Boas Butler puts all the "chink" he nDtkes playing 4447 
Wehavehaard'UiAh»tooeiee»h*Wanjtr«etJ»TiT»lyarte«'. *'An 
rl^t. my covey." 

Barnum's Dog 'Show is announced to come qff on the 37tb. 
38th, a»th, and 80lh of April, and 1st and 3d of Hay: when "lark- 
era" of vartctis kinds will be on hand, to compete for the prizes, 
amounting in all to 93200. In ihe Interval, Ifaten for plenty of 
"bowwowlng." ^ 

We hear that it Is In oontemplatlon to get np s.beneftt for poor 
old Pajmo, who may be said to be the fhther of Italian Opera In 
New TOrk. For some time paal, he has been In a depreseed 
condition, and It is hoped, that.fiy the means Indioated, lie may 
be rendered comfortable. He certainly deserves any benefit 
that may be offered him. 

Uore of . Well, 'we wHl not say what preoisely, for fear 

of offending eats over poUte. But what we nuU have said will 
be infarred :ttom the name ofthe novelty ptoduoed at the New 
Bowery, on tho eth Inst That la "Batanli, or the Spirit of 
Beaa^,"and Is the equivalent in England, of the French "Le 
Dlable Anoreux" Aooordlng to the programme, II Is^ soirit- 
stirrlng aSUr— replete with strange tranaformatlons, brilliant 
effeots, and ever so much bealde tnlsfiinds speolal-favor la the 
minds of the theatre's regular AoMtuo. The oast too is a 
remarkably .full one, and the drama altogether such aa most tax 
the entire resources of the management We regret that we 
cannot speak of the novelty aa of a thing that we have seen. 
Incur next, however, we may be able to say more npon the 
subject ' ' 


Sacramento, the capital of the Qolden State, haa been very 
lively Ihla winter, owing partially to the Legluatnre being In 

session, and to tbe poncentratlcn of nearly all the "sports" 

all parte of the State to that locality. A oorrespondent, whose 
letter is dated Uaroh Sd, soya:— '.•They all expect to reap a golden 
harvest and I here lake the liberty of remarking that they are 
not madh disappointed. They all seem to hare plenty of money ; 
and asmostof them ware dead broke, when they arrived here, 
the natural oondusibn Is, that they have made their "stake" 
here, Every kind of ganilng Is allowed here, and oondaoted In 
the most open manner, althcagh there is a stringent law In re- 
gard to games; it is never enforced in this city, nowever 

We have two thoatres In fUU blast,— the UetroiMlltan la leased to 
UcEean Buohantn, enpportod bv Charles Pope^ Walter K. Le- 
man, Vienna, Orlfflth, Presoolt, Blvere, Wilson, Ulss Virginia 

aaohanan, Un. Saunders, Ura. Charles PopOt and Urs. Band. 
i, and Urs. Charles Pope are decided favorites with the theatre 
goershere, asara Urs. Bauaden and Miss Virginia Buohantn, 
urs. Pope made an Immoaaobitaa Faaohoa, orthe Oriohet; It 
had a ran of six nights to crowded houses, Uade Tom's Oabln 
had to bo repeated lour times, Ura. Pope appearing as Tcpsoy, 

and Ur. Pope as Unolo Tom Ulss SaUle B. Ooodrioh made 

her i/iui as- Jalla, In tho Huuchback, to a large and fisbleaable. 
audience; her saooess was complete, aad tbe ramor Is, that she 
has .been offered a very large sum to appear at Blasulro's Opera 

Eoyse, San Fr^olsbo, which offer has Dsea aocepled .The 

Baoramento Thdidre hae b^en opened by Ur. Frank Bboads, aa a 
Udodeon. He Is doing a thriving business, the instltntlon being 
a regolitf mint to him. His company'.woaU oompare favorably 
with any troapo In the Union. They oonslit of tho following 
array of tdeuti— Lew Battler, Ned Buokloy.'Tom La Count, 
Johnny Edwards, Ethiopian performers; Charley Bhodes, baAjo 
played, (best on this coast;) Johnny Tners, burlotqas dancer; 
Tommy Oreoly, Johnny Bowe, Jig dancers: Berlin, Welch, Btude- 
man, and laelbut not least, that Inimitable 'Toong Jim Orow,' 
Moated Frank: ilao, the following femdo mlnitrds: Ada De 
Tere! Fanny Btophens, Ella Uarteli, Louisa Pauline, Emma' Nor- 
ton, Ulnnle end Lizzie Flllmora, Ida May, Uieses Jrssle and 
Anna Page. In aU, as good a company . as oould bs got together 

' ihe New Uemphla Theatre stiU flourishes, and the Iisl week 
in hloroh was devoted to the performance of Vlogltlmtto plays," 
such as EamloVElntl Lear, and tho Stranger, with Q. B. Kaiuea, 
U. Lawler, ahdF, X..Tannehlll In ihe-pruoipal diaractars, all 
und^r ,the adiairablo snpcrvlalon ojt.!Brother. Uaginly. i.J. A. 
BIgnalgo made bis fliil appearance on the Slth 'ult, aa Solomon, 
in tbe Stranger. "Uedea''was,in rehearsal. 

Tho Weloh EdWards Oombinatlon Troupe closed at Ullwaakee 
on the 34th ult, with a benefit to Mrs.' W. E. . Borne of tbtm re- 
mained In town, hpi^ever, until the llBth, to appear fbr Urs. Bos- 
coe Craig's ben. 

' One of the radical editors InWaahlngton Is extremely vexed 
because the name of Oen. Uodellan was Introduced In a aong 

The 'Varieties, New Orleans, has done moderate business only. 
On benefit nights, the houses have 'beeif weU Iliad. Urs. aiad- 
staas had a large audience on the cooaston of her benefit on thei 
13tb ult, and on Ihe 181b,' en the oecaslon of a compllmeaitary 
tdstlmonlal to BIr. Vlning' Bowers, there wis a renlar Jam. 
The programme offered was "Everybody's Mend," and the 
"Carpenter Of Bouen," in both of which Ur. Bowers appeared. 
The benefit was a great success, the honse being the largest of 
the season. After tlie4rst piece was over, Ur. Bowers was called 
before the onrtoln, and' made tbefollowtag remarks:— "Ladles 
and gentlemen- tly dear, kind, warm-beerttd and generous 
f rienda : Permit ne to return yon my sineere thanks for the nn- 
intermptedklndneaa and friendship you havA for yean extended 
to me la this, yonr cl^. This evening I shall aeverfbrget while 
life Is in my bodn, Uy fickle profession may, at times, call me 
away from yon; bat yon aeverbave been and never wlB be for- 
gotten by me. Coald I exercise my choice, I 'woald never leave 
TOu, From the firet year I appeared before yon (in 'IS) nntU 
now, you have ovor encoartgod me with your imllea end appro- 
bation; and, believe me, lam tmly gratsfol to you. To the press 
of New Orleans I owe my thanks for the' Und, Indulgent manner 
In whIoh they have always spoken of me, and overlooked my 
manyfkulta. To the few more intimate frtoada who have so 
generously presentod me with th'ls token of their regard, I de- 
sire to thank and assure thom It ' shall never leave me. Once 
more, I assure you, my feelings towards yea are of the Undipt 
and wannest description. Hoping you 'Will continue to enjoy 
the evening's eatenainment, permit me to bid yon, for the pres- 
ent, adlenl '' During the evening, a goU-heided c|>ne was pro- 
sealed to Ur; Bowers, and the.orchestra serenaded the beaefldarie 
the same evening, at his reildenae. Ur. L. Baker Is stage man- 

Ser for the company. The seaaon'fs'drawlng rapidly to a close, 
e approach of not and sulbr weather giving indication of an 
early closing movement, and the dispersion of Oie "player folk." 

The reappearance of 'Adah'Iatacs Menken In Cincinnati, has 
set all the people Uenksn mad. At Plko's Opera Honse, follow- 
ing in the wake of aaother Canltleitaly-shsped Ryren, Isabella 
Oabas, comes the Venus de Uedlols of the American eontlneht, 
and who can be surprised at the/urorv shs created? 'One of the 
locals In speaking of the Jam on heropeulng'nlghttdlsnathat 
"(vlnollnevledwtchthestemersexlsgalnihg'theintailor, and 
boldly ventured Into tbfc vast tbronswlth their gsllanls. deter- 
mined to seetheUenken, St tbe risk of wrecking all that en- 
olrcled their fiilr foins. The crash was teMble, and feathers, 
boanets aad gay robes, that eatered with such a pleating and 
lively air, emerged at the inner entrance, presenting a doll, life- 
less, ehai>ele8s man, and had not the oountenanoe of the wearer 
sparkled with triamph at the rictoiy she ebtaUied, (me would not 
have known -that the once' lov4 of a bonnet contained a 
living representative; but they 'were all Ucnken mad. Th6 
interior of the theatre presented i msgblBcent spectacle; it was 
a vast sea of heads, moving and nndiuatlng, like the waves of a' 
gentle ocean. The boxes wero girt aronndby a large crowd, who. 
were unable to obtain seats, aad upon every coantenance we 
'coald read that eager ourioalty and ferrid excitement, which 
nothing could allay but a gUmpto cf the famona wom^ who had 
oreated each an exdtoment." When the Menken appeared In 
the rioh and dozzUng dress of Caoslmer, ehont after niout went 
up to the very dome, and such a welcome has not been Imown In 
the memory of the oldest Inhabitant of Forkopolls. The crowd 
didn't care the teas of a ntckd about any part of the play, except 
when she was on the stage^they were nothing «bie but Ueaken. 
mad. "Uazeppa" basbeenglveneveiyevoiung, with new and 
beantUalsoenery, gorgeous coetomes,mllltary accoutrements, iha- 
chlnery, properties and appointments— In astvleof msgnlfieence' 
auperior to all tbe Uazeppaa ever pat oh the stage. It will pro- 
bably be the oaly piece played daring the engagement. The re- 
oelpa of the first night, a correspondent Infoims as, were 1833 1 
Pike's Opera Eonss Is the mcstbeaatlfd and extensive theatre 
In the whole State, and far handsomer in appearance than the 
New York Academy of Uuslo. Ftom Pike's, tUs "beauUfol 
star" thinks of going to Louisville, to appear at FuUer'a TheAtre, 
in a week or two hence. 

Blake & Hayes' Toledo OperaHouse opens onUonday,the 13tb. 
There is a chance for performers. 

Un. John Wood made her first appearance at th6 Waahlngton 
Theatre on Uanday,.Mar«h80, to a crowded and appreciative 
audience, notwithstanding the severity nf tbe weather, and the 
season of Lent The oapltd of the nation is "Wood wild," and the 
chances appear to be good for a biUlisnt mgtgement for the 
lady. . 

At Orover's nieatre, Washington, D. 0.; things are thriving, 
and the following la a liat of the company now then :— Leading 
man, E. H. Briner; first old man, Benjamin J, Bc«en; low come- 
dian. Hairy Clifford; aeoond old maa, E.'B, WlUlams; walking 
gent J. E. 'WhiUng; heavy biz., W. Hi Bokee, and E. S. Farr, W, 
Barron, J. Dalley, A. Kennedy, N. Oolllar, &o, : old women, Urs. 
Q. 0. Oermon; chambermalds,'Sophie01mber; walldog ladles, 
Fanny Byan and Addle Anderson; Ulsses A. Uonk,X Uonh, 
Mood Lee, U. Uonk, Ac The Wallack ti Sivenport Combina- 
tion dosed their engagement on the 8d Inst. IIlss Susan Benin 
began on thedtb. On the eth, Ulss Annettolnoe begins an en- 

At the Union Theatre, Leavenworth, Kansas, they have a fine 
company, and, we are informed, are doing a magnificent buainesB, 
crowded homes every night being tbe rule. On the 24th ult, 
Ur. and Un. H. F. Stone opened there, and ma^e quite a hit 
Ur. and Un.F. J. Wildman are great ftvoritos, as ate Uossn. 

j^les A. Fullor, the gentlemanly and eompetont ooaitaetug 
JMtandtravelllng dlnotor of B, 0. Whtalet's "areat Interna. 
?^XIlraus and Model Anna," leaves town early this woek;to 
'KVethewayfortheehdw. ' ' ' 

'tir' new driona of Jessie UoLaaeWd the stage all last week 
Si*?'* Keone's, diawlng onl; mbdeiato houses.' It was with- 
!S™*non the 4th, to make room fe* anew Irish drama, to be 
, .SJSfnted for the first time itaU tvtnlng: April eib. Jessie is a 
piece, bat tho public lUlod to. see it ' . . •' - '/^^ 
t^WNXaellle Wealerik - abtert ttpob her third Week at the 
(■nateroardsnlhla evening, oonUnolng ber tkiy atbetiAk ^ 
??P>U>ae« ol Lady Isabel u4 lUdui* la Bilt~I4wie. 

pies, he of the Waiblngton OAnmlde, condemns very severely 
what he otils the bid taste of tntrodaobig tbe name of snob a 
man u UcOlellan In a pabUo performance, eta. The real oanae 
'btollknoo, however, was the hearty applause which followed the 
tointtoh of Oen. UoOIellan's name: there's where the shoe 
.MhShM: these tadloals cannot stand ue soand of a name whioh 
'urilla 'the hearts of all loyal poOple. Tne OhmMt man 
Heetsk'to have been dlsgnitod with the itoas of pspnlarltr with 
whioh the men mention of the name of UoClellan la received; 
46 hb oobes but with a bitter artlds desoanolng the_theatr«, 
Ihe tatur.Mi the people who aaaUled In this Uo01( ' 


' nMdrkmall6i_ 

Sellait ds^on- 
r Kr, £ T> ttelsoD, la now 



lah, Ihe Foi 

onldp<to.w^"r — 

week, but, like many oUiar good^performerTthBy ftllad to" at-' 

the OonldcKie'wert'too ottds_it lhe_ NaHoiii^ Olnclimatl,' 

lag the week, - , -■' . 

Anew opera, called' '"Theluih'bfl^ytoV' and' a new ioAiilU 
etta, entitled "Blind Man's Dan«htor," wen anncnnoed torS 
6lh Inst, at the Boston Museum. In the former, Ulss n»i.iM |S 
Brahliiaswould'appearastheB<)ae,'audln Ihe latter, aa'oEnS' 
line, with the soag of "Uother, dear," whioh the la hoiad'-'fS' 
glviag with great effect . In the comedietta, also, Ur. P, 
lags would "do" UaJor Wilson,. - "'"^ 

Ur. Baalel E. Bandmann, the yonng Oerman tngadUn.' cK^' 
peered twice at the New Oheetnnt-abreet Theatre, PhOad^hla:'- 
last week, April 1st aad 4Uir on both oecastons atsamhirlh» 

UlaaHdena. "Observe the prices," Dress 01icle40.cantB'; Par- 
qnettOcenls;'Iady an'dgant,paitaet,7Sceals; two ladles and 
gent, tl; sew gallery, .35 cona. Thafs a good Idea abont the 
ladles, Jan't Jt ? Becaaae, if a fallow was to take in half a dozen 
at that nto, he could get in with the whole for "nix." ' We shall 
go then next tlmd we have a bevy of country cousins to show 
the sights to, proridlng^we oan saddls some other feller with the 
i^. We abafl wait, however, till the Inauganlperiormances of 
that new ttaeatn Uanager A. A. Addis Is bnllding, are given, 
whldi will be about October 1st A new thettre at Leavenworth! 
OoodI Let the drama prosper, snd bleeding Kansas rejoice. 

Xhe dramatic season it Elialer's Atheneom, Columbus, dhlo, 
doses on tho 11th inst The manager is highly gntifled with 
the success he haa met with, and is gralefu to tne citizens of 
Oolnmbus for their patronage. The company after donng htee, 

J[0 to the Aoademy of Unslo, Cleveland, and open on April ISIh, 
or the spring and summer season, under the some manage- 
ment—that of John A. EUder, Jr. 

The "Uerry month of Uay"isllkdy.t.obflng some meny folks 
along with it, to the |Ioward Atbeneum,' Boeton, whioh it Is sop- 
poaea will be opened nesr the Uth pnrimo, under the manage- 
ment of Ur.UenryWlllard.' Theaotod-Ugbts, both fixed and 
wandering, an invited to twinkle or shine men resplendently 
on the oecaslon. 

Ur. Uagnlre, of the Open House, San 'Frandsco, has "re- 
tired" tho mlnatrels, and engaged a mgalardramaUo oompany 
forhlstheatn. The Octoroon was the first piece prodnoed 
the new company. Amangtliepeopleenga(edanMlasesS<qphle 
Edwin, Lulu Sweet, Hindtley^ongliaa; }fis.<ForbeB; Uesais. 
Frank Uayo, D. 0. Asdarao^, Wm. mny, 0. B. Thom% Jr., aad 
Wm. O'Neill. ■ ' .' • 

It seems ttiat a new theatre in Boetm 'bas been dedded on, 
andlhatltwUlbelojpenedlnthefBlL Interior in dimendons to the 
Boeton Theatn,|lt will yet be sufBdently- large for a "craah" on 
a "atar" night Partleulan as to lofattoto. names of projectors,' 
&0., will transpire when the men go to won^ not before. 

In last week's Ourm, an arnd^ appOied toachlngthe re- 
cant engagement of Ulss Uenken, at ,th» Aoht Street Theatra, 
UdUmon. In that artlals, doubt was expressed as to the cor- 
rcctness of the ntum of the noelpto of the hovee' on the last 
night of Ulss Uenken's performonoes, and sllnslon mads to a 
doctor's bill for attending Ulas Uenken's horse. - We have re- 
cdved a reply to that artlde, and we give It entire. As then Is 
a question of veradty between tbe two ootrespondents, we pre- 
sume Ules Uenken 'will give us her venion of the sfflilr, and If 
the artlde complained of-ls not comet, let her say so at once; if 
it is, let her oorroborate what has been statedby ourconespohd- 
ent Hen Is tho nply to the artlde mentioned. 

BiLTDioas, April 8d, 1863. 
Ed. Cuftee:— In yonr issue of April itb, appean a eorivs- 
pondenoe from Baltimore, which Is so nplote wllh nnjust atato- 
mente, thati take it upon myself to subiplt the truth. 'Hie 
writer etatea ttiat on the oooaslon of Ulss Uenken's (Uowell ben* 
eflt, (Uaroh SSd,) the house was crowded to iU utmost capaolty, 
and that hundreds wen tamed away; fOrlher, he sajs, "Judg-' 
ingflramthecrawdedho4so,tbe'recelpte of the night should 
have reached seven hundred dollan or upwards; bat when ' Ihe 
bouse was coanted, only three hundred doUan and forty oenls 
were forthcoming," and thon, wllh malicious impudence, be 
adu whore the surplus could have gone tot IshtU answer bim: 
On Ihe night in question Ihe house was aaythlng but crowded, 
aa many retpeetable penons can bear testlmonyi many things 
tended to make the house sUm rtthor, tnd 'Ulss Uenken herself 
labored under many before nnknowndUBoultles; andthepret- 
enoe of attractive opposition, all combined to nuke tho houee 
fkr from good. The receipts of.ihe house on this night wen 
truthfully retarnod, as I shall prove to yen. The management 
has nothing to do, whatever, wllb conatlDgthe recdplsof tho 
night; on the ocntraiy, they an always counted by on agei^t of 
Ihe stookhdden, and whose daty It la to make a Just addf truth- 
ful return tothateorporaUon, and to doduct thdrper 'centage 
from the grots recdpts. This agont counted all tho money tbtt 
passed lato the treaaunr's hands'on the sight in queatloiuuid 
nportod the full amount to be three hundred dolltn aad fflrty- 
oente. Further, the capacity ofthe Flont Street Thoitre.' "at 
presont prions,'' Is not as large as one woald imagine. It never 
waa 1700, and tho beat honse Ulss Uenken ev6r dnw, did not 
greatly exceed half that anonnt 'Whether to atlributo this cor- 
respondent's folmlnatlons to Ignofaaoe or malice^ It Is hard M 
sayi I should say.nolther, separately, and to both colleetlvolr. 
I|ow fbr the hone aBdr: The bUl«r WO, said to have been paid 
to aveterlaaiy, was never ptosontedto UIssU*aktaalaU,and 
no ohorge was ever made a^tlnal her In any other manoer, 
although she baff add she would wUllndy give fifty doUan per 
nlgbVtm the hone should be oukd, nUtrttian lose the grand 
ocW which he gave to horpertonnanoea. Thshonewaa geaer- 
onily. loaned to hsr by ihe nianagepisat, net only dorbg her- 
lasTeBaaaenient bnt ihiough a format one in the early part of 
the MuonT^Svorybody who ever visited this thealia know how 
mndhUlja Uenken's snoocsa depended on ' her ]iois«, and that 
ha mslhoiirand aecrot.of her suoocaii ahariag all tho applanta 
of oTan^eiioes. Tho bill for this htfri&'shiil repotted to have 
paid. - It la not so. Bb» never saw the bflLW knew lis amottti 
auStarahe had left this theatn. 3hnliia wM pressaM«o^ 

ihilMs^BlaiOOBmiaeiiig.oa tlM lllti'tHt«.eMwhl«a-:MiMtaii 

plause. The audience was not large on elthir occasion. 
Sandman has appeared nnder somewhat disadvantageous air/ 
comstances; for, during his two flnt performonoes, ue nights 
were nnfivoreble— a hard, drenching rain falling on theflnt 
evening, and a storm still more severe marked wo-llast dayoC- 
the weok, on which he appeared for the second time; In f^^^M,;^ 
to those draw-backs, there was Oennan opera at the Aoadsihy oA 
bothnlghtei Uatwook, bolng the dosoof Lent ols^MtfiM' 
oaahisthlm. On the sight of his fint appearance la<9Uladt^ 
phlo, Ur.'Forrest occupied a box, and by his hearty HULfk»> 

2 nont applause, showed his appreciation of ' Ihe pe» ' " ' 
[e also threw a bouquet to the young Qerman. Ur. 1 , 

shodd not be dlioouraged beoanse bis audiences have nofrtaal 
large, for some of the firet sters In the profession have ttUSGfi 
bring crowded houses dpriag the season of Lent UrVSttfr 
mann has ovetoome maay dlffloalUcs in presenting hiniself "M 
tbe EagUsh'Stage, and epeaUng a language wfaleb, a t " " 

So, he woa a stranger to. Hels yodn^Tuidwillreqii 
apt hloisdf to American andlances, and to thb American sbMw 
Eels enUUedtomnch tiiedlt^for- whot'he has already aoocnW': 
pllahed. He wlB appear agahi on the BIh and Uth Inst Ite 
new piece, Nsrclsse, haa been placed npon the stage supetblr. 
for which liberality Ur. 'Wheattey Is deserving oF&di mSSl, ■ 
Ur. BandmsTiii' was oaUsd ont setsrd - tlme£7u te<Mlv»'4he' eta» 

Satulatlons of his friends. Usd. Ponisl, Urs. Allsn, and Iff. 
cOultODgh also deserve espedd mantion. IBr. 'Saadmamli 
periormsnces will dose on the llCh Inst 

According to present arrangement, John Owen finlsIutUf i«n« 
gogementatthe Howard, Boston, this we«k, and sh6wf'M<Wr< 
Dimple, In the comedy of "Leap Tear." 

The Foster Tnnpe oonHnned' their entettalnments at tta 
Front Street Theatre, Baltimore, Jaqt.week. Lltlte Julia OlalM' 
tine has become qnll$a fkvorito with the BalUmcreana. 

Tbe Florences are still doing a very lUe Cosiness at WoodliL 
OlnolnnstL Then Is . a good ded ' of competition Inthal ettr. 
Just now, andeaeh managar'U doing his best to' i£«rlt piOB* 
favor and patroaago, 

Ur. Edwin Adams win coDunenoe an engagement at the Arab. 
PhlladdpUa, on the 13th inst',<piodaotng thenswpjay-writtea 
by the late Judge Conrad for Ur. Forrest and- recently ptn^ 
chased by Ur. Adsps, Ur. Adams is quite a bvorite in lb* 
Quaker City, and as he is now about to venture alone, his abai> 
ties' atad popularity 'Will be 'pat to the test' When he last pa»> 
formed a regnlar engagement at this h(mse, lt'Was wllh lhs'^ 
Bateman combination. Next week he vrlll play la oimodtlon to , 
Ulaa Bateman; who appesin at' the New Ohestnat Ther^ wfIL, 
be lively times In Fhlladdphls; 'now thit the' season of Xutlr 
over. .. .,'.'■ ■ . :i i.'t r.i 

The Hemandez-Bavd Tnnpe continue at the Boston I^ieatavw i 
with OaOetti. ZipfrigtU, and olhen np In the popnifr epttmatlbB. 
' Jane English's' "Combination Oompany" an glvliu the Bm*'' 
toalan'a a second edition of the "Qolden Egg"— theioimer 'hiiul 
Ing been Idd by Wyzeman Usnhall'a peop£ , .. ^ 

Ur. Jicob Buiow Is busy in organizing a compaiiy fbrBir. 
Uanboll, to appear In Boston. Comedy Is toibe themusemoK 
tnted, and tbe ooacem is to be a "comhlnallba^" ° 

Ur. aad Urs. Barney Williams an to give four perfotmanesi 
at the Academy of Uuslc, Brooklyn, uls week, ocap ' ' — 
Apriieth. These'favorito artists conUnne to meet with I 
no matter where they appear. Iheir great popularity Is Ibi 
means, occadoaally, of creating Jedous fadings on the part «f 
other performeis, who get "dead-head" sorlbbleis'to attempt I* 
black-mall the Wllllamses. 

They have a Oemlan Theatre cat In Davenport, lowaj aiifl' <a 
the 30ih ult was performed "Town and Country,'' an ppsalio 
piece In five acts. Jacob Sttosser leads the orchattia at tuaa> 
man Theatre. ..'/r-T 
Ur. S. S. Brown had a benefit at the Norfolk i Opera Hotse ddC 
the Slst nit, bnt owing to his late unfortunate accident, )ie wi» 
prevented oom appearing In person. The programme wv 9*' 
••Uerohant of Venice," Harry Ootslh as Shylock, and Ufa* Iuy> 
Ultdiell as Portia; Highland Fllng,l>y Uaater Bamnle Bopt,m\ 
pnilll of Prot Eeadersoa; "When this Orael War Is Over,"/* 
Whlttaker; and thri "Loan of a Lover." 

Ur. and Un. F. B. Conway were running "Peep o' Day*' kit 
week at Uetropolltan Hall, Indianapolis, Ind., to very fur bnsir . 
nee'a, sofflcltnt to warrant the' continuation of ttio piece "evesr' 
evening until tarther notice." On the Slst alt-, an origtoal ffft^ 
Icgne, adapted to the timee, written by Wallace nuaMr,oC> 

Boato n. w»s. s>olwalijr MraJ.'B. Conway,. ' , . •.. 

Died, at Bowland Flat, Stem Ooontr, CaL, on ihe'33dnf F«^' 
roory, Ur. Alonzo Parks, better known as (Siapmonj He.waaa 
son of Ura. 01 Chapman, and a native of New. York d^. Ba, 
went to California m IBSl, and performed there as a low oomA- 
dian. He died suddenly, tnei palsy.> Be wu aged 81 ysalt,' 
'When he died, dghteen men worked, nearly all day ptepanog • 
gnve. The snow was thirteen feet deep, and a luge apace had, 
to be cleared off before the ground could be reached. ' In th*' 
evening a snow-storm came on and filled np theexoavatloii; Wl 
that thirty or forty persons were occupied until noon of the MBl. 
day, breaking the trail and completing the gnve, where tba, 
yonng man, cat flown In the eirly summer of Ufe, found "atM° 
and a ebroad In the beaatlfal snow." '■' 
Ur. Forrest brings hia performances to Ji dose at theNev 
Chestont Stnet Theatre, Philadelphia, on ,lhe 10th Inst Last 
week be appeared In his great playa of JodcUMe wd the Oladl-.' 
ator, and this evening, April eui, ho produces lit Indian plecs^- 
entitled Uetamora. i 

A short time alnoe, a somewhat bawdy Iheatrietl perfannaaM 
was glveh In Nevada, CaL Ihe manager came oat to apologlaek 
saying that he dways '.-adkpted his perfonnancet to the ohaiie- 
tarof hlsaudleaoel" Heavy on the audience. 

A second Dtnld performed at the Walnut Stnet Theatre, IliS* 
oddpUo, Ital week; bis name it is Setohell; and wbile tbe Ohoy. 
man Danld was doing tragedy at the Chestnut our own Dsnlsl 
was smushlB'the haitlua of the Walnut with hIa oomlcaliUeatB 
low comedy; although not rewarded with Urge houses, t)iiit«- 
who d<d iWllness bis performanoea enjoyed a rich treat In ' iha- 
way of humor. He clceed his brisf enguie^tht on Ihe 4tb, ahS' 
lBfoltowodthtoweekbyUr.J.S.CI«ker, , . .. 
' 'What next? J. B. Olarkvther'tofa^^, now performing at 
the Wafaitt; Phlliddphls, is uhderllnsd to appear shorOy. aa 
Jack Bhsppud, the BlghwaymaiL 

Batarday eveaUg, April 4Ui, ms terribly stormy, and ihs lh*>, 
aires and halls In the prlndpd cities wen great suffenn by.tV 
We had the eqnlnoofldln Uaroh, bat this April socdollgtt 
knocked it sU to pieces. ' Bnow,haIl,'nIp, and furious blaUi. 
pnvalted. deteirlna people fMm.venturing out of doon. Itthat 
storm is a 

stemvrinteramln. . . . _ 

lb. Oeorge H. atUBIhs had What our eorrespondsnt ''Oast> 
nlons" cdls a "monster benefit" at the St Louis IlieatT^ cn.Cba 
1st last Several pieces were performed, and Mr. Q. hW t he 1 
stttaseeof manyprofessIondfrleaOs. '_' ' ; 

Ulss Julia Dily haa bean fulfllUog an engagement at St Zouss 
nUvins "Our Amde American Oouato," "Bohemian Qlri/" 'Uw 
"Fool of the Family I". Last week, 'Vohn of Psris" waa pf«r 
duced with the dover Jolla, Ben De Bar, andjo. Uurphy, ta lb* 
The Forrest Dramatio AstoolaUon, St Louis, hu beeB 'iM»; 

Sanlzed— the list of offloen now standing as follows:— PiealdeaV;. 
. P. Johnson; Vice Preddent^^'B. >.Uarrla; Beentary, J. 

d, deteirlngpeopie fMm.venbulng out of doon. 
I a sample of "gentle eipring," we piefer to fall bodk otf- 

Clancy; Treisurer|W;W. Eoy. Performenwen to'oomttAtaetr 
In about three week), and severd pieces were In the oAtne of 
hearsaL ' - . . . • ''. 


Blteb, Cotton, and the bdanoeof the mlnstrds recently par^ 
forming at Uagulre's Opets Honae, San Ftandseo, ba're.opnMaf 
ded their entertainments, and given plaoe to a dramatle ponpti; 
ny. Itlsaald that on theoccadon of BlByBlroh'sbenefUkM 
dsht hundred '.dollar house greeted bimu "Thafs nlco," |||. 

Frank Srowtr says in Happy lAcle Tc. . .. _ . . . 

Tern Pnndergtst of Uooloy's Ulnstrels, bad a well-timed 

5 resented to bim'on toe 1st Inst., on the occasion of his bev 
'he offering Is a splendid gdd watoh. Bpeedias followed, 
at the dote of the porfomlance, the compiny and anujfit 
otheis adjourned to a resteuront, where all naoOsbad a 

*'Bipdn^bdI^d^rt,l•ftPlill««•lP'»'«>'»'* *Sf^*S^ '^SSfc' 
tv'sUinalrds, who; wo believe, are In New Fork State.;. TU^ 
Paine Is said to afford a prat deal of pleasure. .; .. . .ji^ 
Oimcrcss & DUey's Mlnslnls nrive the bnrl»s<ra» ofK* 
Tear Calls, at their ball In Philadelphia, .tola, week., '. Fnnr 
Utsoo's sbtsnce Is aerimslT fdt at this hpo^ . Hs was obs « 
the prlildpd atlnbUons ofthe oonoern. ' ; '^ ' 

Fnd. Bunt's new band of Campbell .Ulnstrels. an 
mnalo In Smith ADlxon's HaU,OindnnnlI. S^Wbaven 
a bmlesque on UMojija, « a wrt of td»-rtr^lg^eg 

p4rformaaoM at Pike's Open House. „»u» - "Tii a* 
lain some Very dever Ident, and to give a good •''SJ„*J,'i55i 
hunt np the lovers of minstrelsy, and.amuse tteja wiuljiw 
qnecr uid quaint doings of his troupe, a* ho#eIl *nowi|,;^iiw^ 

HornftHewoomb'B MInsttels are rtn in 
weundentandtheprppriotot* on tnaklog Ibd' amfigmnw™ • 

*'Th5fl£TBfi^ M|nst«i:i*oa*i, with eifM^^ff^Jl^ 
dosed at bn Francisco on the Bih ult, and appeiiM » .BMpr 

"'g!,'?;;;]f5^£!S's mto,tAlswertat;£-Ui4j.a*^^^ 

nlghte. oommonoUiB V^^ t»>-, J^^J^^^^^Mt . 
orSstUl With them. They dnw Ifnttnae hot^svown^ „ 

Ihel* "brtsohes scans." scoorouig » ZtZmw 
tondie* thsddlsaty M wte deMoato motfUp. 

woiding w^tlMaM* 


BsS!B.^BaiMtt,' a&A • nnmbw of gentlemen .IdtsUfled 
Ui«%Tf Ktd. thA'Blag. &)«nui and Slug ut. gppoBttoewli 

I wait- 1 out ntahil flnlihM Uiefauiabyk]lo^jaa l>irt.i. 
>t p«to I his leg* b7 • rlght-buider on in, nrftlmool^ 

[LV.l..J..J,'.l. v , ., ■ . . . 

l)«en tftooonUcd i 
olitei^iit tti«moat«ntlin«UiUo i 

ISESZL wi iterfoii: iiJwanto '<J«.Pl.inuttop?'. '-The B^jO. Boy m nrod m^^^^^^ M^Li"w«d iSd lialSB itaok o?t for thalr tond. in »tt^Pt 


Bnb«iTltitlon(or<ni6nthSc „_.__ , 

OlnbotFoni .'.lOBfM .nisnlamoataDXletrwas mfAlfeited by the compan' 

OJnbof BiJit.,..;.. ...aOOp theinoTe*oi^tJiebolia,and»U4oubUas tot^'e'DoJ. , ■ ,„« 

to ^TMce,. ■ . |th»iii<i«ob^eT« «ooA.a »^,6nd.fcr0wen8^ 

^IjstabniEHm, yWt» Will*^^ fct ^ in- jUewj-^grted^^^^ I p„„ u,, „cdlon"t mugem.nto m.d., 


, when, after » eonple of random eiohuiges, Drev deUmHSr'^ 

S^limsklaf6rtfiMeaT.«txmaBtUln«ftni«e. I)arof»gsDtl<nian offered to bet that Heenan^ion. Vehi 
" ^3?.^3ri.j'ir->,' ■ ^v, ■ . Ulonilf nwotfwed that ilOOwaa pnt doTO on behrif 

^*i.e#a»yo<Mahiroek,: ■ ^- / • ^ .^^i:llvJl'«S^»B^^ night, and lo loxlonB waaMr-Pw 


if from.Moiely,.the^Boro_B»mM,pM^ for an opening eneued ™nBl^°* 

lened the ball by getting bis left -well homo on the bo)^ tS 
' DreVs retain. Drew dashed In, bat Inetead of BiraE 
as previously, he etood, and gave Mow for blowniS 
andlho nnnncBS dls- 1 Drew, who was the strongest, forced him to the ropes. ' ^ 
Dloamyi «>»« | '."""^'S; iCrwi'.r.'rT'nVmilrio'lhVoomDBLy was not BO nu- 31 and last. The last round had made a difference in «i, , 
to gome on gS^^y^.'a^bMn MpSJtod! tte riS7to& predoml. pearance of bojh. for Trew had h^ nose swoU.n, and hS« 

IWrton^ I Ir"™.-^* /.f . Ann TnAifd «io«n who htl tskeu the pre- 1 a lump on the len 

' he offered ti 

I Sf "JSU.^f7f *« fln*^ 'i!lurtnlbmo who had taken the pre- 1 a lump on the left side of hie Jav.,as «ell as having hliialin: 
*Z SSISTtiktoR?Sgh?s^t lo(Sver5 l<£&7 and even those ewoUeli. Drew was first up, and. when Bam met hfinTdM 
SSr^ffl iS t« in Urfe a^ winks and onco to Olofle qnartsrs/rattllnjr oonnte^^ exchanging bwfi 

». , ^, to jX^*^'3i^°?,'o^'^„^i^V^aW. "to half.armed dlJunce. until Dr«w olosed and got onthe^ii 

lian^ <M.% or shirt to prove, ho wis in ""esU 51^' iSSS DntS Sm toSk np Wi qnafters In the bow. Drew In the Bam got down. J^J^^'J^^fJ^flf ;j',«>M<^,aa C 
»JSe!!^.J?L"°» To'Sl.Tth. tim/as n'^^ ""tos^. people" Intro- - 

■DaQ«Bnk»»jppo~»i~"_~~' B~~'7--^r- — , To nass the time, as usual, tne "onoseo peopio 

and Ve, or two^weU-known speoiUJon ""JJ' Jn^'''^^" a^iJa tte™one»."imd were very IndnatrtoMat taking and 
VttWOweii?wmthathovn» at llbor^rto totaS thoVaJ^Sd JTonlst the^tato^^ the 


I tbOwen'BwUt to redeem their valuables, 
Tixi tmmu then -^van .to Ur. Ooney, t. 
boldef, wUoh'wIllbe done thla,(Wednesday: 
I nwHafreedthattbeyfhopUflghtfot '< 
Ifltanber aexl, .within 100 mile* of London, 

, dedof toduoffe. some * ~' 

.lp'ih4:aifen Fazkor 

Mom of London, 'S^{^o^^}^sy^^aniSia^«n'ii>M no chance, and 

of P»«f »i"^"^f j?»i/ivy5i^ I?; jYotnSl nuSy elo^ that a apot could be found 

^jStoSToiSS; r oS'?^^^^ JrithSS'i^SiSS^^lor.. At Ungth a laSdlng w« effe^. 

L IS: ISr;!r iRv; and the stakes and aonnrtenanoas put In proper order. Both 

-^j;.T',=«-i^i ifcr.H.«r-. JS^^ ttS SS'JSSS 2d ttlsSkeT^l mp^^'enan-Ses pu-t in props? order. _ , 
,0(jede4lo,!writo ont.Uie artldes, and donng. this procass, the ground, when, bs< uiuaL a hitch ocouned 

sjjlijpeenw. *^ with- the. utmost oompla^ | men_were_TOon_ra^ .t imou, ot.f. I 

^uisl^j'j W*W«5t '''''^'^I'^i jr:)'^^ 'fr^lrespeotlnKthecholesorue reieroe. 'iniswaa ai lengw oTer- 1 uamonoayman 

. ...S.--, I > .«>L** . 'rfN- o; A^vX V \^^•:'^^'f^*vX^JXti^^MifS^^^ab^l>^ coSe. an J Dntoh Bam was the first to throw In his cap at twenty met to setUe their 
tHSJlii' EOR . SIAOQO I'.- .. ^*eniUt S^ntes past eleven, hnving a couple of KeU-known East-BiiS weeks a subject of 

■Af^-v.'*- .'*'..» , .., •l<hlp«t'£«M.S.»WtU pur^^ K bSSaerbrothersfor his seconds. DrewwMsocn after him, hUwaU known as thoi 

waaatandlnglnthe.rlng, when the arrival of the poUoewUb. 
nounced, and the referee ordered the proceedings to be itsnT 
There was a rash as usual to the boats, each endeavotlag to n£ 
run his ' neighbor, whloh oansedafew ludicrous bit Utisdai 
sccldents In the hurry to embark. Hothlng farther Aula 
eompllehed, and the referee conseqdSntly oMered that to nmw 
hoatUltles during the same week. >' 

' BtTWznr • ■ ■ 

. . At (UiaB-'WktaKT, Von £10. 

Ob Uonday morning, Uaroh 16, ' these Birmingham tfagOliW 
.et to settle their dUrerenoei. ' The matoh has Imn f or israil 

'aa neither «ottslden It •:T^ creditable 

Without donbS''fie*eZ.St«?b2 I ^^9^" 1 

conversatlbn In apoitlng circles, both imr 

thoroughijr game UtUe bruiser*. _Lane hulgmi 

In the loped arena with Young Harris, of Blrmlnghtip, iat 

'|i«?«k!tf*«>^<^a^'S,lf^^^ I uST^thSSK ;The.;^lp™"olWm^>*j;Vblu*^^^ I anothV:'?e>ttrpteseni tourcinVmt^e^ 

■■.iJoits*S|J«l<Tnj'n-.'".'' , ._. „, 

V.4tfi:ttcAjUDIOB; 09' QBB&T BBITAIB. 


eihlWt^dngloJUworlMpholej^^ the Inner ring thoroughly cli 

^,.«t?o'i^.t'^'cgSS55'^'n?K 5.^.JI5?.M'»A^'»^' '^^^ 

Wright's, Bed Blon, Bordesley street; Ontler hailing &om Jitk 
Boofce'a well known hosUery, the WhltUngton and Cat Ihu 

was his first bout for money, aa he only had two or three toggk 

4,~ however, wu laid on Sam. At length, the pnUmlnartcs I tnm-up encounters previously. He was brought to theicntck 
- ■ • ■ •-- ■ — '-■-cleared in first rate trim, and his IMends were sweet on him, desplteUi 

ttm,,^^.^^ ^TrJiSf »Is%ia 4S5 s°tSS^^^^^^ time at which the .money th»»ioht. looked aa fine as a star-agalnst CnUer's B ft. 8 In. BhorUvaner 

, ^,S£^f^^J£f„1,SSSrfS!hf8hilSurfo^a^^ Bound l.-The sight, as the Utile ones faced each other, was rybteikon Monday, the prindpal sporting houses showeSilpa, 

•;tB^*nd »nd.onernmo»,af m^es.Jpsasrl ta.^^^ the plsce of meeting, Hodge Hill, some seven mlltsnt, 

:pogflIstloar«i» anongpiomlilsnttadlvUuals ■•baUW «»»^^^ cheek bone^ anS altonther the tuAal cast of countenance ofa where, hiving arrlTCd,happllyvrtthontpoUMlnterfffl;em 

• ■ . » 1'*^ ''^-"'•-''"'•''^ wto He has awdideveloped neokand ihonlder*, with the was quickly formed, the proportlonso^whlohwe wIU notcilj. 

o«8i mm, ana, »iar » jiniu^ l^^^^^^j jj^^^^^j^y^^^^j^ His chest Is die, and a movement In the dlreoUoir of the vdilolea heiaUM 

Siomlnant, andhas the mnsdes of the ribs uid sides plainly vlsl- the approach of the combatants. Cutler's cap wis the.fltstshltd 
le. Hehaagteatlengthof reach, and the muscles and tendons Into tne ring, quickly followed b^Lane, when their stcondi, 
of his arm and forearm showed at every movement There Is s whose names shall b» namebu, quickly gave the flnUUng 
Blight uaiLg-oB, however. In the loins and hips, while the legs touches, and the men faced each other at forty mlnates put 
sre Blight, but perfectly straight Draw has a decidedly Ulleslan eight for 

cast of oonntensnce, which ezpreases great deUrmlnatlon. He I ihk tioBT, 

. ,, has well developed shoulders, although the muscles are not of 1 Bound 1.— On putting themselves Into position, the (trutst 

'AnnoLBS or AoBHEHEHT enteredlnto thls.Ui* "Ihuyol ti,,2g(^p„2QiQeQt^ ),at8tmss he moved, the proptdllng power contrast in height was very spparent. Lane completely oveilcp- 
Uaioh. 1869. Mt^eenlohn Oannel Heenaa and ThomasKlog. ^ working beneath the aUn. His ribs are weU cov- ping his opponent, and having considerable advantage In ntttat 
Tho said John Carmel Heenan agrees to fight the said ' Thomas ^^h muscle, and good loins and back showed there was length of reach. Catf oss snatring for measurement of dlttuit 
King a fair stand np fight, according to the new nuea of the N,t,ej^gQa,,g]ito]a,t through the wear and tear of* long fight for some minutes, when Cutler led off with the left on the ribi, 
rUg, by which 4he said J6hn Carmel Beenan and_ the sMd g ^j,, „^ opponent, has plenty of reach, but like his op- but wss somewhat short Lane retaliating on the left ey^ from 
Thomas Elog hereby sgroe tobe bound. ; The said fight shall be ™ant, he displayed a llgbtneas In the lower extremities. Putdi whloh there wsf a eUght "show." (First blood for Lane.) Out- 

fortheflnmofa,OOOajride.andBhaUtake place on the 8th day gin,, ■• 

of DeOembar, 1883, within lOO mUes of I^ndon. In puijnanoe of ^^^aeti, and the right woU across Us body. Drew held 
this agreemmt ilOO aside are depoelted In th* hands of Hr. j^j, j,j.],„ than Us opponent and his right not so much 

John Cons*, who shall transmit the same to the editor of Ml • p^- ^ joon as he got within reach, feinted and drew 

life, who shall bo final siakeholder; the second deposit, of <B0 a breaking ground prettily, but finding Sam would not fol- 
sldo, shall b^made at Hr. W. aichKason's.,mae Anchor, Shore- ^ renewed Us offers by felntlDB twl^e. when Bam got 
dltoh, on Thundaj, Uarch 96; the third, of £60 a side, to baulked at the body, but flnd&g Jack at home, got 

come otL' Heenan Is very oon- 

„ , large sum of money for which he Is 

banked Ikt English gentlemen most convince Americans how. 

' «riBf* ri3p'Oarp«ntsr/uitf1tome'tif6arthre«'Un^o ue, and that agood man, of- whatever color, or 

^^UoSitUttsdus^piu^ plenty of friends In the MUsh P.B. ^ It 

^S^^mSA\^YJ^,S^- - .lw«onltomldnlriitb.for*nrellmln.riesweresetaed,whenths 

.4).,HB^rA|ri,'4^'AUBIUOAl( OHiKiPIOK, 
-i'.aTV : > ■ ISBUtehed.agtlht.t' _ • 

nvo, isD siKd OF thk liBmEH ?!, 

I waa'qiilte inldnlght before preliminaries were settled, i 
I following arUoles were drawn up and signed:-^ 


. %«]nili«'U^^ anihoitty, having 

j iie d v e ll'i'^Sg' to that effect ftomjohn6.Heensa,.throngh 
.jttBllaOcasU^tlMSenlala' Soy's trainerin oonjnntAlenwlth 
' jBH^'builfit;')^^^ torn Bayer* St Ftrnborough, 

■ j^jfaflitiiiWtinf't. "'fi'* intim.t«iw«ni<». Here Is 
: aya li iBnl eopy of the letter aaaded to tj- 

•'- " •■ Loanoa, BBa.,'lbrehi7th,188!l. • • 

-)n>Uti('<)om, Eaq.,— DUB Bi^'.^Ust liight' 7. 0.. Beanan 
iMi bi^W to ilght Tom Eingi f|MiU,b6o'a Mde, at Owen Swift's, 
ad4VI0*tiSaarenowdawii. . I have wrUten- at the^eaiUsst 
BtMtf|*tiaadbU,toletyoukna*, ania wm keep 

■•^9S!i§?JSi*. . ^.;:v ..v;.■c^<^«^•*?^■'■ .' "THaP?^^' 
' r^)r4iiB4bm.ttwtUb«s'era'that tt^ has a.TsUable 

MMp^'f^t at eanrt, an^ thit. It .tal^ra evc^ means, i^'l^ 
jjii f tf ito,liesp its nadars truthfiilly posted on transpiring events 
Jt art •porting irjtU;' In .oorroborStlon of the abtrve, which IB 
wjbjiiBA^ius^ howevar,'.ln tfsgard to the iqain Ikds. we also 
jMN^ttiqitdstatls and agreement; ss we find them in 
ttaUjioiWiiil Uit of Uaroh l(lth;'alBO, farther parUoulus Ip ,re- 
^^^^■^iif^^^^'^^^^^ Jem. Usee. and the tlnkndwn, 
'^tto. It woud' seem, never will be known; aa Jam Uaee claims 
.4|tl!dti<ttid' farther, ohsllenges Heenan,' King, oranyotfier iioian 
iMttblfli^fin £ioban^ HereI«the,^pOT({iv 

■ ".^Iiij5(,(e9gni|t: • 

' .^'Ooz last. It was announced that the match between Jam 
,. XIMmtTlhe unknown had'Vlitually ended In smoked the latter 
. Mfiagpatd forfUt end, Uke many people, 'we ^ Inollhed'to 

JMSshS tniftiess ■ s -mj stsplelona one as ftr as Usee Is eon- 
; oined. Sonvfttt ^em win jperhaps dear up^e mystery which 

U&4Vt*iSe matter.'' In reference to this subject wa hi^veTe- 

.«ftred'tIU'ibIbtiMflgleUA.Mml^ . ; . 

if ' I *M tUat tUelTnknbwn hss tUled to meet his last Siit^^^t•, 
■ tttt«fb|«,' to tho forfeits, oonslderlng my- 
' y^ehati[iBd to' the 'same* The arrivals of malls- from 
CiMotlr nothing. ei^ and think parties ahonld not match 
nmf " Tltboi^t ^eUg fall;: prepared to ineet'.thct depcalta 

be made on April 0; the fcurtb, of £80 .a side, on AprU Theao same tactics were displayed for some time, each In 

38; -Iho.flflh. of £M a aids, on May 7; the 6th, of £80 a side, f„ ^ opening. Both appeared puzaled. Drew 

onUayll; theeeventb, of £80a side, on Janel; theelghtb.dlgtondijig In the middle of the ring, and Bam walking about 
£80 a sldo, on Jane 18; the ninth, of £«0 a Bide, on Jnly 2; tho j,^„ renewed the sparring, for an opening, each In turn 
tenth, of £« 8 Bide, on July 18: the eleT«mlh, of £60 a side, on jtig away. Sam was the get homo, whiai-was with the 
July 80; the tweUth, of £80 a side, on Auguflt 18; the thirteenth, g,t on tho body. Drew Just reaching Sam's noie In the re torn, 
of £80 a aide, on Angast 37; the fourteenth, of £80 a side, on | sparred to within distance, when rattling exchanges took 

September 10; the fifteenth, cf £80 a side, on September 21; tha 
sixteenth, of £80 a side, on October 27; the seventeetb', of £50a 
aide, on HovemlMr 8; and the final deposit of £100 a elde, 
on Movember 26, at Mr. W. BlohardSon'B, Blae Anchor, as 
above,' when the men shall mutually: agree to the place cf 
figbUng- The aald deposlta to be tuide -between the bouts 
of eight and ten P. M., on the days ahd at the housts named; 
•lllur party fkOtog, to forfeit the nioney down. The houses 

ler then got warmly on Lane's right eye, and delivered his right 
on the ribs very prettily, when they got to close and hgt work; 
both down at the ropes. 

2. CaUergotsweeiIyontherIbsbyaBwlngtngblow;Bome|«cl 
exchanges, Luiefollowed his man, and getting well onthemonlli 
and cheat; Cutlrt down In his own comer. 

3. Both men slightly flashed, end warming weU to their woiL 
etoi offered freely oh Lane, with no takers. Qptler wu lk» 
first to commence hostilities, by planting a hot 'on on the chHt, 
an4 retreating. Lane, however, was not to be denied,, ml 

:ot on the Jaw and left temple with great effeot, Ontler geWif 

' 4. Both men slow to time, the hard hitting having given Ikm 
a good blowing. Cutler got his left well on ttie mark, uid tnj 

place. Bam getting home on the nose and cheat, and Drew heav- like a bmp-llgl>ter. On getUng within dtstanoe again. Lane let 
111 on the base of the neck. They bad now warmed vto their fiy a fine right-hander on Oatler's nose, nom which there «M a 
work,, and sparred very taat for an opening. Drew followed copious "flow;" he followed by a stinger on the ribs, when ^ 
MoBi, and tried his left at the head, bnt was shczt, Bam getting got to ding-dong work. Lane foUowIng Qp Us man, and flghthi| 
weUaway. Drew tried again; Bam retreated,, and tell from a I Elm down at the ropes. ' , ,: ' .i^' ', 

slip in Ills own comer. Tfine,8niln. I 6. 2 to 1 wss now offered on Lane. On, Lanfl 

ZBothwereratherfloshedabonttheticeastheyanswwedlhe hsndslooked queer, end beganto puff oonslderabur. SpSnug, 
call of "ttme." Some more very pretty sparring until Bam led Lane getting well on the mouth, when Cutler let fly a swener. 

^ , - ~. . „ -r caucr "ome." Home more veir pretty sparrmg nnm eam lea i,ana getting weu on ue monui, wneu buuer ujr ■ awniu, 

»tirtlo6 the depqslta.ehjil b» nudeahsll be named by each „ j t,,g ,^,5,, ^ ,,^pp^j,„^ made a dash which came plump on Lsne's ribs, knocking him off bla jlii. 

S!^^^5SS{^•IS?^^.™^^^??^i^».wS^°^f^>,?'5i^ DrewfoUowed, '(Pirstknock-downforOuUer.) • , \v « 

next dep^^ be nuned at the et^g of the prevlons rao, ^ his left; flam, with bettor fortune, got home on the 8. Blow to time, but when up. at It at once. Lane got homawaa 

°"?J?"Krt .1 i? ^J-""* ?Jr?-? the third «l<>PO»''- ™,« body. Drew, In the return, planting his right behind the ear. on the mouth, OuUeron the old spot-theriba; qnlokexohanjes, 

untU within reach. Bam dashed the left straight at the held, but 7. Cutler again on the mark, and away. Lane retaliating on tka 

Drew put it on one side, and forced the fighUog at. close qnar- ribs snd jnooth, and Cutler Slipping down to avoid, 

ters, where bcth^ero bosy with both 'hsnds. Drew gettlngon 6. lUng-dong exchanges, a dote, and both down. Cutler nnler, 

theearand cheek, while Sam visited the nose,:CUttlag it across g.Bpirrtng sll ovor the ring, a qnldk, passage of arma,ul 

the bridge, and drawing blood. (Claimed and allowed for Bam.) Cutler downln his OW71 (jomer. , ' 

They fought In this determined manner Into Drew's comer, 10. A slight exchange of blows; OnttST slipped down, bat ww 

where, sfter s sharp struggle, both were down— Drew upper- Instantly on his pins again, when some tootn-and-nsQ work lot- 

most Tlma,Umln. lowed, Ontler down st the finish, Lano failing over him. 

8, Drew came up bleeding ftom the out on the nose, and with 11. Oatler plsntod heavllj on the mouth, which at 

his left ear swoDen. . Bam did not show many marks of punish- showed the crlmaonstream. ' Lane. relntned on the^rlbs; . Caller 

ment but was flashed. After some very, fkst sparring, Sam down at the ropes. . ' > v j . 

planted his left on the right eye an4 onthebody. Altsraahort 12.'0ntler's "pbls" begon to look very flushed, end htdjoi 

U . onrthe dsy n%med, or the man sbsent to forfeit the money 
fut. In the event of magisterial Interference, the referee shall 
decide the next place and time of meotlns the same day. If 
poaalble. The expenses of the ropes and stakes shall bo borne 
mutually. ' Ur. Dowllng, the editor of Sdl't l/ffi in London, to be 
referee;- Two ilmplrea to' be chosen oh the ground; snd.lncaae 
of dispute lutween them, the deolslon of the referee to be flnaL 

Inpursooncb'of this agreement we hereunto attach our names ; 


' > ' ■ ■■' ■ -OHABLES BUSH, for Thomas King. 

WltnsBs: H. A.'Kbd. ' ' , 

.and, fhrtheri to.satlefy.the sporting pnbllo, I sm not 
[g'to' mkk6' what I havei heigiisonnsctapuloqsly, as 
stly. Moused 0t;|yjli:';ifaskln« fibtlttou4mat<dies.' I 
/ manl;reathlng ibrAspO a sloe and the Ohampl^n's 
1 thr^ mbhths frofii sl^lqg Aitlfdias, 'qr three jmontha 
' wllh'Qoss. , Bbehan, or )CIng, who has soxlously 
Sgsfn fight . ue for the much-coveted belt oiin 
ihes gratified by wverlng.ths, £80 whUh I ihavb 
jblders hanSa to flghlth'e abbvo-mentloned men, 
at) Who thinks hlmselt' tha highest 
'■^jftttmrnt,'. Tours, &0. . !'JXU UAOE, 
ftie,.^868.' , ., J ,., OtiamplonofSngland. 
i ffia'tofegolng, it will .be seen .that USoa claim* forfeit 
fi.4;}lBkn6wn,' to;wlilohhe Isiolearly entllled.: and Jom ap- 
)'lndlanant atthe- snpnosIUcn abroad that the . "my*. 
gnS'iStraggeir' Invention of his ovm; merely' put 
lie); gain tiqie to.warda the Btlpulated period.for gaining 
dOnMaebelt Uace statesthatho is atUfwUlIngto 
^anr.a^liteathlog for f300 a side and the bolt" .We men. 
•AiW^r lasirthaiKIng.'had . called upon us on Frlday— 
^Mm;Vlotureofibe»ltbl— andthat'be was vlookUii up hi* 
t4t;ritQni*ioh-titm^tor'any: snm ■op to il.oooto flght Heenan, 
Wt^httrdi ws4«nxIons, in thq V.B'.agahi. ' Atthe 
le. King' spoke oontemptuouely of Usee, and declared' 
' 'it any man. bar Jem; but that he would not 
)X m eooounter.wltb a 'Wlf-'atyled champion of 
'•reason Is, iJ^at Uaoehas broken faith withhlm 
" -hy,''ahd.tliathe 'Vrauld.rsthar.n6t;hiave.any< 
i^ifller. ., /)' .' .'' ' .» , 

' iSIng^ B0Oon)panlod by Uri W. O^reston. 
that he had endpeeded in getting a match 
h'a* be^ i(lfe<^Iy announced in onr oolumns, 
ad ooun)|iiloned a .gentleman to matoh hthi 
l^eStlng liMlf, a|il .on Ifonday night, or. 

hliig, Owen' gfrin, Elogi and Preston, hapr 
/. coney's, Oa]Ifan)la(Ubtel, Fanton street 
liing.ih brlnglng'lhp merits of tho two big 
Dd pntdOwn SlOO i'or • flghtTor £I.or' " 
rmSMDaB aiid 'Sing. -Kelth^ King nor,h4i.bai;k< 
Wtthtfia •'ewfary'lsWjtheihAttneltfnetqcov* 
ll'^'ilepdalt, btaf .i6>*g»r.iyeM,tt*y. tfii;t mijg'*. i 


. .i.'.',3BXWBnf ■' 
Fos £lOO. 

*peU of Bpurlng, Bam goton tha body, Drew's left going over ugly cut tmderuie left eye, and hi* left ear much awoUen.wUls 

Barn's hift shoulder, end following Bam np, missed both right Lane's left eve was considerably out of shape. Lane led wll* * 

and'left Bsm getting oat of range cleverly. On again getlmg spanker on the mouth, Cutler returning on the ribs and cneK- 

togelhar, Bam landed his left on the forehead, wliioh w*ssn> far too hot to be pleasant— and then to gnss. . 

swered by Drew going In, end, after a couple of rapid exchanges, 13. Some very pretty exchanges, Outler sgsln making hirun 

The match between AironHoss (TonngDotch Bam) and Jack ^bey broke away, and had a lookat each other. Th'ey sparred on the ribs. Lane on the lett ear, when they doBed, and b'Bucr 
Drew,to8ght for £80 s-ride at Bst, was fixed originally to take to distance, when Drewgothls left well home on the body; he threw his man heavily.' 1 

in v«4 4n i«jHtBj.«»«.*.. ..t 4v« m.iim.*i #uu..jMu I triedHff&in. hnfc ihA "nnv'' wuawAv. tipav /aiiava,! Atiii fnr^A I il.lianogot heme well On t[he left eye and moutb.DUv au 

plsoe an UitchlO, but in conseqnsnee of the national festtritles I tried again, bnt the ''poy^' was away. Drew fallowed and forced , ... ^ . 

oti.that day. It was poa^ned nntl) Tueadar,' Uacrh 17, exohangaB, Sim getting a couple of left-handers home on the blows did not tell as might he expected. A few livelysuhUigVr waaatTangedthSt anattemptto:bring the affair toa forehead, andDrew oneon the chin. Bam delivered the left and Oatler again to grass, 

satjsfutorjr coiiolnslon should ben^e down^eriver; Both *i>cccBafallyonthebody,andfoIlowedltapvritbarighMiander, " ....-r..^ 

men nave figured in the P. B. previously, and the following ■ are vrMch Drew avoided by ducking his head Just In time. Sam 

their pedigrees and perfermanoc*:—'-. ' ralssed with his left and, trying again, was cleverly stopped. 

Asron Uoas (Toong Dutch Bsm) Is s nephew of Ote Old Dntoh Draw, determined to be busy, went after Bam; they exchanged 

Sam. He to twenty-aeven years of age; stands eft Bin. In height, ^th both hands nntU they broke sway. Left-handed counters I on the right eye, and then to grass, 

and on the present occasion drew the scede at a trifie under 8st >benpaseed lUelightntog, Drew getttog on the ear and earn on " ~ ' -.^ 

His first appearance In the .ring waa about nine years alnee, the nose. Hore ' oxchanges with both hands. Bam plantloa on 

when.he beat: Crafty BnUlvan, Scon after this little mill, Sam the right eye and Drew on the left ear with the right; they then 

paid • .vlait to the Slates, where he fought one Sweetman (a closed and fought to the ropes, where Sam got 4awn In a hurry, 

draw) for £120. Be afterwards beat Qeorge Connell twice, the '''ov landing a little one aa Bsm was down. Appesls from Barn's 

first Ume for £20i the second fbr £80. About a couple 'Of year* 
since, he returned to Xngland; and, again getting hia friends to- 
gether, he made a match to fight Jem Gollagher at Sat 9 lb.,' for 
£80, by whom he was defeated on Ju1ye,1881, down the river, 
after a rattling fight ot^slxty-fonr rounds, which liated 1 hour 
and 20 mlo. He has slnco been on the ahelf. tmtll about Christ- 
mas, when Drew, having polished off Nobby .Porter like awcrk- 
man.TciuaSam was matched by V. Ward sgalnst the coming 
llght-wclght, for £80 o-Blde, at Bst He took hie bteathrngsat lhe 
Ironfonndert' Arms. Qreenwlob, In c'ompauy with Jack Auckland, 
and certainly 16fked.remlriiably well when he went to soale, 

JackDrow, wholsof IriBhdeBCenli,wasborh In 183S, and'la 
consoquenUy- twonty-dgUt years ofinge, stondB 8tt 'BKlo. In 
,helaht and was. on Monday, Just within tbs stlpuUted Set 
Altho--" - ■•■ ■ ■■ • 

party over-raled. Tims. 17 min. 

1. Drew came up bleeding from the note, and with his left ear 
much swollen. 8am was floBhed, and had a mark or two on the 
chest, hut nothing to.slgnlfy. Very Uttlo aparTlig passed befo'rb 
they got at it; rapid counters vrith the loft, Drew getting home 
on the nose. Bam on the oheek. Bam tried the left at the head 
twice, but WBf neatly stopped each tune, They then doaed, 
when, after a sharp nlly to the ropes. Bam allpped down on hi* 
knees. ■ ■ • 

5. Drew wss up first when time 'wss called, and forced tho 
fighting aa abon as Bom faced hlrh. Both were abort with their 
left . 8am then paid a left-handed visit to the body. Drew retell' 

ind Ouuer again to grass, v . . ._.'ni,. 

IB. Some rattling body-blowa on both sides; both down at IB* 
I finish, elde by side. 

16. Hotwork, snd very quick; both do'wn at t)ie finish, 

17. Lane administered a fine out on the mark, Ontler genuf 
1 the right eye, and then to grass. ... - 1^,1,^ 
le. CuUer sent homS a rib-rosater on the old spot, Une on us 

month snd chsBt; Outler down at the finish. y-^ 

19. Sparring for wind; Cutter dropped on his maijow-BOMs 
without a blow, and received acauUon from ther^eree. joe 
was instantly up again', and landed so severely on Lane^ ni» 
that he fell flromthe'force of his own blow. ' . ;..i,>» 

20. After • short passsas of arms. Lane got his A^f"^.; 
head In "chancery," and fibbed away right merrily, £"5*1^:5 
Idle, but admlnlatering some hslf.srmsd punching wlln gn*'- 
effeot snd both fell over together. , 

21. Terrific flighting; Lane the best of the hlltlng. Cutler »*» 
best of the throw. i yi .W8 

22. OaUer got home twice on Lsne's dial tsT otowW ?rf' 
away, when ttiey dosed; bdthdovrn. At thia Juncture, one n 
those darlings, the "bluo^oato," put In an appearance at uw 
ring-side, but bdng udalded, wlady lopked on the Pi^<»^ 

jOugh wellknown.In the sparring world, he has only been in 
the rlng.twlco pceyloualy— with Hogsn, tor £8, whomhe disposed 
of niln., daring which tlmb three tennds were Toughti 
snd with Nohby Parker, on October 21, 1802,'for £10 a-eMe, When 
Drew, won In thirty-six rounds,: whloh occupied 88 mIn. Bob 
Travel*, < finding- Drew a good one, . backed him against Dntoh 
Bam, and, -when the Umo for preparation' came, sent him to 

— .without offering to disturb the harmony that rolgned 

aUng'withS'good «nci on the cheek, and dosed, when they aroUnd. ., . .„ . . ,._,|,t 

foDght to Drew^s ooriier, where he ovcr-reach^hinisolf and feu | 28/ Alter some very warm pimohlng'on both sl(les, Lane laaf u<- 
• ... hi* nan down at the ropes, .;.'>. . j.« rf* 

24. Lane landed on the month, and got weU offimtered on wv 
same spot, Outler deverly getting down. . . / ... ..g,* 
28. Lano followed his man into Uls own oomer, wb«e bobi» 

I fearful pepnerlog took place. Cutler tiSvstae down. ^ 
" Olosed at onoei flbblng gaily, aha CiiUer down. 


27. Both conntercd on the 

mouth; OaUeraaaihtognjM-^^'^ 
aground; both down togetheiow 

.or • fight for £1,000 a side 
" *>a<k«r* nap- 
cover Owen 

»T,"jai 'ejbhl^i^&^MlnM'of 'SS'^elr 
'Stcnei >nd. rlfjg*, ** » *«Mff igalnsttha 

^■ ..'8*K'JWV.¥WW,l«8'*«i^ 
Qwsn B<l(lflyust^jeI^og,.ta.mJUt<i.^^ 

called.. Uj^ lM,' Wined In'r high', glee'at t)i« 
atch,'ianiir>k: he .has wi|densd-^d lmpni7«d 
dnds ate' y^. confldentoi; hU being. a)>le to 
.Bbylowwhl* £olprs; , Hoj9iias,i«.itlUeogaged 
Coaulilfl'i olirbaii .li^to( Us determination to. 
la'dbtib'f.. :Hlng. wlU ,be. « m^tpb; fty Jiim .in. 
i<iteb, andlbe p^oBablUty oTKo contesrba« 
lt^« vast amount.of'lqtereif In.pogUlstlo oUdes. 
iu,'>beto eoffllhoh, ilnea '.thsimemorsble palU* 
%'aitX Hetbah's Ukhds hAd ";^on^" snd'.Hiat be 
' f ftesh.atrtiggl6;.t>ul.'tlilB, hoire^sma oqliof 

. if nieh'>T!>?*rf^ft Uia .baol(..ofi)is;9enloJA 
iiy n'6t ihatob hlni (f 'ahon wero the osse. 
^ti>s4tleod*.«Jt the,man wys-Appolnted between 
iVplahlvit Owon Bwm>B, at whloh hoor we at* 

'^'bMispirofl.,,:^;:'",,' , \.. .-i'. '...■.,; 

29. ^er planted heavily on the left opHo, which bltotad 
I again j Lanetetollated by coUarlng CnUer'a head, *w'T«^ 
tering a doss of 'punch vrlth anything but •sparing hano. n»>r 
which Cutler esoaped by slipping dawn. >^, TaB». 

' 80. Very hard hitting, eaohgettfiig sll ovsr the l*os( wb»^ 


on his knees. Tithe, 22 ihln. 

. 8. Aftor tho usual sparring, they soon Act to work. Drew get- 
ting his left on tho cheek; trylhg again, 'Bsm was away. After 
weav na^mtll within dlaiancs, Drew lauded tho left weU homo 
on tho body, Bam, In the return, delivering on the ohln, Bom 
got the left twice on'thSI>ody without & return,' and got away, 

, Prew dashed In with Mth hands, getUng the left on the nose 

aarTatfrlaae to train, whore all the requlsito work was done, and I and the right on the ear, drawing blood from' both place*, and 
he sfaledallrlghtaa regards appearance, on Monday. — .-i.. — — « — , — , 

' Tha jirelshlog took plaoe at Bob Traver*'*, the Son and Thirteen 
Oanton*,'Oa(tle itnet. ti«lce*terSqnare. There waa avery ttir 
master, but thepugUtiUcelement predominated.- .^e welghlog, 
u usual,. was on awell-adjusled .pair of soaiss, elevated so that 
evef^bodyooold see the. process. Dntoh Bsm was the first to 
put in an appeaianoo, attended by Palsy Beardon knd his baok- 
er, W.- Ward. ..He waa paaaed .sU- right dthough It WSB a very 
doseshav^ Indeedj vDrew soon tbllowcdj havlngBfatter Bobert 
and Collin* for bU valels, and 'ho, as wdl a* his - op^nant, bad 
nft'too.maoh to apare-.Theils waa no. betting, alihough the 

hacker* of Dutoh Bam offered the itempUng odd* df 8 to 4. A* , , — „ „ .„„ .v™, 

WpWt* the weighing wa* completed. Moss end his : Mend* went where he delivered a good npAer out and gettinirto half-armed 
todln*,wbUeDrewltock bis alight. refeotlon at Bob's. There hitting, fought Sam down.' 

werf many inqulrie* about , the : atartihg spot,' which wa^ glTsn 10. Drei^oontlnntd the sates taoUes aa previooaly; and forced 
wl(b,th*.Breat«ataocroBTtoaftiw,witbatrtot lnJusotlonato\eep the fighting wlth'both hands; he planted heavily on the ear, 
the same nmarkably "dark.*' The order* were to be either at drawing more blood, Sam getting homo on tho eye. Drew then 

thoiAddphi or the Thame* _TnnndM«r, the litest .Urns atthe dosifl, and, UJer a short atresgro. threw flam. ' Time, 81 mto. , . „ „„„ ^,,^u.^u,. ^ ... — . , ™„,„ 

U,t-named dace bdng^rii A. M.. ;.Tho«> who hjiTw* Up went n.,^^ rt*oa4 when -ho cam* up, but atopped Ueing nm eil,fbr reasona which wo .wUl not '/t^iJ^Si 

sway satlsfled,:and, as wlU be seen, were the -^otlmk of mis- Drew'* left very neaUy ahd rsUeated; Drew foUo«d knd forded bMng adjuatca. however., business' wa oarried on . "Itf,*?!:. 
jOMed.conadimce. : The houses to the east endwero Very crowd, oxihange* and'* dose, w^^ short grapple, Drawthrew energy and delormlnstlon on: both. side*, and soiheratluiig" 

«d, a^d.apeoidatlon was rife, the mofepartlonUrly among the Bam. but they fell aldeV 'las- ' ' . dunges took hlaob- Outler down at the finish. 

^H)ho*«BTOopl*,'Vwho,UthonghttiOT stuck 'to'thilr own "Bam. 12 to li were predssly similar, as Drew forcod the flghllDg 80. Thenolloo.wholiBrtrseelvedadilltlonalalL. 
my/,' .could-not resist the tomptetlod of laving B to i and tAUng with both hand*, the exohahaea belhg'Very lively. In thelatt of I to set in t£ii.nna. hni thnv didn't and tbemlUlng va* pio' 
6M.'4i,thas Inorssslng their. winnings snetud. the'"poy'!wln. Iheaerouhds, Drewfavored Sir'''' - ' 

I finishing tno rOnad by flghUng Bam dowSL 

7. 8am came ap bleeding from the left ear and nose; Drew'* 
noBS'wa* out *nd the right -eye discolored. Drew forced the 
fighting, and would not allow Bam any rest, but widttowork 

I with a wlll,'and, forcing exchangee, fought Bam down. 

8. Drew np fiifst to time, with no fCeah marks of punlshUfent, 
Bsm flushed' ttd^bloodlna. pretrwasvortbh'sy.andfoUoweil down atthoflhlsh. " " ; . ... . , '»iMrf 
Sam tinUl they eiihanged, when Dww. . tho atrongoBt. forced ' 81. Both again made the tkonUsplece the PTlnolpal pomt- 
toa to the-wpi*; where he get d()wh-*hlftj:. An appeal of foul attach, Laho knocking CuUer completely off Ua pin*. . ^v^j, 
#a*notaUolred. ''Tlme,!Wmln. • ' " 82. lane got home weU on the inouth. CuUer r»tu|«WI WjS; 

. 0, . DreWf very mtieh In oitaest, commenced by getting ti* left left eye, which locked elngularly amall : Ontler down atthe nnu» 
on. tho no** without a return; he foUowefl Bam to the rtpe*. (Time. 1 hour exactly.)^ . ' . . . n-u-- 

. . r M \ jg y^^^jjj jljyj jjjyjig^^ j^. tJ^,J,^tllpl*0*|OT 

8*. Outler UndcdwoU«n tbe rib* ind; right •J**"''" 
dosed; both down sldo by sia*. . '. _ ..fiAie* 

88. AtthlsBtsge6fthemlll,*dlBputo*ro*f>»;*«J'n',fl,jdu,» 
Bicond*. who took Ihevacantpost <* thoorlglnd, thif^^jJJJg** >vf ry llttts^etUngi st the west- •ndi the few who ^« 
st the Dsipk of Drew standing outfor long oddsi . 'Itwss not until 
a late hour in 'the evening that the real "oriffln" was given is to 
the . start, .wbtoh, altbongh' not«t so osriy |m hodr as 'the Mie 
prevtottsly nabedi *a* ntlU a •'tall'^tim* baft>i«' tbe 'break(tet 
hojK. i^r * " " " " " ~ 

oo^nesiit ^ 

iMiqlogillWbtniDBt •musing,' as ciriii after oab okmeln^finlok tii~ 
esMoiL the eoonpani* of whlob, after. gaping abont'lor.'felM 
" iMljMetlmd tb»ieomot "eflloe,^ 

e0ibMAtto.'ittraahmbu*tr*«t*t*tl*u 18. Drew todi • decided lead,- sa 'ba^.lliihef Ta 'iid' ttoi^a 

' i«leB;wbeI^Uwu Ihtifflatea,* lartaitsamtr had 'Sam'* left, and |ot4ioth hand* on the bead twice togethMwltti' 

i.t L. ,r-.- 1" *«W'lhtS^e-rlng, but they didn't and tbom^^^^ 

Blmwlthaatralght thot from th^|wlthlh hfidU.turbed seourity., Xane cpUared &l*^o*n 


l6H'ontbenMe."arte"j~iiUcVi^ SecUonate ppjots*o7'l>l* handfwork t*""°?' .ff'JSfi 

«y<lMdohe*kpa*«ed; DratrttenWMitdo**,. and tried tofordoJnotM^^ •™'»e'"<>*L"';'I°., -5. IhSropM 

exchanges, when Sam supped dBttn, ' An appeal of fonlwa*'' ^.^rL...v-'._«tr^.«v. ^.r^-mkno. over the roj»; 

made; but not altowod. Bam'* tlihpire, howeveri cautioned him 
to bo CBieioL 

&on^ riirrat meiiA;l(;,atths'.F^nahuroh *trM 'u. BamwaS'vifTaaotitnUr. aiid wa* all tiftt the rinr.^rew 

io«nes0iti»Adhlphlilldth* -Thame* Toittiel «*n yeatefday attirhim. 8«lAi BllppedinU* comer, btit oahght hold of the 

MP**, •hd'r*oor|»r«d%ltt*Ur. Drew went after SaU, whi dhtlked. 
an^ohoe (tot,on.tohl*kneai,bnt got tiPi and net lMkw., btit 
flat«ft«rkirt!fal*of einhiSJtrfat apieTStufiSSi^ ■ 
U. Draw took • decided lead,- u 'ha'.BaUiei 

not aeieep, a*' may reuuiy Be imagineo, •»"''";,'°^ » ;sr«ii)SB. 
punching Waa the order of the day. unMl both foilover the Ngj^ 

. 87,toBl andlaat.lo*v»n »a* iha contest regarded "A"^ 
tlmtl, that nothing b.^t evep .^onw '«'"» V.u,mtood5bmo- 
cJ^enced a ej^lem of punohlng.of a most <>»^'^?'Xi°5dlo» 
Ut. nntU, sftlr fighting ..tbp I»tyieJ»nd round. . ttejou^ 
!*dlte,*fl*qt an entTMO* *"to the ring, and ipon ^ - 
dfor.tilauonoM ..A .oom' 

the titmort gamo*** oa th* part 

»an«g*d:te,*fl*qt an entraaoe- lnto .the ^"j'S^I'^iUiSH 

el Nth. 

... ou.tow»rd*hoi»». 
gl hour 88 BilnM*» 
Th* ^*fer«*ordei»<" 

is ailoi-TfXIOBT, JIM £t A BIDS.. 

.WdbS! ho°£»o!? in old putt arrived, who. with ^■ 
'^S-'^nSSESk theneod/dl, and at a qnartet-paat eleyon the 
"''"ih??* hmSl Md commenoed one oAhe most BlogglEg bat- 
?"°»S^? »«vSSe^4er the noUco of the frequonters of prize- 
Uea »'»*?^^-"St round. Waterman, whp was in beautmil con- 
ilngs. In H'y.^^iire Bpanklng Wow on the noBO, which had 
diUoD. 4row b^dfrom »^^ « ^j^^ p„j^ 

» ^JiSrifldyltSSd toS ^» combii. Waferman Utorailrflgbtiiifl 
StorhaiSnRadmliiietertd lomo pnnlBhta} blows ail 
""".MTSii which told a Terr tIbIWo tale, from tte ?o«rftil oon- 
SZ^ta^S P"kM bfougbtto the eoratoh, haTiii» near 
f"""!^^?. of rtTOrfaona fleah. Thirteen ronndi wore tonght 
tai^SoMhrot when" aSltaiy "peeler" waa deeoried Inthe 
SftaS^d tafore he oonld ge't near, ocmb.tants. aeoonde, and 
SbiSm aeatedln the yarlona TohioIoB, and on the rtad^for 

S'^JSSierwhiet hartng arrived, the men Wtni"* to?*"""-, 
a a tiemendondy elogglng flght waa pepeatod. Waterman re- 
gJXftSht hlim.S''aoV" ronnd 'fi^^^-^i'.^*'^/^ 
flnSon of the twenty-fonrth round, Parker, who had i^*^ 
SSdoM thj-hlng, waa advlaed to give in, but the 8™' 
would net heEof ft, and the epongewRS "P"**'^.'^; 
wl«br»«er lighting In »U « niln.-2a mln. In the arst, and 18 
nin, In the last ring. 

f . nncABHB. 

The »bove Sght needa Wit littte comment, the wquel^wlng 
too truly that piook and detemlnatloil are not anflolent withont 
a eaiSa amount of Jndlcloua training, whloh It la too plain 
Ptokerhadnoteonght In a groat meaanre, Watonnanacom- 
paiatlTely eaay vlofoiy U traceable to hli opponent^ fearfiu 
innt of oondlUon, ai he time nppnfBngUke aateam engine alter 
eaut ronnd. -. . ' ' 

On Tneaday Uaroh 19, Oeo. Slddall and Tom Spenee met, for fg 
I aide, atoatoh-welght, when, after lighting thirty-four rounde to 
forty mlnatei, the polloe made thelrappearanoe. After » walk of 
aconple of milea a aednded spot waa reached, and at ten mlnntea 
jait twelve the lada fuod ea«n other, looking little the wona for 
their prevloua llghtlog. They boxed' very menlly nntU tbe 
(7th ronnd, when Spence began to fall off to ench an extent that 
when seventy rounds had been fonght, occupying Mie bonr and 
ibirty-llvB mlnutos, his aecond threw ob the sponxe, and Blddall 
waa hailed tho winner, both being mncn pnnlehed. 
' The atme day; B. Darling and J. Dnntlleld met at Pngneas, 
near Wakefield, to flght for a "Atei." Soth are novlcea, but the 
niatoh hsa been looked forward to with intareat, aa It wfa ezpeot- 
ed some rare sport would be shown. The ring having been 
formed, the lads commenced work at six mtontea to six. In the 
presence of 300 apeotatois. 

THV nffHT. 

Bound l.-T-They had no sooner faced eaoh other than iheroom- 
'nenoed hostiUtleB, Dnnsfleld getUng wen on the rlba and noi^ 
and concluded the round by throwing his man. 

3, On time being called, Sransfleld was veiT eager, and forced 
the flgbUng, onUl Darling ddivered a good left-hander on the 
eye, and oloalnet, both were down aide by sl^e.. ' 

3, end last— Both were cautions, but Darling was the lint to 
' commenoe, and atrudk ont wildly, when Dransfleld deliberately 
threw himself i^wn, An appeal waa nude to tbe referee, who 
declared Darling the winner, after flghUsg t)( mln. 

tbMA flMths and this terrible war that Is dfatroy^g- all on^ old 
sMoidaaonsl'and'weie 1^ sot for the Cuffkb. which still re^ns 
M beaooB llgnt to all Inieieated In Oheas, and- a meDeiito:9f the 
past, I shoald.,begto to think that all ihe Oheu spliltliad de- 
parted flom the land." / : . • . 

. . OABIB) tio.^Ji. .. ' 
Board Mo. 1 of our oonitiUltor F, Eugene BrataElnger'i ••blind- 
fold" play at the Brooklyn OhenOlub. ' 

. , MViira OUIBIT,"..,. 


8..KB-B4 , 
4..F-qEt4 . 



, • . I.- 



X Ei-B 8 . 

E it-s S 

Kt X K* 


Brenzlnger. 7. Perrln. 
lS..QX<)Kt, B:4)Et8 
l«..Q-her8 ~ • " 
U, Q-lMTXtS 
a9..P-<)B4 - 


H. Ohiswioi, Brooklyn.— Thanks for the Items and slip*, and 

the suggestion of others as opportunity offers. to the other 
matteTt we have had none for a long time that we Shall not use 
as valuable to onradvea. We wiah you, personally, mooh snooeaa 
and pleasure in your hew undertaking, and can' appredato your 
effona and dlfflculUes. 

llBSD'bk Ecns, Boston.— Tonr solatlon of So. ' 841 la now 
correct. For the amtaement and enlightenment of thosewho 
have studied but failed to fkthom Its depths, we here exhibit the 
Bounding line as furnished by yourseli; and J; P. Bwan, Esq., of 
Detroit, only;— • . . 

While. BUek. White. . . Black. 

L.BtoQBe BtoQBa(a) I4..BXK3dP+ QFXB 

(s) or B to or B to B ,7th, 9r k;B takea p. ; . . 
1.. KBXB^ 
]..QtoE3 ' KB-Et8 
1.. BXB 


i..QBtohia(4- KtoQ4 
II..KBXKF, mate. ' 

4.,Qto herBsa,id. (A, ' 
S. .Q gives obeokmate. 

It Black make elQier of the apparmtly good moves l:.Xt X B) 
or l.'.Ktto Qath, helsmatedln/ourmoves. ' 

LKiBjna, Ollnton, 0. W.— The fact that a piece . is ..'.1|lnned" 
deprives It of no part of lis checking power: ' hence 'llu Whlto 
ling, to the very neat diagram forwuded us, Is'to theclt ; 

boooiiiTo, Boston,— We thank you < very cordially , ftr the 
. so. obligingly forwarded, and shall observe your wlahea to 
legard to the lum ois jiluaM, 

. H. BuoB, cihleago.- The solution of the problem you refer 
to, has not come aorcss'the water; when It does, we wUl-notUy 

, BiriaBtA. Ho. bt's.'-;,' 
From the "dbess Player's Ohxonlols." . 

.^blaBsq, QBS, QSt aq,,QKt8, QB a;.S xild^, 

■ »tqB6, : atOKte,- - >tXK*!»tli-.• 
'WUte'to^ay tad give mate in eight movek .' 

Tais Wns'^ Pbobuk.— Hany of our present MsAeie may 
MTer have seen ' o^- net partlonlarlr have noUoed tlils ' muter- 
ptloe^the orittui examliiatton of oil such we bespeak. The Sn 
tM'^t'HtUa poaltleh' Is'jnNlnounoed byall (be leading ppn- 
BOisseun of 'Problems 'to France and'Qermany, aeweuaa to' 
n^d. to'bethe^bitkt Oheas problem extant." Alltheprab- 
■sau put 'to colnpetlUOB 'to this Tonmoy [sound ones, we sup. 
pete,] are to appear In tUe book, to place of a mere aeleeUon, 2s 
' M^t propoaeo. A welcome amendment 

1'. '', '.... .'FptBT'PBIZB PROBIiBIH. '''' 

'^Ve give below, aceordtog to promise, the truly 'remarkable 
Msltlon whloh hai finally (we hope fluallv) -been awarded the 
Ug.priie 4i betog the one best problem to Iho whole oompetl- 
waln the IMe: 'iWorld'i Congress Tourney." - Ihdtigh '^ven 
t*mie,'ila totMAsto exoellenoe and the poet' to whldh It-BsaMen 
•Itrated, enUUe It to Ihe dlattooUon of repetition. 

CHQBIiBai. Kk. 87.5. 

" ' /#■ :'■ ilnra'm xHT puBoin." }■ • 

';;, ' '■' • '•■,■ '.'' ' air BB. OOHpiS SATKB. - '':' 


. mitt U ifkj mi glT* (Ate to five mpraa. . 

.and Mr. Pairto wlna the^pdrMe. 

OastleB. Q B 
QPXKt . 



Black. . 




1..U to 18 

39 to 18 


81 to 36 





14.. 16 


36 19 

S.. 8 



. M ^ 

IB.. 3 


9f 17 

4.. 4 


16.. 7 


80 96 




96 ' 93 



18.': 16 


83 97 





19.. a 


18 ; 14 

8:. 7 




30.. 7 


17 18 

9.. 9 






14 9 

10.. 5 



18 ■ 



; DtaWB 

9 9 





ia..u . 

38 '. 

36 ' 



Sew 'Tork.-Wetake It for granted that '-B" has "col- 

lapsed"— a Tory tudlm departure I, 

Wm. B. OoDDiiiaTOH, Wmiamaburg, 9. T.— We wars hj^ily 
grattfied a short tlms stooento observe that a fine game between 
youiadf aad a friend, (orlglnaDy published to the OLnma,) baa 
been re^niUiikoi to an entenirisligg European exchange— (TAs 
Sporttiif ^toard.) "How ar< yon, BportlngBecord I <' 

O. W. E., Frederick Oliy, Ud.-^trUona correot nuoka for 
Position. , , > 

0. H. WnDXB, Ohelsea, Haas.— Todr laat Position appeals this 
wsek. ■ ' ^^^^^^^v^^ 


' VndauBted by the "stgha of the times," 'the Carm still 
"walks the waters like a tUng of llf e"— sttU desls out fun ratlona 
topaaaengera andotew. TIs truer that now and then a mud- 
soowllreaa bnce of horse-pistols— but betog Iron'^ilad— why, 
oifr Captain oan affori to let them have their "little pop"— and 
then fiiU astern I Kotwlthstehdlng "war and rumors of war," 
the Olsrb poBBeases tbe strangest "staff" of contributors In 
the oonnby. While players of the collbra of Hercer, Bethel], 
Vanatto, Hull, Dunlap, Ooddtogton, Burr, Htoos, and a host 
more ol "tough customers," stand by our flag, there is no such 
word as fail 1 Aa a parting aaluto to players, one and all— we 
predlot that the oonung volume win afford the lovers of Draughte 
as rich a repaat as any which has preceded It This Is no Idle 
boast, as nslther t^e players nor the game is exhausted I For 
oar own part, we are bound to '(dlui up" the coming "good 
things" to the most sppetlzlng manner that we are.capable of. 
Already anticipating the tripping of the anchor, vre pledge' you 
to many toaplrlng InutroHi»— - 
Buooms TO m EuvniTa ToTin ow tbz OLIFPKBI , 

OrgsnlMd for the puipose'ot fomiahtog to parties Uvlsgont 
of the Olty fadltlaa tor pnrchastog goods which' they cannot vio- 
eure at home; m* now prepared to fllloMera for any description 
of Heiohandlsei Books, Cards, Prints; Boxing aievas. Foils, 
Watches and Jewelry, Ao.,'Ac.', at the lowest market priee. 

Orders brmaUtUlhfnlly attended to, and Oiroulan fomlahed 
OBepfUoaflon. E. Di LOKro, Uaosgsr. 

Late of the firm of Hi Long & Bro., and E. D. Long k Oo. 
Address .an ordera for anything yon may 'want, to 

K. B. Ko charge for toformatton; 


*'rT?;0 WHOM IT MAT (SONOB^.'.'-iflaTlng sold 
''X' out mv'ipurchaalng Agency Buatoesa,"aU letters there- 
fore addressed to me (containing money), ffter the first of Uay, 
vriUbe returned. Toaskfol for past favors, whloh have been 
duly apptedatod, I remain, ' liespeotfuUy 

J. H. MAATtH, Agent, . 
Hawley, Pa., Box IX 
. "If.B."— I have for ssle a few ot the tollovrtog articles:— 
"Jspanese Flpe .uid Segar' Holder, 60 ota.;V "8t«d Black Ink 
Powder, per package, 36 cts.;" "Fraaalan Blue Ink Powder, per 
PB(^e,'3Ic1s.;" "Pimple Xradlcator, SSots.i" t'Oom-Ullor, 36 
ots.;"' "Parisian Perfumed BatoheL or Scent Bag, ,20 cte.i" 
"Fat Uioroaoope, 98 ote.;" "CoUyrla, S« cts.;" "ilaglo. Clga)r 
OaxeS, 86 ote.," ^same aa advertised for tl,) enly a few left; 
"Uaglo Pocket Book, 18 ots.;" "Antidote for Tobaoco, 18 cts. ;" 
."100 Ways to Uake Uoney, 36 cts.;" "A Laughable Becret, 16 
ots.'i""TeneUaii Barometer, or Ohtoese, Weather Indicator, 86 
ot^. l". "Union Thermometer, 80 da.," (beantUtal). ' Send annexed 
prices, on or before the Ut of Usy, ie4S, to. UABTIN, Agt, 
Bl-at* : . ;Boxl3<Hawley,Pa. 

NOTIOE.— Meeere. Panella' A Bro's have received 
Bsveral commnnleatlona and money orders for goods, but 
the parties aending have neglected to give their proper and foH 
address, parUculam soldleis to the army. Tbbeesbavlng 'Called 
to leoelvs goods, wUl please duplicate ordisr, giving address to 
foil, and oblige 


Oeneral Purchasing Agente, 
sa-It* Box 2086 P.O., Hew Tork Olty. 

A FREE Gl£7 FOB ALL. who 8«iid for a Bam- 
ple of the celebrated JapaneaePlpeandSegar Bolder. 
Bubstltates'a Begar while It economises— like 'any pipe. AFree 
Gift of a secret "How to Catch 1000 Bate (aUve) to One VlMf'— 
nsnal price 26 cente: or a sample of the "Celebrated Peiibmed 
JackeC price 38 cente; or Chemical Compound Bedpe, 80 cente. 
Any one of the above, together with tho Plpe, sent for 60 cents. 
Three Pipes 'with the three gifts, gl. Send your addreaa before 
the first of Hay. J. H. UAETIB, Hawley, Pa. sa-at* 

OABDBI Ho, BlI— 'Vol, X. . ' 

lately contested between two strong pisyers, both of Qil^ 0U7. 

CEND 26 CENTS AND A STAMP for a eample paok- 

One pacUlge makes a quart of "Ink," with no trouble to the ma- 
iei. Any child who can read dlrectlona can make It Bend for 
a aaaple. Agento wainted. Bknd before th'e l et of Hay. Ad-' 
dress the Hanufictnrer. - ■ ■■ •■ UABTIN, 

ta-lt* Hawley, Pa. 

Notes attacking aa 19 to 16. : , 
Not found to the books at thiapotot' . ,, . 
[ey 8 to 11, followed by 11 to 16, evldmUy draws the gams.' 


■OLVTioir OF posinon ito.,59i— yoi.'x. 


White.- a . „, . 
• 6'. • Iff.'-. . .' 

.' Black. 

8..2S 36 
'4..a{ ll.and,wto». 

81 aa 


.80 to 38 


8.. 10 
4.. 19 


39 to 37 
S. 14 

^ 8 10 

10' 14. 

White.' <' ' ' Blaek. 
8. . 4to<. 8 14 to 17 

6.. 8 .It I 17 91 
7..11 . 18 ' 91 95 
e;.U 18, and Wlna. 

. <' ■AVqH'OAjKHi' ' 

u e nvmuR asBss hountair bot and AoosnANot. 

Black— O. H. B. : WhAe— Aeeeptanoe. 
10..1B. 93 , 96 • ^17 

■ ' 11.. 8 ' '7' ■ 

Fodinon Bo. B.»-voi. x> 




'WBITB. ' ' 1' . ' 


, White to move and 'wto. 

White to move and wto. 

■ ( .■ ■ 



Tbs JtiHioB OomKmoir,— The annualmeetlng of the National 
AssoolaUdn ot Junior Base BaU Players, waa held at the Cooper 
Inatttuto, on Wednesday evening, Uaroh 36, but to consequence 
ot the unptosaant stete of Ihe weather, the attendance was not ss 
numerous as usual, and bntUttle buetoess waa- transaoted, be- 
yond the election of oftcera for the ensutog year. Dejegatea 
from the foBowtog club's were ' present, vis. : tbe Active, Ariel 
and NatlonsI, of New Tork; Excelsior, iuqr., of Brocfdyn; Jnn- 
nlata- and Perry, of Hobokeh; aud Paasalo, of Newark. The 
offloer^ elected, were as follo^: PrtsldentC. D. Walker,'Of,t>ie 
AcUvo I Vice-President; d. N.'Bnbw, of ihO: Pert7;iBeoordlng 
SecretaiT, E. & Btoomfield, of the Passaic; CorreepondlnaBecre- 
terr, C. P, UlUer, <tt the Excelsior; and Treasater,- W. N. Decker, 
of .the Aotlvo, meettog was adjoumel to .the third Uvnday 
to April, the 90th Inst, when important bustoess Ji to be tnns- 
•oteo. and It bo hoped that there will be a fquer repreaenta- 
tlbn'of the J^ot dabs present than on this oooasloh.' 

Bass Ball OLim UtxTmo.— At a meeting of theOliamploB Btse 
BaU Club, hold on Haroh Uth, at their rooma at 083 Broadway, 
the foUowtog olBcers 'were' eleoted: President, Oharlea Bey- 
holda; 'Vice President, Barclay Watson; Tieaauter,' Samuel Van 
Olef I . Beoietai7, Charles Bbhanck. Xhei ehaUenges saoeptedfbr 
the' enaulng.aeason were from'the Em^Ite, of Baltlmorei and at* 
Iantlo,.Df Boston. Hr.' Watsoil te soOn to be nnlted' to marriage 
to the talented actress, Hiss F. Bleokton, so 'we sre lpformsd., 

OttiroBiiu; Basb BiXL ' HiiOB.— On Honday, Fab; asd, ■ 
matoh game .was played M^^eeA the Eagle and Paclfle cintis for 
tho champion sUver goblet off^ed by Ur, Ll^deU, proprietor of 
the Union Ball, at the Ulaalon Dolores, where fthe match jraa' 
played. We publish the Score]— 


BUher, Istb.i, 
E. EeTrigan,p.. 
Orlglletto, a. s.. 

Calvert, 0 

PeeL.adb.... .. 

Itarkee, 8db...'. 






, JPdeifle.- r ■ . 
B. wade,p...... 

Bovlcl f...:. 

J. fihepUd, lat b.. 

W41sbi« (...-> 

J. Eerrig4n, a,'s... 
Barriabn, e.. .'.'.... 

Buasen,V f..' , 




. jrot(ii,:,V..'..;...,.:v 



...9,7 'iO 



,4& «th .mh 

aims lusa 'in 

,vlrt' 94:.'M , 

Umpliiieli'S.wjii^ •■'';''•?/;' 
■ tf««SS^*'»^^Ob»i. Il. iahteai fl» lb* PMUi^'Sloli' 
arABmlth. i 

7th 8tb 

^7-;'>'.6 V 


EASE amougthe Volunteera would be prevented by the 
free use of HOLLOWAT'S: FILLS AND OUmiEKT. . For 
Wounds, Sores and Scurvy, the Ointment Is a certato core, and 
for Bowel Complatote, Fevers, SmaU Pex, Aa, the PlBa are .the 
bwtmsdlctoe to the world. Only 36 cente per Box or Pot 331 

... -U.; .'. „ 1 .. .... . 

, '''.-Jttfu' 'WBid 

. . .u ; ^ N.; \.«», W <>?»Djroi». ■ .•..-,'(<_ 
• ■ 'Xhut,fbr'a1{|)l^ntr,'the Comet ran on— ' • '■ •■'!' 
' "-pourtoghls btentog words,llke red-hot shot.' ' ' ' "' 
'• /AocordUg to tlU taoUos of Love's cannon) ' ' 
. Thsnpausedtosee.If hehadBBKAOE'sornot 
' By his artineiy of heavy gammon,' / 

Theheartof Jallai'lieavensl a bright red spot '' ' 
'. , On either cheek; toldj .^lato as words could iSSS, ■ 
That'JuUa'adtadel'iniigrowtogwetkl - ^ ' -' 
' The "bright red spot" mlgbt'have been produced by OOV* 
BAUD'S msgnlflcent LIQUID BOUOIE ; it may als(A have been 
the blush of todlgnatlon, caUed up by the aoldlet's flattoy : our 
own private opinTon le .thst she had reason to blush for ha Igno- 
rance of the 'Virtues of OOUBAUD'B wonderful MmiOJ^CD 
SOAP to the removal of T^an, Plmjdes, Freckles, Billownsss. 
BIngworm, &o., from the sktol Oounkud's P0UDBE8 BUB> 
TILES, as evetybody knows, win positively extlrptte, toot, 
branch and bloesom of superfluous hair from upper llp», brows, 
or any part of the human frame. OOUBAUD'B LILT vHSnBls 
a delioious whlto for the complexion. OOUBAPS'B OBIENTAL 
fiSEtJl, for the eUn and complexion, la the mo4t doUghttul and; 
harml ess p reparation ever tovented. 

DB. FBTiTT OOUBAUD'S preparations can be had at his new 
and splendid esteblishment, 463 Broadway, three "dooie below 
Orand street removed from bis old depot 67 WaDcar staraet, estoth 
llshed a quarter of a ooatury. Also of Havs, Brookbn't Bates, 
Ijg'WashlDgton street Boston; Canender, Phlladalphla) Hadame 
I>uboU,/Pemisylvanla Avenue, Washington, D. C.; and SethS. 
Hance, Baltimore 1 andfothers who choose to sand cash <6rdien» 
Forwarded by Express, and droulars sent free. 


netseted by Letters Fateat dated Feb. 19, 1886: Cot K IML'' 
DML*lOTf/an^ IStB; Nov. 1868; kaio^V, lot's : 
. Bepte&bei 39, 186a — -'^ 1 

XoB (eoaDt'lffiFtoTeiBanti to theas Xablea make thsB aaii^ 
passsd to the world. They are now offered to sotentllaBIDlMl 
playsraas combining speed wUk,tnth nam btfmoUalBsdai 
lay Billiard table, AlMk' ^ 

PHELAN'S NEW BOOK-^<The Game of BOQaida,* 
(th edltioB, enlarged, revlssd, fllnstatsd wlQi addlttoaal ON 
gramaandaportraUoa steel ef the author, Prtoew one ddta& 
degang^bound. '^^^"^^^^^^^'^^^ 

I i63, (6^67, and 68 Crosby strw 

Ai^EBICAN SHABP-SEOOTEB.— Work on practical 
gunner;. Uy first edition betog nearly exhauned, I am 
now prepared to foxdlsh copies U only Twenfy-five cente eaoh, 
by null, free of - postage. 1 do tbla, that Ite Importance may be 
realized by every person, whether a Sportsman or Soldier, that 
each may have a copy. No work ever Issued imparts , so much 
Infbrmatton of 'vslne, for the price. Add ress 

DANIEL WOOD, Publisher, . 
It* Bocheater. N. T. 

THE CHEAPEST AND BEST— Price only 26 Ceats— 
PHELAN % BEBOEB.— This work contains over 100 pagea of 
lUnstratlons and descriptive matter, presenting all thefeatnrea 
to make the attenttve student a perfect mastsr to the noble game. 
I^ also contains the rules of all the games played with bUllard 
talis. Hailed free on receipt of prioe. -The trade supplied by 
8. Tonan, 191 Nassau street Address 

E14t 67 Crosby street, N.T; 

.A STEBK OSgOP E- - . . ■■ . . :V 

XX'' '■ ■ " ''AND TWKLVa ' FANOT OOIiOBXD. 'VIXWa : ' 
-Bent BtiuU for SO cents. Addreea.. . 

■ ■' ■ FBED PABSELIiS 1 

. BoxapSK^. 


I H E . T O U N a AM EH I 0 A F I B.M 

' ■ ' ■ . Amy - 

KD&AB. UOBPHT & 00.. 
' 'AtaNaaaanatieet^ 
, ' 1 . 'New'Tork, •' '. ,' 

Are now piepaied, "with Inoreaaed faoUltles, to tapply BooUb 
Csrds, Flints, Photographs of Statesmen, Literary men, Adiqi 
sndAotresses,VodaIlsts, Army and Navy Offloars, and Pngtllstai 
Newspraen . and 'Usgadnes (foreign ' and domesitlo}, 'B01I119 
Gloves, Perfumery, Jewelry, eta, etc. 

Btareosooplo Vlsw^ Bong Books, Heyls'a Games, Bexlali 
Books, Novels, eta. : , ' 

LONDON, PAB18, BBUEflEU, ; ,. <. 

■ ' - ' i jro i " . ' 

YANKEE NOTIOHfl. • .• ',.;;•- 
BendflirOateloghes, .' ' — • 

; ''.'•' . ' . 'Sovl/kirOstaloguas. ';!' " " . " ' 

* Band for ewalogus*. "■■'■:■ '>•''/ V ' V ';:' ■ 
Beglstn your money lettaia at our rlak.'r,' ■ '' ' .'^ 
£S . : KDGAB,-HOBfBT * op,; : 

BOOSBj CABDS, &o.— Send for my CIroolar, enoloslng 
stamps- .Address ■ " ~ 



■ . V Box 1688,' P<0<,: ' 

BOOKS, FBINTS,.' CiBDS,.'ftO.— Send for ddt cliou- 
lar,. Hp fraud praotlaed. 


-93 Duane atreet New Tork. 



34 X SO-for $6 Oorefor 13.76; 8for (l^Tv. Single copies, 60 oehte. 

Bent postage paid.- ' . ... 

A large colored engraving, A rIOh thing. ' Bent postage' paid, 
on receipt of 60 ctihts. Address CEAfi.. E. DAT, 
4T-8m ' . , . NewBaven, Coim. 

XLNT.— Beduotlon In Price. Oat Femons ^l](ni 
Eanoy P^okaae, with "a ddiUoh al sttraotlona,".cohtalnln8 
Sketchea/Bonn,' Jokes, Tusste, FIVE BOOK.CIBCULABB and a 
OOLOBED ENOBA'TINO, sent to sny siddrees. oik receipt ot 13 
3»4t ' ..• Nassau Street l(ew Tork. 

.. AndaBartloIeauBsdto 
' :' Hsnubotnred and Sold by 

i U. NELBON, ' ■•' ■ ■' • 491 Broadway, New Tork. 

I have on hand-and for aale,a vwy flue Ioto( Stags and PuBete 
(brediyommy Imported Game Fowls) that were hatched to 
Uaroh. The Stag;! are aU ddbbed ahd. ln good heart and aa the 
PuUete are about co'mmendni to lay, U .would ,be desirable for 
purchasers to'make earl; application. .Some of the Btags.would 
make a mostoapllal cross where slxe tedealred. - • .. 

494t .. . 607 OanowhlU street Philadelphia. 

B B: A T 


B O O K' 311 





AHD BPOBma iooobs Asnoft 
1 [ :.,.m.lKmnmiti»,ttwiigL:i 



' FATH,Oi;eOT 

■ •' •''' '; . OF «HB. , . . ' 


. -Ft: ■ ' ' '.-■. ' i ' ■■■ 

BUflaXLL. T. TB AU^'-HP:- . " 
'■ ' , , :■ .TBS .■''■'■'. 

■ , iaX;II:AL :' O BO AXie.K. ' 

JAHffl a. JAOKflON,K'D:, ^ • ; 

'^e tTMtlses In this tolum'e'sie upoa sultjeets the stoMil 
importanee to a phyatologlcal potot or.vlei^. . Diese suUeeto ai« 
handled to an able faiUmer.' jlhe authors are msdloal,ihsn oi 
large experience: and the-advice which they' give Is sound, snA 
appUbabla alike to the guidance of parente and 'to .the beneUr 
<3 thi young. A pernial of the work will. do much to seooia- 
healthymenialandbodllyfonotlons; while to suibringhomfoltrt. 
It'oflfers judldoua sdvlce, which may save . many from coDpIlM-< 
tinglhelr suffertoga by resortlhg to quack doctors and empul«ll'< 
treatment"— Boston'Jonmal. 

"Should be read by aU old euough to naderstand U."— WatM- 
Cure JoomaL - . 1 > 

"It win be the aenrce of muohgood; betogprepaiedwlitiOtNir 
and from abundant knowledge."— Boeton Tnveller, 

"It is a book for the times, and should be to eveiT fkmDy."'^ ' 
Wofld's Crisis, Bifcton.. ' ..",;,':,";. 

<<An honest effort to diffuse nsefDl information. McetpopolM 
works on this sutOeot' are the reverse of this, sad are^Bem.'^> 
vertlBemente of quacks.^'— Plymdttlh Book ' 
.'i<^A .Wuable addition to medical UleratnM."r-B«Btak 'SnM 

GAME FOWL.— The ntid^rslgned offera - for sale Us 
■ entire Mock of SAUE FOVIS, comprlatog selectioiis tttm 
tbe best stock to America, and carefully bred by hlmaelf. AU 
Fowls sold by me, I warra nt D ead Game. Beferehee glv«il If re- 
quired. AddieM' PBTEB BELANBON, '. 
^ 8T-4m*' ', 1009 Portland street PhUaddphla, 

iTTAMB FOWL ■ FOR ^ SALE.— Jonathan. Dobwibt, 
VT Lancastei 01^, Pa,, Importer and Breeder of Game Fowls, 
iSnts, Bat DogSj and BnllTnriw Da||s. " " ' ' 

^Isp, Eggs of bis Imported Fowls foifssle. 

0aff>.made to order. 


X foraOlronlar. BZNBT dTEPBENB, 86 Nassau tt. \iHt 

. vAvaUable book fbr the atBloted, and for aU who would not te> 
Ite counsela are of ^wat importance to a^"— Boston Oon^ftjl^ 
tionallst ■ • ■ ' ■ ", ■ 'li 

'"Oontatoa praoUoal Information that should be hnowp and Ml* 
edupon by parente and children, the married and aliigle.' Hi5 
'ohaptara devoted to ohlldr4n and their management ought to Vt 
read by every.nuithar/'-^nnda«' (N.T.) News;' ' 
' "Ihat this Is k Bu^eMlve volomS must be adnlitted, we thUl^ 
by either a professional op non-professlQual reader. Engataed, 4a 
we'are, to advocating a general reforin'pf our social halms and 
opportmltles for physleal Improvement, we ban with deUghta^f 
auggestlve f"" ""'-** that mij be brought to bear upon 'our »i 
vorlto Use of sctlon, oonle from what quarter It may. We theii^'. 
fore take groat pleasure to recommending toe above T0lnm6 to a 
Mr and candid consldoratlon among an cUsses. 'Everr 'cbatiSI 
Is valuable, anddl theaubjcoteof those ohapters are wcUchoMb 
Boeton la 'great to aU good wbrka.' "— N. CUppor.' 

Price XUSEE DOLLAfifl. Bent to an y address. Send orlM 
to the publlaher, B. LEVBREIT EUEBSON, ' f 

120 Woahtogton atreet Boston, ISftL' 
For sale to N4w Tork b^O. B. FELT, 86 Walker street, and By 
BINCLAIB TOUBET, 131 Nassau atreet ' . - ''- ' 

jg^'UiajHS iST OTHZB BooK, thla win teach the 'reader UM 
to pretent and permanently Craa, kvxht jobh of sexusl dla. 
eaae and derangement 'without feeing or consultlng'any doo0l 
Whatever. No other medlOal book hu ever received' such eoap* 
mendattons from the Press. .Gn thb Bisr. , 18^ ' ' 

A MAMMOTH PAOEAQB, .oontalalng 
Also, Bnbber. G«o£ 

IVmrFaacv ArUcIesi price 98 «entii> ' Also, &n1 
■foi Gentlemen's use. Addieas J.B.FABBEu« U Aani street! 

near Broadway. Ni T, 

O It D H a V B B, 

lesU can be abconlmodated with Booms b; the day ox week, 
Mtb or wltl^put boikrd, GEO. P. WORDSN, Proprietor. . 4MD 

VN<>- W JOHN AnXEBT/neartjlifK New Tork. , . 

' News' MM Printing Paper WnnlWitnrod to oidki at ibt 
Ihottai'ibtttos. . . 

dW TO won AT OABDa^-^aead jonr »ddw«i and 
itwo red stamps to HOWABD H. GBA'VSi' New TorkClt; 
OOM afid be will tofom ytrapf a BDBBmsthodof wtlt<' 
)>iitg«t 'A](L the mlons gamea. 


. fty It ■»<) get an answer by 

if' OVfl-A-LA-HODB.— CitalOiniM of Book*', Ao;,.Mpt 
.^lij apojiappUcaUon." , '■''„ .' A. OOBDOH, . 
inMm» ' , ' .«8X>banestre«tiiir^«;?r<*^.«; 

I . . v : ■ ' I '■'.''• ' ! *' 1 _^ lljU .; 

i _ _ 

Addrtss G. a. S^BSS, North BteOMd, N. B. 


J. B. FABBELL, BmdneUert U Ann street R. T, 
Books of every variety, either Foreign or Domestlo, fomlslisa 
on appllsattan. Parties desiring books of any desoriptlon^ tv ' 
senduwaddress, post ^d, 4in receive Isimwdlato attanUen, Aa 
Boota/Bportlng and Ftnef Articles you ma^ see advertls«<^ ■WM'. 

'ertlss^ wB', 

.„_„iedtoorder. dstelognesseatonsppllcatloa. AdMH,' 
t H. FASBBUi, dealer to Books sad FaDsyAxtt«iles,NorU Asa 

street How y«flt .: 



, , (|BX8t''--Inl86aifllstssked thlsqnestlozL ..nwailSB> 
swered by eiiiBeroo^WopIe; and I ask If aily of tham ff«f}»*5 
5rctoiS5nttoiaUto^5li«dl_I<d^ tdUiJSI^^L^S^ 
would compel the Beard or Modstaehe to )pow 
S «Se wflbtoBa weeks from the Cxst ^-piloattojv Sfi^*^ 
cMtfSl toventoiik I have had to eontefad%tb a hMt oflM^ 
some of whom even go so fkr u to copy 
Bowevsr, truth to ttilghty. and vriB preiaUj and yon, 
toss friends, wlBflnd thif my Ongnuil ^^.f^^tiSaX 
i^foroe ths Beard to growTuid wlD««lthors^o^^ 


fire 81. (19-lt*] B.G.aB: 


BOOKS, 8P0ET1N0 GOODS, eto. 
lar. Kp;ifoxl3g«. H. T. 

• ..aMTPA L AOmS-Sw"" MBW-lOBt ciattta/''*: 


,'MUmIt'iuaoiig oat Tea dna, tnd 

MElm&iidlea tot-uil ,«ii6KotU them- 
OunMU fiiutntt." : They gwra'* ooncert 
.UiSwhOn April id- Bm •» the namos of 
OeOt/Wafds, bonwi BUlrTi^, buw; 
at>| Bvnrjr Uorton, tMblo; HtRT Btanley, 
iponiot^ E'rink L. qennetl, bujoutt Jluiy 
iilwo. H>T«o> i^ollnliti Ohwlsyi Edwudi, 
.\B. nrtlnkMMtbtnoniht tatok..^ .- 
ipMn mlium* gin) thne conotrla at Ootin- 
it,il, y., thiaweak, vJs., pn'Moiiday, Taoe- 
uiawM avanliiga* : ^ . ,'. 

XBinttritlB abDW twloa thli w«ek; Trlda; and Sotnr- 
L'U OoTlDUilinHaU, ItaoIieit«T, V;X' ', . . ' 
_ Ut&e Earmonlata, at OoflMtt Hall, Helena, Aik., an amona 
'Itbny^pi'oretslODila Who . are VaaUsg In the aonsUneof 
\iiKfbt. With tbem, the EQilop's oolot 1| voith a heary 
{'Ok'kold, (despite tbe reign ot gnenhaiU) vbllo the taa- 
— -^«f La B«lle'Iioiil<e and U'lle Thdbdbra might go for a 
,aathe>a}IogU. ' . 
_ ^6 Xvill lodge that told na and the'Teel orhomanl^,'; 
MUt'^wt'and Dietz ironld open thole Ooacert'SoIl, Qato B«l- 
~ t'al'ln Setiaft,' va or abont' the 9d inf t^ ^Ece thU, ho donbt. It 
^ybnll blut, orVllkauie.iiUe pr Joe.Qaigeriy, on. the "ram- 

itoMl teodid ta glvon of Oantatbuy Ball,'Waahlngton, t>. 0.( 
^toTennbyer, Jnlla Uprtlmef ,'and Emektlne De Valber 
MUia.the M^o^di. So mnoh the Mtter for the grare dona 
« FMnal mebtmoUi, wbo may pdMlUy forget the oarea of 
Ji'tiadef tfie'ajNdlbf mnalo.' To onF ftloqdi Tlitting 'Wash- 
ington, ire would, aty 'that' there U bnt ope'sln that we cannot 
Ibigtre 'them.'andthatls, tonegleottocallnpon Manager BInn 

~ ' andiptfnynp'ybni) qnarter, add langband. 

Interesting sho^, 

jl« it Brooklyn £ave no XMson to complain 
loral'.' 'dement in their nitdat,' Unce 
, -by.tht Hooley (qtera muBi'Ot tbo groat 
The Sniuiger," in wUch B. Boweia made a 


. The jfmr-* 

of thsliu' 

■ ■•moral". 

■peolal Ut at iMmalaneholy gentleman with a wloksd wife, and 
Aiohy Hngliea flgored efTeottTelS' ti JIit..HaIler, ' Tbe acene be- 
tween the two*>b'enlli aereialniQtnal protenta of the "big" 
otdat; are^itatDned, war .^'a jHrftot .oem of aarlotoomlo acting, 
vhllA the dUdazwia one of "lonaest" thlnga we ever hoard. 
Oat alitar dtyla,.eTldantlygigwlng to be Itnghter loving. So 
in«t&tt'Jte^;,,Sbla' week a aplendld prygiammalanpj'lnwhloh 
'^^^"^""""*"' nigger has the laat tUng toaay. Good for 

roomelV' .This la thensnal exolamatton whaneret 
ipfhut. Pall and Trowbridge lOnstrela mtar on the 
rthttrU^q Teniplaof Ulrth, "oppoalte tbe OldBonth 
/'BoelOD, and almoatA &mani as that renerable pile 
The qnhpany doing Its "spiriting" there baa the tbiee-^old 
kgd 01 bnmbttra, <rulelT In'qatUty, and hearty eo^pera-<In tha lattto ^eapeet, ue members anoeessfnlly emnlate 
Ihn:.^ axiom, "PolldaTlL poll baker." Uke the former, also, 
ihg^viMaent.'a' Bable^ikonctii the andltnoe;' and like the latter, 
mnoh they'do la'Tti^'flowei7. 

. Jobnnyr^al),.one'<rfiha "end men," and of the "sable" firm of 
.the lIerrl»Brathere, PeU'& Trowbridge UlnstMls, after having 
been ■indisposed fQraoMetiffle, 'la now, we are happy to atato, 
'. qnXte himaelf again* 

• jr.,'V:'-/r--. ■■■ ' 

-: ,^Ai'B»x'a Oaalne, PhOadelphta, this week; they offer a variety 
' of novaldes and a Taryjnod list of tfdant. , Among the A we find 
UHe.Zoe, Ban Tatos. Ned Bhaw, Lon Oaylord, t, E. Oampbell, 
. VaIlytB|;irud^W..B. F0Z4 !W. H. BmlCh and othenrj ' < 
' .'Blluinasii; Philadelphia, la no^ In dne ooaiae of ^ alteration 
' IntoA^S^PiMuld-lMet beer aaloon, nndor the lesdMshlp 'of 
. HEv^acner.' . He ptU $M00for a ten year«' lease of the bnlld 
ug,^ and itbe'-alteratlona' Trill prifiably coat hlm tSOOO mors, 

• irhloh, together itlth bis nmt^pntty steep, wa "hear.^iwlll make 
. a aomewhsi heavy load to oai^, . ,We .understand that Hr. 

gfblaH <l^ataito..ln4his apMnlattoh.'- The hall la of good 
nttsJifl^jm a malftBlree^ being In the rear of the Hew 
. ttMi; and'MtWeen Fbnrth.and ntlh streets, In Library. 
Jk'lU'aipefliEmV'and maysnooeed. It will probably be r«ady 
'|Wjltp4hU>g'by,tfi!s(ejtnnlngof the summer seuon. 

Jsok Bheppaid was prodncad atthe OonUnanbil, Philadelphia, 
,on thelthlnst. vnth the following cast:— Ulss Anna LeverlDg 
as the celebrated Highwayman; Blr Bowland Trenchard, Ur. 
Pltigertld; Owen Wood, Ur. John VwX; Jonathan Wild, Ur, 
aifUlton; BtneaUn, Ur,.J, H. Oarr; Thames Barrell, Ulss Ella 
. Watnet; Abtam Uendei, Ur.Sarry Enochs; Quilt Arnold, Ur. 
pantoyl Shotbolt, Ur. Hike UcKenna; Uaronm, Ur. UoUlUaa; 
[Wlnltrsd Wood, Ulss Snmmerfleld; Baohel, Ulas Boss Smith; 
Xdgawsrth Bess, Ulas Lnoy Eamlllont Paol Uaggott, Ulss Kate 
,'BamlUoni Bally, Ulss Uarla Wella. It wlU be retained on tbe 
' "bUla dorlng the Baster hoUdays, Ur. Alms, the proprietor of 
.this house, baa bean to New. York, looUagnp talent He has se- 
onred the aervloes of Ulas Fanny Forrest and FM. Uay. The 
. latter may appear on the 6tb Inati and we are promised aome notea 
from the Forieat song bird on the 18th. Benny QaUoaher la nn 
forabenoitontheOth, ■. ■ , ' , '. ■ 1 
■■ At OadweU'a Uualo Ball, Ullwaukea, :'Wli., {hoy have a nnmer- 
' ona company, apme of whom' are .aulta talonlad. Tom' Baker 

fior•,:ttadJalIpplIe• hlm«dr with . brood, Aid UHe Theodora, 
^,ai . Aurora, la pRmoonoed .'anything else bnt a bore-^ 
-'—l iaha p^ojms as. Dinah. TheLazeBe brothers were laty, 
K0n.'( oonneot when expected, bnt were looked fora little- 

liath'the whiter of onr discontent left ha, 
alttungh It has shaken off oonaldetable mnd from Its boots 

• In ^ng it; departure. Spring la here, or If not here. It Is In 
BalUnim, beoanse the programme of Lea'a Uelodeon says so, 
am} 1h«y alarted the first week of the season with a dear flrma- 
nient atndd«l with stars. Lea is a flrst-rata astronomer, as he la 
, j^lnnally brlnghia to light brilliant luminaries. Lastweek 
^Mn Of them made their lint appearanoe, viz., John Uuniaan, 

s.'fOt Boyd, Andy leavitt, Ooo. U. Ullea,' and lilas Louisa Evans 
.'.'VMtdaa whom, there are a dozen or two of fixed twlnhlers. who 

TttuSe 'ot''whtemponiT aheeb, aind ire deem it ^tot.too mnoh to 
•ay, thatlbeOurvntHllalwijihaTt the flih rdiaUk otM 
that .nuytoanajlxe .lnthlBU weU.aa 'all other departments of 
nsefalln(onnaUoa.andraoyllleratarewhlohlt imparta to. ind 
wlthiwhldhltragalesitls'nnmerana.zeaders.'havlngmade exteu- 
alv« airangemanta ,h to do. Bo let "thi paotle" and their 
ftlenda look out tbe the Bhowmen'a Qnld»;-the Oumn. - 

Our annbunoement in laat week'a Gums of ttat movemenls 
of ovr ottons friends, preparatory to akartlugout for tbe tenting 
aeoaon, oreated<inlt«astIr amoi^the boya, and induced many 
otthem to hurry np their flxlnga. We noUoethat thelteqiawe 
published have been copied Into papers all over the country, 
which goea to ahow the Interest felt by onr country ooualht in 
the entertainments offered in Ihe saw duat arena. 

"The Uoniloi* of tbe Profaaalon." That'a what 0. 8. Whoelet 
calla the talented artlata connected with bla • 'Ileal Uonster Show, " 
and who ehall gaUiaay It ? We decline taking the xosponslbillty, 
for good and eofflolent reasons, Flretly; booanse thoy one and 
all (ue Uonlton we mean) might RO off loaded or not, a sort ot 
sponianeona capabnatlon oShlr, and, striking as between wind 
and water, ahlver our timbers. Twodly; Uaoager 'Whoeler la no 
dwarf, and the advanoe agent la Charles W. Fuller, a man of 
huge proportion, iKentolly and physically, standing alx fept In the 
dear, very long m the reach, and is tho Indlrldoal who pioneered 
John 0. B4enah (now inatohed aialnst Tom KlDg) so sncctaa- 
foUtr through this country, after hie contoatwlth Tom' Bayers, 
and hiving teamed a thing or two then, knows how "to put 'em 
up," no doubt 'Tbreedlyraelf'preaervatlon la a law In nature 
that we fnlly'reAognlze the force , ol Th.erefore, as oanUon la 
said t6 be the better port of valor, we say, and say It bravdy, we 
won't gidnii^ the propoaltlon put forth. In addition to the 
above appeDatlon, we find the reapeottvo performers spoken of 
on the bin (whlob, by the way,' we are among the llrst to get a 
aightat) at follows:— Ume-Tonmlalie, the tamot^s equeabrtenhe, 
from 'Iraneohl^ Blppodrome.Parla, and the mlaoese .of the 
modem Fianoh sohool In the exerolsea of the mantrii; U'lle Joae- 
phene, the ocoompUahed equestrienne and pnpU ot Ume. Toui- 
nlalre; H'lle Jeannetta El(det, from Batty 's Boyol Amphltbeaa 
tre, London, the dailhg and gracefnl performer on tbe tight- 
rope; the Snow Brothers, the accomplished gymnastic artists; 
Baa Welser, the groteaqna down, with hla budget of wit, wisdom 
and Wiagge^; Nat Austin, the great Auetrallan down, comlo 
ginger' and modem laughing phlloaopher; Percy Austin, the 
yonthfol gymnastic champion; Jas. De Uott,'by unlTersol con> 
aent of thepnbUc and press, acknowledged to be the most aston- 
lahlng acanio rider thaiever lived; tbo Uotloy Brothers, thew4n- 
derfm acrobata and pantomimlats; Charles DoTlne, Uona, Paul, 
9. Nailer. J. Boss, J. Bowers, F. Blven, B^ OaatDlo, T. Wyoth. 
and a host of anxillarlas, making, in all, the most brilliant array 
of novdty, talent, and general amusement ere^ offered to the 
pnbllo." Dam bur tany iopllghts. If we wcnldn'tilke to be the 
man what takes the money for such a ahow, bat A.Uerrlll, a 
man of morlt. Is the lucky dog to head ua oft Tho length of tbo 
bill Is Juit a yard, woman% meaeorement, viz.. th>m top of the 
ncae to finger ends, with arm stretohed out, and haa no leas "i*" 
five wood onta on It^ a rMTolar picture book for children, and Is 

SfottennplndarrybBeluy'a best style. "Njiff ced, and more 
00." ' \ ■ ' . '. 

- Ohlailnl'a Olrcus, at Havana, doaod, on the Seth of Uarob. 
one of the most enccessAil aeasons ever experienced hi Cuba. 
The boTS sailed for home on the asth, and arrived here on the 2d 
lust. Among the list we noUce tbe names of James Boblnaon, 
Oeo. Boss, 'Wm. Carlo, and Oharlea UcOlave, 
. Dan Blca la nltUng extensive preporatlona for the coming aeo- 
aon. "Be will atart out about tbe let of Uaywlth a larger and 
well selected stookot trained homaa and ponies. His WUng 
horae Excelsior will be one of tho principal featoies, as well as 
his trained a^aaontns; ' He will start from PennBylvanla. 

Ur. Frank Howes, who goea out with Thayer & Noy(|8''areat 
.United Statea Oircua this season, with the 'Tailety Show, haa en- 
'goged a very large ond talented company of negro performers, 
femole dancers and vocalists. H4 haS also engaged the valnable 
services of Ulle Louise, the Dmnnner Qlil, who has lately 'cr» 
ated quite a sensation at Broadway. Ur. Eowea la an actlvo 
ahowman, and, aa he has traveled considerable, knows exactly 
whatwlU suit tbe toatea of country cousins. 

One of the handsomest presents that has ever been made to a 
pnfeaalonal, woa shown ns on Sotnrdoy Isat Ibo gUt consists 
of a soagnlfloent belt, weaented to Air. James Boblnaon, "the 
Champion Blder of the world," on the occoslon of his forewell 
benefit at Oblorlnl's Clrons, Havona, Ide of Ouba, Uarch 0th. 
1863. The bdt was manufoctuied from gold and silver doQors, 
and Js. 39 InOhea long and 3>ilnchea wide. In the centre Is a 
Bolld square plate ot gold, measuring 8K Inohea each way, and K 
of an inch in Ihitknat, On ihe face of this mosslve plate Is a 
beautiful engrovlng of our natlcnd emblem, the noble eagle, 
from whose beak Is suspended a cord, to whloh is attached aola- 
mond atone of the first water, and vdued at $3(0. The eye of 
theeaglelaabeautlfalniby.'.On the reverse of this plate Is the 
following Inscription : "Preaented to James Bobluson, the Obom- 

Jlon Blder of the Known World, by his Mends. Havana, Uorch 
, 1893." The face of the bdt is studded with M large gold stars, 
very Ingeniously act Around the entire edge Is a thick strip of 
cold, and tbo rivets In the Joints are.made of gold. The Inalde 
Is lined with rich silk velvet Taken dtogether, it is the moat 
beautUOl present we ever behdd (exceeding In beauty and- coat 
the renowned champion bdt Of England), and one wMch '.'Jim- 
my" ought to well ted proud ot. - .The OTlgmancoat was 
tl,481, and iraa gotten a few olthe admirers of Mr.' Bobln- 
aon. "Jimmy's" services forthls gummsE bare been seonred by 
thofia entarprlalng managars, Ueasi^. Iliayer & Noyea, and dnr^ 
In^ tbe aetsonhewllldli^lfkyhla arttsUoqnalltles as wall as "ue 

The Ariib acrobats, five in nnmbei; leave this dty this week 
for Nixon's olrons at Alexandria, '7a. A. B. Parkes la their agent 
An eiparlenoed adrertfaUg agent and bUl- painter, wanta a 
eight for a "dt" for the summer season, to use Us good, strong 
arm, to the advantage of any manager. See B. Azmstrong'a ad- 

whom! ehe raoovred firom dUfertnt parts o^Burope, who arsMm- 
peUed'to glTe her dlthafr aanlngi for yeatk i;or brlnglna tnem 
I lere; The old dame la aald to' have grown. Imnienwly rich ,b]r 
lerapecmlatlona. • , ■ . • ',:'^'.i 

' .' The HJlaghantani and Swiss Bdl BIngen wenatDaTmWIt, 
towai ontheSdandtthhiit They also gave a ' "matinee" fn 
Saturday afternoon. . ■ i .,. 

A testlmonld benefit to Ulss Lizzie Parker,- tendered by the 
irlnolpd artlats of B^ Francisco, wu arranged to take place at 
•latt's Eoll, in that city, on the9lh nit QuTte anorrayoftdent 
hod volunteered, Ulss Parker' was to leave' Ban Franataao on 
tho nth of Uarob. for NewTork. Miss Parker had been preaeh- 
ted with a diver pltoher by the puplla of the Snnilay Bohool at- 
tached to Starr Elng'sChuroh. ... 

Woodroffe's Bohemian Oloas Blowers' are still at the Assembly 
Buildings, Philadelphia, where they have met with great fiivor 
for the put few montha. They will ahortly blow tbemsdves out: 
from that d^, we understand. Their entertainments are. not 
only amusing, but Instructive. ' .. 

Tho Bouth Sea Whaling 'Voyage Panorona, under the com- 
mand of Captain Williams, remains on'exhlblUon at Temperance 
Hdl, Bdtlmoro. ' . , , 

Tom Thumb's agent has engaged Concert HoU, Philadelphia, 
for a conplo of weeks, and the aroom and , groomeas will ahdrtly 
appear there. They ore a smsll conpl«, but Bunum has learned 
them how to "do" the' pnbllo; hngdy. : 

Charles B. Orlste wishes an engagement oa advertiser to aome. 
first olasS concern. Bee his advertisement 

The dromaUo season at Ellder's Athenanm, Oolumbns, 0., 
olosos on April Utb, after ^hlch date the house will be to let for 
mlnstrd tronpes, oonoerts, lectures, ete: Bee advertleement ' 

Btanley & Oonant's Pylymonuna of the vrar has.Vten exhibit- 
ing ot Toledo for the last week, to crowdeiA houses. It Is a fijie 
painting. " . • ■ > i • • • 

Tbe "Block SWan" gave two oonoerts at Huby.Holl, Brantford, 
0. W., on Uarch 93 and !iO; Hamilton, April 1st; Toronto, April 
3d. Bbe Is very well received. 

J. B. Cough lectured at Corinthian Hall, Booheeter, one night 
laatwoek. ■ ' '. ■ 

One of tbe "great faoia" of the amusement world a^pnsent, la 
the aucceaa of Ulaa Kathleen O'Nell'a Qrand DrawlnttBoom and 
'Novdty Troupe, for some time past moving dang ' urongh the 
country. This lady, like a oomotj la followed by a long tram, tbe 
reflection of light oaught fram attendant stars; and go wherever 
she may, tbe people wlB follow her "sign"— sure my honey. ' k 
Father Kemp, vrlth his Excelsior Tnupe, had bean the card 
at UercantUe Hall, Bt Louis, for night nfgh^, andwM atUl ex- 
pected to remain. ; _ 

The Bcotah Obrl and Yankee Boy'a .Union Show, under the 
management of Ur. Edgar Enlckarbooker. at last advices, was 
at Bome, Jones Co., Pa. ^ 

Artemus Ward had a good night at Bralnerd's Hall, Cleveland, 
on tho 2nd Inst - "' ■ 

The last of the OUmore Concerts at Tremcnt Temple, Boeton, 
took place on Sunday evening, 8th inat-^Uadame Anna Bishop, 
Ur. Oeornc Blmpson, and Ur. F. Bndolphson participating. 

A Orand UuslcdFeatlvd was given In Undo HaD, New Haven, 
Conn., April Ind, by over iOOperfcrmera, Indndlng 800oblldren, 
a choir from the Orphan Asylum, and the Beethoven Sodely of 
Tde College, to afd in building a obapd for the Bethany UlsalosJ 

FOiusioN drahatio and snow irqwa. 

Ur. Bothemwostotoke a benefit at the Haymarkei Theatre, 
tendon, on tbe 1st of April, when "Onr American Cousin" will 

be played for the 896th time at that house Morton Price, 

who wl be remembered in these parts. In asaoclotlon with Ulss 
Charlotte Lncctte, was up for a "oompllmentu;" at Sadler's 
Wdls Theatre, London, of whloh Ulss C. L. Is tho dilreotiess ...... 

The tragedian, James Anderson, was announced to make his 
farewell appearance at the City of London Theatria, It la pre- 
sumed that his next move will be to tho United Statea 

Boudcanlt was boaeting of nnporrallded success at his New 
Theatre,lats ABtley's.,..H.HenriDrayton was giving an enter- 
tainment entitled "Federals and Confederotea," at the Poly- 

graphlo Hall, London Uzb. T. W. Blndg, a comic duett vo- 

collat, died on the 13th of Uarob, In London The Countess 

O.Abtohiedella Farina (Plcolomlni)wlllltlsnnderstQod,ahortly 
appear for a limited number of nights, at HerUe^eafy's Theatre, 

London Ur. and Urs. Howard Paul were atlU "bobbing 

around" in tho English counties, .....Theatricals in Australia 

seem to be at the lowest posdble ebb Sevend well known 

actors were on the dck.-llst In London— among the number^ 
Uesars. Eedey, Charles Bdby, Clarke. James Bogers and BeUord. 
Old play seen on this dde of tho water will remember the for- 
mer and bis dever wife, both ot whom came here abont twen^ 
yeara ago. Tbe poor aotor 1 He most be 111, and he mdat die. 

Uaster Willie Pape, the youtbini American pianist had the 
honor of displaying hla mudcd accomplishments before the 
Prince and fnncess(now one flesh) at Windsor, recently. The 
amrt0iiufaBay8:—"The young pianist who la but twdve years 
of age, performed aeveral clasdc pieces, and received the nigh- 
eat tokens of. regard from tbe Boyal FamUy. Her U«Jesty, d- 
though not present, was a silent listener In an adjoining apart- 
ment and expreaaed her sotlafaotlon at hla performance. The 
>Uno used at the Oostle, was tbe ona of Stelnway k Co., which 
oak the prizd medal at the World's Fair." Bo much for Ameri- 
can art and artlsta. . 

Hu addedHto the UnappNoobable XxoeDanoeof tu> 
Olfled Lady, crowded and entbuslaatla AudlenbeS t^ 
their appreciation of this'matchlaaa performauoe bv thTl 
The oaat embraces th(j names of 

Ebmoiilit Exoaoxd to IlnfSBB TBI* Bjutmnii. I>rl^^ 
New Soenery, Chaste and A^ropriate Oostomes, Appolnt^^«^} '. 

Unalod Conductor .HABTET B. DODWOBTB 

Scats secured six days In advance. .' ■' , '; 
7 .BozBookopenttam8a. m.-t«fB,A, ' ^ 
Soots open at T, to oommence a quarter befl)r#f o^doek 

''I .ii.'i' 


In oonseqnenoe of the 


whloh baa crowned .the engagement of the yoana;aiid>hunM^ 


the management la happy to gratiiy the public desire in aano^' 
oing that a re-engagoment bos been eSeoted, and v<n wasM 
wlllappear.on > . . : .„ ^^" 

In her great loles of ,' 

In the sensation play of - 


SdeMn.'.'.'Waaie now called noon to add another name to the 

lUrt OfdeCVu In Ur. B.'s. family. On the 33d of Uorob, Uf. £ 
; WWfWhlngton, (whero.he is engaged at the Canterbury) to go 
. '^latanon, N. J., for the purpose of erecting o monimient over 
.^ttVBtSjn ft his wife and child. Having peiformed this md- 
^^moholy'bnslness, he retmmed to Philadelphia, and vldted hie 

jBOtber,.'Who, sod to relate, died suddenly during his brief stay 
-there. Her name was Saaannah Edeaon, and her age, 48 .years 
. .Jn. additlon to Oeorge B. Edeaon, she learee behind her a son 
'•agiedttveanr.' We sympathlae with 601 friend In his sad and 


T Kins, Bilflnoli; Ulas Ada Laurent, and Helena Smith, have 
'iSnntfi OMCUrda for the Washington 'VailoUes, more partlou- 
'~*f .'Wii former. The experience of Unnager Pilgrim is manl- 

linthtatbacttons he.Gontlnujilly-brlngs forward at this 
.hous^ and . the tepnlitlon thereof is not merdy looaL The 
, "^tXhtDfUiu AputRom of April 3nd, sayS that "the 'Varieties 
' alms' with the times,' Testorday ' being ithbHtst of 
.'i^nlH>nt ot the hnmcroua Jokes and sdls floating around— the 
lAt'ot ta was perpettatod last night In this boll in relation' to 
"> oftt ooncert, which tamed out to be tbo best Joke of the seo- 
p tat.Ul.pi«aent except the cats. U'lle Brlgncll Is fast bsocm- 
"t^ji'jgreatftkvorite hare. , Last night she woa encored out four 
are times in one piece, tho andlenee manlfeetlng the greatest 
Bihiuiasm rivviTtlme she ap^rod; and Ulss Ada Laurent and 
{ Smith are.osatlng a great sensation at this house; as 

. rBN'':kte'.Watklns and Wallace.^' In addition to this, acorrea- 
(jpiidsntfiaTOivaa with tho following In reference to the com- 
..^>, j^tyi— ••U|[asNdlleSeymonj^ who has been on the stage but 
' ',s':^Sbont two weeb, la qnlte at home In her: now avocotlon, and a 
.':t^5%fght oaieei la before her. Ulas Addle Johnson la a vert pntty 
\\ daaoer and makes np wel^ and U'lle. Geraldlne in her dance la 
wifUtdire, is vary, flne,^ Poroell Is a flne balladlst, and la loudly ea- 
■ 60M when bs.slngt "The Offlcer'a FonaraL" Larry Tooly and 
4 Jhwd^'Xenis us good in a song, and dance, and Bob Hall Is aa 
'uui.^.^ liODS on a stage with, a fiddle aa a kitten in a buket of 
' JCri WaOase Is a good Irish singer, and when ho 'brings 
_ ._j%oidSv'Anatlon calls onLlttIsUaak,'tiieapplauseoomafe 
'iUckand fast: hi fhct, there is a belter company 'at ihe 'Varieties 



.u4hui',ever.before,asd the result is, thoy ara doing a blgbustneaa. 
:^ou^|a^^ Pilgrim's stago management la tip top; Ceis in tho 

s (late of Detroit) condndod his traveling tour on Uarch^ 
JueUngto pay his bompahy their lost weck's salary.'. Bo 
- .Mn Q.Jf,£Iafie, one of the people. 

'.. UHe.'Szlanoll,M,whom.aI>lography appears in.thls lssqo,'ls 
meeting wlUBHat Success as A canlotriie, at the Washington 
' . .Vsitletla|,''. .^Ejr beautr' also draw* many admirers to listen to 
'.'.'lUfri'dndthti'soIdier'boys hnrrahl with a venge^oe, when tho 
.' .Olld^slnis In bohor of Oen. UcClUlan.' ■ 
''%:t'4nzi«onespondtnt "Oopomlous,'.' Infortns ns .that the Phil 
' JjUtrmonle Coneert, in St Louis, on the 28(h of Haroh, e^mp 
' .TllflBdy; : Allthepleets'anuoaliaed wertf|^n'(whloh'ls,^^ 
^iMlspdtaUy.bnsnebi oooadons), and ffhatlsmore, giypq well- The. 
fOmtiamA m the season Is to takeplsda'ln ApriE' , ' .' 

' people of Uempbls, Tenn,, m'ay 'ihlnk themselves 
S'ln-tunliig among' tnenr S(rexodIent 'a'tf9ap6 as that' 
"^jranA Ttapmpspsi' H^o 'OontrlVo to <abme 'dnt, jeSth 
•.canltdbUl of; ^Ikre, whloh. noTer <idls to a^peU to 

trihe aiidlenco. . Seoii'.np the ball I 1 - ; , ': : . 
jDssUiab'pate Ud<;de9n)^ltbburgh,iB , in fall sail, 
i^'theDrmoso/popnUryavdr. .<' .' ."u ^ 
1elMs^ et Louts, severalattrapUonihavaMan Vnp'' 
' -" ■•The Wandering Boys," ".lhe'H|dnlight il 
,ln. those war, tlmos) and an-oUe of sing- 
~ Bla«K6wah".wasiexjpeoted'towarbie 

isilt^' (dlBnB..tiuitth'o bowery, In a't-Louls, hM not 
jaswdl as It might hove done. . V9ls".altogether was 
ig/lm^.hitp^VTere entertained of, a ffvorablo change. 


ire ihaehagdusi an wly sprhigoampatm^ 
*fH M itir.ioatiers : neTiitU^f, bdih shsw promise 
Bnas When the baU is mMi 6ptB}:M«UUW»«li «ave 

A M U-'S E M E-'N T'fe . 

ZampUlaeioatatlon was performed by Ur. Wm, B. Smittu at 
'Whitlaker's Amphitheatre, PhUaddphla. on two or three ocoa- 
dona laatwoek. The performan<iia'la add tahave given great 
satlstoctlon. It will be repeated evary evening thla week.' . 


We have frequently heafd doubts expreaaed, and soinetlmes 
have known ohaUengea to he ;qadb, reUtlve to the greatness of 
different men; bat it ia qnlte a 'novdty to hear oFsuch dial- 
lengeslnthecaseof (tttfa mtn, Kotwithstandlsg, we have, an 
Instonco before na, in the gage thrown down by OoLWOllam 
ElUnger, the preceptor of Commodore Foote and Oolond Bmall,^ 
addressed to that nther big aggregate, the World, whom CoL E. 
deflea to produce onothor Foote, Out can be nutdied With his. 
Who will take up tbe gauntlet? 

.QolletUI Theheods of the Bostonlans seeA) fairly to have 
been,tumed since the brilliant Annette commenoed to pirouette 
atthe Acodemy of Undo, on the SOthof Uarob. The preaent 
anangemtats of Uodomolselle are, that she wlU remain at this 
Academy. wlthUoretzek'a Italian opela oomnany, or ^tnmto 
New 'York, there to fdOl an en^ement alzeaidy proffered to her. 

"Weatwatd ho I", Bo,' It has:Deen add, rnna Uie cry of empire; 
and so It may bepdd of the AUeghanlana and Swiss BellBlngers, 
who, after a wiir through Anstralla and other parts, arc omulnR 
the dtlzens out West or, aa tho yokeL who vlaited the Ung and 

Save him a aUlllog, taking him for a flunkey all the while, would 
adore, the Vwest eonnttie." - 

. Ccrmtblan Hall, Bocbeater, N. T,, la a bvorite place for all 
acrts of good ahows to hold forth at J. B. Ooogh held forth 
there itat weak, the Campbell Ulnatrels an there this week 
and Bomeey'a Ulnatrels the week following, to be followed In 
quick succession by. the little Thumb and Thnnlhess, the Buck< 
leys, and aaverd o(he^ first claaa concerns, ' 

D. 0. La BUS'S Panopticon of the war, after its five weeks' 
represontaUon in Rcobestor, M. T., opened on Tuesd^, Uarch 
31st at the now Opera, house' in BnHolo. The opening night 
woa a great success,' and It' has steadily odntlnued.*' John 
W. Whlston, the Bnmoriat intiroduoes his "Olio of OddlUea," 
that rordy fills to gain for him ihe appUuse ot an attentive 
auditory. ■ , 

Here's a little tde of a hurdy nirdy girl, and the dlfiloultles 
she enconnterod in the oonne of Uno love. The Scene Is the 
etdd and quiet dty ot PhlJfiddphla. And thus the slo^ rnns:— 
An Indostrious and rospeotobfe young Oermah wooM and won 
the affectlona ot a young lady, notOTlons, if, not famous in the 
world of moBlo— a hurdy gurdygIrL The fair and gentle crea- 
tun'zeclpnoated his tender passion, and odnsented to be hi ' 
Bans, eUted with delight ot tkie Idea of obtaining a wtfe/V 
chased A hcoae to contain his treasure, and fitted it' up with 
every oonvonlence. It not with ta«te hnd luxury. Ihe happy day 
was fixed, and ihe hour hod arrived whloh was tomakothem 
one flesh, when, Ilka a scene in some pantomime, an old lady of 
rotund form and n>oit nnamloble 'mien made' her appearance 
and put to flight all their hopes of counnbld happlileaa; tn ehe 
dalmod the bride as hers, by virtue of a ccntrocf entered into by 
her to slug and grind the organ for thne yean, for and in con' 
sldoroUonof .the risks and dangers the claimant had made to 
bring her, the lirido, to Pennsylvania. By virtue ot this impbr- 
tant"Blate paper," ehe forbade the hymonlalknot being' tied, 
and obUlnlng posaoMlon of tho mdd, without the writ of hqhuu 
corpui, bled with hstttrikd 'lo her chamber, In which she looked 

WOOD'S unsnuii. hau* ' 


-' : ■' OMosUa the Bt NleholaiB Hotel. 

, HEMBT WOOD. ...... Sols Proprietor and Unnager. ' 

.. Ooora open at 7; oommence at 8 o'clock, 





UONDAT; April (,'and every evening during Ihe week. 

tBX QoBBiMjfAiafw, HinnT Aimx, 

BTriCHWriTH's JcBnn, Tbe Fodb Obows, 

Li' PsBOBX EqmFom, Tax BnoaswoT Bxlli, 
Oxazixo, I Am Ooi Tm to Tisnr, 60,, by 
Charley Jm, Nelse Beymour. 
.,.'''.' FMnkBrower,' Ooel White/ 

0. Henry, 0. 0. Lockwood, 

XW. aienn, H. Bchwlcardl, 

Isaoea Brothers, J. Oaratagna, E.Haalam, J. Lels, ' U. Lewis. 
—;- ' • ; . - lltuS Bobby, to., 

: Tldfets., Moenti. ' ■ S3 

, u«u«.,MwnoT«r, vvMuiuiuvu; w COB! awuy.iDa oppressive 
jht 'of hi' baoh^onlilp; ond nothing danntedbytho unex- 
piiotiad contretemps, goto Toutonio friend to ooll nponthede- 
stioyer.of hiahapplnou, to ondoavor to effect aome oompromlse 
vrlth the posieaaor et %hot he Joat.tbcn most coveted, 'ffhllc 
this friend hdd thk old dataif In tenversatlon teapootlni' the 
pride at which aUeWonld'snHender he^pt«y, nana dontriTeAto 
gethls ohariair ontof the.^deirlnto the baiok garAon~not 
qnleh onongh, however, 'to avdldhmf lnx-<Srit. onslodlanfrom 
ootcblng • glimpse of her form oa It fell Into hm unfit, ■ Tbo old 
'Wpmwi, at tbi. stght iqado a grand dash for the spot' whloh for 
cae o^ her -yeafn and weight was a nlarvd of speed, The lovers 
sawfier foce,r^>Mlhr«b« t^, a gobbler's nook. Thoneominenced 
a terWfie stngole foif the pomesrion of the &tr form .of the maid, 
Hans oonght her lai his arms— inshedtcantloally tovrarda the 
ofll6d 6f AfdMnUm UoPoak, 'which la atlaoted not or distant fol-' 
loved'bdr ithe-.eld ' vtoman,- pnfflilg' and blowin(( 'at a Irtthcndota 
'rAia».'"9at alas 1 the noe in thii eoso woa vron ttv the yonia and' 
strong.,' SVC poor old woman, did not got to the otBoe tlUtfae, 
Deed was done. The eidtementof tbla e atr a ur dlnary' race fot a. 
'vUa, as may t>e wdl Imagined, afforded a rloli treat to the oowd^ 
who 'witneosedlt Orica of "Go in, Hans," and"(lo itdd 'on," 
"flh> itwhlle you're young." we^ fk«qn«nt while the satlsfiicBni 
<jt Hdufahd his wife, and' the mornficatlon of the;()ld womah, 
nnt at i^^is|n(sM, afforded a sonroe of an inflni^of -^oks^to 



. B. H. HOOLET Bole Proprietor. , " 

',: Ei SOWBBS ....Dlrecier of Amnsementi. 

. T, B. EBENDXBOABI. .. .'.Toed Director. 

■ Pnt 'BIH AUB Instramentd Director, 

' - UORDAT BVZNINa, April t, and during the week. 

First week Of the highly amuelng Int rlnde called' 

OB, ■ 


Hngbes, Whlfln g, Pre ndergaet and Herman, as 

.'■.;.,: THB pool OLD UAIDB. 
By request. ABCHY HUSHES .will appear in hla original Plan- 
tation Bevel, OL D UNCLE BHOW. ' 

J, 'WHITINQ, as the Unalkd 'Contraband. 
O, W, OHABLEB, In liew Fancy D'ance. 
The entin Tronpa In 

. New Bonga, Dances, Acts, Plantation Scenes, kc, ho. 
Doors open at dVi (n commence at 7K< 

Tlckela 35 cents. Private Boxes 13, 


" ' Bole Propriet or. UB. J. W. UNQABS. 

. UONDAT ETENINa, APBIL 8, ond all tho week, 
Win be presented for the flrat time in Amtrioa, thi Bomantto 
Liagendory Spectacle, in three acts, by J. Sterling Coyne, Biq., as 
aofod for upwards of .two entlra seasons at th^oademle Itoyal 
Paris/under tbe title of 


Abounding in Wonderf ol nensformaUona and SnbUmeEffects 
with t he dOalng scene of 

THE BEVOLTINO TEUPLE; on, Tbx.Asosi or TOi'Nmss, 
A Bcone Of Bnrpasaing Beanqr a nd G randeur, and produced a 

Grand apd Gorgeous Scenes— every one of which ia new— 
painted and designed by Uesars, B, S, Smith sod John Thome. 
Novd Uochonlam, by B. Horson. Bumptuons Appointments, by 
J. Lundy, Costumes adooted from Parisian Prurta and Uodda; 
by U. Eeyser. Now UodO; composed and arranged by Beecev 
berz. DancesnndertbedireoUon^ofU.'W. Stanton. 
A numerous COBPS DE .BALLET has been euiMied for 
THB CABT will be cue of unexampled tdent and profesalond 
abUlhr, ombraohig— UR. O. OsBONIFAOE, UBS. W'o. JONSS 
Ur. Geo. Brookea, Ulas Fanny Denham, Ur. W. Uarden. unil 
Hi(thawav, ho.;ko. hUgether With dnho^iutW adiunetafor 
Which thla immctose .Thliatroand Its great xoaounestte so lost. 
lyt»1ebrated EitohovcnlngthoSpoctd&ewlU.bepreoedadV 
sparkling Comedy, ond condude with a atlrrin'^ Dram*. 






\Wlll'take pUoe'Ot the Knfaom on 
' > FHIDAT.and SATiSdaT, . . 

April 97, 38, S^SOi-and Iby 1 and 3, 

At which time npwardt of 

«)l,»00 , ■■■■■■■ .,'',. 
win be pdd In premlimia for the best breeds of Don; IndOdttt 
Bt Bemazda, Newfoundlands, Italian GzmhouAds, Elng'6liai|ai 
Spaniels, Blenheim Bponlds, Blsck ond Tan Tenieis, PoodMu 
Eaqulmanx Dogs, Pointers, Betters, Cnyhonnds, Ubod H6tiadu 1 
Fox Uogs, Beagles, Ehrrleis, Scotoh Deerhouhds, Snipheid Dml' 
Cooch Dogs, English Uastlff, Bull Dogs, Bull Terriers, Bo^< 
Terriers, Shye Terriers, ond for whatever Is most ron and baas, 
tlfnl among the canine spodes, 

Circulars containing fnu partloulars, and Ust of premluffltoay 
be bod on application at the Uuseum.' , .; 

Tboae wishing to exhibit their dogs vrlll secnn their oertUealM 
at once. . ^^'^ „,.,.,, ',^ „ ^ ^ . W^ t ' 

UacEvoy'a Grkud Pictorial and Unelcd Exhibition, 


Blnatrated from the Irish Udodles, by Erin's 1 ' ' 

the Ulsses KATE, UABIE,f 1-- — J 

ded on the GRAND IBI8H : , , , 

a UAOETOT will appear ksBamey tho Guide, AdmladonJtota;' 
Children, 16 cts. To co mme n ce of j j befon 8. An adilbltfni. 
every Afternoon thla EASTEB 'WEEK, at 3 o'clock. .tl-lt ', 


Is now meetlng'wlth 


Atthe '.; • -■■ 




' ' . " BOOHESTEB, N. T., 
Win be Bented for Conoerts, Leotores,- ExhlhlUons, ko, Xddreis 
fi2.0m,s,b. ' 09 Arcade, Bochester,N.T. 

i;.UD, A.xuun in usu^oAtf, 
Udodles, by Erin's gifted danghtan, ' 
, andTHEBSSA UACETOT, acoomia.. 

TONT DBNUA, Clown and Oomlo Pantomlmlst la not' 
traveling vrith any troupe of pantomhnlst^ aa nported, bnt Is- 
etui at. liberty to accept long or short engagements, dther tbr 
Btage or BIng, Has a repertoire of over lOO Pantomlmea tii 
ComloBaUeti, would iptai a troupe, if required. Uana ger^ d».! 
dring his aervlcea, wul please addnaa TONT. DENIEB, OUpp«. 
OffloejI^Tj^ ^^^^^-^^^HHyfi . 

AOAravTor^no -^^>'y^'~^ 

The Dzamatto Company return from Colombns on the 13th of 
April, for a contlnnatlon of their season at the above popdir 
Tneaire. AH buslneaa oommonicaUons day be addreaaed to 

83-tf • ' • Proprietor and Manager. '■' 

OHA9. B. ORISTB, late agent for the Udvllle Troupe, Is 
now dlsengaaed. Uanaaers wishing to secnn the aervlcea ot aa 
odvartlserwnothaMugUy nndeiatands all the mlnuUa oittht 
bnsinesi, con do so on reasonable terms, by addzeaalng 

83-6ts,b. OHAB. B. GBISTE, c^ of Clipper offloe, N. T. 

at the WABHINGION VABIBTIEB, wlU condude her ennga- 
ment in the above eatabUahment on or about April 80tb, Uua- 
gets wiahlng to secnn the services of this artut can do so by 
opplying to her Bole Agents, JAS, GONNOB & 00,, SUM Broadway. 


This company have been periormlng at the above place, for aoma 
time past "with great sncceas, and in addition to their regular 
members, ara conetantly availing themsdves of the llght ornev 
"Stars." Artists of acknowledged tdent, dedrons for. a freak 
aphera of action, are Invited to addreas as above, under the as- 
anrance of Uberd treatment and pay. 8Mt* 


The dramatic season doses on the ll{hlnst,'(April)i-afterwhlih 
date the'Atheneum may be rented for all fcinda of eihlbltlons- 
nlghtly, orbytheweek. This Is now the largest best arrantel, 
and moat popular place for Leetures, Uhistrd Troupes, 0oo< 
certs, ko. Apply to JOHN A. ELLSLEB, Jr., 

83-tf >.'. Aoad^y of Uualc, Clsveland, Ohio. 

Thi Wnisiuna Uaich is Uozabt Hall.— The trld notch 
between Utut Ainesworth, the Champion, and Andy Uooie 
(the Unknown) was brouRbt to a sotiafaoiory termination on the 
81st of Uarob, at Uozart HalL As the attendance was somewbtt 
slim. 'and our colnmiu are already protjty well loden down, we 
must make a long' etory etort, by atattng that . Ainesworth got 
both Uls— the first in 10 minutes, the second in 7— and won toe 
tSOO. It was collar And dbow- bast 3 In 8, bock fiUs, bnt as Iks 
Lieutenant gained two In BuccesBlon,'thero nmalned no napes- 
dty for a thC:d. Alneofrcrtb, though the lester man. Is decided- 
ly the men scientific men of. the two. The moncnavTlsg was 
'very pntty indeed. The umpires were, for Uoore; Frank Oi- 
good; for Alneeworth, Ur. fiptnoer., Old Bill Tovee waa tlia . 
U. 0„ lazy Lazoras, rofereo, John Uorrlsaey, Con Orem, Har^ 
HUl, Tom Qulc^, and others ot note, weh» present andaoemea 
to take great Intereat In the contest 

WaaszuHa CnAiLEHax to Au, AMBBiaa.- Ur, J; C, Oram, the 
OoloradoOhamplon, hereby elgnlfles bis wish to wnsUe anyman 
In the pmted Btatcs, side hdb, best 3 o«t .of 8' fdls, for frmi 
•IWto UOO a side, A depodt of llS'Or tW, if 4dt al onr dfiw. iniibed^tely oovend by Con Onm. 

OiKiKi CBaauRGi,-! have a dog 17 lbs. wdghk' (hot cm 
fight any dog of hla wd^t tor fitly Mlarsi He tm b( 
Immedlaldy after tho£sl depoaltof tan dbUais, tbefilbtw 
come off any day UNcenohi, at the UcOlellan Honae, J(o, iia 
Ponkat.Phllayphla, Wm< Wolf.proprietor. . . 

A TTBNTION 1 (JENTLEMBN I-Bend for one of IhoM 
XX beowttful omamenUd Sheets, UxU, containing 18 elegut 
line Bngravlugs, In perfect llfe41ko atyle. They ore Jnatu* 
thing to adorn the aporUDg man's parlor or drawing toonu 
Price I*eenla. Address Box 479^ Worcoa^r, Uoss. V^ly-. 

PHOTOGRAPHS."— 18o. «aoh, two 'or SOj; 
\J S for 70,, 6t 8 for II— post pdd— aB dlfferont and new aa- 
dgns, Behdbefoiatht lstof Uay; J. UABTIH, Eawley, P<' 
IdMt * ' ' . . ; ' '. 


QUEEN C(p the: 

'Is playing 'l^ Ontt Spg^^bf 



Hor'debuti'bu Ubnday, Ulrch 80tb, WU Wttaittssedby'an 
enthnsUstte aiifl lence pf' . T^; 

..... .f.. pjys TBOtBAND 



'THlB'UltDBBBloraD havfriB Joat retarded th)m 4 ahbrt 
Season throngh the ,WeBt la now prepared to negotiate with 
Uanagen for the ooaln^ Beoson, Is daaUotaS of tiiWliiB with 
a ClroDs Compata etther u AdreirUter, Treasurer, Write? to 
ft»ii*5!3if.!S?Si*:.uS??,^J. *a ♦W-'iSi'.ani MdlmtandS 

ft thorongUr/ If nothing inHhe Bquthtrian llui - mnM^ 


Itls'katdtlut tbe old lady r^lanedt 

\J Aiiy artide In tho Bportlng Lino oan he procured of «• 
BBZT1BW8. 44 Ann atreel, N. T. Bend stanfp Ibr Prtje I;lat__- 
Boxlng GloTes, Foils, Base DaU and Oriekef materials to oWP. 


,tHBR, QUAINT, AND QU8EIB10|[B. For nBiwyi 


ioh, and Baie'ArUcle, send 38;e«nts td 

.010, Mua 40 vww tv , u V 

J. S, KiNQi 187 :WUUam street W-^ 


ri-A OUBlOUa OONTBlVAH0B, whloh muoo 

Pliuubb may be derived, Prioe BO 'oU. Sent by ntnrn nu^ 
AddtttS BOX 99 BM^ONT, MAflft '*'*'_. 

PHOTOQBAPHSl-Bend for one, 
oents eyh . . J. N. OOX H<'T< . . 


\J AFTMB, had BMUF* tOjT jagSiCt^tliS^ 
AetoM/std other dlsUn(iil^ .dh(fteMn^ P*»l;™ 

Siol»o«Ut»cb,5r"T '?'„?• ^'.''f''^'' ■ 


I on the fMoe'lei^i. ' iwolf^i or xisa faUVoiee, ua 
I oSkred toM^ Anythtng like isMonabie o^da ttattTom won. 
Tha m«teS. tiowevet', hu « jran l)««Illir Ippeirvira, 

ind tbe w*7 In .wblob tppsnnt ImpogslDllluea havo been placed 

■ aide uS^' BdtiwiihiiikrU ihtajthafrom' itiiiitiii; tartar, | Uon by oomlog In ioniact wltii "pool' ptItsUs, 
to-e4.piett uiy 'de«lte tormeet-vltber H««niiii"or tut<ssilbxs»tm' •"—'.'-•«""• .1. .... . . 

^?!S^Y'^'''71'ljiiitm^y< ■n.fmmSnaland. I oh one aldO'by mutual conB«nt;aiu^tB)iow to Oli. moat acapUoal 
■'■^ ^M„a MMM '»« W W*"**?*)^^ — "*^T7i M-Suo Of the moTtmgnU of the nppM Snatofr tto-P.B. that both 

M!(ettelgi»toa«™.<»';|^*^^^j^^ evont-muBt oaanme tho aapw^of ttjfljMofthe age, 

^oWbh Bi«4« between tha ***8""^!;„ .vi ■ --4. 'w;-,' Ine aeoond depoalt. ot «p a aide, haa to baatakedon Thuiadayi 

• Qf.l»»e,bowMor, ttpy«d not pot?^^^ BlSardioArBln? Anchor, (n»uroh atrtet, 

Aj nraal ' 


1 whlit wo go to preaa, ao that W6 h»T« 

nam jlona»r. ^^l^^^^ io ftdly aa We Triah, 

on their '^^^^^ZT3miS^^l^^ I niTarfStifem' ;^H^i^iL^^x^''wi:'or£t 


' :'. wsas IBB "ZBA" aan., 

At Owen Swlfl'a on Tqeaday e^lng laat, n depoalt of £1M waa 
'made reapectlTelybr the TepreaentatlTea of Tom Elng apd John 

thereby, BW^ "' ^ni mnat reaerTO - It t*Uitatar« period, comber next A amaU depoalt waa atahod on the prevlona oven- 
nartof tha afWr,.eto,, but ■ a-, tog! wbloh waa adbaeqnently Incieaaed to the aum menlloncd. 

5^ MiaeMwlU pleaAA, therefore, remato ootflont with theae p„tio8 appear to mean bnalneaa, tho match wiU 

^ ■ donbUeaa go on, aa arUclea are drawn np, and honaea named for 

farther depoalts to be posted. Aa the "Unknown," who waa to 


Eiiuota^ belQW :— . ■ . ^ 

-..^^MoUeotaaUtemonttaonr papcr a few 
"^^"Iv^^Lt^l an American pnglll8t,-*£oae nope 
1W«« Da«k,totho tootthrtan Am. ^^^^» jg^J 

we were not theii »j'^^?'2^heM, for any mm of not leaa than 
„,nian4nBngland, ere^ewn«* thU announcement, weUt- 
Sfoooadde. AttheUmow m«w j^m^n being able to 
Ue' thought there w« » I>»J«»^^^^ b,^ reqnealed to keep 
raise ao large • •'SJ'oiSuenger, we ahonld have InoUnod to the 
a»,k the nape <rf*»^JJ«,'„bj„»do. The retiring char- 
»>«lI«'*Mt."';^h^w6Tl?rwho,we may now announce to our 
^Urof the ?»?lhVr tSSSi Jolm 0. Heenan, precluded anoha 
*^ « iS^ toStent to abide the result. That re- 
notion, »P* 'S,,J^,,^h,7e now the" pleaaure to announce 
ft beTJee? Hwnan atd Tom . King, for the 

*^*T££oM Sde harti* been alaked In our 

T'ISJmm rimed. That thla announcement U no 
*^^'?«^^wVS?e awXBeeIoa that the fact Unow 
KJ^thJSiShoSt thVlenSh aSTbreadlt of the land, and toe 
JS.'Sffta^e^n^ Suatog very oon.lderablo eieltement We 
d°&°iSroSoe l.f..blSg padeln our laat, jaTo_m K^^^ 

fight Uace, tnrnl^out to be all humbug, a conteat with King and 
I&enan wlU 'do aomethlng to revlTe the ihllen fortanea of the 
P. R,, and though It wlU oauae leaa excitement than tho great 
"Intomatloilal Fight," of which Heenaa la one ot tho beroei, the 
affair la certain to create the ntmoat excitement In sporting 
clrolea. Elug haa beaten Haee, and as he la nearly oa heavy as 
the gaUant Yankee, he Is'well worthy to cope with an anta«[onl>t 
whoae colors the gallant Tom Sayera had ao much difficulty 

The all-abaorblng loplo of the week In aportttg drdea baa been 

terms. If I am '.Hahy"— If I am a <inyth"— let aiqr oceliher^f 
thorn accept these' tteni, and bxan honorabl» oonteat proTo the 
Idelltyof mydealgna. Ibava nathtogtoaalnbyloiaortlme, 
and mV conduct doei.not Jaatuy the ImpulMon, and if after thla 
the "VDknown," or either Heenan or; King do not aoce^ithla 
offer, I tnut yon will have the edltorlail masllnesa not to Insert 
their letters of challenge Infuture.'/ Ihayeahownalee la nothing, 
and ailor nq; fluke defaatbjiKlng^ I at once Intimated my desire to 
fight hlm'agaln, and If the cowardice of those who havtog backed 
the "Unknfwn," or the fearof himself eomblnod, Is ao great aa 
to cause mm to attribnie the forfeit to the non-ohlTal of a 
aleam pooxet, so as to ^aln time to find another man, I am not 
ao mnob of a ohUd as to bo done, sol claim their: forielt, and 
dare'thcm each and respecUvely to bVing ' the moat formidable 
known candidate toto the field and ooTor the UO already left at 
your offlcet I . have .Juat aoen a atatament of a match bttweon 
King and Heenan, and I feel sure the public will not recognlee 
the ololms of either to the coveted dignity of Ohamplonahip, 
until by a trial with me, one or both either whip me or arc de- 
feated. Perhaps Ur. Elng will be more careftil in his express- 
ions about mo behtod my back, leat I ahonld be temptod to 
adopt tho necessity, when nextwe meet, of compelUng nlm to 
hold up hla handa, which might perhaps Incapacitate nim from 
proceeding with what appears to me his pretended encounter 
with Heenan. If I am not matched for thb Belt before that 
event takes place, let It now be distinctly understood that I will 
fight both the victor and vanoulshed, at suitable totervala, and 
am willing with the Wctfr to contest for tho Belt, Betoget 

'tea' Tdill^r ' 

Neatlrfll.tfie generals" (if the army'put"in'an wpearuS.iir 
companlad by their rcspeotlTe atatb, prominent amoBg ltLB MQ. 
llantaaaemMte*. and towering In height over all, belnVoTe.Tet., 
«an.oomnl(»f»r rt^ttie Unlon;Wmy,'{he old and war-worn heroj 
tho veteran'iffoo'BoOker," looking ti Ugio and hearty aa^ bHok!: 
There was JiUft'Cpilte a sprinUing et ladles on the aiand-^fbb' 
,"riba" of acme of onr."gay and gallant oaalfera"— and I need nob 
aasBreyon that they Were the "oynosnie ot all ' eyoB," for 'tla so 
seldom th^twe have the optiOrtonltyef clapping ow Ttenttor- 
gana upon one of the "dear Oitoatuiea," that they are oqlte a nor* 
elty to ua •■bluea," - Fll Venture to aay, that more tbu 6ne "d«> 
fender" wished In hU heart that "thla cruel vrar was over." 

At 10 o'clock; A.rM., the trngle sounded, and the' "aMembled 
multitude" got Into the moat favorable position to wltoeas tha' 
opening event of whtch waa a 

Hurdle race; for awcepatakea<6( <tl00; letp four hurdles and '* 
dlloh, one mile, beat a in 9, flTO - entries. Wen verr easllr br 
Col. Van Sehaolc, ' 

The next waa a hurdle race for nreepatakes ot tto, balf-mlle. 
leaping one hurdle and ditch. Five Starters, 'Very poor race. 
Won.oaally by Lieut. Bamuel UcBenry, 106th Pennsylvania Vob 
unteeis. This was followed by 

Ahurdle race for sweepstakes of $100, faalf-mllo, clearing hniw 
dio and ditch, each rider mounting the. horse ot an opponent. 
Five started. Won by aeveral lengths by<Uent CoL Watklna. 
141st Pennsylvania volunteers. The "anlmlle*" .ridden by the* 
Colonel of the Ulat Pennaylvania Volunteers, and Colonel CotUa, 
of the 114th Pennaylvania 'Volunteers ("ZonaTta ' D'AMc,") 
■tumbled when nearing the starting poin( on the home stretch, 
damping their excited riders very unceromonlonaly toto a pretty 

_ present pushed for timo, I can only conclude by quoting "the 

the match'made f^ £1,(100 a aide, between John Carmd Heenan, 1 1^^ to aay, let him aay I Utile baain of liquidated "aaorsd soil," coolincTtbeir fiealed 

the Benlola Boy, and Ixim King, Despite Heenan's pnbllo letter It now. or hereafter hold bis peace," and further, to assure my brows, and ao forth. Luckily, neither were tojnred. .OoL OolUs 
declartog hia intenilon never ib fight agato to this oountar, the friends that to all the'fbture contests I may have with big or (a very dtmtouUve apeolmen of the ;mu hmo. by-tht-wny,) bad 

- ■ - , — iv-i - -f ' Utile, IsbaU luvean honorable.desire towto. ,U a detormlna- Ibeenatrutttogaround all morntog deckMoir taatnlloi red, 

tlon never to. iay "die" can aocompllshsVlgtoTT, the science I bespangled and slaahed to truejur7eRiUiStyIe,Iookto^;M gay, aa 
which nature haa given me, will, -I - fee), taauredly accompUshi] "* '°*llng aa proud, as a peacock, Tou may Imagtoe, than, 
that meat desirable resnlt,. Tours, 6c., JiuUaos. hla appearance, anbsequenttotaklng hia tovoluntaiybattu Tef. 

laat few modths have originated a growing belief that a change 
might, dooil over the spirit of his ^ream, and that the Atlantlo 
hero of Troy, ivho had nerformed with Tom Bayers .at Fambor- 
ongh, might be toduced to essay another trial to the ' Sngllah 
ropes ana stakes, ' A fiver a side was even put dowh for mm a 
brief time back at Owen Swift's, to fight an 'unknown— tha artt- 1 
eles to bo drawn up at a ' given period. Kothtog farther of Im-: I 

• »«n. vSM on Friday with the totentlon of obtalntog £100 to ... . 

lenonr omw m ^ bargato, but he was porlaifce .transpired anent theae preliminaries nntil the eventog 

.f-iihiiiahMker nntU too late. Aa he really meant bual- 1 of Monaiy. laat. When an accldeital meeting took place between 
he found no difficulty In maWng the match wltb-Haome ajpSilng todlvlduals at .Mr. J. Oonoy'a, OaUfomla Hotel. 

The Cambridge, Upper Uarkat, -Norwioli, Uaroh 16, 1608 ily>aaXlent.CoL Tom Holt would remark, "Thtoga have cttAgdd 
(noon),— AU'i £<re, Jfareh 21, . ' , . since tho Colonel fell." A deal .of merriment was occasioned by 

n(M howerar, he found no difficulty to maljng tte 
SStnemTapar intervention. He met Heenan on Honday, Stardi 
S at ^«re; and,an appotatment was at oncejiade for the fol- 
SJJi^i* at bweiSwift's, HoraeShoo, Tlohborne Btreet 
Hwvihe nwa being quickly sjread, there was a 
Jiouae," Owen's oribbofng crowded jHOi sporting 
o£asee,»a of whom gazed upon the rlviil giants 
gISSy oottTersa. with admiring eyes. The aaaomUlsgowas tor 
Bonraggeatlve of tho good oil times than any that Caa Uk^ 
idMe for years. The men were of a else and bearing lir Mor* 
Eketheobamplonaof old than one la often accustomed to see, 
ud there wisa'quletaess of manner to each which contrasted 
most fayorably with what one la too much to tho habit of wit. 
nesstog a* match maktoga to the present day. It was evident 
that both had come totent on realbnstoesa; there being noanl- 
mosltr. hut an anxious desire on either elde for a match. To 
look at them aa they eat, however, no one would for an toslant 
'have iroeaaed that the match waa to be one of flsUcuffa. Heenan 
looked paler, and wo thought thinner, than when matched with 

apOrilng . . 

Panton street, Haymarket. Ittoen oozed out from OWen Bwlft 
that some gentlemen patrons andradmlrera ot both thexing .aqd 
Heenan had commissioned him to baok the latter for somethtog 
Uke a stake ot money. Acttog upon the very lettsrof hla lnatru> 
tlona, Ur, Swift, whose sound judgment upon matters of thla de- 

. . _. tor one 

thouaand po'unda a aide, agalnat- all comers. Ur. W, 'Pres- 
ton', thcbackOr of Edward UlUs, ihe champion pedestrian 
of Hackney Wlcfc, hetog present, eald be was willing to match 
Tom Elng against tho Benlcla Boy for the ' amount named. 
Beto'g colled 'npon to ' etake, he repUed that he could only, leave 
the JeweLry on file person as an InstaUmont in case of emergency 
nntU Uiejucceedtog'day, when his hundred fdr^he conqueror 
of Uace should be forthcomtog. Ho demur was made oh the 
other elde, and a meettog waa doly appointed on Tuesday oven- 
tog, at Owen Swift's, th^ Three Horse.shces, Tlchbcume street, 

. Eaymarket, to order to arrange farther upon the . snttJeot, On 

to good health. King, of entertog the room, soon after nine o'clock, we found the busy 


BAU.BSBldl!r8LT.:INjtr&m>.' .. 
Slaewhere to this issue,, we '<l99 the pvtlcalars of a gallant 
conteat between these men. Later advices brin^ newis nnfayor- 
able topoprSam (who Is well knpwnaa a boxer to this country), 
"who. It appears, snstatoed^a firactnre of .the libs,- etc, but with 
most admirabls ^nck, appeared 4t.thb ring side as ordered, not- 

aeriptloato proverbially noted, proffered to stoke £100 as a pre- 

llmfiary: dbpoalt for fteenan.^to rj^ter the jtog.^tor^ . ,rtthsto no snoU^deratlon w g»«"|iffiV«12e-^oSircaiS^"wi3;r^<;^ 

the forlorn . flgnre he cut as ho rode up to the Judges' etsnd,' Blk 
dashtog attire saturated with mud comtlp to toe, andhe.iras- 
the redolent of numerous salUea concerning "the ^toatloAi" 
fiom all quartets. After the .lapse of a few mom<nls (he bula - 
agato "sounded the rally," and the U, 0. announced a ' 
: Hurdle race for sweepstakes of 160; half mUa, leaptog on« 
ditch and hnrdle. Three elarted. A Terydoaoly contested, aaiL 
byall odds the best race of the day; Won by UchL Chambm^i 
A mlahap also happened during thla race. Colonel^ (Prtooe) r 
Balm, one of Ue oompetltots, was throim from bis horse, and'^. 
Tory severely tojurod— I undentand one of hia arms was broken.^ 

him lis there was to Bayem.ohbe upon a. tee, which we claim as 
a paraUel case. Poor Sam has been to Amerlcai-and "that's 
what's the{ matter," or else, they would have entered, toto a large 
aubscriptlonfor him oin making a'^romlaenot to fight anymore. 
Here are the eonoltldlng partlonlan of this battle ; 

On Thursday momlhgi at a vety early hour. Jack- Drew and 
Tonng Dntoh Bam mat, with their aeconda and flrlends, at Lon- 
don Bridge Hallway Terminus, accordtog to the mandate of the 
referee, who ordered the men to proceed'toto HampaUre. W. 

Thla termtoaled the races. Now came the 
Greased Pole, an tostltutlon some forty feet to height, well 

ui« u™>u, ^i^B, V. |oiiwraB">BnwiB,ouuii»iwr iiiuo u uu».. wo luuuu uio pu.jf 1^ J the backer of Toung Saml then produced a cerUflcato 
L'S„^"f„°°^SSS^ ^m/. m.edlcal genaemffV^^dericiHenry «S 

complexion, contrasted 

fiToraC&'with tbatof Heenan. Whether Heenan's bands are 00 ^ . 

ntodtinJiuedashasbeenaUalODgnimoredyWeoannotaay, ashe the IntematlonBl character between Sayera and Heenan, 

did notezpose them to view; we tr^t, however, they will, on the Amongst the first arrivals were Uesars, John Coney, W. Bloh 

dar of trial b)i found as effective aa 6ver, so that the men vnu ardsoD, W. Preston, RUey, and Tom King, The entraooe ot 

tobe.-erowdedhonae. Indeed.ave do not«coUcctk>,thtag Jgl^-^^^^ 

like the absorbtog. tot^eat o^^^ , J^,,^ ^ pres.n\'SS 

meet on enUrdy even terms. In height they will be on a par, 
« feet l)i Inches, and to wolght,-too, we think, there wlU not M.s 
pin to ohooae, . ■ 

very Uttle Hme was cut towaate In tdk before "time" was 
oaUsd for hnstoeaa. The money to btod the match on each ride 
' waa dutoUy tabled.'and the £100 handed over to Ur. Coney, to be 
traoafeired to ua aa final elakeholdets. Then came the formaUty 
of drawtog up artldea. The first Item to theae was the sam to 
be fought for, and this hetog already agreed on, caused no dlffl- 

Owen Bwlft was speedily followed by the advent of Heenan, 
accompanied by bis Fiia Achala, Johnny Uacdonald, Farm, 
er Bennett (one of Bayers's firm snpportera), Horry Bmnton, 
Billy Duncan, Uesars.. Charles Bush,- Cook, 0. Cherry, Horry 
Boleno, Oopperthwalte, Young Broome, Phil Benjamin, Old 
Aloo Baed, and many others connected with the turf and the ring. 
Almost the first act to thla sensation drama wee the redemption 
of the Jewelry by Ur, W. Blchardson, who deposited to Its stead 
tlOO to sotos, a$ the oppoalbg parties had done so before blm. 

scarcely able to leave his bed wlUiout risk. The referee, how- 
ever, ordered the men to be on the ground already named. At 
half-j)aat six o'clock, a start was. made, and after a Journey ot 
twohpnrsond'o half, the ring was pitched pith great despatch 
by Fred Oliver and his asshjuutts,^ The hacker of Dutch Sam 
asked the referee what condnotha should pursue,' when' that 
offldal said the men must 'be Inthe rtogln a quarter of an 
hour. Drew wansoon to the ring, and ready for action, but 
there was no applarance of the Saet-ender. Drew was aa Uvely 
as a Ulten, bat snowed some, marks of Batch Bam's handiwork, 
to the shape of a pair of Uackeyeaand a cut on the bridge of 

eulty. Then came the. tune ot fighting, and about this there thtogs l>elng thus &r dono m r<^ attention wsa next dnown 

was but little dlsonsslon; each wanted b long day, eaoh, no ' • - - '-^ ™. , 

doubt, boring an eye to bustoesa during the ensntog summer, 
when the fkot of their betog matched tor £3,000 wUU naturally, 
greatly enibanco their popularity throughout the ktogdom. This 
preUmtoaiy betog overcome, ond the periods for snd amounts 
of deposits settled, camk the awkward question of o referee, 
and this was the only notot which caused. muchdlouaaion, and 
upon which any difficulty waa experienced.. Uany persons ware 
proposed eh either aide, and no aooner propoaed than rejected, 
nntU 'Etog, although knowtog that we had long deoUned 
to act oa referee, proposed "Tha Edltdr of Bell's I^t." 
Heenan objected to thla; he aald there might be three or 
more editors of BdVt Life, andi it was tmposilhle to say 
who might be Editor of BilX't lAft ntoe months' hence. 
He hod no. objection to ourselves personoUy,' as we had 
atood refbree' when he fooght Bayers, and if Etog would 
cona^t to our being named to the articles, he would pre- 
fer IL King waa equally wllUng, and although both were 
assored we would not act personally, Heenan Inalsted that he 
would hove us, and no one but us, and so our name was inserted 
to the articles, and they were duly signed and wltaessed. This 
quesUon as to a referee caused not a Uttle dlfSouIty, and had 
nearly oottsed the motoh to drop through. At the time of the 
mtcb. between. Sayeis aqd Heenan i^emetwith such, toaatment 
A the Sohda of the Amwlcan party, abetted by one or tvro Eng- 

fUUy, and risked a coating of groMe, to grasp tha prize displayed 
ao tembttogly upon the top of that pole, and many an eye gazed*, 
wlstfoltf at It, but It waa not untU acme twen^-flve had at- ' 
tempted the feat, that It waa "lifted." When the lucky one did ' . 
obtato It, you would have.been amused to have observed how 
overjoyed hewas, danctog around the pole like one poeaessed, 
Veruy It was t^e "happiest day of hla life." Seme of the climbs 
ers 'wonld succeed to getttug near enough to touch the prize ' 
with the tipa of their lingers, but here they would eoine to a 
halt, and, after reflecting a second, would conclude to "let her 
sUde," and descend to lenafirma once more vrith fearful rapldl^, . 
greeted with the shouts of the spectators. 

A oyUnder, some fifteen feet to length, was how erected be- ' 
tween two nprighls, raised about twelve feet from the groimd. 
In order to gato the "Z" placed upon one'end, it was obligatory, 
npon tho peison towolk ftom one end of the cyltoder to the ' 
other, and aa it was calculated that tho wheel would revolve ail 
soon aa a penon stopped upon It, great amueement was antlo^ 
pated. Imagine, therefore, our disgust, when we observed the 
first person who presontod himself "walk over the course,'' and 
'nary 0 badge" did the.blarsled thing make, l assareyoult 

hlaqose; but on the body he waa scathless. The seconds of ^as provoking, especlaUy to those todlvldtiala who fnrDlahed the 

to the drawtog up ot artlclea. There was on evident eamestoeaa 
to the proceedings that savored strictly of boatoess. King chat- 
tered with Preston— Heenan said Uttle or nothing, whUe hla to- 
tereata were narrowly 'watched by Uacdonald, vrtio drew nigh to 
aee the artidea drawn up to proper form, everythtog appeared 
to be plato aatUng nntU the neceasary mention wis nuide aa to 
referee on the momentous occaston of the 8lh of December, 
which waa mentioned as the date on which this royol battle wlU 
take place. Here every one Imagined there would be 0 hltoh 
to the whole proceedings, fbr Heenan dlsttoctly announced 
that he would not agreftfor the editor of Bell's Lift ref. 
eree. Thla waa a atartUng declaration, and every ntoe out 
of ten to the room began to think the matdi would dnp through. 
Ur, Blokardson: "We can't agree to a referee on the ground.:' 
Heenan: "Ton know I wUl not agree to Ur, DowUng," - Ur, 
Blohardson: "Ur. DowUng, ItlBweUnnderttood.-.wUl net stand, 
even If he he chosen— he Is. sureto delesato the office to an- 
other," Xr. Preeton: "There can be no match, then, nnless Ur. 

Drew were the same as on Tuesday, and wero .paitlcnlarly 
anxious as to the'movementabf the watoh by whl^ the aUoUed 
time was - taken. OT else scanntog the . approaches to the ring- 
aide, in dread of the appearaocs ot the aathoriUea, The backer 
ot Dutoh Bam at length fetched hla man, but it waa not lutll the 
time bad expired that he reached therlng-slde, and even (A<n did 
not enter the arena. He looked very much prostrated, and ap- 
parently' could barelystand, being held up by a"aupporterV oh 
each side. BIr.Ward dcdlored that Dutch Bam could not fight, 
but that he hod cheerfUUy obeyed the masdsteof the referee. 
The backers of the other claimed thb mdney, and aaked the 
referee to award the bsttls to Drew. . Ward wanted the referee 
to take Dntoh Bam to'ohoapltal, and bavo him examtoed; but 
that the official to question considered out of his Juriedlotlon, to- 
asmach as the cerUfieato had not been shown to him on Wednes- 
day, when .there would have been time and opportunity to toves- 
tigale the matter thoroughly. The referee, however, did not 
give bis decision on the ground, but ordered the men to meet 
him yesterday morning at the stakeholdei's, when the decision 

llshmen who should hove known traitor, that we stated poalUve^ 

a acore neither I nor Heenan goes down without being knocked 
down, so Ihe referee's task will be an easy one. Let.Ur. DowUns 
•ppotnt k reteve to l>e named en the^momtog of the light, and 
UHeenaniajagreeable, lamsarel am." - Owen Bwlft: 'I have 
no doubt, oonsldertog the importance of the matdy that Ur, 

our Intention not again to act ourselvea as referee, especially DoWltog wOI do that wliiah Is perfectly consistent "wUhllnaUae to 
where Hebnan iraa concerned, aSd we do not mean now to altar [ both men." Ktog: '■'Win that do, thent" Heeoon: "I place 

' that detotmtoatlon. We have no fault to find with Heenan per- 
sonally—he toyarlably obndnctod himself reepeotfolty and with 
oonrtasy to us— and on his leaving this oonntry for America, 
oalled on us to take leave to a Mendly manner. We have not 
set eyta' on bim from that day to this, but we have heard 
nothtog to lead ua to the beUef that he has stooe in any way 
ohanged for the worse either to manners or practices. We 
haveno prejudices whatever agalnat blm, but vie oannotmake 
an exception- to hla favor, even to a match of auob gigantic 
pnportiODS as that under dlaoaaaton. The office ot referee Is an 
nfithaakfal one at aU times. The official la sure to be bnUled 
^ by the Mends and odberente of both aides, and when to ad- 
dition to abuse, whloh he Is sure to incur from men when their 
blood Is warm, and they are much excited at the Btotf aide, 
he la UbeUed and abuaed aa wa were by the feUows who 
represented the' American 'press to this oountiy at the 
.matdt b^een Heenan and Sayera, it la not to be wen- 
defM at that we should de<iliae an office, attempted to 
be thtnst npon ua by one whose friends pubUcly accuaed ua of 
. asUog oostrary to what we knew was right It Is yery probable 
uattne BeDlcla,Boy totendcd thla selection of oureelves as a 
■ort of ameule Aonbratlf, and to that light we are willing to look 
•i It, and to aUow by-gonea to be by.gonea. Wo cannot, nowever, 
Stand referee; that la aetUfd. The friends of the men hove been 
xoade aware of thla, and we are happy to say that such on or- 
. tangement has now been riuide under oar adrioe, as wlU pat an 
end to aU dlffloulcy, and we beUeve will ensure satlshcUon snd 
lilr play en the day of battle, and wlU effeotuallr put an end to 
all delay at the tty.sltog plane on either aide. It Is more neees- 
saiT that thla should be the cane, as the battle la fixed tor auch a 
period otthe year oa ;wlU leave but IttUe time for discussion if It 
is to be sstUed by daylight. We hate nothing more to add on 
the aabjeet this week. The mateh is made. Is bona jMe, and we 
aie poelti'vely aaaured wUl go on, aa aU the money la already ae- 
. ooredonbothaldea. Ur. uohardson and Ur. Preaten represent 
the biokera'6f Ktog, while Owen BvrUt acta aa the ofaannel 
through whloh Heenan's "rowdy" is to run ttom, we beUeve, 
the pieetoeto of Ohspeloouxt, In answer to numerous ques. 
tloni, we may state that thla Is tho first mateh on record for 
£1,000, the lugett sum ever provlouely fought for betog 1,000 
guineas. Uioe OhaUeuKes Etog to dght for the Ohamplonahip, 
uatoad of the Unknown I bat wo ore authorliod to state that- 
. Zing la quite satisfied with th() present match, and does not In- 
. tend to enter toto any fresh nogottaUona until It Is over.' 
wnaT THE sronrnia UFB SATS. 
In ouilaat impreaslon wo gave a dotelled account ot the events 
Whloh led to the great tqatch between Tom Slug, tho conqueror 
ot ^em Uaoe for the Champion's belt and £400, together with 
the condltlonaon which tne matoh was made. The latter only 
presented one loop-hole for a got-ont on .either aide, which was, 
nantog the Editor ot £il('« £(fe oa the aotnal referee. T^ai 

finllamtIj, when the £300 were staked ond the ortioleswero 
oded to him, distinctly atate^ that he would net acbopt the office 
on any eonslderaHon, and that he waa iiurpriaed, 'after hla re- 
pattMtefUsals, ,that he should even have been seriously thougbt 
•1^- ndsBtatemept,whenpromulgatedamongatthoBetoterestedln 
ftrw Alig the matiAi, fe^ aome spaoe of time caused a consterna- 
tion, each alde)^vli|g o auppoalUon that thto was • good chance 
«f a wnilgle ibr the oj^lle party to get out of Sio matoh with a 
- 8oodgT«M, 'Aa'kwllung hoist requlrca no spur, neltherdld. 
sCeists.'Pi«at«tt and 00,, and Mr. Coney on the part of 'Heehan, 
.rMslre an'lhoehttTe to brUg allaln to a aatlsfaowry oonoluslou, 
., Boilh betog to on* mtod, o meettog soon took - place, and tha 
, "headaef afliain"loat aottote to leaning the feeUnsB of the 
\ jtlDolBds, .who agreed that. If tho Editor of BeU'i UJ» wOnld 
-I >o( offiel^to, ha Aould.naAe aome party, anbjeot to theap. 

rval of .both, The above simple taot proves that the matoh 
pnt that suite both, toaamuoh as no obstacle baa been 
' thrown to the way on either aide: and when an apparently 
'Invtoolblo .obatacle haa been to the road, they have come 
half-way to remove tho obslmoUon to the fOlfildient of tho 
.; .iflieemeili Thp office .of refereo .to . the great match under no* 
. Boe, we beUeve, wlU be a "aluecnro"— or next to It, If any Itoo 
' can be tikep by_paat phrfotmanco). 'Beenao, to hla groat battle 
with Boyen, at Famborough, never attempted anythtog like got- 
,ttog down, and Elhg haa notjillherto, deecended to such tricks; 
. .therefore, as Tom Slog, on Tuisdoy night, observed, when tbo 
' Bholoe «t theieferee waa the mooted point, neither would go down 
o MthdaVbritog knocked down. Bven now, the match,- dthough 
only a Urn days old, has mads a wonderful sensation to aporttog 
. Wdes, and belting oji the Issue of the fight haa already been 
7J»y heavy. . Heeban -Is tho favorite among the West-end dlvl. 
j.-; nin,'wblls the Btst-enders, to a man, think UiatTomwUl wto', 
.g . «r at any irate be worthy of laktog odds abont. OnTueadk^ 
fiit^Ujht, after the artidea had been algnod, the news of Ihe great 
.Bitch spread Uke wlldwe, ond Coney's was the centre of< toteH 
rest. The wegering there was of 0 rather ouribua character, aev- 
'-'•i4ieiitlemeni^togeth«r.tahcvtog the Ideaot the matoh getog' 
M^'and"j;mtttogltdown'' M 0 oortlBoaU of their opinion. A 

myself to -the bands of Ur, Bwlft as .to what orrangement 
he deems advisable," Ur, Blohardson: "I am wUUng to 
agroe to ' Ur. Dowltog, as I mean matoh-ihsktog, and 
nothtog -else, I want no favor at aU to the matter. 

It was eventnaUy agreed that the ganUeman named should be 
the referee. A toss then took place between Uessrs. Swift and 
Blohardson for the' last deposit; after two baulks It wos won by 
the latter, who Is aa succeesftal toaalng as he la baoktog men. 
He dedared he would not have lost the teas for £00. Ur. Pres. 
ton offered to take £200 to ilOO, And poet, that Ktog won tho bat> 
tie, battiierewaa no reaponse. The good old fashioned plan 
waa adhered to ot having the money deposlled at certoto houses 
to be named alternately, and, to case ot fkUure, a forfeit to be de- 
olared. ' 

.>: *^ and"iiut«j 

in IwUiuUIr, Blehardson iW sveh ' that King did 
t^SS^Htd Vtrftsston (90k anothju ."pony" 

Thla afblr, between mace and the Unknown, haa coUapead, and 
had It not, It would have dwtodlad toto InalgnUloanoe alongside 
the match between Ktog alidB^&nan. Ring hoVlng whipped ihe 
men who now clalxia the champlonahlp, uid then resigned ihe 
honors, iakesprecedenoo to rank on this qnestton, In the opinion 
of pugillaUo Bolona, ao ihaty ollhough the.Utle of Champion of 
England la to no wlae totreqehed npon, the great match reaohea 
tar higher and beyond it^'and maybe, toall tolwtta ondpnrposu, 
atyled the batUe fbr the Chomplonshlp of the World. 44 most 
of our readers wouId'Uke 'to read ihe dosing ehaptai of th^great 
P. B. bubble, we here give It, together with a wrathy and some* 
what aploy letter trbhi UlMe, which wfll not be repUed to by, the 
Unknown, wS opine, who wlU go down to the grave, atlU 'nh- 
known, nnbonored ondnnsung. By the antjotoeil' paragraphs. 
It will be seen that Usoe Ignores aU knowledge of |the Unknown, 
pltdieatoto King without gloves, and ohaUenges both hlih and 
Heenan to an enoonnter aftei the mUl now to hand Is oondnded, 
or any man breathing:-;. 

In our last ws announced that thoe had been a forfeit to thle 
match on the port of the Unknown, and we at the same time al- 
luded to the rumors afloat to the effect that the matoh was a 
sham from the begtohlhg, got up by Uace for his own purposes, 
and thai the Unknown .was weU known, to . Ihe tolttaCed to be 
neither more nor less than a myth. We at the same time oalled 
npon Uace for on explanation, and. left him to deolde.oa to the 
oonise he would purane under tho oiroumslasces, 
to lay bofbre the public a letter received from Uabo; who, to ad- 
dition to the letter, requeste as to stete that to order to prove 
his innooenoo, he cdls upon every genUoman who hoa stood 
money 'With blm for the matohvwlth .the Unknown, to send his 
name to us, so that the aconsaUon of getting money out. ot the 
match may be rtfatod. He adds; that so far Srom not wishing to 
fight, he has aU along been anxloas to prove that hla late defeat 
by Ktog waa an accident, and that he la now ready and wlUIng 
to meet Ktog for'£200 a-aldo and the bolt, on the day orlgtooUy 
fixed f»T his fight with the Unknown, or as much sooner as he- 
Ukes. He bar left money to our hands, and will, if King Ukes, 
stake' the whole £200 at oniM, If Ktog la afraid of him, Uesays he 
wUl meet "any other man" on tbeeains day, but he would proter 
Ktog, and thtoka that as the loiter haf ntoe mcntha before him 
to got ready fbr Heenan, he can aurdy devote throe of those 
months to defendtog the title whloh he oovote, and which he yet 
cannot inako up hla mtod to uphold, Hla letter is as feUows:— 
10 TBS linrioft o» bbix's ura ra j-ondoh. ' 
Sin: I scarcely know how to expreaa my todlgnatlon at tho nt. 
mors you aay are afloat, to reference to my conduct to the matoh 
with the "Unknown." .lam sure von, sir, the Editor of BAVt 
fAf»i who hove not shown the . allgnteat preferenco to me or any 
peraon, must be convtooed of toy koneily, iiOtgrUy, and detormln* 
otloQ to act to' every way aa becomes a Champion, a man, and an 
honortble pugilist; tboiefoie, I oannot refrain from caUlng upon 
you to retraot your expresalona of "fishy," a "myth," "to order 
to gato time to hold ihe belt," booauaebebgunoonadoua of any- 
thing approaching wrong ihya^, I do feel not only todlgnani^' 
but grieved at any doubt bdug oxpiosaed as tomyconrue,. 
oblUty, or desire to matotoln the supremacy of the. sdt.. The 
claaa of trienda I have at my back are Ihoao who, aatlsled at my 
condaet durtog tho past, aria oootent to. back me to Ihototnre, 
and they aro genUemen wno require not victory on my part, so 
muth as an honorable contest, to exhiblttho qnoUUes ot 0 pngU* 
latwhen the beet man is totended to wto: and I oaunot lefrato 
again from eipresstog my deep regret at Ihe aupporiUon of my 
lending myaeU to anyUiIng degrodtog.or dlahonorable, I wlU ot 
one* franuy oonfess thati am not so mudi ot o ohild aTno^ to 
datn the forfeit which baa been made by the ^Unknown,? -. I do 
' hit*, and thla ls ah lhUmaUonof my dalermtoatlo;i to do It 
Ui; Wtn^led wlUi this, I will IMVa lOO down aa o deposllto your 
flght the "Unknoifh^'! crony malt bMtblng,,f^r «200 

to aome known anrseon, so that the referee might aaUaf yhlmself 
that 8am hod hiBiibaficaetDrea, an&b».thenapoa.aakedtoran' 
adjournment, to aUowanfflcIeint time for Sam to get over his 
mishap. In support of his claim, he brought 'forward the 
oases of Booko and BntUe, and Tom Tyler and Boblnson; 
but .the refereie, deaf to these argumento, deol)]ed to favor 
of Drew,, on the ground that he waa to the ring, and 
prepared to flghi, and that Dutch 'Bom refostog, lost the 
mosey thereby. There Is a wide difference between the 
present oase aind that of Booke ond .Brettio, toaamudi 
Biottle waa soffering from - an acddont to spraining' hla 
ankle, while Dntoh Sam was snffertoR from -the efiecte of a blow 
or blows given by his adversary , to the fight, and the referee 
conaldered a man might as wdl oak for time to recover from 
bUndneias to be sble to renew the fight, as that any pugilist 
shoald oA for (inte to recover from the effecte of punishment, 
however severe, admlnlatej^ by an adversary. ToungSamwoa 
Uvely enough on board the steamer eomtog home on Tuesday, 
therefore hla disabled ateto took every one by surprise. - Ur. 
Ward, on heartog of the deotalon of the refareo, said be must put 
up with lt,.bnt entered 0 protest o^itost .the stakes betog given 
up, and handed him a written notice to that effeot Thi backers 
of Drew wlU hove to give o written todemnlty to the stakeholder, 
when the money wlU be handed- to' him on Tuesday next, at 
Bob Trovers', Bun ond Thirteen Cantons, Castle-street, Lelcea- 

After writing the above, .we received a certificate flrom the 
Honae Surgeon of the London Hospital, ot which the foUowtog 
Is a copy:— - 

. "London Hospital, UUoh 20, ISO. 
This is to eartlty that Aaron Uosa (alios Dntoh Sam] was ad- 
mitted toto this hoapttal on uardi 20, 1863, with fraotare of riba 
and empnysemk, and that he is |tt present to danger tberefrom 
"Xuos AsPLnasD, House Sargeon.'" 
^eerttig Xjfe Jforft aist ^ . ■ ■. 

Seenbacks, and aheUed out Some fifty doUara to payment for 
e michtoe. Tar and grease wefe brought toto requlriUon, but 
no good. The trouble was, tho "piomUlog ' yonlbs".',who h#d ~. 
the Job to hand, placed the axles of the cyltoder . to hqiche* cat 
vergtogly, when, of course, it wae fooUsh to'expeet the wheel to 
work, and ^ the tar to creation "couldn't make the mare go" . 
to ench a case. Altef this foUowed footraces, eock racea,.wiist. 
Ung, etc, aUweU conducted, and combining to keep the sport 
from -flagging untU a late hour in. the afternoon, Tbe day waa 
ceriatoly passed very agreeably by those In aUenlance, and will 
ever remain green to the memory of aU; asaaunnyspottothe 
rough, aelf-aacilfictog Ufe we are now leading- "all for tbe old 
fiag," thirteen dollora o month, and found— dead to the momtog. ' 
Every one went home well aatiefied with the day's record, and fed. 
tog much bolter for the "loud larflure" to which tbey todulged,' j 
and so passed the eventful 2Tlh of Uarch. Fine la Cen. Blmeyl 

There Is considerable talk of pulUng np alakea and movtog tne-; 
'concern nearer Blcbmond, but aa It conttouea to rito almost 
every daj^ Itls rather dlfflcolt to ateto the exact moment when 
we go; aoyoa must excuse me. When we do get etarted, how* 
ever, look out for some taU figbttog, as we're Donnd to "make 
the fur fiy," and "Old Joe" wlU eiUier thrash the greybaoks 
wlthto an toch of their lives, or get moat unmercifully lambaated 
hlmseU, oThBt'e what's the matter," and no ttOasUDg,- either. 


: FCV A|(D PAOIjIO in oahp. 

' ;'■ ' BOlDlEtt iotS OS i. "HIGH," ' 

.:.-X .'Talnn Ann OoBPs, Uaroh 29, 1603. 
FniERS Quxeh:— Bvuy^lnghaa.baen,aa piovoktogly dull ond 
toelpld during ;the Wihter odt In thla delectable and higblj oul- 
tlvoud bsotof 8eo(illiila,tha(.<Vonr most obedient" has been 
utterly nnoble \k> tUviyvs ought to ' write about, of toterest to 
readera of Uie spicy UtU^ Cutpbb;. which, by.aie.way, I'm 
pleased to obaervie, aaUs^long aa ^roaperoasly as oyer, aUlImoto. 
lalnlngthe "liiBlde track" 'to'theracefor the patronage of the 
sporUng and theatrical world; It Is <JI< sheet for the aimy,ond 
lu precious cargo is inspected regularly by Umost every "bine'' 

" But we've had o Utile exdtemant here of lato, rdlevtog the 
monotony of our oamp life, and this it is my purpose io namte 
to "ye Clipperlles." Brig, Gen, D, B. Blmey« oommondtog 1st 
Division, Srd Oorps— that gallant division whloh wonsueh-li 
glerleus name on so .many'aangutoaiy.battle.fldda while com- 
mandod by the late noble, brove, aooompllahed and lamented 
General Kearney (peace to hla ashes I)— bos gatoed the eatoem 
and frle : dehip of tne veterans under bla oomnund, not more, by 
the bravory and gallantry whloh ho haa dlaployed in action, than 
bythetotereatwblohhehaaeverevtooed In their -welfare and 

oaloulated to < drive duU oare away. " , ' The General, to consulta- 
tion with other officers to bla dlvlalon, determtoed lecenUyto 
give hla troopa a hoUday, ond accordingly, it waa annoimced Uiat 
on the 27th inai, a number of out-door pastimes, gotten up 
under the auspices of the general oSoon of the division, would 
eventuate, and that aulteble prizoa would be awarded those who 
exceUed thereto.' 

The spot sdected for the sport to take place vras o large open 
Space, aomodlatanco from the headquarters of Gen, Hooker, ond 
in slgbt of Qie FUa-Hugh manalon, the headqnarteis of HaJ. 
Gen, D, E. Bloklek. Luckily— but very anaocoOntobly— the derk 
of the weather neglected to turn tbe spigot, and oonscqnenUy 
it didn't rain on tho 27th, the day breaking bright and beanUfbl,' 
"Old Bel" beemlng fbith to-aU hte rIoit, tho air soft and bolmy 
aa In June, a clouoless sky overhead,'1h« sdU not too -ylddtog 
under foot) aU nature Boomed dothed to its hoUday garb, every- 
body was to Ihe 'happiest mood, and the event of the dv prom- 
iaed to come off .with considerable' ectot. Early to the montog 
the apccUtorff commenced to wend their way to the reAdezveus, 
ond to see the crowds ccmtog to from oU dlrsoUons, on. horse- 
back, in ambolances, and on fbot, reminded , one fordbly ot the 
"Derby Day" in England, (thatls, anppoalng he- had ever been 
to'Eogland, and ever aow the Derby,) ond at the appointed 
hoar .ue grounds were ewarmiiig with ."the mUItaiy"— thous- 
ands being asaembledtovlowlheaport, representing every onjx, 
division and regiment In the grand ^rmy of the Itappahannock. 
Ouoids wore staUooad oionnd the'lrace-aonrsslo prtvanttbe 
speclators from prtseing to too closely. .The pontoons -veto 
brUugbt toto requlaltlon to fbrm a plttlt>rih some three hundred 
feet JA lenith. rallied upon wagooi komi-t^n feet ttom the 
kfonlid,' In the Ventre of tiila wos plaMd the Judges aland, (oo- 
oapiedbyUsnenlsBimeyand Ward) and tho rematotog mt- 
tton.wss reserved expressly for ihs aooommodation of the 
••ahtfuIdeNitrops," who, of oeuse, inust not suffer ooatemtot- 

•'v>' ^- ', '.,'_/ 

And— bnt good heaveoj, 'how I'm stretehlng thla'.lemir onti - 
WeU, it ato^t often I come, and If yon'U Juat aay If a "aU right," 
ru "doae the shop" toelanter, "Let'a Uoker^l'* GoodnlgEi 

P. B.— A'coneert, ilaSO^iaste, at Gen, Blmey's'headquartert, 
which gave the utmoat sillsfiuitton to aU hands, wound hp the 
d ay's festtvlUea. ' ■ . . ... , ■ ■ ■ 


EiTBMBivE.BiiuiBD OEaiiUHaK.— Havtog heard eonalderablB- 
talk about good bUUardplayeraatocie my arrival to CaUtonla, . 
and betog anxious ' to see a match between two good playqs, I 
hereby offer to ^oduce a man to play any man w Oalifcrnla O' ' 
match ot the fopr ball American carom game, on o Phelan Uble, 
tor from $1,000 to tS.OOO p, side, to be played either to- New Totk 
or San Fronoisco six months from the soceptance of this propost.- 
Uon, gtvei or take tMO for traveUng expenses. 

BiLTB BcnamR^ ' 

The above Is todeed a big chaUenge, and.almM we beUeve, at 
a Utile man, but not so Utile as to be too big for<hls breeches. 
This chaUeogeonght to silence "considerable talk.^' '' 

BiLLUBSB IN WiBBiHaioN.— The bUllard atars, Uaasrs, Phelan, 
Eavanagh, Deery, Goldthwalto it Co,, had great times to Waah- 
tooton^t weak, to a series of exhibitions giyen by them at ' 
Odd FeUovre BaU.' Space wlU not admit of our giving iofbll 
detallB as we should Uke, so wo must contest onl^elres with. 

ring a brief reaume of the games and highest counts. On thft 
..jst day, 80th ult, the first game vras between Kovonogh ond< 
Phelon, and Deery and Goldtnwaite—UOpotote up. Itwasvrm' 
by the latter, Deery alone moktogthixis) mnsot St, 63, sndH.. 
The second game was the French carom gams, three nalla only, 
26 poihte up, between Goldthwalto and Kavonsgh. Itiraswonc 
by ue former, who mode two runs, one ot ntoe polnto and oii»~ 
often. The third game, four baU carom, OOOpototsup, betweeni- 
Goldthwoite and Deery, vfas very exoIUng. They ran along Sin' 
by elde, until Goldthwalto waa 110 and Deary BO, when the fyrmer 
made a run of 182, after which Deery missed, and' be mats 
another run of 21, w)ildi carried him to 272. Doety then took 
the balls, which wore somewhat ecatterod, and run the game 
out Alter he had finished, the audience tooletedthat ha ahopld 
go on, and he made to aU, two hundred and alxty-four. 

Eavanagh then played aome maui ahote, thoto he attempted' 
betog very difficult The audience were up/osriona to their 
man&estatlons «f doUght'at this performance, which was hew to . 
mostofthem.- ' ' ^ ' ' . ^' ' 

The last gome was between Kavanagh and D^ry, fnd was • 
masterly eutlUUcn of sklU. There were no extraordtoiarymiiB,- 
hnt aOmo splendid shote around the teblo'. .'^^ 
.At the oonclnrioh, Goldthwalto discounted Ur. Lorob, an am- 
ateur player, and beat him by 20 points. 
Tin tne second dsy^ Uaroh Slat, about the s^me progrMnm'e wa» . 
carried out On the third day, ApiU let, ploy oommebcad with »■ 
four handed game between Uesars, Phelan and Kavanagh- iad 
Goldthwaite and. Deery, 30O potote'up; wonby the fomer..' 
Eavanagh made a run of 191, ond Deery ISO. The acoond game', 
waa between Goldthwaite and Eavanagh, French caroma, 25 
poInU up; Kavanagh won by 20potota,maUngaran ofntootssnl , 
XUe third game, GoIdUiwalte and Deery contested, 800 pftoti 
up; Deery made two runs ot 91, Fourth ' game, . Kov;»nMh 
vs. Deery, 800 potols up; won by Deery, who . nsde. 
a run of 101, and Kavansgh ono of 80. Fifth ^;gam'e; 
fonr-hauded Kavanagh, and Phdan vs. GoldUivralte andpeeiy,. 
800 potote up, Wonby former, Ooldthwaltemade a rui^ of 110, 
Eanvanagb 61, Phdan 04, and Deery one of 26. Blxth^ame, 
Goldthwaite vs. Kavanagh, Frenob caroms, 26 potote at>. :Xovan- . potot Boventh gam^ Deeir vs. Ooldlhw^te, 
8M potote up, fVon by the latter, Deery made 0 run Of IB; and- 
bis opponent one ot 110. Eighth game, Kavanagh vs, Odd- 
thwalte, 600 potote up. Won by the former, who mads moa of 
les and 129, and Goldlhwallo 106 and 110, The. games were an 
played on one of Phelan's superb oarom teblss.-. .The hist day's . 
vlsy passed off wlUi great tAni, in the presence of Generals CM-- , 
waUader, Fry, Baekelt, Connt Uorcler, and o large number VL . 
tofluenll»ldUeenB,mllIlaTyondolTlO, ,. . . ' .^ 
.Biujsiina at Hadhobd, Or.- Two omfitours played A mafw . 
of six gamea of 100 polnte at Uatt Hewtoa' rooms, en' the 2aW 
ult Mward Guy gave George Wa)cttt 26 polols .twh gWne,., 
which was more than he could afford , to do; torOeorgd won to a ■ 
canter, ■ . - . " ■ . - . ■ ' . 


riasoK SHOormo aiPiobia, lMi.-Ontbe4ftMid7ih tllto^ 
the pigeon ehooters.of that region hod o guW*"*?* •',"'•1'^^ 
Ite epott On the first date, o shoot foro '"'l'' j;"??* ^ii"' , 
took place, at five birds eaob, 21 yarda rWi ** »V?*/.?SSfl.*rJ'. 
reaulttog to Uie foUowtog ecori^-MoOUnto*, <: Oriffllh«,,a^ 
Briea, 4; Jeffriea, 2; Fltcher, 2; Btovafls^, Ij '*™'A^Sftlfe'' 
Dr^e, 2. The Uiree Uiat Itiuk) f6n'T>"^'S°,'^; K*5J>i?iffi 

.'A .* 


r 8.0. 


tHi,immm«. — „ _ _ , _ , 

«( 0<ngi, Din/Mi'Bo'^o'^ fluWIda 
ai«k6ta aS'.eento. ■'- 




>;<' j-i' OPEEA H0U8iB,.Bi 

V:.-. X OOTBK.'Si^ ' 

: > X"-! HlTit.TAHTV 
■ '.-a,' . A i'ZfflB BIiES? 

._-|(MDlli'B«a«it«dB«»ta(6a«a{i.' ... . . 
''•^^■ 'V>^ IiOX HOBaiSi''IIkil{«w, 

UTBimmOIl Oir THB AOS, . 

'dimpiitM'.ilifihislTalir of .BTAB ;ABTI6a&. 

?riKji.> vvfloiBtot of' tlM 
'>■.■.•• r4gS9t' Jy. .•PS MOOn V"^ 

: . j'. ;ig.'F,^)IllI) B1^ I '■' 
" io-,'l).lW^A?a)ltAS. 


^ til>ijn^,iim no l^M at «4l).liATe ip^s' op, llk«'iDluiiia;,4n tii* 
(Vtalauj; ' : H«<^u flinly flxelgn ah 

.. ^ , ' POFtlLAB .'fflUi, 

. ttliV »ltWTOtll«wbtM la.«towooiniiiand. - ' , 

lEvrar assii^ AiitatraAi7:'A»i> edbopeah. sr^ Appbabs 

K*TWln'tte''liIftory.of snbUo, Anmstment* ']>■■ ihen been 
Mab Ttt^ ona'ttige tnCu one time nifh. » list of nperiorait-' 

^«.^^^^'^; V™ • e?E. ooluns,.- :• • ■ 

: ni«'Wpda-ntainmedO<nnedlaii, OomlaTocid^ 
■ .]^Af9Dnllio«a t^jbcPreas ind the PnblloOf OtBat^rltib ta-^..'; 

TUi;<mhiIoh' bik Iken faBr endbtsed 1>>' 

, ,:j8iiY-PABro4:... :-v :a 

; 'TBe atowMiOomlo Blnget. (Boim, ;e«t«r>ui3 Bnrlv^'Ontdi 

' '■i'/<v' ■ of Uieage,-"' ' ■ ■, ' ? 

'■ ■" '' ;\ : ir:-!aiygtwtertMihCo ni«Jton offeeJ«y{- ■ ■ \ 

/■'^ w- ■ .' ■; i , OHABIBI WUi'iliS;: . •' i. 
• • • v-t'^fJBw(.iBM(«r ddlneatot of thi"Ooloied M»ni"t 
. J'^ITABB^;' : ..B. mBT, OHABICT aABDmB, 
XJliOBaS-mBBKN; ' T. G. BIOGB, .HABTBB TOiqair,- : 

■.■.■in'ffitfeiiaegpiit toi(w it »r. • '_L_i,i;. •■ .^;,■ 
:\^l^tb» V v^. 
.^y -l'^v- : -m . V 

. ■: T1ieBe»nHfnlAotreM»hdVoc»llBt. V 

■ >'- ' • " Udlle.BBBI'HA. UABT ht.aith 
■. Wllhtte -' ■ ■ - 

.' .VhUr ihcdlMeUou of' {he mat tfilirs de Btllet,, 

'■ MONa.pitniiBBnjiAMT; .. 

. UtefihMt.Onlicii&s In tbo ottr.'led by. ,<. .EEBD TON OLSEB. 
' The ith61e mideir the Immadkte jroperrlalon of 

. . ■• • irOJ^8,"LA.,THOB^. 

v. Hi^H'Tiil i01l''Ml< THELAiTRBi-PHlLADEIfHUl'' " 
•' .■ . : yr^qt.Stnat, abcTO BAbtli.1 . ■ ' 

... .BolalHife RndPioptletor A.fBED. AIMB. - 

( , '.iJCntj imt M d BibUimm Mtnurw- J- T^'AILUfHOy.; ' 

■ -;,ftjM'.mBraOPXE«POPlSABTHEATEE.- 1'^ 

^i^u???Suil(BAflMi«rB latlBTSHLi'''^ ' 

-jiiJh> Aai>.»?;teaKHJa opbba vaomti 
— ^iBtmOM^ffWlBrmsm. 


.;.^-v^^';-r;:i- '-V- ■ ■■ ■-■iniathswwu^aOUiM,' ■:■ ' 

V • , J .'TrAjgj&LpTnBiAln) OHJOAOO, 

trhmihtr^«pM«4<>i<i>t^«pk*<M>ti<M^ ' 
oeallenqb looaBAioa;' 

■ic iTATOuOBATB ' OF BTHlbllA, ■ ■ 

^ lotuaioimrBoupB ov ibS'ITObu). m v| 

. -/iT^-. V • • ABHT Or ABTOtS . 

. ! : .. ^HBliefOnna . • •;.' 

• Wn OtigtariOoniedlMw; . , • 
• '■'■^ ■-"{-<*{.' MUie Mu»IoUd«, 

.,..j..,-„'i-. ■ ^.;J^•:■.^,■\'••■.■^<mtBolo81n«•M,"• - 

'^ And a hoit orA'n^ge^^.^^^^^^^ tlieli , ' 

°i" "Xhs.BtciliutnmtmlaUn, ' 

^" . ThoB*«tB«Uii«»iow,'ina'',- ; . . 

-: ' ■■' v^ .*.«WB BcowK m imrtimiB y.' ' ' "" 


>.f,?;*V';^'''- ■■■^■■■■'•Aii'niON'OiiADs., ' !'.v. 

TWlii£iiMH»ll»:Jn-tti«Oo»flitiT , •. ■, . - . • J,. 

'.'iAH);' •-■A»to4«m<!lto«ccoiniiie(aAto': 

I • ,^ r DHiviira OBOWM ■ , ,'' ": " 

Who.'lteotf to »«e . ' ' . .■'•X -ii!!;. . . 

•■•4- 'ThainoBtfltnpeiidoTU • ' ' ■ . ' , , 

i*,, ■ . : ' -rBUilopUn Oignltttloit : 
v 'EVSBZKOWK.. .' • i' 

' 'TSm XAiqfOTH ASTZBTISD19 ': ' 

■ ■ ».'•' dfrsai . ',;■. 
' ' .:•' - POFQLAB.TBOITPS • ' '■ ■.,' .* 
y -.i^'- Hii.iB«li»4»aKi».,. . . . 

. ■ , .'liithe^ ; ; . 

• ; 5 ' AHFAM or 9DBN1 OOBK, 
.iad«»Tii<l'owilnl*to ' :jL-_^, . 

.•^?)v. f.' •.-OTftH, BIWrSoABBa. . , .. .4? 

Ty:' ^*^ be .; . 
. v',-'.''" :: M<m)BiAjiWwrBB|f , .. 

• :■ . '■ATbe Adraiifof : ■ '• 

/A.ri'.TOEBiBABLEBTABfl, •,-..■•'•.■,.' 
■- Pieeedeitar'the ., .' ' 

■•■<.>'. PABTBBBIOADE..-.' 
a«li.-J.I)..!PSW0OOJIB,.^.V., .1 

■'.:•;. A.'YinlObtiriai. ' •■ . 
' ^ OoLB. BBlOHAM BBOWJTi .-. • :tu , 

^ ■ .' ' ■ ^ AdwflB«r inaP»r«er^phl|t 

ii^ji o.,ijroEBWOOD. . ,'i •■ .•■ > ' 

■f ' ■^•-'PIogrii^|j^■;ff^ei^^r, . ' ,, :v; 

■> ■ :' ■ •;■'?•.''„■•'•.■ '■'.>.., '/Leader of BniiBHidL 
ft W.'BA^lKY^PK^^i6n.■r,■ ' ■ . . ■ , 
Tloket&'Stcanti; VBe4«im'S<M,'noaiit^ . 

■ 'f :. ' ■ iiro THB . 

^ ',\VBpl^•lI«]sd Saoeeea of the ' 
/' .'I'.r. . UammothXraiipeaf Aitlits,-' . 

TOUjB jftpttat .of. hqmbaa and pioleasloiial leimatlon, his 
-MtntliBote been'eqnalled by any other plads of. Amnaement In 
; itbeatrlail hlatarr, proililg the niotesa of the pcdljby adopted by 
-^'SAiinetoi.oftSs' ^ 

:'.■.-:• . .■•; . ooimNEimi^. '-- r^ ' ' 

' V pf ettogiujaafiif an Aitlabs ot.hil.o1lii and aokno>rIe'dBed abtUty, 
; .TfnudUai of thanninber, or llnapntiil ontlaj IntolveC - ' 

■ ■V^ heroolean effoita ot the 

VBUdajameDaV^M^iUa'p'trons and malntalii thi eUaUlthed 
■epiUttan^ thfa'^rtabllahment, baa given hlni'i^eved conraite 
.t<(Aumd!'umtribnt4HothepeopI»'Ban)nsenient; andin proof 
. of kUStftABtjniJ hb rabmlta the foUorriiig ansy of names, who 
«t» .(Wtaiamtod by the prota'and tiie pn 
L fiolia: 
.•TtyWeaaHftil Bto Blatera , 
,' .,^,v;,.'i'V.\( ^-''^ jn8B;'KnOT BLAMOHABD, ' ; ; ' 

HIBa JlgJA. ft^OB,'^ ^-^ . I HR.-DENNT OAIXAOEEB. 
TOBfl-ffi)!;*' OECTTOIli- ■ 7 ■■ MB. HABBT ENOOKfl. 

-jaa^.V3astL-JiSBfrmiO''\. ub. 'w. b. bxiswobte, 

"JIIBBiOTSinKBOHfc i! '• . ■ 'MB. FBBD' UAY; ■ ' ' 
^ima HLIiA'TOBHBB/' ' ' MB. JOHNKT MAOE, ' ' , 
: V!. ) •JtB.' JiTftOABB, MB. O. W. BMITH, . 
; - 1 ■/ : And'ft-larga and ^fflolent Oo^ of AnilUartea,,'' 
- .The«tiolexiiaertbtfli)iiiedlat«dlreotlotf6f ' . ' 

/■:< 'i-W-r p. HcUILIiAKi Stage Manager. - 

ArttiU of reoeipilna abUty, dealriiifl'engajg«imenta;.'iiffl pleaae^ 
•dftwai a.ibo^iL •", ■/ ei-it' 

'■,j*!tiii;'itiiw owuBMa : ■: 

, ..' . , .; AHD'THE.IBLASP Og QtJBA, 

,; , ; ■CTOTOnP.J^ra tlHyABATiTiW BP00E8B. 

'i.:^';.: IX"' ■ jCUfiWATJOB ' • , . ' ■ 

ocBa'QiOAStiof'XiSASiRa MraefiBEL tbottpE' of the . 

■ V:»;''Vj_~^.;\ ,:pbof^ .: ■' ' • .. 
~'^HA!moab.qB<iAinzmon Am) bbabb band. 


.■ ,:ri5)inPBEz fc.oBEE»(8 , ., ... 

' : . fiimz^im OFEBA.'TBOUPE AKS BBASS BAMD, . ^ 
•<•;-- v.^:'-. ■ •. -Alao,. 
■■ ; vrfv' ^• VjlJOM-.FOOT and jOOL. BMALL, 
thi.^nji) imilleln ihen In the irotld, ontdolng.Tom Thnnb twed- 
. ' 4y^T6,por;oeqt '.IbOT'ato 38 yean old, weigh : 23 ponhd* eaoh; 
. and only 38' Inohea high; admitted ito be .the 'greateat.oniloalty. 
'«TMrb|»nght beforo. the^/pubUo. ifhej appear In 3A dUTereht 
aetiii.eBiteaal^atranged'forthem. ,'Jiui 4wml[ew0rleani and 

.. •• . ' ' ; BSimJun^ti:; . . .''.',,.. . , . .'. '. ... i ; , .■.'.•;'. » ohbot.^ 

, ;, ViUMiptfai^ ...... .... ... .'.0.;LA'VZUiE&'. :■ 

.>\;v': 'V«Sl«l*^to;;,^,,,'.V..'.i:. ....>-,.. O.-BTOBADI.- : 

""•"•"'^''ccmpofie^.of.thefoUoirlng elghteeirAitlaUe 

1 07 Kimopuiir b^iMMTOBS.' 

I^fiE^V-;. .V M. AINBLBT SObft. . 
■' "* ' ; ^AT.TTCii i liAVELIiEE.' ' ■ 
i. .BEB0EROBB, . . 
I..' .'fy.i t''!Vinn rs.'i ■'..■, . FIiBlI ADAUS/ i • 

.;'yi',v4b5TO^oEME8,.: . aiLBEBT ponp, . .' 

■ i-r-a^vB^-rtEHTIBB, '■'.;.■:■ WM,.fiTOOlfl, 

' i.QntUiti OimlflqMlon of Talent eTeroonoestratM Ji(' 
"'.'eioelUna .'and far,n'perlor't6 *U other Tneriilig 

litendiiC. .;''.■■'■. ■.' . ; ...i-r- 

rtbeooitrbland dlreotlonoif ,' . . '.''>'iv 
t^-tt OBTOR, :fioloPr^SM«tonr^.. ;' ..' 
tlMnpe -wlU, daring thertfibalndarof' tha: 
" mand East«iiifltatM.alaaihe <lan1idt«. : 
rlALgONi eSBE^Bft . '.'.',.• ".:.';>; 
r«Tloiii,to<mnlngthtDoatf^ ... 
.iibi mw^uaiiTO u /■■:''■■ ; ■■;.-•: •'••'■■:■' 
i-C^j^'tsH.nspxa. ■ '. ■ ' ^ ''' .V- V" ' ' 
iiijidemspil.iJirector;'. ' ' .> - .-.i^.' -'''r- ."^"i 

" ^" jtoenWdABViBIlBlNdi^iEiW, 
gkania an enM^ftm^t'ifWuAb 
«if fWeXBONO, oaje; Briiituin 

ly^i^.'Aaarala ' 

:tBn#-jCiABOiiiira BioHlnias,' 

• ■ ' 'jun> Hsa vixBXB 
. '• . MB. PEaSB BiaEtNGB. 

JUier a moat proaperona eeaaon at Niblo'a flaiden, Haw T&fk,) 
cenniehoe their Annnal Engage ment at the ; >. J' . 
^. : . ':^;^-' - BOSTON MnSEDM,-- 
«n MONSAI^' April ethj ISO, for a term 'of Fire 'Weekl, when 
win be prodilced fo r thej liat time o n any alagt, 

."" . . THE BOBE OF T7B01, '. ' ' ' ' 

.;'.?An Opeiia written expnaaly for Mlis Bldhlnsa. ' 
- UoalobyJ. Blohberg; '- -'Ubietto by 'VroUk^ 
To bt^followed by thoee gre at Bpo daHtlea, 

Q-9t ' AUO. B.'FEh'NOIEB, Bnalneai Agent, 


ComtUwed of the follbwlns Talented Artlila:— . /. 


0. H.'aABTEB, ' ' W. HEBHAN, 


' 'OABS SOHTIiTZ, ' 'NED 'WEST." ,.~ . 

I TUa Troope ?are nbw on aTaiir,.andwl)^ Tlalt' tu prlnelpal 
ol^^B thronghont iheEut and ir«8t. 

The beat Qnarteti 

'..■•.i.m:' / . - .Tr"' 


.■1 ... . . . : ■:, 

t Cbmidlana, : ' ■ . , ■ 
'. In'OB jIlnatrellhofeaalaB.' . 

ALBEBI HAMBUN h 00... ......Proprietor*. 

JAMES FILqBIM...... Ettage Manager, 

.•pPESHD. TOB T HE.flBAa<ar,. ■ 

The Han, for tiegance and oomfort, oaanot be eualleA by any 
■itn^ai. w» tR ma>i»n*T^ t jjj jho oom try.- 
Embnc^ FantMnlmM, Balleta, Etblopean Aoti, Binglng, 
San'olhg, be, to., win be. given. . ' <; < 
Ktetdaaa'artlBtl daaliingengagementa may.addrea , . 

FOffi? OmOB BOX, 008, 
^lanntaioii,!). 0.','7an.'18(B, - . '- . - ' " <X>-tf 

inirar MH MPin B .thsia.tilb. 

ViBO. BA'mEIiD,.''..';...;...>.Iiaaaee and Managa.'" ' 
The Spiing Seaion at thla Theatre, oommencea on SBBUi K; 
leoB, tfiec the'moat anocebafal FaU Seaaon fever known In Mem- 
thla. . . '! ■■ ., , ~- ■ v-i ,'■,■ . , 

Iiadlei and Oentlemen ot the' Piofeaalon dealrona of 'Engag».' 
^«n<a, ,wlll addrear : / ' - B. B.' MAODTLET. 
. 45-tf . .!-.. . ' AeUng and Bta8« Manager, Box 410. 


.v,-..^' .■■>■■,■. , V BOSTOH: 
: Ladlea' and; Sentlemen wishing Ensagementa for the Spring 
Beison; oomiDenalng on or abont Uth May— and 

19- STABS- wlBhtpgnlgbts. 'vlU :addreBa the irobaarlber, oar« 
of OHABLEB 8. BEBHAISO k Oo., 486 Broadway, cor. of Broome. 
i,.4Wt; ' • • Hpmr WIIIjABD, Leaser 

OIiAjPP; BTiinUBT A Co'.% Mon«tar llrianlnat3d ' ' 

ta abont ItAvlng Hew York fbr a'tonr In ' the West, ^ilfang thi 
prlholpaloltleia.' -, • . : ' . ' '•'■,' ° ' • 

Managera of nieattes wlihlns to negotiate for lommer Donthi, 
'oatfaddMW.B.OLAFP.lnBrtfadMy. ; .'.D04t* 

Tba' new theatro win ahortly open.'V it haa been greatly onlarged, 
the root ralaed, and theDroaaOlrele e'nIuged and carried back 
(bity feet, npholatered, deoorated' and beantlfled.' It win aeat 
cofsfortablyathonaandpenona, Thla theatre win be condnoted 
lint olaaa eaUbUahmeoL- Blara'wlU fldd It to their advant^e 
to negotiate. . AddieaaO^ H. BABTON, Stage Manager, Box 978,' 
P. O., -Bjraonieior: J. Connor, 614M Broadway. A firrt olaaa 
company needed. None bat ladlea and gentlemen 6l aoknowl- 
edged aUUty re^alnid. ' U-3t> 

DAN OOBBIN %on^ napeoifiuly Inform membera of the dia- 
Uuu^ Maaloa], or Eqneatrlan prbteialona, that he haa eatabllahed 
U) Agenoy In'San Ftanibco, and la prepued to negotlaia engage' 
menu 'and tranaaH aU'othor baaboaa pertaining to the.Dr»- 
temoo.' AddHlti^'^ BBEBIDAN OOBBSN, BanFruioIiooilid. 
^^^^^Jl leWart relialrlilg anawei* mvat contain a atamp io 

'Fa VI^IIT FOPITIiAR add Fermenent nonpe, twnlie a 
good lAdrerUaer, .a atrletly bnalneaa Man, wall -qoiuiilea by ex- 
pettenoe. Addtesa.wlthfDllparlloalanaeto'loweat t<raa, for^ 
m'trexpeHeifce, &o.i ■ ., , ■ ■ "ZOVkYS," :■■ ■ ' < 
.<■ tt-;; . .-■., ' • ,, •,; .- I ■ ■. .Newark, Ohloi 

'."ju.iiBo'HANiiWB'' i. •.■■'; : ■. ■'■'.; ..'; ,';•' ..■".'i' 

.• u''V'^:'A»I)'BWI8BiBBia/BlS0EBBi' ' 
I'u'iV'A^zsa' A Qjuitat 7^ iM'A«aiaiuu ' 

vi*-'''!":'.'' ■ yf '' ' • -VAitt) 

inUilWW«*<ett4ilttjii'th**** If™^"?^ •■ 

. '<)At,,D&AllA'I^, 

r*''->;;(f''^/';vrv TBBFflI<ftoBEAH,Aoro 

ble hbhateUiW lli^otlated 'wt^. 'iui\ lettSf w3>&pUaa<lona 

nMt «hdMb.'iinit&F.f<'' >!«pV< ' I'triM flU biMjnxAtt. when 

" ■ • ■■ ),>''«f*''i 


aaAin> qaU .'vAdek 


, tOUDK^FBft ft 

^^'^uubiW-.s^f-p'': ■■\ ■ ■'■ .: . •:.c:'j<>. 

:Wil>N'IfU>jtf/: ' "■'" '"'• • ' - ■/•■I . •'iV.-r 

''••'•->" . i , aadfBIDtf,- . 

April 8, 8.9 liaa 10, 
on wblch ooeaKosi ihei' win'^itppiMi ta wreral of tSMt Inoai 

' 'b^^-^K'-''^ ' ^, ■'■ 

mebopo — ^ .» ! .>,■ . 

di^^li ooWiiy^of • luimt^d i!rtlrt2!'%«qe»d(!eK»m jbj 

5^nfafi-thpiEiS;;,,'-v;v: ■ :' ; ^ ' ...sVr 

^'tio aainsini .'- - '_ ■' ■■,''■ ■ ' ' 

. '" . , . ' ATTENTION, IBIBBMEN. ' \ • 

' J Change of Boedery and Bonga thla Week. 


" ' ' •'" ■ ••■.'• ■ '^OB,',' ■ -i".' 

■ ' A TOTO IN I^aUND, 

' \ ■ ' •■'• '.'OommenougatSo'dookeTeiy.eTullng.' ^ 
The makiiUIcehtBoetlery of the NoHh and treat, togethot wltk 
Snblln, tfteUhw. and aU the Prlndpal OtHeaif thi^Torth and 
taWorofUdaad, niaatratedtrom,{h4'^i:do4Uea^:^ . 
' ; ■: .. 'P BgiM'g odted DAvaHtxaa, 'tht . wii'^'v..'4t'. 
. ''MIBSBB KATE, MABIB, aifd' THEBBfl^JUld SrOT. H:, 
• ABb; by the Popular young Vocallat, . . -'■'.- ., - ,-• J- 
>i \. ' ' MABTKB & MAO ETOT. .-. . ■ . ' .\ ' > 

■ miotriUrepreaent ^ . ' ' ,' 


teetocer.. .■. i ..Ptofeaeor MAflKJOY. 

iHuloal Streotdr.T. v. ...... ; OEABIfSMUfBrOY., 

p - ■ • AflmlaalonMeantaijOhUdrenieoenta.^,..- • -* 

.1 - • Ojji loss KAlHEEEN O'NEIL'B ' 
wheae ehaata an4 elegant, puformancea .a^' nightly reoelTad 
'witli thonta of 'aptlaaae and admlratlen, the 
'-. • om SBBAIBP COLmpiAN filNS. ' /r ', 

J. B. MAFFERC...:. ^..........-Dlr^w'of Amnlwtta^ta 

d; OTtzni..'. ; ^t;...Y....'.Tnianii;er 

J.'W. HOLDEN...... ........ ...Agent 

'(POL ; ' OAVEHD ISH ...'....',....: '......'....,', Baoreiaiy 

EnSKNE'TBSOSpBE .'.Zieader ot.Ordhestra 

0. p. FESBY. . .. .\ ............... . . :.PrlnQlpal'Ooriirt a Platen. 

BEBB BTBATB ..'... . .;..'.':'. .Flanlat 

MISS EATHIiEEN CNSQi. 't"' '' "' 
MIflB FANNY ABOHmT''' ' , ■ ' ^ 

JOSS IDA BOSS, ' ' "-^ 

■ MTUB BT. JtlUAN, ' H. H0mCil7, 

M. A. 'WABD, .. i 'O. BHPXT2. , ' 

I. A-'lHNiON. ; 

Theabbve la the moat talefated andveiaattle company In the 
tTnltedSlatea, either aaPantbmlinlata or Oomedlana. .Oommnnl- 
caUoqa ftom proprletora of Theat raa, Ao., to be addreaaed 

Sl-9t<(.-. ';- F. QUEEN, 'Care of New Tork Clipper, 

N : ■■■ . OBESTNCIt.SIBEsr, ABo'VX BIXtB, 

i- ■ . ' PHQiADXtPSA. FA. 

B.FOX..^^..',.......;..- ....'....'..Boje leaaee. 

: Cax Aiia or SBc "OtAanre? still i> ihh AooxiaiaxT. -'. 
■ ' " ' The Unerring Voice' of the Fobllo , ' 

■' -TBOa^HiS^AT ' 

W)X'S-0A9INOT^.> ^ FOX'S CABINO, '.\ 
. lBlheliloetBM(«Mlej. - ./ 

• '--'. : ;• . > '.nie moat OomfdrtaUe, and . , . 
'"^ ' HiemeatPopwupIabebf Amnsament 
. • . . . IN FHuiADELPHIA. • 
«THB OOMFANY" ''■ '•. . ■ '.'•■.. ■ " , '', 

The moat YerastQt, 'i "' '~ '-. i- " 

. ' The moat minted, ' 
, * .^dtheLarge^' 

thAt zveb appeased in any jniBia hai£ . 

IntheClty. ' , • 

'Whatever la Great In the World of 'Talent,' Invariably flndi a 
home at' ' 


Nob.— The' above popolar place of Amoaement has/now been 
In the tide of aaocaesfOl operation ibr npwards of Sll Montha, 
nnder the management of Mr. B.'FOX, ronnariy Proprietor of 

OimnnuBT Bill, New York, daring whldh period It baa earn- 
ed for Itaelf the name which An ' other Manageis have ' In vain 
triedto obtain, via: ' '. ,' 

■ ' TBB MODEL MUSIC HALL OF ^ WTT.i'nprr.T>TrTA . • ' 
Artlata of real merit can find good engagtmenta by applying 
either personally' or by latter. Stars ubeurany treated with. 

, Treaanrer and Boalneiis Manager,' ,484f 

aEOBOE LEA... BALUMOBE, MS...: .-.'.Proprietor. 

yii'B. OATANAOH Stage Mamwer. 



Hie above talented artists can be aeonied by lespanalble nan- 
agua for (piy length of time by applylns to Oeorge Lea:, bat it 
win be naelesa to troable them with Indlvldaal offers, as no at- 
tention wlU be paid to any letters nnleaa addiaaaed'to the ^o- 
prietc'r of the Melodeon. 
' In oonneotlan'wlth the already named performers now petftm- 
lug at this eatabllahment, are too foUowing:— 
Mr.BOlyBoyd, O.M.MUsa, Frank Wood, > 

Masters Alfred and Charlea Biles, John Oloaky, 

Mils TUley Forbes, Miss Maggie M»r«hi»li,' uile Loolaa Bliss, ' 
MlM Lonlaa Evans, . and Ulas JoUa Bobtnaon', 

.Together wlth a fall and efficient ballet troaptr of twelve yonng 

WANTED,-^Female Dancers and Tocallsla,'ot good penraal 
appearance. Apply. as above. ' " '614f 


, ' . THO B. MA BUgB. ,':>.: . . . .Proprietor and Manager. 

,. BAM WELLS........... ..;.MaiU>alDli«etor, 


. '' ' '. -w; OTran,,.-' '- 

; . BILLY-BlBCa ' • ' ' ' 

' ■ , .. B^ OOnON.^' '• 

:■ •■BAM 'WELLft" W. If. BABKEB, 




' ' AsD.l OAaxrnUiT Sklzoizd Ta'dsxvilib Compaut, 
: A Varied Entertainment wlU be offered, Idonslatlnii of 
.Bz.xBa EnriBa MmszBu boon, , 

AU o, to b e pretented. ' ^ 

In yhloh.the.entlr e Comp any vrin appear. '. 
■ 'i ■ ' • EVEBY BATUBDAY, . ■ 

Fob L amxs Ann CBLSBnr, 
Droaa OnM and Orcheatr*.. . ...... 

Farqaette, . i .M centa. J QaUery .. ., .. .-. I'.V.V.VsS, 

'Private Boxes, ...flO.OO and 88.00. ' 
Box Office open ftom 10 til 4 o'clock. '48^tf'" 

a: ■ 

' .1,:;,;. ; 

:^ TBB im\r idba, 48b bboadway, 

■ : _ Late Wallack'B Theatre; 
.QgAM BEBLAI N It 00., LBSSXBa. t' 
'.FinST CLASS EHTE BTAINMENT gnu.- gAHftv.twu. y- - 

.' S3ra8y..0LAm ENTm'TAiNMBNT tob ttSS^SS.'^;, : 

The Above named hoaae iriU open on the ISIh ofMStOH, with 
a uat olaaa company, In a taHed entertalnmani emhiaolne the 
foUoirlngbranohea:— : ' " 

1 _r ' • MIN8TBELS, BALLET and FANtOtaliB. ' 
\ KOTICB.-^AU Artlata deabrooa of engagements wfl] addreis 
' w/wri™ m^JKi.t'SSf**^' M»nager«, iSB Broadway. 

BALLET; 48.11 

ft^??^"*?'™ ™ 'WOHLD;^61j BLLIN. 

SSL^M'SSfSSi?',''"''* prednoaAneqnal'toCOU- 
MODdM FtfOTB, In age. size, weight,, anjlidaoatlon. - The 
Commodore wears the "Oold Medal,'' .which etaihps him tho 

!SS'i!ii"S£ff?*- j'l'v^'** »>? ^ ««« »tirooin- 

peer, CoL SMALL. P. T. Baraom advertla6s the SnUUeat man 
!°".T?2S* ny^na, Thla I deny, and oBiaUngehlm 
for819,009. to prodooe a pair In dlmlnallveneas eqitft tonilDe. 
Lettws addreaaed, oaro FBANH qUEEH, OurmOiBco, wUl 
^w'' • OOLfWM;EtLraaEB,''.' 
. »*« Freeeptor CommodoreFoote and Ool, Small, 

^^u^Xm^^^^^J^^ MaMppar'Botan'Dinln, KataDenln! 
lM5olla.tabas,FMnytoown.alBoln oharaot^Wrt* BhSaS 

Si?i."^^5£".i??'.5' 'oiteet,' B. Boofli; J. W. WauSS' Jr..' 

^•;38 ^ta aaoh. or live for ft Bent to 4ny. address d^n. 
•"JPt « PHoe,' Oat^esWtoi? reAfl^ 6?l^Um eSSb^JbT 

^ .OITAK'S JBZqBLlillba 


1 of Ethiopian : 

w- „ ^*^-- 8»'*»% «" tt«WeitWnfflS4°'^?^ 
v^ltteK^tog *fenta(wn gentlamen^ eomprlae' thla Eio^ 

■ W.j. MANHnra, 

>J. b, BXOUT, ' . 
: . DAN 'V? OOLUHB, 

. 'jr. a, vuBPBY, 

; . 'MOjarHAOEB, 



OBO.^H. BENIX:^, Agent. < ' 

D. ANOBM, - 


-- , HELENA, ABK. ■ , 

. . Entertalnmenta every Bvenlng, ■'r 

. Coinb rialng the foUowlng.talanted BthloBlan Artlali '■' ., 
J. W. SMITH, . . . . . 

J..B. MUBPHY, . V . 

MABTIN TfnKMft im 'i'iiv Hgtt ' ' 
£d. OOODiNO, 

. . .■ J..H. BTOT'T,.. : . .■ |■.^, . 

I . - J,-^ ■ JOHN FBBBBEBTHYBEB,' ..'. , j '. 

• *. V . . . ' EENBY FBBEBBBIHYBEB. . , ' * 
••:.'-<?!**;afi?'Xy .'. JOHN-OOLB,- . ■ TT: ■' 


nharmlng DAnaeaae and' VooaUsti - 

.■I' - V. -•HDLLBTHBODOBA,. • ■ ' 

t'^- -' °. The fksolnatliig Mma Daawiia. 

^^rUr^^^tu^tg^raeal^wlahlng engagemants, wU igfif 

' nigher BalKlea'p^MbZi by any.Mau««msnt In the eonW 

':.--'^' WASHBrarON, D. O; : i 
'WnilAM.'E. SINB.v. > >'. «t ;. . .'.'.'.Bole 
OBO, B, ED80N; .....'..v.,... 

„ ■ ■ '.r. ' ■: ■ ■ ilMOOl 
' " ..' T.TiigR ' mrAT.T, , 'ALE XAND»TA, -YA,' 
t ' . ' . ; THE OANTEBBUBT ' . ■ . . • 
/. ,rt:r . la ths :: ■ > ' i V 

... • mo8t;maohifioent.' ,•'•■.•;• 


None-bntthe.' '* ' , ' .'■'■■i' 
VEBY FlBfiT TAT.TaW T ■ . . ■ • • . 

. . ' . at th is '. •/ '. , 

ladlea and Gentleman of, known ability dways wanteds ' i' 
. Address to ' i...,. : .. n': ■ :■ , . - ' /<. 
; GEO. JPEBOIVAL, Borinea Mmiiger, - '^ '>' 

, ..'.Or 'WILIJAM E. BINN, Fhnrletor, 
t 80-tf . ' - . BoxU9,Ws«falngton,F,0. ' 


OHABLEB TIBBSnS.. .Leaaee and Manager. ' 

ma Theatre la now open for the Fan and Winter Seaaoa, wta 
the ilneat Company ever In Oallfomla. 


MB. J. B. JtpOTH. MB. L. F. BBAITY, 
. W. MTUUAN. W. 0. FOBBES, , 


E..TEAYBB, v E; BBOWN;' ' 

' sWlth a Namertma CArpa of Aoxniairtti; ' ' 
raioBs or ADHDSioir. 

I>reM,01rOIe... H.OO | Onheatra Beats 11.18 

Faiqaet....' OOota I Ganery^....'..' ....SSots' 

Private Bcxea 10 and S dollan. 

Btaia intending to visit Callfcznla win find It to their Inteiesti 
to address aa above.' 40!36t 


. ■ ' 'WHEELING, VA., 
The only Boom In the 01^ anltable tot 
CoHoma^ TBXAiBiaAL AMD MoraiazL PxBxoBiiAiranL 


Immediately opposite the MoLorf Honae, ' 
. . • . 'Earv of .Access, . 
and Unanrpaaaed for Strength In the 'United States. 
. The KM feet long by 04 fbet 'wide, !24fbet ceQlag, la- 

ohidlngaSf"" *' — 

Seenery; ~ 



UTB' . ■ ■ 
Tn Old Dbpbt or ths Wnsr, ' • ' 
And the only place that haa alwaya withstood the storm, wfll' 
'••■ ■' BEOFEN 

On or aboat April'3d. 
. ABnSTS of an descripbons of aoknbwledgcd abmty win 11b4 
It to their advantage to addreaa 
■J. • 'JOSH. HABT A ANTONIO BBBITZ, Proprietbia,' 
■ .■Box347,De6at,MUv 
' F. B. None bat flnt olaaa Talent need. kr*'' ' ' 0. CO' 

38 by 80 feet, irith foar Dreaalng Booma, and 
lUy Lighted and fOmlahed with Arm Ohalis. 
Let on accommodating terms. 
-Washington Han Building, Wheeling, VlL 

Stage Mknager. 
-VHID Hoiiiz/UT ' ;..,;/;•:?. •;; 

• \ ' .' NATIONAL OP EBAT BOUF g, . : 

' Now open for Sommer Engagements.'-" ' / - ■■■ ■ . . 

'■BOMUlinULA,'.--. -'-' OlMDKBXUJ^ 

''■ '' ■'• ' BxAimAaDTBiBxuT,:.: ,- 

OBOiDomaBntiiiiirr, <':;>.;.' 
naa Yonca AoTxta, 
.. ' ' . Mas, FAxrmoioir, 

. ' '" ■*'-V . TBnOLD0tiO0I,tW 

Lettsia addreaaed to the Ouvpn Office ibr 
_ 48<m«; . ' ■ GE O. HOLMAN, Proprietor ind Mani^ 

i mmuaoaBT' ■' ' " . ■■. 

i,0J,i.t%1 ft BHILLBY, •• 
' ■ ■ (BacbMSbrs to John X. Baoodi) 

' • M and 14 Bpmc* Street, New YorH 
ray partnlai attention to getUng ab all kinds of ' 
jn- ■ ;. y A'H O'Y.' B MO.'WV B,I L L B 
wm tiKmiHiig tiiiYn ^ a fa^ anfl t^"^ 

. : Msoitmentpflargsand'amall 
• ■...' , WOOD 0UT8" 
•altahlafcraronssea/Uenageriee, Ethiopian Feribnneis, Oja. 
usta, MagldSBS, be, which can be printed In one or mm* 
;wtes,^tetalt<nBtdm«rs.> ' 
ArAdspoaltieqalredonanworkoTdered. • 
AS orders addressed to «OLABBY & BEPiLZY," Bacon Print- . 
tag and Engraving esUUiahment^ la andiA SproM street^ M 
Tuk, will be promptly attendfed to. . 4Stf 

, nAlHtoK . OF . 'WALkll TBB ATBB, 


Thla tAdyelegant.And very beantUutheatnlakspl cpulall^ 
iliqithewholeof the year. : 


ef AdnowlfidgedposlttojUnd tala«t negotiated wlQi..<wm(* 
short enngemenH, M nntoal intereats may reonlia. , 

• ^Adawaa, , . ALEX. HENDBfiSflS, 

. Wtf . . : B«lsLes(wsa ndP»opiMsW'_ 

now OMn ;ror the aooomhiodatlon of ' 

. ' rntsT ;cLAB8 THAvmiNo companies, ■ ^ 

Has Stage, Di<satagBo6ms,,and an themodem ImproTMBMia 
necfesiaiyfora First Ohua Han. WlU seat oomfortabbtoUe than- 
sandperaohs, 'Fotleittat, Ao., apply to ' . L M. MABTINr; 
. <*-l»t» ■ . PoOTle'a r ' ■ 

, apply 10, . 1, u. ouuiAuiL, . 
Poople'a Hall, Newhwift Hy'y^ 

■ ■ " " " England. The/Proprietw la at a 
i oUea talent and noTdhr'anltablala 
«rtalnment Tenns UberaL ' 'Al>iay H 

OAWirB BBPKT BIDBIO tlAtil^,: .' '1'^ 
N. W. con. fifth AND OHBSTHCT.BTBiiJBILAD'AjM'. 
.: 49- Ladles and genUemen of known ability, wfll MAnssa 


■ 4Mm . ' ., .'■'.'.....::>_' '''v-y^^^**^ 
\ ^.biiibajbd' uAiiit., oswiuiH}, n. Yiii-This- tt4>lr,'4te»< •»* 

oommodlons hall la now llnlahed and ready fos' tlafei; ItJ»Szlr 
modem Im^nvcmenta for llghUng, heaffiuh add nouauw^. 
■ ' " ihgfedftirr 

(The Stagel8laiige,'aBdoonvenienUy arrahgMMrTbaatrlMli^ 
oert. or Lectnre pnrpcsaa. Arianonoert roMu, It cannot Dear.. 
oeUod. . Addreaa ^ ""^ " 



; e. B/JPRANO|JI,,_Wcil(*i Danger J'PJl'H'SP?..^^' 

'donna, foimerly of lanfcrdti Opera Hoaa<i;-la 'tead/ip. ti«8°»{r 
.wlthMnagars. .iAddite,'MeSi,D«lsirafefM^ 

IW',i|<ic.v»»f.ei(«tti.(iV(iii^^ ' ♦I-"*' . 

HA in fiMtdmr, tbora OnaAitnnj ^ 

_m£^fi»Ttartan. JOHR BDIPSOH, njeonr*. 

. MldTOOHAWAH.P^hW*; A. B<M%2IS»S«t» 


■ v!^ BBTAirrfl-MDSnmA 

' 3UOota»iviioaiBpiM4of thtfollowlag UlenMAriUtiH 

' ' SKIL BBTAllT, fl. 0. CUPBEMt 

•fa ' W.' W. NEWOOUB, O. W. H. OBif««i 

mt HOBM.^^ A 8. FOTOKB, H. OTO^L^- 

'Botaii.--to.;&a ^F*rtlaiilinuet)Ulioftti«a«r. 
•^^^Jj mototo JJ oanti. . 

' V jraro^CTKUDfO, AUG. *tli. 

^Oonilitaf Ui* foOovliu Otontltmaai 


P. 'BHP BE^ 



D. J. MAOunnns, 

L. A, ZWI88I1XB. .. 

Mtugement oin pcittoolir notlM to the kbore dlfttO' 

' luketa 3S otnti; BtMircd Btttt 10 oastii 


ASmaitiAil THHATRB, 


B. BTIILXB Kuacar. 

QBEAT BTy^ABD THBAXBE 07 **ntlltn4. 
' Ti«MiitlngeT«iT6TeDliiA 
/: BcpKaanted br • itook oompui7 of Stir Artliti. 

Tbfi Hinel of the Age, mhon anooeu In tlit Eooniliio Oliano- 
ta.9eUile»ttonsIiiiwDnfoihliii tbe hlgbect npntatlonlntli* 
prlnolptl thutret in , 
.. ■ "-S',- ■ , • ; OBBAT BBITAIH, 
' And luk iliwlT sained the tnoomloma of 
, ; iHrraSBS ASD PUBIIO 07 Vm TOBK. 
AmerlM'a Oreataat Oomlo T coaUat 
0HABLS7 W Hi'i'Kj 
. Oit muter dellnBitor, aathor'of aU the Topalar Negro parcel 
Mid Bitdeadnea'cf the dajTt' 
' ■ , WAUBOIO, B.HAB'T T. O. BIO<39, 
■"■ " > ' " . . Pi rfreno wtied Segio Comeaiana. 
: ?he aoknowledged lanceiB and Tooallata. 

UB. Aa a UAPTirr, 

-•TV," .'•::/. ,- \,-. ■- ■...Md ■ ■ ' 

■ ■ i-ii < UB. W. B. BABTHOLOUEWi 
That oclibrated. Pantomlmlila, whoae vonderfal and highly 
frtMle[MiformanoewaaneetTed«ritb the most onmlalakeahle 
. (A delight and approTiL 

Ulaa UQJIE 7L0BA. 
' The gtaoetol and finoilte ohotographlo utltt 

: ^ ■With the 
■ Oom poeed of the moat flnlibed dasoen, 


' . . -V iSS.BBOADWAT. 



m anrW A zamtbecta. "' habietta zantbetta. 


— • ' ■ HOHT BOTE PEBTOBMgB. and ' 


PAMTOUmiBr,' ho., 
Bare beesi engaged and an nowplajlngat thla cataUlahment 
Althnngh theia arUita command an enomoTu ularT, then li qo 
TCdnotum In the mammoth companTi and thft vilce at adnilnlon 
^nnalDa the lama* 

- A-M- tJ-^S' B- M B -N^T^S-; 



f IBW AiracAii Toi^ 

. r • ■ or nm ■ ■ • ■ . 

, SBir HowrBB •■ 

-B Q'D a B O U B B 1 O n L U H'. 

V Xi. B, IiBIlT..i...>.- I. ./..niMMiiear. - 

An- eatUdUtoMnt enUidT ITerel and OrlgtnalJn waatriMh 
tleo. SoMrlor In eTerrSpwIalltf, and Inotad^gttMjbllowlBr 

^"^"^Saifat and iriSmf.Vm.TO ooimNAmoMi 

' cnsHmov u&uuoTH omons, v - 

(Latelr Howei and Onahlng'a Bonl 01r«a«,) from the ABumbn 
Pdaae;Ileie«l(«rBqnat^ London; . 

Ttom tbe Aoadamfof Unilo; Beaton, and Isunedl^Uty from the 
' ' PMlfloOoaat. 

. ' ' ' V ' " nil' • 

, ibirS NATIOHAL (ftBODB, 
Trom. Hlblo'a /Garden, New. York.. 

WAIubn'i Tbodfi or AOTZNO BSAB8, 
. ' Trom OalUbnla, 

' Tiosi Hlndoatan, 


Tioiii tbe Pralrlei of the Tar Weeb 
Tn, ■ 

Pior.'LiiniwoBTHT'a OoBiflor 
' Bro m all p arte of Ih e world; 
All uMJiaB on Oiaimaa Pimuos, ron On BnoLi Pbiob 
or AswaaioK. 

It wfll be leen that the.Oomblnatlon abora giv en rero ltB In 

Snob aa baa narer before been attempted bj prlTata enterprlae, 
and entalli snoh an enormoni expenoltaie or money, that only 
the moat liberal ptlionage can render It remnneiatlTa. The 
UanioementwUl therefore be pardoned for directing attentton 
to the fact that thla HiasmaxHT Phaluix or ExmBraone not 
only oomblnea an Infinitely greater degree of Noriflty, Variety,' 
and Bffeot within It^elt than can be fonnd In any other plaoeot 
(mniemeni in the world, bat alao a nea rer appioaoh to 
The Terltable and inimitabl e 

Vin ofBolate aa Clown to the Eqneatrlan Soenea. 
Tbe Ribllo Entree of the eatabllahment, headed by the Oor- 
geona Band Chariot, oontalnlng 

win take place about 10 o'olook on the morning of the day. of 
Adalaalon to the C ombined Eahlhltloha. only 
No Bait Price. No Charge for Beaerred Seata. 
\ WillExblbltat . . ~ 
BBOOKLYN, Vedneaday and Thnredayi April nth and 80th. 
WILLIA1I8B17BO. Trlday, Hay laL 
OBEEN PO INT, Batnrday, Uay Sd.- 
POBT OBESTEB, Uonday, Hay ith. 
NOBWALK, Tneadav, Hay Ith, 

BBIDOEPOBT, We£ie8day,Uay6th. . Mt 

liBA'B miLODKON. » 


W. B. OATANAOH....^ ....Stage Manager. 

Tbe abore talented artlata can be aeonred by reeponalble man- 
agen for any length of time by applying toOeorge Lea: but It 
ml be naelaaa to tronble them with Indlildoal offan, aa no at- 
tention win be' paid to any letters unlets addreaaed to the pro- 
prietor of the Helodeon. 

IntonnedUon with the already named perfomen now perfbrm- 
ing at this eeUbllshment, are the folloiring:— 
Ur. Billy Boyd, a.M.Iiaea, Frank Wood, 

Uaiters Alfred and Oharlea BUaa. JohnClniky, 
Hiss Tiney Forbes, Hlas Haggle ManiTiaTl, Vile Louisa Bliss, 
Ulaa Louisa Brans, and Hlas Julia Bobinaon, 

Together with a fdll and effldent-ballet troupe, of twelve young 
laSea.. . 

TTANTED.— Female Danoers and Tocallsts, of good personal 
appearance. Apply aa above. Sl-tf 

, J. B..aBEEN, 
a BUST, 

Being the Oreatest Combination of Talent ever oonoentry ted in 
one Company, excelling andhr auperlortoall other Traveling 
Troupes In exlatence. 
The whoia under the control and dlreotlon of . 

DDPBEZ A OBEEN, Bole Proprletoit. 
Theaabove popular Troupe will, during the remainder of the 
■eaaon, visit the Wealem and Eastern States, alao the Oanadas. 
Each evening prevlons to iipoiing the Doors, 

KEW obleaNs and uetbofoijtan bbabs sand, 

or m pimia. 

Manager and Oeneial Arector, . 

Advertising Agent, A. a PBENTISa l-tf 



WILLIAM E. BINN Bole ProprletoT. 

GEO. B. EDSaON.... Stage Manager. 

Also of ' *' 

■ ■ ■ I ■■- '^^j-^-..^..,. ■ .^i. 

' 'WalnniStoeet; above Bobtb, .' 
nole Laiaee and Proprietor; FSED. AIUB. 
Treanuoand Bualnea Uaniger.: W.iALIINBON. 

Hint MonsL PuoK or EnminaiaaT n biLiDsmu, 

. DapaiaUelsdSnocessof the. . 
' Mammoth Troupe of Artists, ^ * 

\njah in pelnt'«f numbers and prolSasianal repufailoii, haj 
bevar before been eiiualled by any other plaoe of Amuaement la 
theaMcal hlstorv, proving the inooeaa of the poUoy adopted by 
ihe Proprietor ox the 

Of enoouraolng aU Artlsta of known and acknowledged ability; 
tenrdleas of the nnmber, or Ananolal outlay invotved. 

Ihb '^patronage beatowed upon theee heroulein elbrts of the 
Uanagementtopleiaehla patrons and nvilntaUi the establlahed 
zepatatlon of . thla Bstabllahment, has given him renewed odurage 

xespectlvo roles. 

The beantlfol Star Btoters, 

' KB. V. a Bn>WOBTB, 
HE; 0, W. BUTCH, 

USB EliLA. WESHEB, . ' ' 


> HB.», H. cabb; _ 

i- AndalugeandeffioientOorpaof AuQIirte*; 
' Sbe.wbole under the Innnedialedlrecttan of ' 

' C* MoUlIJiAN, Stage Uanager. 
' Aftliti of recfgnliedWllty, dealdng angademenis, win please 
.kddrMB>|i,ab«ve. ' r 1-tt 


. '.<'••.• ■!...■ BBASS'BAND, 'T^v 
Row oonionitnatlng the moatprdfUableTM^f ever known In the 

Appear evei:^ night this week at - 


^ IW^open Monday, April aT.Jor ahi 
. I • V A- Y S^0TH A DECS^***" — . • - 



•i'Wnji BB ENOAOED i; ■ •• 
at t his ' . ■ . . # ■■ .- 
• ■, miA ii'Hiwiii. nrwPT.w. . 

^adlerand Oentiemen of known ability always wanted. 
44dreaato. s' ■ . :i - 

OBO. PEBdVALk Boilness Manager, 
Or ' WnilAM E. SINN, Proprietor, 
«0-tf ■■ Box jro,WaffiingtovP. a 

mumiiB'A TABIETIBia, 

■ ■ ".' TtflBBXJZaB, ti. 

Bale Lttiee and Manager..: ;..DiaK O'NEIL. . - 

Stage Mniaget...'..v, ......... ... ...L EW BIHM0N8. 

Is now in fan tide of suocegs. Crowded honses every Qlgbt. 
. Performeis of ability can always meet with good engageioento 
br sddreaalng aa above, or to JAMES OONNEB A (x>,, ' 

^ . 614K Broadway. N.Y. 

Two Lady Danaeusee wanted Itomedlitely, 84t 


;-..Jftmdayr — "— "•- ' ■ 



.. jftmday evening, May ilh, for'A il<H luaiuu. 
Attfrwhtourtheywin.appeai^et. " 

■ j.'-.ft'jjiEwcoi . 

'. ~. AdTorttalng Agent; 

, , . ;'T0t«J90,> 

Ukii«)ac ud Pnpileto^.' 

'jtti"' -■ m IM Dsarbonr street 

. , .jVlS.l', STTOH.. .-. t.. . .. . j. „ . . .stage Uknsger. 

tChewmpany pihiftrises at presint thefoUowing lidMMd 
Getttuniian>^ ■ ■■ » ■. ■,- 

Hiss Ajinle .Bdrdwen, \ Wamn BoidweU, . 
'lui^atePArtingted, /.Toffi PolMd,' ' ' ' ' ' 
' Uia Boss Sutherland, ' Old¥a Crow, ' 

v HTle KIolse, • '■ 'L. J.Donaelly,* 

. . > M ;,-)me Louise; v ■ UesswJBtaSGEeftoUy, 
.. y ,-,MlasJtilUtal*, AdpiInlYaUi, 
- ^'■-VvTjohntay.Boia, -.TT^^'ttltoh. 
. None but the SBBTTALENXwmbeengiged. 
. iMlei wd OenUamen «f < reOognlstd abUtty and talent wish.' 
lag engagenifnUwlU plena ad£«as - > 

. Wit.'j. . • .v,^ Wi^^iliigfemHaltOo^ 

bOMPAHlEa-J. 0. 

ytJJjUpa, the Onat BUI andlWff WWtar, fiat present ont of 
K«"«nt P«UMwlsEkglh*^4irvTeBa weU to addrea*"? . ' ' J^K TWIUoS, 




The above elegant and most oomplete theatre in the Dnltad 
States, will open on the.l7th of April, with a lint okas company. 
In a varied entertainment, embracing .the following branohea; 
Notice.— Artists desirous of engagements, wlU address 1 
above. . l-Bt* 

• • . Laatweek. • . 

< The Mustbal Dlustratlons by the MISSES MABIE, KATB, and 
Popular yonnglrlahYooallst Admlsalon ascents; Doois open 
at 7; OommenceaatTX. - 1- 


- ■ ' inS9"KATffliEEN OTJEIL, 
The great Original Characteristic Comedlenna and Vocalist, win 
be at Ubertr to aocejpt short starring engagements fromi the ITth 
ofAprlL Letters to be addressed ' . ' - 

• . • D. O'NEHk 

• ; :.Wnible*aVarletlei. Pittsburgh, Pa.. 

' lOflB OAaOIi IW.B R XPHlllGB, 

- ABSDZBD BT' H^B rAT^lD, ^ 
■ Now playing a moit an ooeaafol engagement at the Boston Ma- 
.seam, wnf appear at the Providence -(B. L) Theatre; for one 
week, commenaihg Monday, Hay Uth, and atWoroaater.(Mass.) 
tbr three nights, qonunsnolng Mas 18th. • 
. S-tf :, AUO. bTpSNNOIBB, Sastnea«Agent, 

.-BUia. FRANK ORAHAllI, (wtdov of Frank Olahain,). 
the leading lady Uat winter of the New Meuipbla.Theatre, la now 
open for an eagigement, either for singing, oha^'ermalds, or 
leading Juvenile bnslness. Managers wlihioS4oeiiMge'hersir- 
vloss, .ean do so by applying to MBS. FBiQiK o&ABAM, 
: e-'it* > .Memphis^ Tenn. 

.Bl." K> FARRHVOTOlf, dramatto anthor, formerly of 
Maine, is reoaeated to lend his addreea to - 
| . mL }t._waLiSl>, Provldenoe, B. I, 

UBl AliBBRT MORTON'S preaent addreia la Inqtdred a oonespondent. Mr. Norton was oonneeted with the ei- 
Ubltldn-df ihelrntton obUdren, . , B-lt 


; t ■ ■. BUFFALO. 

B. HBECH........ ;.MaTiiiger. 

f dnmatlo season wlU oommenbe Hay A ' Jrlratlolaf a 
ig eUgagenient8,wni please address as above-'or to 
'•»'T- 8. BEf NABD, No. i84B>oadir«y< N.Y . 

SOA nAiiii lAtW,m^» First side Show Prlvttsnwlth 
Vneeler'j 0|Masi also, eiolnslve privilege of. Oa&dy Standfi 
Price of Bidet Bh6w(l^;/OandyBland^<|9iM—oash down, • 

Olroos starts.ltoa) Boston AbontApMl W/ jAi^ly^ 



MAHSHAIiTi k WES. > . , r- 
No. 1 1Vrn"n,niiiartr.i Itfistwi. Mi'wiri 

BILL 'Wlui^n Anp ADVBRTISIIIO aobrIt.— 
.Vtnled.aaltaatto^ «»,aboTe,;br ^nun of :llrftroIaai ednottloD 
and bnMneii Ueb^eytbo Im^tiHa <lie."6lju" . ; . . 

f 8k ., ; ^ ; , j; Btof^^f,.!^^ |U. 

o^Briro. , '-V , ' 

.'" ^ OjQBBtNttt BISKEr, ABOTI' . 

• I,; . : ■ mm.ktaHm nk. wi. 

J Hi. fox;. BolS'Laaaee. 

m Bus or'.sBa-<'Oiaiio" smii m-Tn <Aaomun. 
. ThsUnarrlagVolseofthePBbUo . . ," 
- . laooLuiazBaT 
: ; , .^FOX•fl OAHINO,. . , FOX'B OABINa 

: Is.ttie-inostBeapefiwoi: . . Z. 

. '\ ' . nteniOitOomfOrlable, and 
'. ."Hia inoftPopnlar plaoe of AmnMBiant 

i:- . IN PBniADBUmAi. - 


, .IJif^TeAaUIe, , %. ^ . 
, ■ ■ . The most TalentH,- • 

.. • - \ f . . ,'. Andue^ffgeit, 

In the City. 

Whatever is Ore^t in the World of 'siSiiolk, invariably finds a 
home at • • . ' ■ 

. Noic.— Ibe Above popular place' of 'Aattsebent has now. been 
In the tide of aucoeaaflU' opuation for upwards of Six Uontha, 
under tbe management or Mr; B; FOX, formtoly Proprietorot 
OixnBBDBT Hux, New York, daring whioh period it baa earn* 
edfbrltself thesame whtoh aU other Hartanrs- have in vain 
tried to obtain, vis; ■ .. .1' 

_ Artlita of rad merit o>n And ^^^^,2^{|JJ|^^^^'^'^^^''B 




MlBWATrOB ■ • 

Betom of the fkr-fkmed and world wtdaienowned 
Obiooul NbwOblbuis a MnBoroLmx 

the two smaneat men in the world, outdoing Tom Thumb twen- 
ty-five per cent . They are as years old, weigh aa pounds esob, 
and only as inches high, admitted to be the greateit cariosity 
ever brought before the pabUc They appear in ai diiferait 
aol^. ex^eea^ arranged for them, . Juat nram New Orleans and 
tbirangh the Island <» Cuba, where thoy met with iinHmit^ii mo- 
oeai and were repelvednlghuy with roars of langbterandshonts 

of applause. 

Bttge Manager... J. B. QREEN. 

Uaaloal Dlreotor. 0. LAVELLEE. 

Vocal Dlreotor '....O. BIDEAUX. ' 

The eoi^any is composed of the following eighteen Artlstlo 
led Brlllaiiv' 


< ' ■ 1. ■ V: . I ,. ' — 


' ' THOB, 'MAauiBI...;....;.PropiletorandHanig«r. 

JAMES DOWLWa.; .Stage Uaaaper. 

J. L. aOHl CT.. ' Leader of Oreheatm. 

> W, STEVXNBON Treasorer, 



0, 8IETXTB0N, ' W. B. TAYLOB, 
fto., "' 4o., • Ao. 
Stars visiting California ahoold bear In mind that Ur. Uagnli* . 
Is alao proprietor of the MttiopoUtan Theatre, Baoramento, and 
ttie Maiyiville Theatre. _ . i8-v.».tf 



' OHABLEB TIBBEnB...^ Leasee and Manager. 

This Theatre Is now open fbr the Fall and Winter Beaios, With 

.the finest Oompany ever in Oallfomla. 



km. L. F. BEATIY, . 

- a. >r..LEAOH, 


Vlth a Nuneroua Corps of Anzniariea. 

' moaa or isimsioa. 

Dress Cirole....;. n.OO I.Orobestrs Beats 0,08 

Parquet ;Wota OaUeiy. ..^.atoti 

Private Boxes 10 and 8 dollara. 

Stars intending to visit Oalifomla win 'find it to their interesil 
to address as above. . M.aet 


ALBEBT HAMBLIN A 00 Proprietors. 

JAMES PILOBIM Stage Uanager. 


'WITU ▲ " 


The Ball, for tleganoe and comfort, cannot be exceDed^y anf 

■itniiay EstabliehiiLent In the coun try. 

Embracing Pantomimes, Ballets, Ethiopian Aota, 
Dandng. '&c, Ao., wiU be given. 

First olasa artlita desiring engagements may address 

POST 07FI0E BOX, 808, 

WisBiKoioH, D. 0„ Jan. 1683. 




Tbs .Ou> Dbubt or the 'Wsst, 
And the only place that has always withstood the storm, Is - 

And meeting with . 

ThefoUowlng are among the ' - 

now performing at thla house. 
... MIB8 yr. B LAIB, ■ ■ 






P. B. BEAUON, « 


.. W. BMITB, 

ABTISTS of all descripUona of acknowledged ability win find 
it to their advantage to addreea - 


Box 3iT, Detroit, Uioh. 

P. B. None, bat first daaa Talent need apply. ' 

' 0. COVELU, Stage Manager, 



, Bntartainmehte every Evening, " 


^ ftomgrislrgthB foUowlng talented Etblopun ArUsIs 

. J. B. MUBPBY, ' 


. J. .B. SIOUT, • ■• ■ ■ • 
. JOHN FBBBB EKl'H liH ltB, ' 


OHAalANDTOTO, ^^^^^ ^ 

In'coi|ian6tIut with . .■ ■ ' .', ■* ' 

. , The nbaVmlng Danaense and Yoeallat, . 
' ■ , Airo 

■ !rhe fywlnatlng ^Ima Danaense. 
Artists of recognised 'Aerit, wlibing engagemeitls. win asplr 
to J. B; HUBPHT, Helena, Ark. 

° Higher Salaries' paid than by any Management In the oonntry. 

' THB DABina , '/ 


. Ur, D. perfonnsmo^taew and original Feats, sod can oome 
nearer to breaUbg hia neck than any dther Bopi Walked Uvlng. 
Managers of nieatres, 6e., wlahlpg to negotiate for long or abort 
EngagemenlSi'addreastheabo^ekincareot: . 
' aSl^', ; , y. ... , . Cunpn Omos, N. Y. 

■ ' '' . ' iSocceaatM to John B. Bacon,) 

. U and liSpmoeStreeVNew York, 
Pay partlealar attention to getting op aU Unda of 

, . FANCY BB.OW.Bina 
For tzavellng companies, and have on band a lar^aad splendid 
aasortmentoflargssndsman ' 
Bailable fbr Olransies, Uensgeries, Ethiopian Perltotmers, OyB. 
naats, Uagldasf, Ac, Ao., which' ean be printed in one or more 
colors, to suit enstomers. 
jKf A deposit ieqolred'on en wo^k order«i: 
AU orders addressed to "CLABBY A BBILLEY," Bsoon Print- 
Ug jwravihgMBstaNlAhment. U and li Bpnoe streeii Hew 
York, win b([ promptly attended to. " a-tf 

i OHAB,' B. ORtBTB, late agan't for'ttie Uelviile Troupe, is 
now dlsangssed. Hantgen wlshiiig to leoore the lervloei of 'an 
.adVertlsef who thoroaghlyttndeisUndsaU'ihemlnntl* of the 
tnlslneas,oandosoonr«aaonaUetenis,'byaddreaatnfl ' 

I mks,b, OHAB. B. GBISn^ okre of dipper oaM,'N, Y. 


' ''DOaiOH. ,' I 

JBrP'i^J'\i^*k^% MI ■ddMsi the tnbsorilW^, oato 


Now open for Summer Engagements. 
BoKNAifiiiLAi OawuaiiA, 


Obhj) or TEE BramzNT, 

Tex YovnO Aainxss. 

Una. PABtiHOTOir, 

ThsOiaOloos, As. 
Letters addressed to the Clifpbb Office for 
id-Sm* GEO. HOLUAN, Proprietor and Uanager. . 


This truly elegant and very beanUfoltheatn is kept opendVp 
ing the whole of the year. 

of aoknowledged position and talent negotiated with, tbr long cr 
abort engagemeno; as mntual interests may require. 
' A&reis, - ALEX.-HENDXBBON, 

i8tf Sole Lessee and Proprietor. 

coRraTUiAn irAi.ii, 


WU be Bented fOr Concerts, Leotores, Exhibitions, Ao. Address - 
Sa4m* ^ 50 Arcade, Bocheiter,N.Y.. 



The Dran^o Oompany return from CObimbas on the 13th et 
April, for a ccnUnuatton of their eeason at the above popnUc 
Theatre. AO busineu oommunloatlona may be addresaad 10 
1-t f . _' j • Proprietor and Uanager. 

'thbutbjb Vo'talV" ~ 
. uontbeal, canada. . . 

»^ll»IH. j; W, BUOKLAND. : . ' - 

WS'eatablnbmaht .To LET, nightly or weekly, for eniertaln- 
ments not dranutio. Apply to J. W. BUOKLAND, 
1-tf . Montreal. 


The dramatto leuon oloeea onthelltblnit, (April)— aftarwhich 
data the Athenemn may be rented for aU kmds of exhibitions— 
nightly, or by the week. This Is now the largest, best arranged, ' 
and moat popular plane for Lectures, Ulneuel Troupes, Coo- 
certs, &0. Apply to JOHN A. ELL8LEB, Jr., 

1-tf Aoademy of MnalOi Cleveland, Ohio. 


nils companv have been performing at the above place, tot soma 
time past,' with great laccais, and in addition to their regular 
members,'are constanlly availing theniserres of the Ught of new 
"Stars." Artlats of acknowledged talent, deslroue for a fteeh 
sphere of aotlou, are invUM to addreea aa above, under the as- 
surance of Uberal treatment and pay. 61-61* 

now opeii for the aocommodatlos of , 


Haa Btage, Dresiing Booms, and aU die modem improvementi 
neceesaryforsPIratClassHaU. 'WlU Seat comfbrtabv one thoav 
eand persona. For terms, &o., apply to I. M. HABTIN, 

4i-Itt* People's Hdl. Newburgh, N. Y. , ' 

rotAij alhahbra palacb and auphitbeatbe, 

Leloieater Square, London, England, The Proprietor- la at'au 
tlmea ready to engage first ' class talent andnovelbr saltAbleto 
his Mammoth Esterlainment. ' Terms lll>eraL Appqr'as above. 

*- | ~ '~ i ^ i *' i '^ i ~ i '*^~ i r » ' i I f >I 'UT 


Ladles and gentlemen of known abiUty, wlU addreu 
i8-8m BOB'T OABDINEB A Co., ProprietoiS. 

SfUBARD HAIiIj, OBWEGO, N. Y.— This new, large, and 
commodlooa hAll la now finished and ready fbr nse. It naa aU 
modem- Improvements for lighting, heating, and ventilation;' 
The Stage la large, and conveniently arranged for Theatrical, (k>n- 
cert, or Lecture purpoaos. As a concert room, it oannot beea> 
oeUed. Address JOHN A. BABBY, 

;ii-8m .. Proprietor UaBai'd^n,Oewego,N. T. .. 

OBOUBD^TOp'oAirvAHS^^ ~n^wvwn~>~%»v% 

Sixty feet in diameter and In good order. 'WUl . be aold cheap, 
as the owner haa no nee for It, not being in the olrona bnaineHL 
AddrasaboxMaiH{tsbnrgh,Pa, '^'"^"^^ 

■ F. Ri;i,I<nCA1«>S UUSIOAl! DRAJIATIC. and 

48 East 11th street cor, Union Hqttare and ith Avenue. N. Y. 

None but FUST CLASS ABTISTS, and thoroughly reeponal- 
ble Masagementi negotiated with. AU letters and appUoatlons 
most enoToee a stamp for reply. Terms wiU be forwifded when 
requested. fx-\%Vt 

GEB ohaUenges the whole world to produce an eqaal to 00H> 
UODOBB FOOTS, In age, slse, weight, and edaoatlon.' - The 
Commodore wears the "Gold UedaV* which atamps him the 
smanest msn aUve. He le assisted by his Uttle friend' anditfm- 
peer,.CoL SMALL, V,% Baranm advartlau the amaUeman 
and woman Inmlniatara Uvlng, Ihie I deny, and ohaUenge him'- 
for 110,000. to produoe a pair 'In dimlnutlvenees equal to mine. 
Letters addreaied, care FBANE QUBBN, CLimsOffloe, wll 
reoflh . • OOL. WM; ELLINGBB, 

'80-tf , FieoeplorpommodoreFooteandOol.SmaU. 

il«>, as Leah: If aggie UltoheU, Lucille 'Wealem, Linra Keene, 
CaroUno Aching), Mrs. John Wood, slso In character; A. L 
Henken; aa Frenon Spy aid Uueppa; Susan Denlo, Kate Denlh; 
laabeUa Oubas, Fanny Brown, slao In charaoteri Webb Sisters, 
Lavlnla Warren, Tom. Thumb, Ur, and Ura. B, Williams, Mr. 
and Mrs. Florence, & Forrest, B, Booth, J. W. WaUaok, Jr., 
Wilkes Booth, Ed. Adams, Lester WaUaok, and hondreda of oth- 
ers. a< eenta each, or five for IL Sonttoanyaddresaonre- 
oelptofprioe. OalalogoA sent on receipt of postage btamp; by 

8- 'W. O. WEUY8fl, 8T8 Broadway, New York. 

OAN '0OBBn< ' woud-re$MtruUy Infflrin members .of. the dra- 
knatte( Uodod, or Eaueltniui jprofeuloni, that he'haa eatabllahed 


Scanned from the microfilm collection of 
Q. David Bowers 

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Kathiyn Fuller-Seeley 

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